Media Silent As Anti-Corporate Trade Deal Protests Take Europe By Storm

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Over the weekend, thousands of protesters across multiple countries condemned impending trade deals promoted by governments and their corporate partners.

Though the protests received little coverage from mainstream media, they stretched from Paris to Warsaw.

The demonstrations came amid the Commission on International Trade of the European Parliament’s plans to finalize the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) this week. The policy has been likened to so-called “free trade” deals pushed by President Barack Obama and other Western governments.

CETA, which has been in the works for seven years, would eliminate tariffs between Canada and European nations, which proponents argue would foster increased trade and create jobs. Nevertheless, the deal has been criticized for granting too much power to multinational corporations, the Guardian reports.

Though the European Commission recently drafted a statement claiming “environmental and health standards will not be diluted,” not all policymakers are convinced.

Passage of CETA hit a roadblock after the parliament of the Wallonia region of Belgium rejected it. Wallonia’s minister-president, Paul Magnette, vowed to block the entire country from ratifying the deal. This has proponents of CETA concerned about the agreement’s future, as all 28 member states of the European Union must unanimously agree on it before it can be further negotiated and ratified.

As the Independent reported, opponents claim it will “set a dangerous precedent and be used as a template to push through the controversial EU-US trade deal, TTIP.

TTIP is another loathed trade deal that has been in the works for years; it was also the target of protests over the weekend, as CETA has been heavily compared to it. TTIP is “a bi-lateral trade agreement [that is] about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations,” the Independent has explained.

TTIP is also expected to encroach on online privacy, increase unemployment rates, and undermine democracy by “allow[ing] companies to sue governments if those governments’ policies cause a loss of profits.

France 24 reports police claimed 1,200 protesters assembled in Paris on Saturday to oppose to deal, though organizers of the event claim the figure was closer to 5,000. Protests also took place in Lyon and Toulouse.

“‘The European governments must today hear the refusal of their people,’ said Attac, an international movement seeking alternatives in the globalisation process, and one of the main organisers of the protest in Paris on Saturday,” France 24 reported.

Thousands also protested in Spain and Belgium, according to France 24Telesur reported that protests also took place in Germany and other countries affected by the deals.

Further, hundreds of protesters in Warsaw, Poland, expressed concerns that passage of CETA would “allow an influx of food from North America that will destroy local farming, and also hurt consumers by allowing in foods that are genetically modified,” the Chicago Tribune reported. France 24 reported a higher number of demonstrators, noting 1,000 gathered in Warsaw while hundreds more demonstrated in Krakow.

Also on Saturday, activist lawyer group ClientEarth filed a lawsuit against the European Commission regarding the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and the Investment Court System — the specific TTIP components that would allow corporations to sue governments for lost profits.

The protests follow massive demonstrations in September that saw thousands march on E.U. headquarters in Brussels. The sentiment has not waned.

We don’t want TTIP, CETA,” Warsaw protesters chanted over the weekend.” Human souls first and profits later.”

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The Revolution will Not be televised.

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Are these European liberals siding with racists against Obama on this issue?! These are not real liberals! Even Gary Johnson admits that the TPP and TTIP are fundamental to free trade and global prosperity. Are these people seriously going to side with Trump and then call themselves progressives? Absolutely deplorable!

Send Russia a Message by Electing Hillary This November

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“Trade Deals” are just thinly disguised propaganda to enrich corporate elites while destroying the middle class. The real truth is ugly:

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Crap.....even Europe hates the NWO!


Maybe someone should mention that to Paul Ryan.

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we actually are not sure what you mean by NWO

I thought I should mention this to you, that some of your vocabulary is quite difficult to understand, for us europeans

TTIP? now that's a clear cut thing. I hate it, Wallonia's parliament thankfully said no

VinceFostersGhost's picture



we actually are not sure what you mean by NWO


Thank goodness......not to's nothing.


Actually.......I think it's a wrestling team.......or something.

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this is not what I mean. Bush and Cheney proposed for example a New World Order. It consisted, roughly, in a vision of "you are either with us or against us". I hated it, and I hated the spurious argument they brought about Iraq, and I hated and protested against them taking NATO to that damn war. He had to cobble a "Coalition of the Willing", instead, and I hated that one, too

is that the NWO you are talking about or is it a different one?

A Nanny Moose's picture know..Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E? Compton?

Ghordius's picture

no idea. should I? I learned about Kardashians here on ZH, note

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OK I'd like to buy a vowel....A

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The fact is that most Americans who use the "NWO" acronym have no idea who or what "they" are either. They have a dim, touchy-feely understanding that some group "out there" is oppressing them - bankers, corporations, politicians and/or political parties, the military-industrial-complex, Jews and/or other religions, secret societies - there are many scapegoats and poster children for the "NWO".

Very few people possess the intellectual capacity to investigate and understand the real causes of their misery. So, the NWO term is used as a blanket to be laid over anyone and anything that scares them, they might as well use "bogey man" to describe their fears, or "evil spirits", this is the level of superstitious mysticism that has penetrated our modern consciousness. Some use the term "elites", while the slightly more aware among us use the term “TPTB”, or “The Powers That Be”, while others prefer “The Establishment”, but, same problem.

The people who are raining death and destruction down around our heads - militarily, economically, socially, environmentally - have names and addresses, they're real people not ghosts or acronyms, and we do have some good starting points. The fact that not one single person here can answer your question with substance proves my point. Either that or they consider you a shill, unworthy of responding to. You seem to be asking a genuine question, and you deserve an honest answer, we all do.

I think we need to take this matter seriously, very seriously. At this point in history, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a matter of our welfare, our lives, our property, and our fortunes. I propose that we build a database, engage in citizen investigations of the crimes, compile and vet the information that’s being made available to us on the WHO, what, when, why, and where of their crimes, and then make that information publically available in an easily digested, graphical format, with the ability to drill down into all the embarrassing details. Wikileaks, ZeroHedge, and the myriad other forums and sites across the web are doing a good job, but in an ad-hoc manner. The information is being lost down the memory hole, largely embedded in comments, and unsearchable, disconnected posts.

Whoever these fuckers are, protesting against their machinations only encourages them. We need a concerted effort to bring the information and connections into the light of day and expose the players. This is a historically important thing to do, as some of these people (and their families) have been at this for generations, and will be at it for generations more if we don’t uncover their crimes and put a stop to them.

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Australia signed up to the full rogering a while back.

What it means in a nut shell is corporate profits have precedent over all laws.

If for example a law is passed that disadvantages a corporation, they are compensated; so if the corp wants to destroy the reef to get oil and a law is passed to save the reef then the corp will receive compensation every year the law stays in place. Ditto if they want to fuck little boys and so on.

It's just plain Satanism.

In other front page news in Oz at the moment.

Proving timing is everything.

Killdo's picture

A Serbian friend who used to work as a doctor in Melbourne - told me many such stories in volving bananas in men's asses and even cats. Another friend in London ( a nurse) told me about similar ER experiences in London:guys coming to see him because they left a remote control in their asses, once even a bottle of Chanel No5 cologne. Or a broomstick. It's the Anglo-Saxon thing

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The caldron is starting to simmer.  I wonder if it will boil over or if the sheeple will just go quietly into the night.   My guess is they will choose their Safe Spaces and just accept the pending serfdom.

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MDB.  You've had a good run, but please stop now.  I know who you are btw.

Byte Me's picture

He's not even the original MDbag..

(Out him)

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Sweet jesus out the bastard ...

medium giraffe's picture

Well, I can start dropping hints, maybe he will get the message.

He's not white.

He's not an old fella.

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Thank you!  You are one of the few lone voices on this site that is otherwise populated with racist nazi filth that speaks the truth.  People should be getting their news only from properly credentialed sources and not Russian propaganda sites like this one or other sites like The Daily Stormer,, etc.  It really is time for the bill of rights to be completely nullified and for these propaganda sites to be banned.  Folks, if you want to know what's going on just turn on your TV and watch.  Of course you'll have to get over your sickening anti-semitism because all of the properly credentialed and approved media outlets are owned by Jews.  I see Hillary as the only choice this election for advancing the establishment of a global government, banning guns and hate/anti-establishment speech, and bringing in large numbers of refugees/ISIS fighters to Mayberry, USA.  That's why I'M WITH HER! HILLARY IN 2016!

LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!!!!  Comedy gold. MDB has some serious competition.


"ban the bill of rights"....

apparent it's okay if the Jews don't have to follow affirmative action policies as well!!!

Awesome sarcasm. You need to write for the Dailey Show.

SaintInix's picture

Just turn on your TV and watch?

Another blue pill swallowing Douchebag.

Do you also believe in Santa, and the Easter Bunny?

The scary part is, a good portion of people are just as brainwashed as this nutjob.

*Edit* I get the sarcasm now, at first I was like... What? MDB is getting competition up in here.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

MDB is trolling, too. High level, though still trolling.

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You should change your handle from MillionDollarBonus to /sarc

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Haha, your funny! Keep em comin mdb!

Due North's picture

I am not one of the down votes. All of the terminology that you utilize in your paragraph loses all of its meaning when you cast it in the political realm. I would sit all day and discuss and debate each of your points in a philosophical realm.

I will state my opinion on voting Hillary to send Russia a message. The translation would read as a declaration of war.

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How are u gonna raise the frickin GNP with this attitude you deplorables !

Global Hunter's picture

half a million brown immigrants a year should help that GDP

(nice handle btw).

GunnerySgtHartman's picture


TTIP is also expected to encroach on online privacy, increase unemployment rates, and undermine democracy by “allow[ing] companies to sue governments if those governments’ policies cause a loss of profits.”

If companies can sue governments over a loss of profits, who is really acting as the government here?  Talk about unelected and unaccountable!!

DetectiveStern's picture

I find it strange these people complain about a trade deal with Canada but not the "trade" union that is the EU.

Some people really can't servthe wood from the trees.

Ghordius's picture

these people protesting live in the EU. perhaps they know their trees, even if you claim they don't see the wood?

do you know the four main point that all protesters against TTIP and CETA, including me (and even GreenPeace) bring on against those deals?

one of them is sovereignty, believe it or not

unicorn's picture

and here are the other 100 reasons to stop these treaties (BACKGROUND READING ON TTIP TISA & CETA):

(pass it around pls)

cherry picker's picture

I'll be damned if some corporation from a foreign country is going to have any control over me or my family.

If these 'deals' go through, like Obamacare, that had to be passed before anyone knew what was inside, it may be time for me to get a gun for the first time in 30 years.

illuminatus's picture

Better hurry while you still can.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

cherry picker doesnt have a gun?

Indeed, better hurry. Pick up plenty of ammo while you are at it. You might also look into a decent rifle. You can get a decent SKS for not too much. Since they worked for the Vietcong I figure they may work for us also.  They are robust. Cleaning kit is contained in the rifle. When you run out of ammo there is the bayonet.

Cloud9.5's picture

You are a bit late to the party but the truth is you have been on your own for the last thirty years.  The fact that you have not needed a gun in the last thirty years is because you have been blessed with good fortune not because government has kept you safe.


There was a time when I made parole recommendations for the Department of Corrections.  During that time I was made privy to some of the dark deeds done by  monsters that appeared to be all too human.  You are indeed fortunate that you did not run up on one of these characters before he was caged.

GeezerGeek's picture

If I start a company that rents out assassins, can I, under this, sue governments that have laws against assassination?

Kina's picture

So long as your business is legal in your country or market, yes.


We should note that a govt increasing tax on something for genuine national health reasons  could be sued for assessed loss by some distant foreign corporation.


The TTP effectively restricts national govts ability to make legislation.  And on that basis you would think the TTP would fail a constitutional challenge in that a govt is handing on a power confered to it by the people, a power they dont have.

falak pema's picture

It exists already. The company and the law; but the word is not assassination its called "free trade based on slave labour".

And Wallonie is one such country who won't change its old law.

TRM's picture

Welcome to Rollerball World

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

One of the great dystopic movies from the 70ies and 80ies. Along with "Soylent Green", "They live!", "Planet of the apes", "Terminator", "Mad Max" and the like.

Dig Deeper1's picture

So unprofitable corporations are seeking releif from insolvent governments.  Am I the only one who sees this as a ciricuar reference that will not be resolved...unless OK phuck, that means the serfs will have to bear another goddamn burden before they can be put out of their misery in the next war,

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Oh yes, the ultimate circular firing squad.  ;-)

Dig Deeper1's picture

CFS - I like the image.  Suitable for tee shirts and bumper stickers.  Patent Pending.

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The Trump movement is going viral!!!