Norway Surveillance Photos Show Russian Aircraft Carrier Flotilla On Route To Syria

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One month ago we reported that in the latest naval escalation involving the US and Russia, one which would make the eastern Mediterranean a carbon copy of what it looked like three years ago during the peak of 2013 Syrian conflict which almost ended in war between Russia and the US, Russia announced it would deploy its only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov to the coast of Syria.

Russia's defence minister said Wednesday that Moscow was dispatching its flagship aircraft carrier to bolster its forces in the eastern Mediterranean off Syria. The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier would be sent to join Russia's current naval deployment there, minister Sergei Shoigu said during a televised meeting.


"At the moment the Russian task force in the Eastern Mediterranean consists of no fewer than six combat ships and three or four logistic ships from all fleets" the minister said adding that "to build up the group’s combat capabilities we plan to reinforce it with an Admiral Kuznetsov-led group,” Shoigu told a meeting of the Defense Ministry’s board. He added that the Russian Navy has been permanently present in the Eastern Mediterranean since 2013.

Now, according to a report by the Norwegian military which released pictures taken by surveillance aircraft, we know that the Kuznetsov accompanied by a fleet of Russian warships, is currently on its way to Syria and is sailing in international waters off the coast of Norway near Trondheim. Photos of the vessels, which include the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the Pyotr Velikiy battle cruiser, were taken near Andoya island, in northern Norway on Monday.

As reported by Reuters , a spokesman for the Norwegian military intelligence service said the country's armed forces frequently releases such footage, while newspaper VG quoted General Morten Haga Lunde, head of the service, as saying the eight ships involved "will probably play a role in the deciding battle for Aleppo". According to Russia's TASS state news agency, the aircraft carrier would carry 15 Su-33 and MIG-29K jet fighters and over 10 Ka-52K, Ka-27 and ??-31 helicopters.

The naval group which includes the carrier and its escort of seven other Russian ships, is the most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014, Russia's Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports. The carrier can carry more than 50 aircraft and its weapons systems include Granit anti-ship cruise missiles.

Next in the flotilla, in terms of firepower, is the Russian nuclear-powered battle cruiser Peter the Great.

The Kirov-class cruiser Peter the Great escorts the carrier

As BBC adds, a Norwegian Lockheed P-3 Orion reconnaissance plane, monitoring the force, photographed the ships. MiG-29 Fulcrum jets and combat helicopters were visible on the carrier's deck.

The other Russian surface ships in the group are: two large anti-submarine warships - the Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov - and four support vessels.

Several of the task force ships are shown in this Norwegian photo

Norway did not appear to be fazed by the passage of the Russian flotilla in international waters: "The Kuznetsov Task Group situation is normal routine for the Norwegian military," said Norwegian military spokesperson Maj Elisabeth Eikeland. "The only unusual thing is the amount of ships," she told the BBC.

The group will beef up the Russian naval presence off the Syrian coast - Russia already has about 10 ships there. During its bombardment of anti-government rebels in Syria that force has fired cruise missiles.

In an article headed "Moscow's Maritime Fist" the Russian armed forces channel TV Zvezda said several submarines would probably move from the Atlantic to escort the flotilla.

Meanwhile, commenting on the Russian flotilla, a Royal Navy spokesperson said: "UK and Nato assets routinely monitor warships from other nations when they enter our area of interest and this will be no different."

More importantly, when the group reaches Syria the Russian navy will rival the firepower of the US Sixth Fleet in the region, Russian media report. As such, the possibility of a provocation on either side rises substantially. This is particularly notable in light of the recent report that having launched a military assault on Yemen due to alleged attacks by Houthi rebels on a US warship traveling in the Red Sea, subsequently the Pentagon admitted it was no longer confident the attack had originated from Yemen, suggesting the failed missile attack may have been in fact a false flag, potentially originating out of Saudi Arabia.

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Two Theives and a Liar's picture

Pootie isn't fu*king around anymore...not that he was before.

Jim in MN's picture

I can only surmise that if Clinton wins, Putin will do 'whatever it is he is going to do' while Obama is still in office.

Read up on Russian-Israeli relations, my friends.  For that is the ONLY relationship that will dictate how large a conflict this will become.

It has already started........

Looney's picture


If I am not mistaken, during the Ukrainian Putsch, the Norway Navy had a bunch of submerged neon Gay Signs dropped in the sea trying to scare off the Russian “invasion”.

What a bunch of retards!   ;-)


RAT005's picture

That is one long round trip at 20 knots or less. Can't believe this is genuinely the best way to do something there.  Therefore I suspect actually being there is not what this is about. 

MalteseFalcon's picture

Two questions:
1.  Where is China's aircraft carrier?
2.  Has Israel cut it's deal with Russia, yet?

GreatUncle's picture

Get it out onto the oceans there is no way you could move that flotilla of ships if anything was to start.

Also you want it out before the winter starts.

Bush Baby's picture

Vessels are so 19th century.

Huge bulls-eyes sitting there with no camo.

Maybe good for launching jets, but I can't imagine them stopping a hypersonic missile


Tiwin's picture

Perfect opportunity for Israel to false-flag one side or the other....  "More importantly, when the group reaches Syria the Russian navy will rival the firepower of the US Sixth Fleet in the region, Russian media report. As such, the possibility of a provocation on either side rises substantially."

To all Americans , remember the USS Liberty, and the Lavon Affair , and pretty likely the USS Cole while we are at it!

 "Let's you and him fight!" -Israel

researchfix's picture

I am sure that Israel got the message that - in doubt - they maybe nuked.

Freddie's picture

The Swedes constantly searching The Baltics for Russian subs.  99% of Swedish politicians, who sell out Swedes, want Hillary.


Notveryamused's picture

Conflict escalation is good for Trump at least. Strongest most dominant candidate is usually elected during times of war & of course because Hillary and friends caused this mess.

"...appearing dominant could “help or hurt a candidate, depending on the context. Studies have shown that people prefer dominant-looking candidates during times of war.”

Don't judge it before you read it. The look of the candidate predicts the winner of elections 70% of the time.

GreatUncle's picture

"Clinton scored best of the 14 candidates when it came to being the least threatening, least frightening, and least mean."

That's before her hidden persona got revealed and you can ignore what the MSM facts are stronger than stories.

For me now she is probably the scariest piece of shit on the planet, far worse than Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Duerte ... actually you probably got to go all the way back to the mongol horde and Genghis Khan for such an evil piece of work.

Think Caligula on steroids ... when do the deplorables and iredeemables get fed too lions?

DuneCreature's picture

Good back story link, WTFRLY, thanks.

Live Hard, People Need All The Clean Diverse Info They Can Get, Die Free

~ DC v2.0


Global Hunter's picture

Jim do you have any good links to overview of Russian Israeli relations?  MY take from what I've read is they are strained but could be salvaged due to number of Russians who have moved to Israel and number of Jews in Russia.  Putin other day in response to reporters question mentioned Israel Palestine relations, the fact he even mentioned Palestine meant something.  Now with their open support for Syria thus Hezbollah is it possible for them to even have peaceful relations with Israel if a non likud gov't was in power?

BorisTheBlade's picture

You know what they say when complex relationships are mentioned, "well, it's complicated". Historically, it's one of the best times for jews to be living in Russia. Yes, there were times when pogroms happenned or KGB tracked each and every their move or Soviet Union siding with Arabs in Israeli-Arab conflict. Though, as of the moment I don't think despite traditional animosity of jews towards Russia there's any real reason for Israel to not be able to negotiate with Putin directly. Witnessing from recent quite frequent visits of Bibi to Moscow, there's lot of backdoor dealing going on. Israel is worried, but only so far they don't understand Russia's intentions in relations with Iran fully. Older jews will remember the times like that as well:

Global Hunter's picture

ty boris, confirms what I felt.  Some hope there.  Look forward to reading the link you provided.

Jim in MN's picture

These summaries seem pretty good.  There are areas of conflict and of accomodation. 

More of an Israeli perspective:

Strafor from 2012, bit dated but good starting point:

Looking down the road, though, the question has to be what Russia can do to carve out more strategic freedom and force projection options.  Is there a disruptive option that can lead to a true expansion of Russian airspace control?  More/better logistics lines into the Med and/or Indian Ocean?  Or the creation of a 'buffer strip' on land splitting Turkey/NATO off from Israel/Saudi/Gulf?  The turf occupied by ISIS is 'naturally' Sunni Arab.....but the temptation to link Lebanon/Syria with Iran must be strong.


VladLenin's picture

The flotilla could have just gone around Great Britain and Ireland. Nope, Vlad is making a statement by whipping it out in the English Channel. 

He better hope the carrier doesn't break down though. It's not the most reliable. It's also the focus of the press when they should be looking at the battlecruiser and subs. Russia has plenty of strike aircraft already in Syria. Vlad just wants to fuck with the western navies by making them worry about their ships. 

The eastern med is about to get full and we'll be lucky to live thru it. 

Diatom's picture

Thats right...

Another detail: This is a murikan map ...Krimea is part of Russia.

Mtnoise255's picture

How many tugs did they send with the carrier this time? The Russians always send 2-3 along because the engines aren't the most reliable. Last time te Kuznitsov was in the Med the US 7th fleet followed along because the thing kept looking like it was about to sink and they wanted to rescue the sailors when they abandon ship.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Like you need surveillance photos? They probably are playing music along the way and shootin off fireworks. This isn't a stealth trip. They can do enough with  Tu-22s and TU-160s right out of Russia to bomb ISIS back to the stone age. This says "in case any of you other fuckers want to party, here are some potential party animals."



Some call me Richard Parker's picture

If Hussein Obama has his way, this world will be wasted. You better believe Obama has a vision of the future and it isn't good.

Freddie's picture

He is the same as the Buhes, Clinton, MCCain, Graham, 95% of CONGre$z-io.  The USA is totally corrupt top to bottom. USA is becoming dindu land and dumb white American males, cheering on Trayvons playing ball, support their self genocide 100%.

The Russians are not dumb white males like the Trayvon lovers.

shankster's picture

99% of Americans are completely oblivious to what is happening.

thamnosma's picture

And 90% of them don't want to know.

shankster's picture

They prefer stupidity in their 'safe-space'.

froze25's picture

I don't agree with those numbers, at least 15% are fully awake these days. And right now thanks to the Main Stream Media's openly bias coverage of Trump add another soon to be awake 25%, The "alt-Right" media's numbers have been exploding the last 3 months now. Once awake you don't go back to sleep. Trump 2016

GreatUncle's picture

Ain't that the truth ... over a decade now of alt-right news.

Once you had that little red pill all the bullshit goes in one ear and out the other.

1.) First state is shock at what is revealed.

2.) Second stage is blood rage.

3.) Third stage is apathy again because you fell powerless.

4.) Fourth stage you start to find many things ordinary people find shocking more and more amusing.

5.) You want to just extinguish the life out of all the lying, thieving criminal types you come across.

6.) Then you just lay back, chill, soda and popcorn as the world goes to hell in a handcart because it is not yet your time.

7.) If you survive that and I am currently on 6.) then when it kicks off I going to settle scores.

The path of their behaviour I know so their will be no guilt only justice.

I need more popcorn and soda ... can we get to 7.) please after WW3.

researchfix's picture

Ther is no safe donut handout.

Freddie's picture

I like the Russians.  They are serious people.  The Norweigian ZATO serfs are losing their country to Silamics and dindus.

American white amles same thing as they cheer on their Trayvon/dindu thugs and rapists in the NCAA, NFL and NBA like white sheep.  Fools.

shankster's picture

Makes me think of Portland Oregon.

dieskyver's picture

Not sure what's worse:
A)seeing group think based posts based on stereotypes
B) more up votes than down. Or
C)this is fight club and nobody ever seems to call you on it

I'm goin with C and callin you out. It dont matter if your the lion or a native, you need to get up every day and run your arse off. Feddie, your post are a ignorant as the people you THINK your covering with that broad brush you paint with. Your predictable. Step it up or shut it up!! ; ).

Freddie's picture

F You.  The Russians are not dumb and cowardly whites like white males in the USA especially southerners and Texans who love and worship their Trayvon rapist thug dindu ball players like white sheep.  F**king FSU fans drooling over their former rapist quarterback.  Whites in America and Europe are sheep.

The stupid fux in places like U of Tenn, U of Texas, U of Alabama, Clemson, LSU and dozens more worshipping their Trayvons. I bet you love college ball like a white sheep.  Keep supporting BLM, Trayvons and Dindus with  your TV and Hollywood/Zollywood fan boy dom/dumb. White sheep.

White male fan boys in America support BLM and Trayvons 100% with their girly fan boy dom.

dieskyver's picture

Ignorance and cowardice are two different thing. You are ignorant to what is in Putins heart(unless you are really Vlad). Most people from all corners of the USofA, being distracted by sports, politics, Hollywood entertainment, raising their families, are ignorant. I wouldn't call you a coward by any stretch but ignorant you are.

Duc888's picture



That's by design.


Killdo's picture

and they want to be that way. When faced with a different opinion that makes more sense - the just pretend they did not hear anything - like good Anlgo-Zionist slaves that they are

headfake's picture

he's protecting his ally...commendable.

Ignatius's picture

Putin understands that his choice is to fight in the front yard or wait until it's in his living room.  The neocons seem quite intent on forcing brinkmanship knowing full well that Russia is a nuclear power.  They are, quite literally, insane.

crossroaddemon's picture

We don't know what's really going on in the halls of power. I'm guessing MAD deterrence is still in full force and neither side is going to be dumb enough to actually push the button. They still want to live themselves, you know...

Ignatius's picture

The Bushwhacker changed US strategic nuclear policy that allows for a first strike.

froze25's picture

Yeah, when I found out about that I said to myself, "My God, this is how they are going to end the US and bring in international Gov't". Truly Insane!. Traitors, the enemy within. Trump 2016

Tiwin's picture

The neocons have only one allegiance , and it is not the United States. it is Israel and who cares if Russia and the U.S. blow each other up? Israel uber alles.

This transcends party politics. Look at the Bush administration, look at the obama administration,Their actions , not what the Jewish media has fed you. Obama is every bit a slave to Israel as Bush was. look at what is coming. Both candidates are the same on this point.

AIPAC needs to be abolished. U.S. media needs to be taken out of Jewish hands. Nationalize the airwaves. I would rather watch "obama news network"or even Hillary News Network than cnn

at least anyone with a room temperature IQ would know they are being lied to as opposed to the 90 percent brainwash rate  we suffer under now. Okay , TRUMP NEWS NETWORK-no downvotes!

America needs to disentangle itself from Israel and all Israel supporters STAT. Like right now before the missiles fly.

Freddie's picture

Turn off TV and Zollywood completely or be a sheep.

zombiefarmer's picture

A lot of conservative politicians are Fundamentalist bible thumpers that belief that if they bring about Armageddon they will be raptured sooner, so Israel has to exist and Damascus must be destroyed according to revelations.

GreatUncle's picture

You got 2 choices in this world be a guard dog or an attack dog ... your choice ... so when they come for you do you be a guard dog and they will not stop so you  perish. Feel the freedom become an attack dog now those attacking you become prey.

Putin in the last 12 months has moved from guard dog to attack dog.

You reckon he has not read the worst of those emails and what may be planned for him and Russia?

If HRC mentioned in her emails one word of invading Russia then Putin many know this, a bit like the Podesta ones calling out Erdogan as an unwanted mongrel.


GreatUncle's picture

Personally HH reckon he is positioning himself, he knows what they have planned and will continually break all the promises they make.

As an american, think native american trusts white man with forked tongue and the white man knows you only got bows an arrows. Well now do the same, white man with same forked tongue speaks to Putin but he knows you are lying and has a nuclear armoury this time.

It don't work. In all this I want to know if Russia has red mercury.

Maybe we find out soon.


thamnosma's picture

The Russians have only ONE aircraft carrier?  Really?