Terrorists Recruit Petro Engineers And Oil Experts

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Submitted by Zainab Calcuttawala via OilPrice.com,

Unspecified terrorist groups have been caught attempting to recruit university-level students from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) - including up and coming petroleum engineers and energy analysts, according to the head of the bloc’s anti-terror organization.

The nine-member bloc consisting mostly of Central Asian nations must develop an anti-radicalization plan to prevent students from joining international terrorist organizations, Andrei Novikov, who heads the CIS Anti-Terrorist Center, said on Wednesday.

"The attempts to recruit [students] to the international terrorist organizations continue at the universities of the Commonwealth [of Independent States],” he said.


“The professional recruiters are targeting not only potential lower level agents, but also highly qualified medicine, transport, oil industry and linguistics specialists as well as, importantly, those who could map out media strategies for the global terrorism projects.”

The Kurdish news site Rudaw has previously reported classified ads posted by ISIS in the underground job market offering oil operations experts a salary of $225,000 a year, with perks such as a car and weapons thrown in for good measure. The ads, released in 2014, had been marketed to Saudi Arabian expats.

The oil industry is especially vulnerable to terrorism because of the geographic locations of the most active radical groups and weak governments—made ever weaker by the lower price of oil.

The Islamic State (ISIS) reaped hundreds of millions of dollars of profits from selling oil from Iraq and Libya on the black market before the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition began targeting oil facilities controlled by the terrorist group over the past year.

Iraqi military gains over ISIS in August dried up oil revenues for the organization by up to 90 percent, according to a report by Iraqi News.

Novikov said the CIS—which was formed in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union—has begun working closely with parents and professors to explain the process of radicalization and how to report instances of suspected illicit recruitment.

The CIS consists of eight former Soviet republics—Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan—and Russia.

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I refuse calling ISIS Sandniggers – this is highly inappropriate. Sandfaggots, on the other hand…   ;-)


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Are you calling Israely paid mercinaries "sandfaggots"? 

Well paid sandfaggots the least!

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Are they looking for financial analysts?  Looking to jump!

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The US was "bombing" ISIS for a year and the oil revenues didn't stop.

Russia came in and a month later it was over. Then the US tries to claim credit for it.
I would take these bulletins more seriously if they didn't lie about such simple things.

Was the address for replying for the media communications people in Northern Virginia?


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Boogieman around every corner.  Perpetual state of fear = surrender of all liberties.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

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where are the isis gold and silver coins?  looking for ms-65's or better :)

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Well spotted, pods.

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Good chance both political parties were profitting off this oil trade.  Probably why they loathe putin

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They're creating jobs!

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ISIS is hiring!!

"Stronger Together"

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For fuck's sake


What stopped the oil sales - primarily to Turkey and Israel, was russia actually bombing the AngloZionist proxies known as 'ISIS' after nonths of the US pretending to.

5 Warthogs could have destroyed ISIS... Instead they were allowed to drive in convoys across dozens of miles of open desert.

This isnt about getting a pipeline through but preventing one (Iran-Iraq-Syria) and Greater Israel per the Oded Yinon / Clean Break line of plans.

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Hmmm...'Terrorists recruit petro engineers and oil experts'.

So do ExxonMobil and BP. Can't quite put my finger on it...

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I could be hired to design star wars optics for them. At $250/hr. That's way less than what DC or NY lawyers charge.

What are the Benefits and Fringe Benefits? What about Retirement ?

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Benefits are a car and weapons to keep your car.

The weapon means you would be a rifleman first, then you are an engineer.

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All started  with Oil Experts recruiting terrorists


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Arrrrrrrrgh.... I am not happy with our current trajectory. Insanity rules. Pretty soon we'll have the Organization of Terrorist States.

They will be headquartered at the U.N.  ... oh wait...

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Henry Kissenger and the Petrodollar fraud. Bad deals. 

Every time some government president decides to trade in Europe dollar, Gold, or reincarnate an a alternative currency to offset the Central banking system. 

People die and countries have to engage with the IMF and World Bank.

These are the people to target. Most Americans have no idea. 

Russia, focus on the devil's, not American people. Thank you. 

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The interview process is probably pretty intense. I'll bet the rejection is a bitch!

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So U$I$ is looking for workers, why don't they just advertise in their own country, the terrorist USSA? Like Doctors with out Borders, it is another wing of I$I$, just in better disguise, but that cover is being blown. So ridiculous all of this. I cannot believe people buy this shit.

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What does the ISIS retirement plan look like?

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What about medical/dental? GOT to be better than OhomoCare...

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Ill bet their performance reviews might be kind of scary...

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But, are they climate deniers?

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So long as the recruitment is equal opportunity and open to LBGTQIA applicants, I don't see any problem.

It comes as no surprise that they would need experts in all fields.

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Decent engineers aren't available from Saudi Arabian unis? Maybe Israeli unis? Turkey?

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Why am i not surprised the Saudis are mentioned


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Article was from 2014?????

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WTF no sex slaves to go with the car and guns??

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the dumbshit who wrote this article must work for the clinton campaign.  part time.  i had to read to:

The Islamic State (ISIS) reaped hundreds of millions of dollars of profits from selling oil from Iraq and Libya on the black market before the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition began targeting oil facilities controlled by the terrorist group over the past year.

are you fucking kidding me?  actually, it's my own fault.  i just started reading the article without looking at who the author is.  when i did look at who the author is, i want ZH to compensate me for those three minutes.  In Time.