The Revolution Devours Its Own: Prosecutor Who Led Charge Against Brazil's Rouseff Was Just Arrested

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Every "revolution" has it: the moment when the sequence of events unleashed by the initial decision ultimately boomerangs and takes down the very people who started the revolution. In Brazil, that would be the powerful former speaker of Brazil's lower house, Eduardo Cunha, who spearheaded the ouster of President Dilma Rousseff, and who almost singlehandedly ushered in Michel Temer into the presidential office. Alas, for Cunha the "game of thrones" now appears to be over after he himself was arrested early on Wednesday as part of a sprawling graft probe involving state oil giant Petrobras.

As a reminder, Cunha initiated impeachment proceedings against Rousseff in December when he was speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. That led to a Senate vote to remove her from office in August.

Cunha, who until recently was a key ally of new President Temer, was accused of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion related to an oilfield purchase that Petrobras made in 2011 in the west African nation of Benin. Prosecutors said in a statement that they requested Cunha's detention on the grounds that he represented a threat to the integrity of the investigation and was a flight risk. They also asked for bank accounts he holds totaling some $60 million to be frozen.

Cunha was arrested in the capital, Brasilia, and was then put on a plane to the southern city of Curitiba, where Judge Sergio Moro is presiding over many of the Petrobras cases.

Brazil's former Lower House President Eduardo Cunha, center,

is escorted by federal police

The ex-speaker, who some suggested pushed on with the Rouseff impeachment to avoid a probe into his own affairs, faces multiple ongoing investigations and has been accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes for himself and other politicians. He denies the allegations.

In a dramatic example of how most revolutions end up devouring their own, Cunha was first forced to resign as speaker in July. Then, last month he was stripped of his congressional seat, and also the legal protections against prosecution that come with elected office in Brazil.

Realizing the end may be near, Cunha then began publicly criticizing Temer, his erstwhile ally, and Cabinet officials. He announced he would write a tell-all book about the impeachment with the first excerpts to be published in November. That was his last mistake.

According to AP, analysts have said that if Cunha cooperates with prosecutors, he could potentially bring down others in the Petrobras case and create more headaches for the government. If that happens, it will likely mean that the political crisis in Brazil will be back front and center, and this time attention will refocus on Temer, whose own involvement in the Petrobras, and other scandals, is well known to the local population. Who knows: Temer may even get a triumphal return as a result of this ongoing clash between Brazil's "revolutionaries."

Following the arrest, Temer's office said the president had cut short a trip to Japan and was expected to be back in Brasilia on Friday.

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Creative_Destruct's picture

"In a dramatic example of how most revolutions end up devouring their own...."

Disney, animate this:

It's the circle of corrupt-crony-scumbag-life... 

And it moves them all...



InjectTheVenom's picture

WHO will turn out to be USSA's Cunha  ?


TRUMP 2016.

MalteseFalcon's picture

I have always laughed at Brazil as being an effectual third world shithole that has done little with their blessings of resources and peace.

After the last three months I now realize that I live in a quasi first world banana republic that is an interest rate raise away from being a third world shit-hole.

At least Brazil prosecutes some of it's high level criminals.

And when it gets too corrupt occasionally the military steps in.

Point: Brazil.

Manthong's picture

I am not Brazilian and absolutely have no dog in that fight, but I hope Ms. Rouseff prevails.

Erek's picture


Hmmm. Sounds like cunt.

And we suspect that Hitlery might have one of those.


Escrava Isaura's picture

I am sure that there are Brazilians reading this post that can shed some additional light as well as make the necessaries corrections where they see fit.

Here is the baseline. Brazil is a young democracy. They still trying to figure things out. What you see in Brazil is not a revolution but a political coup.

Once the PT (Worker’s Party) took over the presidency, Lula cut some “retail deals” with the PMDB such as Bolsa Familia (family subsidies).

PMDB is a huge political party in Brazil. The right wings (conservatives) in Brasil reside inside PMDB. The right wings in Brazil are too small to have “run” their own political party. They had ARENA party but it collapsed post military dictatorship. These right wings are the ones going after Dilma, because Lula tried to subvert the left wing of PMDB and it’s payback time. Keep in mind that PMDB goes back hundredths  of years, all the while all the other political parties are few decades old, if that.

There’s a big election in 2018 and that might be the payback time against PMDB and its right wings by the population.

Another point to keep in mind is that: Americans, that haven’t study Brazilian politics, and are using theirs American system to pass judgment should reconsider not to do so, because Brazilian politics, even that Brazil is not an empire, is much more complex than the US political system.

Another thing that “some” of you will appreciate is that, the Brazilians right wings are trying to implement an America style capitalism within the educated classes, and US Protestantism within the general population.

Anyway, I no longer live in Brazil so my views are limited.



Lorota's picture

And the US sh*t doesn't stay within the nation's border. It spreads to the whole world contaminating everything.

Nemontel's picture

We need just one big event to kill our economy and free us of the current corrupt system.

TeamDepends's picture

Socialism is all fun and games until you have to start eating each other.

JRobby's picture

They tried American style politics in a full on socialist environment. NOPE!

You have to do American Socialism if you want to play American Style Politics. It's a unique game where lying and the collaboration of lies and lying is perfected to a level beyond insidious.

HowdyDoody's picture

The opposition to Dilma Rouseff is fully bought-and-paid-for by the US.

Michel Temer, the US hand-picked replacement for Duma, tells all at the US Corporate Council of the Americas.


logicalman's picture


A much bandied about word.

Can you explain to me what you see as 'socialism' before just saying shit?

I'm an anarchist, by the way, but I'd like you to explain what you are getting at.

I'd also ask your (so far) 19 up votes why they thought they had enough information to do so.

Apologies for the awkward question.


robertocarlos's picture

The French terror all over again.

swmnguy's picture

Some of that hot Robespierre action.

dark fiber's picture

Everyone arresting everyone else. This is just like Stalin.

TeamDepends's picture

I arrested you first!!! No,...

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

What do you actually know about Stalin besides fabrications of the Western media controlled by the banking cabal?

TeamDepends's picture

Well, the commies mummified him proving that communism is indeed a religion.

Being Free's picture

Are you Khozyain's boot licker then?

Amun's picture

In your own words that comment makes you a Bama Ick sucker:


The TOTAL number of imprisoned for political reasons under Stalin combined over all 20 Years or so of his rule was LESS


than the current TOTAL incarcerated population of US federal prisons 


jaxville's picture

Being held in a US prison can't be compared to starving to death as a slave laborer in a gulag. At least not yet.

 With the possible exception of chairman Mao, I can't think of any leader who killed more of his own citizens

Amun's picture

Quite right to mention that  political prisoners in GULAG were used as a cheap labor to support the economy of USSR and many died of poor nutrition and conditions.


Now we talking, if you want to compare it like for like, then you should not compare those deaths in GULAG just with the US prisons.


You should compare that with the tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of  supporting the US "economy" slave laborers globally and the number of deaths globally that USA as an empire is responsible for to sustain its global economic gegemony and to feed its 20 trillion debt.

Add also those millions of poor innocent souls that died and still die in US military interventions that have exactly the same goal - to sustain the economic "might" of the empire.


A good starting point in this calculation would be just one country and genocide of 1 million people. Indonesia and the CIA military coup in 1965.

""It has been known for more than 10 years that the CIA supplied lists of names for Suharto's assassination squads. What is less widely known is that the supposed pro-communist coup that triggered the crisis was almost certainly also the work of the CIA. Sukarno was finally removed from power in 1967. Suharto, meanwhile, was offered economic aid and the British lifted their embargo on sales of military aircraft. Suharto's massacres were whitewashed in a campaign of disinformation""


smacker's picture

Good distraction.

Nevertheless, 30 odd million died under Stalin and double that under Mao.

sinbad2's picture

Where did you get that number?

The source for the deaths under Stalin is the USA, the biggest liar on the planet.

sinbad2's picture

Yeah, I used to think that Stalin was a real cunt, I could never understand why Russians loved him.

It has only been in recent years that I realised that the people who told me he was a cunt, were the same people that told me Vietnam wanted to invade all of Asia, and that Iraq was going to destroy the world with WMD's and Gadaffi and Assad oppressed their people.

But now I realise that the cunts live in New York and Washington, and they lie about everything.

SidSays's picture

Thus will be the fate of many/most/all of Mrs. Clinton's inside supporters in the DNC and MSM if she is elected.

Those who know where the bodies are burried should be very concerned. 

Instead they are giddy like highschool girls getting away with naughty stuff.

SidSays's picture

Oh yea...

And the FBI.

Pensions don't spend well in the pokey.



swmnguy's picture

These guys faithfully executed their orders from their paymasters on Wall Street and in the US intelligence aparatus, and what  do they get for it.  Sheesh.

The CIA's retirement program is a real bitch.  Just ask previous employees the Shah of Iran, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Diem, and the list goes on for pages and pages.

shovelhead's picture


Brazilian oligarchs need orders to steal? I guess you don't know very much about Latin America.

At least they have the decency to arrest the old thieves before the new thieves take over.

We could learn a lesson from Brazil.

swmnguy's picture

The stealing doesn't tell us anything.  Who's being prosecuted for it tells a lot.

Pumpkin's picture

Satanic shitbags control everything.

mrtoad's picture

Escorted by Federal police?? They should have thrown him to the ground and handcuffed him.


WTFUD's picture

In the pocket is where these people feel pain!

sunkeye's picture

As socialist California is to the rest of the USA, socialist Brasil is to the rest of the globalist world.  I hope I'm wrong but I believe this is what's coming to our shores, And this has all happened before too - see French Revoultion, Terror. It's all so very Clintonian ...

PS - That is if she doesn't start a nuclear holocaust before then - to divert attention from her own corrupt life - ala her husband bombing two separate countries during Lewinskygate.

GeezerGeek's picture

All in favor of Hillary Clinton following in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette, raise your hands.

WTFUD's picture

Is Cunha the Brazilian for Cunt?

oncemore's picture

They speak portugese in Brasil. There is no Brasilian.

My feeling is cunt is conchita (like conchita wurst, the austrian tranie)

GeezerGeek's picture

Next thing we know, someone will be claiming that they don't speak Austrian in Austria.

If you disagree with Barry you are a racist!

Parafuso's picture

Xoxotinha is a nicer way to say it :D

A cunha is a actually wedge like one would use to split wood.

I suppose snark could be built on that. Sure. pq não......

oncemore's picture

Suicide him

Dead people do not talk.

Too much money is in the game.

robnume's picture

Note that Cunha is being "tried" in the southern part of Brasilia where no poor Brasilians can afford to live. If they were going to try him in the north where mainly poor Brasilians live there might be a chance at some real justice here. More bread and circuses. Send in the clowns! Where are the clowns?

Publicus's picture

Yeah he's getting the death penalty.