Has World War 3 Already Started?

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Submitted by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

It took 3 million soldiers, 3,000 tanks, 7,000 artillery pieces, and 2,500 aircraft…

“Operation Barbarossa” was the code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.

It was the largest military operation in human history.

The Nazis had already conquered most of Europe. Hitler had grown overconfident from his recent military victories. Now he was hunting for big game… Stalin’s USSR.

Throughout history, many European invaders, including Napoleon, suffered monumental defeats when they took on Russia. Despite this, Hitler thought he could succeed where they had failed.

The idea was to inflict a total defeat on the Soviets in a matter of months, before the notoriously brutal Russian winter began.

At first, it looked like the Germans might succeed. The Soviets were taken by surprise and were disorganized.

But those initial victories wouldn’t be enough. Thanks to stubborn resistance and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Soviet troops, Operation Barbarossa stalled.

The Germans didn’t make it to Moscow before winter. The ruthless cold weather would prove to be a far more effective weapon than anything in the Soviet arsenal. Hitler’s hopes of quickly taking out the USSR perished in the brutal cold. It ultimately turned the tide of the war against Germany.

But the Soviet victory cost millions of lives. By the end of the war, the Soviets had lost over 20 million people. Some estimate they lost many millions more. By comparison, the U.S. lost around 400,000 people.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Russians get a little prickly when a foreign military starts marching toward their borders.

And recently… for the first time since Operation Barbarossa, German tanks are once again advancing on Russia’s border.

You probably haven’t heard this extraordinary piece of news. That’s because the mass media has basically ignored and obscured it. They’ve been busy covering far more important things… like transgender issues and Kim Kardashian’s latest stunt.

That’s why I want to tell you about Operation Anaconda 2016.

It’s the largest war game in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War. It’s essentially a rehearsal to secure a quick NATO victory in the event of war with Russia.

It was launched from Warsaw, Poland, recently and involves 31,000 NATO troops.

Operation Anaconda 2016 is one of the most important stories you’re not hearing about. It shows how perilously close the world is to another global war.

I found out about Operation Anaconda 2016 while in Warsaw with Doug Casey earlier this year.

(Incidentally, Poland is one of the cheapest, enjoyable countries I’ve ever been to. A 30-minute taxi ride from the middle of Warsaw to the airport is only $5. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an entrée in one of the nicest restaurants for over $15.

Poland does not use the European currency, the euro. It has its own currency, the zloty. And the zloty’s weakness is a big reason Poland is so inexpensive today. By the way, “zloty” means “gold” in Polish. But the currency has no tie to gold. It’s just a paper currency, like the dollar and euro are.)

Operation Anaconda 2016 is controversial even within NATO. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier recently said:

Whoever believes that a symbolic tank parade on the alliance’s eastern border will bring security is mistaken. We are well advised to not create pretexts to renew an old confrontation.

Although Steinmeier said Operation Anaconda 2016 is symbolic, he failed to mention exactly what it symbolizes.

First, an anaconda is a giant snake. It kills its prey by squeezing it. From the Russian perspective, they’re the ones who feel squeezed. This is precisely what the U.S. has been doing by fomenting so-called colored revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia (both on Russia’s periphery) and trying to absorb them into NATO.

Second, this unprecedented “tank parade” on Russia’s borders symbolizes nothing less than World War 3.

(Doug Casey: It’s provocative, and actually quite insane. The Western media paints the Russians as the aggressors, which—let me shock you by saying this—is the opposite of the truth. Russia is an economic minnow, producing nothing but oil and gas, and mostly unprofitably, at current prices. Its population is in permanent decline, and it’s actually a disintegrating empire with a dozen secession movements. Its only serious industrial sector is manufacturing weapons, but even the most advanced Sukhois and MiGs (like the F-22 and F-35) are artifacts of a bygone era. The Russians aren’t in a position to threaten anyone—entirely apart from the fact that conquering neighboring countries no longer makes sense. In today’s world, you’re no longer acquiring an asset to be looted, but taking on a liability.

As for NATO, it’s outlived its usefulness by over 25 years. The huge military bureaucracy is just a hammer in search of a nail. It should be abolished before it gets everyone in a lot of trouble.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reacted to Operation Anaconda 2016 with alarm. At a recent press conference, he warned Western mainstream media journalists that the world is sleepwalking into World War 3, saying:

We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. Your people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger—this is what worries me.

How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.

U.S. politicians like to use Putin as a piñata to show how tough they are. Hillary Clinton has declared Putin to be the new Hitler. This is the kind of thinking that fueled Operation Anaconda 2016.

Now, we’re not referees charged with deciding which political players are good guys and which are bad guys.

However, the portrait of Putin as a Hitler or a crazy man leading his country toward disaster—the picture you get from the mainstream media and from many politicians—is suitable only for propaganda posters.

I don’t give two you-know-whats about what happens in Eastern Europe, except to the extent it might spark World War 3 and cause us to get vaporized in a nuclear exchange.

Albert Einstein once said, “I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

*  *  *

It’s always been true, as Bourne said, that “war is the health of the State.” But it’s especially true when economic times get tough. That’s because governments like to blame their problems on outsiders; even an imagined foreign threat tends to unify opinions around those of the leaders.

Since economies around the world are all weakening, and political leaders are all similar in essential mindset, there’s good reason to believe the trend toward World War 3 is accelerating.

Unfortunately, there’s little any individual can do to practically change the trajectory of this trend in motion. The best you can and should do is to stay informed so that you can protect yourself in the best way possible and even profit from the situation.

That’s exactly why New York Times best-selling author Doug Casey and his team just released an urgent video. Click here to watch it now.

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If Merkel ever goes into hiding, she could use an inconspicuous name Schiklgruber.   ;-)


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Loftie (not verified) Looney Oct 19, 2016 8:17 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal. https://goo.gl/nKJndT

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Mano-A-Mano (not verified) Loftie Oct 19, 2016 8:18 PM

They better not mess with Russia. That's all I gotta say. Otherwise, somebody's gonna get a good ass-whupping.

toro's picture

In that case I'd LMAO.

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Laughing your ass off until everyone dies in WORLD WAR FUCKING THREE.


Wake up people, this is no longer a game of speculation about the NWO. It's full-on LIFE or DEATH. Being a San Diegan visiting NorCal on business... I am obliged to explicate that the territory is plainly rife with ignorance and leftist degeneracy (i.e. complete lack of knowledge of the issues and a fagtard communist deathwish)... get off your asses non-retards.

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Just to put it into context, this operation was back in June and lasted two weeks. Not sure why it has been pushed to the front here now.

The US Army was ridiculed in many places as they drove through eastern Europe.

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The author (Gambino?) of this piece is a dolt.  Germany was forced to into WWII as soon as Hitler was democratically elected.  The money changers declared war on Germany in 1933 and Hitler spent the rest of his life resisting the Zionists.  This is exactly the case with Putin today.  By propping up Assad and preventing the Kazarians from reclaiming Kazaria, Putin is in the same tribal crosshairs that Hitler found himself in from 1933 until his death. 

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King Tut (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Oct 19, 2016 8:29 PM

Yep- it's not like kicking around a bunch of illiterate goat herders- we'll so how hoo-rah the US is after a quick 20000K casualties 

Future Jim's picture

I don't think they can expect people to believe these things just happen. They will need a pretty big false flag, but why would Russia go along with it? Putin doesn't seem to be trying to unmask this NWO plot.

sun tzu's picture

More like 200 million people because the Russians will launch their nukes if they are attacked and are in danger of losing. The funny thing is the West won't be able to launch nukes because their armies will be inside of Russia. LOL

beemasters's picture

Putin would have to do more to convince the world. Come forward with what they have on 9/11 for a start.

TradingTroll's picture

WWIII will kill 2/3 of the humans on the planet. The remaining 1/3will wish they were dead.

Are we to presume this is a Neocon wet dream?

Are Neocons even from earth? Kagan looks like something from an Alien movie

SmittyinLA's picture

Neoconservative super intelligence actually myth 99% humping base monkeys with trust funds like rest of human race, even Einstein hump cousin

PT's picture

The Russians saw the build-up of Germans on the border.  German spy planes were seen up to 100 miles inside Russian territory.  The Russian soldiers sent word back to Moscow but Moscow "didn't believe" them.  Moscow kept saying, "The Germans are our Allies.  Do not provoke them.  Do not place any troops or armaments near the border because you will provoke the Germans.  The Germans are our friends.  Anyone provoking the Germans will be shot."

Then the Germans invaded and Stalin apparently got really depressed for a couple of weeks.

Read "The 900 Days.  The Siege of Leningrad."


Stalin:  Naive or traitor?  Threatening to kill your own patriots for daring to try to defend themselves in their own country???

(And then read some other history for perspective from the other side.  Apparently the situation was messier than what I learnt.)

NiggaPleeze's picture

"Do not place any troops or armaments near the border because you will provoke the Germans."

Except USSR had already amassed 5 million troops near the German border, and was continuing a massive build-up of troops, tanks, artillery and airplanes.  Hitler believed (rightly or wrongly) that, per the Lenininst doctrine of "international revolution", Stalin was preparing to overrun all of Europe.  Recall that, at the time, the Communists had a large following in many European countries - in fact, in the last election before Hitler's Putsch, the Nazis barely beat the Communists in number of seats in the German Bundestag (parliament).

To put things into modern perspective, and considering the Nazis considered Communism as much of a threat as Republicans consider Radical Islam (Sharia law) to be one, what would the US do if proponents of Sharia law who beleived in a global Caliphate held half the seats in Congress and a massive Radical Muslim army of millions was amassing on the Mexican border (and assume we had no nuclear weapons to stop an invasion)?  Wait until they are good and ready to strike?  Or deal a pre-emptive blow?  All of this, and more, is explained in Germany's declaration of war against the USSR.

researchfix's picture

"Except USSR had already amassed 5 million troops near the German border..."

You should teach history in Kiew. They need bullshitters for their USSR-attacked-harmless-Germany version of history.


PT's picture

NiggaPleeze:  ... which totally explains how the Russians were caught unprepared when the invasion began.  Except it doesn't explain anything at all.  Keep going.

NiggaPleeze's picture

To all the ignoramuses downvoting my post and making snide comments denying the truth of USSR's amassing troops:

It is undisputed that USSR was amassing millions of troops on its western borders before Operation Barbarossa.  At the start of Operation Barbarossa, according to conservative estimates, the Soviets had amassed 171 divisions (about 2.8 million men) in the four military districts of the Western Soviet Union which faced Germany and 57 divisions (about 1 million men) along the Dvina and Dnieper rivers in Ukraine (Kiev, which is on the Dnieper, is less than 400 miles from Lublin, Poland, which was the easternmost part of the German Reich in 1941).  Even these 3.8 million troops were more than the size of Germany's entire army!  And the build-up was still a work in progress, many more millions were planned over the coming months.

The reason these troops were caught off guard is that they were preparing for an offensive in the (near) future - indeed, Hitler's entire point in this pre-emptive war was to benefit from the element of surprise.  If the Soviet Red troops had been defensive, they would have been dug in and well-defended, and not suffered the enormous losses wrought by Germany's surprise attack.  And if they were not defensive, why were they there?

Obvously the Reds will downvote me :).  For them Stalin is history's greatest hero, a victim of foreign aggresion and bad luck.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

I don't believe that Germany and Russia share a border. Perhaps you misspoke?

NiggaPleeze's picture

After the partition of Poland they most certainly did.  [ Edit: Both German and USSR incorporated conquered Polish territory into their own State, rather than keep their Polish gains as a vassal state. ]

Johnny Caine's picture

NiggaPleeze is right, Germany defended all of Europe from the Red scourge. If England would've had there back instead of suckING  kike cock shaft to the balls, WW3 wouldn't be happening right now. Anybody who studies WW2 seriously comes to this conclusion. Hitler didn't want a war, London and France and Russia did. Petty Poland also had plans to take German land the whole way to Berlin, before the German army intervened on behalf of 7 million ethnic Germans who found themselves split off from Deutcheland because of that satanic Versaille treaty. Germans were  being robbed, imprisoned, tortured and killed by their new Polish overlords. Hitler sent his army home, disbanded them after the liberation of the Polish Germans. Why the fuck would he do that if he wanted a war? He wouldn't have. The Germans were greeted as life saving  Heroes as they invaded the USSR, because they were. The Ukraine alone lost milions of people due to communist policy. Only Russian propaganda and guns pointed at the backs  of anybody refusing to fight for the Bolshevik Jews saved the asses of the commie scum led by  Stalin. As is life, no good deed goes unpunished, and Germany paid for WW2 harder than any other country. They were invaded, women and children fire bombed and raped, their country was broken  in half and still 80 some odd years later they are still invaded and under Zionist control. The victors write most of history and the Bravest and best, the most honorable people of Europe were thoroughly disarmed, eradicated and indoctrinated with hate for there great history and the ancestors that gave all to try and become free. 

PT's picture

Perhaps I should have expanded before I got "snide".  There is a reason for the last sentence in my first comment - perhaps the situation was messier than I thought.  I gave a reference for my opinion ( The 900 Days ) but in the past I have also heard the "Russia struck first" argument.  So how do you tell which reference is lying?  Or are they both small parts of a greater truth?  I don't mind you saying your version of events, but can you reconcile "my" version or are we just stuck with the "you're wrong" assertion?  The "you're wrong" game is boring and useless.  It will get us nowhere.  If anyone out there can explain The 900 Days, I am listening.

Johnny Caine's picture

Here PT: The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II, by Viktor Suvorov ,, Another good one is The Myth of German Villany and also check out what Hitler and the German government actually said, their actual stated objectives. Hitler, who was possibly the most honest politician of all time said that if he pretended he didn't see the military build up of Russia by the Bolsheviks he would be lying to his people. This and other statements show the internal conflict that really great leaders have, ones that actually care about their Nation. Believe me man, I never thought I'd ever be saying that  I thought Hitler was the greatest leader and political thinker of the 20th century 10 years ago. 

hxc's picture



Yet another made-up-ass name, like "Greenspan" or "Boot" or "GoldMan." Creep psycho freaks that think they are the shining ivory-tower pinnacle of human existence. Faggots.

Supafly's picture

Russia won't nuke.  They'll blow out our grid and watch while we do ourselves in.  They may even do it with the blessing of our government.

sessinpo's picture

More like our own government will do it and blame the russians.

SmittyinLA's picture

Not after the donor home address leaks


HowdyDoody's picture

The US infrastructure is so shitty it will implode anyway. It needs $3 trillion of repairs just to bring it up to scratch.


_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Sounds like the ultimate false flag...

TheReplacement's picture

There will be no telling who did it if someone sets off enough EMPs. 

Also, Germany only beat the Soviets to the invasion punch by something like 17 days.  Nobody ever seems to question why the Germans took millions of Soviets prisoner in the opening weeks.  What were they doing at the front if not preparing to invade Germany?

The Germans would have lost even faster if they had not taken the initiative. 

AVmaster's picture

EMP pulse.

Cheap(only requires 2-3 nukes), effective, would send us back to the stoneage for at least 1-2 years(not permanently as some crow about).

Would kill 250 million people with a slow, horrible, starvation death in about a month

Most of the dead will be people that are nothing but worthless drags on the human DNA pool.....



I'm down with that.


GreatUncle's picture

The problem with such a game changer is the outcome is unpredictable.

Imagine one marked for death and a nuke ... may as well toast this baby!

fajensen's picture

The electric grid going out will happen all on it's own due to general neglect and severe lack of investment.

Of Course this will somehow be the fault of Putin.Who Must Pay A Price(TM)

Kerry's speech is probably already in one of the Podesta leaks.

sessinpo's picture

At that point, it doesn't matter. That's why its called mutual destruction.

Trogdor's picture

Not to be a detail fanatic, but the US' ICBM's are controlled by the Air Force - and most of the guys who'd be doing the "nukin'" would be doing it from underground in North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.  The Navy has nukes on subs and ships, and the Army has tactical nukes - but nothing that big.  Everything is Danger Close with nukes - lol.

ACES FULL's picture

I think Sun Tzu was implying that since our military will be literally inside Russia that we will not be able to nuke Russian targets without nuking our own people.

SmittyinLA's picture

Killing white males is the objective

PT's picture

Since when has that stopped them?

GreatUncle's picture

All those you mention ... oh dear they got families marked for extermination also. You got those launch codes billybob ... sure john here you go. Launch that MOFO washington will do.

Could get ironic, do all lauch personnel have to be democrat now just to ensure no deplorable or unredeemable is able to put their finger on the trigger?


AGuy's picture

"The funny thing is the West won't be able to launch nukes because their armies will be inside of Russia."

The Troops would be "expendable" The Clintons regard them as trash and worthless. They would not hesitate to launch nukes on our own troops. That said I very much doubt Western forces would make it very far into Russia. If there was any significant incursion, Russia would use Nukes as the first response, as well as launching its ICBMs on US soil and strategic bases. It would a full scale Nuke war under an hour. When a Bully attacks the only response that has a change of survival is go full on aggressive and surprise them. A superior force is often complacent that it will win, and is vulnerable.


sun tzu's picture

The politicians and pentagram may be fine with it, but will the troops follow orders?

AGuy's picture

"The politicians and pentagram may be fine with it, but will the troops follow orders?"

Lets see:

1. IRAQ: Yes

2. Libya: Yup

3. Syria:  Check!

4. Russia: Mate!



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please take the spam elsewhere

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I was thinking the same thing about Doug Casey.

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in case of ww3 you wished you had some spam... spam of the material kind, that is...

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Hey Loftie, previously known as mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then most recenty lance-a-lot and soon to be known as toro.

You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

PS. You might have noticed that my attempt to expose you for what you are is always the same. That’s because your Spam is always the same (Using fake links to your BS site which has no connection to your comments, which are deliberately dramatic to encourage people to click on the fake link) so it seems only fair that my exposure of your crap should also always be the same. An eye for an eye.

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Why philipat, the spammer Hasbara bot from Tel Aviv is back!

Screw your programmers phllibot.   We are waking up over by the thousands each day.   There is going to be a terrible retribution to your sick country for the murder of thousans of Americans on 911, for the deaths of millions in the ME that your asswipe country is guilty of

Karma is a bitch.


April 4, 2007 – His name is Andras Szekely. He was born in Budapest, Hungary – the son of Holocaust survivors. At age 18, Andras fled Hungary seeking work, financial opportunity, and a better life. He landed in Italy where he sought political asylum. From Italy he immigrated to Sweden where he says he was welcomed with “open arms”. Young, and with a strong curiosity for exploration, Szekely set out to travel across Europe. Soon he found himself yearning for Israel.

He immigrated to Israel, served in the military, and fought in the Yom Kippur War (1973). After the war, he became disenchanted with the state of Israel because in his words, “I realized that the state of Israel was not a Jewish state, but rather a bunch of criminals from top to bottom.” He left Zionism behind and headed back to Europe. Eventually he found himself in the United States of America. According to Szekely, “Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, I was able to become an American citizen. I cannot put into words what a blessing it is…not necessarily financially, but spiritually and emotionally.”

Andras Szekely is the Muckraker Report source for the articles, Prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks overheard in Hebrew and Chasing down Gomel Chesed Cemetery. The summary of these two articles is as follows:

In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, Andras Szekely was collecting English Ivy cuttings at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery located at Mccellan and 245 Mount Olive Avenue, which is near the city lines of Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. While in the cemetery, Szekely overheard three men, speaking in Hebrew, say:

“The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.”

Szekely, well in advance of 9/11, contacted the FBI asking for protection in exchange for his information. Having lived around the world in many different countries, Szekely had a healthy fear of being targeted by those he overheard in the cemetery. Unlike too many Americans, he understands that people suddenly disappear and family members are at risk when you cross the wrong people. So just to be clear – asking for protection in exchange for the information he had was prompted by his lifetime of cultural / governmental experiences. It was a prudent request in my opinion.

The FBI refused to guarantee protection for this individual. Even though Szekely told the FBI this much – that he had information involving a planned attack in NYC involving airplanes – the FBI refused to guarantee his protection. The former IDF member persisted, and according to his account, two FBI agents finally paid him a visit on June 26, 2001. They left their business cards with him.

The Muckraker Report contacted the FBI Newark Division on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 to confirm whether Agent Gritz and Agent Stengel met with Andras Szekely on or about June 26, 2001. I was directed to the FBI Newark Division Legal Unit where I spoke with a woman who identified herself as Amy. She suggested that I put my request in writing and fax it to her, which I did that same day.

On Friday, November 24, 2006 I received a phone call from Amy confirming receipt of my written request. She informed me that she would be out of the office the following week, and that somebody else from the Newark Division Legal Unit would handle my request.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2006 I received a phone call from Kathy at the FBI National Press Office. She informed me that the Legal Unit decided that I needed to file a Freedom of Information Act request.

On Wednesday, November 29, 2006 I contacted Agent Robin (Gritz) Laird. Once I had Agent Gritz on the phone, I introduced myself and immediately explained that I was attempting to confirm a meeting that herself and Agent Stengel allegedly had with Szekely on June 26, 2001. Agent Gritz was already aware of my inquiries. She indicated that she understood that the Press Office was handling my request. I told her that I decided to call her directly and emphasized that I only wish to confirm the meeting. Gritz said, “I’m not allowed to discuss this with you. I would get in trouble.”



Dugald's picture


Why don't you just fuck off, you are becoming a real bore..