Wikileaks Releases Another 1,803 Podesta Emails In Part 12 Of Data Dump; Total Is Now 18,953

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The daily dump continues.  In the now traditional daily routine, one which forces the Clinton campaign to resort to ever more stark sexual scandals involving Trump to provide a media distraction, moments ago Wikileaks released yet another 1,803 emails in Part 12 of its ongoing Podesta Email dump, which brings the total number of released emails to 18,953.

As a reminder among the most recent revelations we got further insights into Hillary's desire to see Obamacare "unravel", her contempt for "doofus" Bernie Sanders, staff exchanges on handling media queries about Clinton “flip-flopping” on gay marriage, galvanizing Latino support and locking down Clinton’s healthcare policy. Just as notable has been the ongoing revelation of just how "captured" the so-called independent press has been in its "off the record" discussions with John Podesta which got the head Politico correspondent, Glenn Thrush, to admit he is a "hack" for allowing Podesta to dictate the content of his article.

The release comes on the day of the third and final presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and as a result we are confident it will be scrutinized especially carefully for any last minute clues that would allow Trump to lob a much needed Hail Mary to boost his standing in the polls.

As there is a total of 50,000 emails, Wikileaks will keep the media busy over the next three weeks until the elections with another 30,000 emails still expected to be released.

* * *

Among the initial emails to stand out is this extensive exchange showing just how intimiately the narrative of Hillary's server had been coached. The following September 2015 email exchange between Podesta and Nick Merrill, framed the “core language” to be used in response to questions Clinton could be asked about her email server, and the decision to “bleach” emails from it. The emails contain long and short versions of responses for Clinton.

“Because the government already had everything that was work-related, and my personal emails were just that –  personal – I didn’t see a reason to keep them so I asked that they be deleted, and that’s what the company that managed my server did. And we notified Congress of that back in March"

She was then presented with the following hypothetical scenario: 

* “Why won’t you say whether you wiped it?”


“After we went through the process to determine what was work related and what was not and provided the work related emails to State, I decided not to keep the personal ones."


“We saved the work-related ones on a thumb drive that is now with the Department of Justice. And as I said in March, I chose not to keep the personal ones. I asked that they be deleted, how that happened was up to the company that managed the server. And they are cooperating fully with anyone that has questions.”

* * *

Another notable email reveals the close relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Ukraine billionaire Victor Pinchuk, a prominent donor to the Clinton Foundation, in which we see the latter's attempt to get a meeting with Bill Clinton to show support for Ukraine:

From: Tina Flournoy <>
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2015 9:58:55 AM
To: Amitabh Desai
Cc: Jon Davidson; Margaret  Steenburg; Jake Sullivan; Dan Schwerin; Huma Abedin; John Podesta
Subject: Re: Victor Pinchuk


Team HRC - we'll get back to you on this


> On Mar 30, 2015, at 9:53 AM, Amitabh Desai <> wrote:
> Victor Pinchuk is relentlessly following up (including this morning) about a meeting with WJC in London or anywhere in Europe. Ideally he wants to bring together a few western leaders to show support for Ukraine, with WJC probably their most important participant. If that's not palatable for us, then he'd like a bilat with WJC.
> If it's not next week, that's fine, but he wants a date. I keep saying we have no Europe plans, although we do have those events in London in June. Are folks comfortable offering Victor a private meeting on one of those dates? At this point I get the impression that although I keep saying WJC cares about Ukraine, Pinchuk feels like WJC hasn't taken enough action to demonstrate that, particularly during this existential moment for the county and for him.
> I sense this is so important because Pinchuk is under Putin's heel right now, feeling a great degree of pressure and pain for his many years of nurturing stronger ties with the West.
> I get all the downsides and share the concerns. I am happy to go back and say no. It would just be good to know what WJC (and HRC and you all) would like to do, because this will likely impact the future of this relationship, and slow walking our reply will only reinforce his growing angst.
> Thanks, and sorry for the glum note on a Monday morning...

* * *

We find more evidence of media coordination with Politico's Glenn Thrush who has an off the record question to make sure he is not "fucking anything up":
Date: 2015-04-30 17:06
Subject: Re: sorry to bother...


Sure. Sorry for the delay I was on a plane.
On Apr 30, 2015 9:44 AM, "Glenn Thrush" <> wrote:


>  Can I send u a couple of grafs, OTR, to make sure I’m not fucking
> anything up?

* * *

Another notable moment emerges in the emails,  involving Hillary Clinton's selective memory. Clinton’s description of herself as a moderate Democrat at a September 2015 event in Ohio caused an uproar amongst her team. In a mail from Clinton advisor Neera Tanden to Podesta in the days following the comment she asks why she said this.

“I pushed her on this on Sunday night. She claims she didn't remember saying it. Not sure I believe her,” Podesta replies. Tanden insists that the comment has made her job more difficult after “telling every reporter I know she's actually progressive”. “It worries me more that she doesn't seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment,” she adds.

* * *

We also get additional insight into Clinton courting the Latino minority. A November 2008 email from Federico Peña, who was on the Obama-Biden transition team, called for a “Latino media person” to be added to the list of staff to appeal to Latino voters. Federico de Jesus or Vince Casillas are seen as ideal candidates, both of whom were working in the Chicago operations.

“More importantly, it would helpful (sic) to Barack to do pro-active outreach to Latino media across the country to get our positive message out before people start spreading negative rumors,” Peña writes.

* * *

Another email between Clinton’s foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan and Tanden from March 2016 discussed how it was “REALLY dicey territory” for Clinton to comment on strengthening “bribery laws to ensure that politicians don’t change legislation for political donations.” Tanden agrees with Sullivan:

She may be so tainted she's really vulnerable - if so, maybe a message of I've seen how this sausage is made, it needs to stop, I'm going to stop it will actually work.”

* * *

One email suggested, sarcastically, to kneecap bernie Sanders: Clinton’s team issued advise regarding her tactics for the “make or break” Democratic presidential debate with Sanders in Milwaukee on February 11, 2016. The mail to Podesta came from Philip Munger, a Democratic Party donor. He sent the mail using an encrypted anonymous email service.

“She's going to have to kneecap him. She is going to have to take him down from his morally superior perch. She has done so tentatively. She must go further,” he says.

Clearly, the desire to get Sanders' supporters was a key imperative for the Clinton campaign. In a September 2015 email to Podesta, Hill columnist Brent Budowsky criticized the campaign for allegedly giving Clinton surrogates talking points to attack Bernie Sanders. “I cannot think of anything more stupid and self-destructive for a campaign to do,” he says. “Especially for a candidate who has dangerously low levels of public trust,” and in light of Sanders’ campaign being based on “cleaning up politics.”

Budowsky warns voters would be “disgusted” by attacks against Sanders and says he wouldn’t discourage Podesta from sharing the note with Clinton because “if she wants to become president she needs to understand the point I am making with crystal clarity.”

"Make love to Bernie and his idealistic supporters, and co-opt as many of his progressive issues as possible."

Budowsky then adds that he was at a Washington university where “not one student gave enough of a damn for Hillary to open a booth, or even wear a Hillary button.

* * *

One email focused on how to address with the topic of the TPP.  National Policy Director for Hillary for America Amanda Renteria explains, “The goal here was to minimize our vulnerability to the authenticity attack and not piss off the WH any more than necessary.” 

Democratic pollster Joel Benenson says, “the reality is HRC is more pro trade than anti and trying to turn her into something she is not could reinforce our negative [sic] around authenticity. This is an agreement that she pushed for and largely advocated for.”

* * *

While claiming she is part of the people, an email exposes Hillary as being "part of the system." Clinton’s team acknowledges she is “part of the system” in an email regarding her strategies. As Stan Greenberg told Podesta:

We are also going to test some messages that include acknowledgement of being part of the system, and know how much has to change,”

* * *

Some more on the topic of Hillary being extensively coached and all her words rehearsed, we find an email which reveals that Clinton's words have to be tightly managed by her team who are wary of what she might say. After the Iowa Democratic Party’s presidential debate in November 2015 adviser Ron Klain mails Podesta to say, “If she says something three times as an aside during practice (Wall Street supports me due to 9/11), we need to assume she will say it in the debate, and tell her not to do so.” Klain’s mail reveals Sanders was their biggest fear in the debate. “The only thing that would have been awful – a Sanders break out – didn't happen. So all in all, we were fine,” he says.

The mail also reveals Klain’s role in securing his daughter Hannah a position on Clinton’s team. “I’m not asking anyone to make a job, or put her in some place where she isn't wanted – it just needs a nudge over the finish line,” Klain says. Hannah Klain worked on Clinton’s Surrogates team for nine months commencing in the month after her father’s mail to Podesta, according to her Linkedin.

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Any vital sign of Assange?

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He lives!


Life's a bitch fukkers!

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If the Obama folks are actively trying to shut down JA ... then it is they who are trying to influence the election.


The curruption must stop.  It needs to end here with a repudiation of Hillary.

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Something seriously juicy to be discovered?

It being debate night and all?


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Don't look at the content of these emails! It's only playing into the hands of the Russians, who want to get Trump elected! Have some backbone, stand up to Russia and elect Hillary this November, to let them know that we will not tolerate this rigging of our elections!

Send Russia a Message by Electing Hillary This November

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so when republican emails are leaked, you'll say the same thing, right?

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X_in_Sweden (not verified) CuttingEdge Oct 19, 2016 8:06 AM

ya' mean these

((( Ukraine billionaire Victor Pinchuk )))

((( Ass. Sec of State Victoria Nuland )))

((( US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt )))

((( Ukrainian President Poroschenko )))


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Is Podesta authorised to be privy to confidential information?

Only Hillary sends him a 9-point assessment of the ME with this at the top:

Note: Sources include Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region.


I would assume Intelligence Services intel based assessments would be a bit confidential, Mr Comey? Given their source? Nothing to see here, you say?

Fuck Me.

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Don't worry, charges are being prepared to prosecute the offenders as we speak. Julian Assange and Wikileaks are in BIG trouble once TPTB get through with them. After all leaking classified information is very serious, unless your name is Hillary that is.

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"... to let them know that we will not tolerate this rigging of our elections!"

That's why everyone needs to vote for the Donald.

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If Donald Trump Acted Like Hillary Clinton...

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+1 MDB keeps poking the ninnies with a stick and they keep falling for it. Expressing rage towards MDB is cathartic so everything's cool.

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I did not see anything that would convince the voters who are only interested in Gay Marriage, Open Borders, Free Healthcare, Safe Spaces, Amnesty, Unrestricted Abortion ........  to change their votes.  Still don't see a way for Trump to win.

BTW I am a Trump Voter.  In my state Early Voting has already begun and I did cast my vote for Trump.  But I think the USSA has for some time past the point of no return.  The Empire shall continue to crumble.

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Indeed, I see no other path for us at this point other than total totalitarianism or civil war. We are a country divided against itself, we can not stand. Given the current state of our society, I say we have been given the government the majority deserve. God bless the rest of us, it's going to be a bumpy flight.

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Slowly I await more of you to come to the conclusion made by others a long time ago. The solution won't be in an election or in dc.

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Im pretty sure the Russians would love to negotiate another uranium deal with Hillary, the last one was sooooo good for them, that and she can be bought - makes politics so much easier.

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Awh, our pet troll is so sad today.  Here is a glorious six page story on how wonderful Hillary is to cheer you up!

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Some day people will look back on MDB and speak of him in the way they do now of such political satirists as Voltaire, Swift, Ionesco... I don't want to ruin it for some of you, because the reaction is always part of the art, but this is indeed satire of the highest form and just what I need on a humpday. Mike. MIKE MIKE MIKE!

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Has anyone ever said to you that you're a fucking moron?  Just curious.

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Tyler Durden: Bulgarian genius.

Ed Norton: MDB.

Same same. Punch yourself in the face again, can't believe you fart smellers can't take high sarcasm. I only read "accredited times" once. It's red meat, just chew it kids. 

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Your head is so far up your own ass that you're literally a walking human klein bottle.

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What a bunch of crap from a bunch of liars. I looked last night and Robert Creamers emails showed up in both Podestas emails and the DNC. Who the hell was Creamer that the Russians or Assange would know him.

The truth is a bitch. You can bet someone has the RNC and Trump emails. You can bet someone has the deleted Clinton emails too. Probably some kid on 5th Street in New York City. 

What has been revealed is the tactics of Brown Shirt NAZI's. Clinton has all the features of a member of the Third Reich, especially her bribes from the oligarchies. 

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Don't think he's irresponsible enough to keep those files in the Embassy.

Of course they are held in various places incase of this very thing.

Hang in there Julian.

Free speech forever!

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Stone's saying that they used a 3 year old pic of him for his last tweet, he's fkn dead, man

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I don't think "they" would rub him out, as he would then become a martyr, and that is the last thing "they" would want.

That could very likely be the last straw before real civil war breaks out.

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all they have to do is say ya know what, he escaped, we dont know where he went


deadman switch already flipped, I dont think them disabling his internet access would have triggered that.


no cel or wave from the window, etc....the package that those two swiss artists sent did not see his face


I hope he's alive too, but I'm just calling balls & strikes based on what I come across...stone aint always right, but usually the stuff he says is confirmed is confirmed, speculative he ususally states so also.

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Didn't say you were wrong - just hoping you aren't right.

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Modernized Where's Wally -

Where's Julian?

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I love this...Assange is incommunicado, yet the data dumps keep coming!
Horse face looks like such a fool to the world as a result; & due to John Kerry's stupidity which is drawing major attention to the whole matter; Americans are finally beginning to wake up & pay attention to this shit!

Looks like the Hitlery for Prez ship is starting to take on MASSIVE amounts of water!

I believe they are beyond the point where any more news of 'pussy grabbing' will save them from themselves (and Mr. Assange)!

Oh, yeah...-And THANK YOU, MR. O'KEEFE!

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Wikileaks isn't in the Ecuadorian embassy, only Assange. There is much more to the organization than Julian. 

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They cut off his internets and the leaks keep coming! I love it.

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Guess it must be called the world wide web for some reason. Hey Kerry why the long face?

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Lurch? Oh his mother and father gave him that.

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How does one delete a ZH account? I see fascism and FEMA in my future from dissent.

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You can not leave the matrix.

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Its OK, go to your safe- space. Your plans for self immolation are still valid. You are a snowflake now, those nasty flames can't harm you now!


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How does one delete a ZH account? I see fascism and FEMA in my future from dissent.


Kill yourself and It will no longer matter......I may be able to help you......I still have Hillary's cell number.

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Don't forget to take one with you, even if it is only one of her SS.  They knew the risks.  They don't want to be there anyway.  They might even thank you for forcing them to re-think their priorities in this world.

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Which cell phone of the many she lost?  With the way that group operates, the "lost phone" story is sounding more and more like cover for a dead drop.