Former Haitian Senate President Calls Clintons "Common Thieves Who Should Be In Jail"

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Despite repeatedly bragging about all the good work the Clinton Foundation did to help Haiti recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake, at least one Haitian, former Senate President Bernard Sansaricq, thinks it was the Clintons, not the Hiatian people, who benefitted most from the Foundation's "charitable work" in Haiti.  Appearing on a radio show last week, Sansaricq offered a scathing assessment of the Clinton's track record in Haiti saying they are "nothing but common thieves...and they should be in jail."  Per PJ Media:

Sandy Rios of American Family Radio interviewed former Haitian Senate President Bernard Sansaricq on Thursday, and the enraged Haitian had nothing good to say about the Clintons. He angrily claimed that they brought their "pay to play" politics to Haiti at the expense of the Haitian people.


Sansaricq said that the Clinton Foundation received 14.3 billion dollars in donation money to help with the relief effort. President Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon put the Clinton Foundation in charge of the reconstruction, but Haiti has seen no help. The money all went to friends of Bill Clinton.


"They are nothing but common thieves," the enraged Sansaricq told Rios. "And they should be in jail."

As also highlighted in the movie "Clinton Cash," Sansaricq argued that the Clinton's did nothing more than bring their pay-to-play tactics to Haiti resulting in the enrichment of Clinton cronies, including Hillary's brother Anthony Rodham, whose company was awarded a lucrative gold mining contract.

Sansaricq said although Bill Clinton was put in charge of the reconstruction, he did absolutely nothing but give contracts to his cronies and built a sweatshop next to a goldmine that was given to Hillary Clinton's brother, Anthony Rodham, in violation of the Haitian constitution.


He said he could go on for hours about the Clinton Foundation's destruction of the rice production in Haiti because they were importing rice from Clinton's cronies in Arkansas. And rice is something Haiti could really use right now.


The Clintons also awarded the country's only cell phone company to another crony, Denis O'Brien, using taxpayer dollars. O'Brien has made 265 million dollars, and a substantial portion of that  has gone back to the Clinton Foundation.

Of course, these claims are hard to deny given that recently released emails, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit by the Republican National Committee, and subsequently shared with ABC News, reveal very open special treatment of "Friends of Bill" ("FOB" for short) by the State Department in granting access to recovery efforts in Haiti, in which $10 billion in emergency aid was spent after the 2010 earthquake. 

The emails showed very close coordination between Caitlin Klevorick, a senior State Department official, and Amitabh Desai, the director of foreign policy for the Clinton Foundation, as they exchanged emails from Foundation donors looking to participate in the Haiti recovery efforts.  While many donors likely were just looking to make charitable contributions, others, as evidenced below, were simply looking to capture their "fair share" of $10 billion in emergency aid contracts doled out by the U.S. government.  

The following exchange between Klevorick and Dasai, with the subject line "Haiti Assistance," shows the State Department very clearly asking for "Friends of Bill" to be flagged for special consideration.

“Need you to flag when people are friends of WJC,” wrote Caitlin Klevorick, then a senior State Department official who was juggling incoming offers of assistance being funneled to the State Department by the Clinton Foundation. “Most I can probably ID but not all.”



Of course, this directly contradicts comments that Bill Clinton previously made to CBS' Charlie Rose just last month when he assured voters that "nothing was ever done for anybody because they were contributors to the foundation, nothing."

In another Klevorick and Dasai exchange, the State Department official asks “Is this a FOB!” saying that "If not, she should go to" (a general government website).



As also mentioned by Sansaricq, another series of messages uncovered the efforts of billionaire Denis O’Brien, a longtime donor to the Clinton Foundation and the CEO of the Jamaica-based telecom firm Digicel, to fly relief supplies into Port-au-Prince and get employees of his company out.  But when O'Brien couldn't get access to land in Port-au-Prince "through conventional channels" he turns to long-time Clinton aide Doug Band for help.  Shortly thereafter, the request was elevated to the State Department in an email with the subject line "Close friend of the Clintons." 

“This WJC VIP just called again from Jamaica to say Digicel is being pushed by US Army to get comms back up but is not being cleared by [the U.S. government] to deploy into Haiti to do so,” Desai wrote in an email with the subject line “Close friend of Clintons.”


Later, O’Brien writes to longtime Clinton aide Doug Band to express frustration. “We’re finding it impossible to get landing slots,” he says. “I’m sorry to bother you but I am not making any progress through conventional channels.”


Band tasks Desai to “pls get on this,” telling O’Brien, “Never a bother.”


Desai then turns to Klevorick to help “a friend of President Clinton,” and the request is pushed up the chain of command to USAID officials organizing the relief effort.

Of course, we have no doubt that these scandalous revelations, like many others circling the Clinton campaign at the moment, will quickly be brushed under the carpet so the mainstream media can go back to focusing on Trump's "accusers".

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GreatUncle's picture

Kind of pointless article really truth is WJC was never fit for president but congress turned a blind eye to the nature of the man. Then the MSM concealed it all.

Since then ... well the path is a story that should never have been played out.

Now you and me, in that I have to put up with this corruption is about to have the most hideous president ever.

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... the Haitians didn't fear hurricane Matthew, the Haitians fear the Clintons will 'scam' them again ... >>> 


... and here's more ... >>> "Exclusive: Total Clinton/UN Stand Down in Haiti's Hurricane Hell On Earth"  ...

..."... UN Helicopters Refuse to take dying people to a hospital 30 minutes away.     Crowds rioting in anger at the Clinton’s Billion dollar theft.    
Alex Jones sets the scene of the utter destruction in Haiti left in the wake of hurricane Matthew as documented by the Infowars crew who were sent to bring aid and raise awareness for the relief effort."

>>>  and >>> 



toro's picture

Clinton and W Bush stole $5B from Haiti's earthquake funds. These evil beings need a serious Heart Adjustment.

A Nanny Moose's picture

the rest of the world sees that these people should be in jail. Amerikanz....not so much.

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Hey toro, previously mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then lance-a-lot then most recently Loftie. Looks like Loftie got banned or just outed. I shall miss him! Let’s see how long toro survives, shall we?

You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

PS. You might have noticed that my attempt to expose you for what you are is always the same. That’s because your Spam is always the same (Using fake links to your BS site which has no connection to your comments; which are deliberately dramatic to mislead people into responding or clicking on the fake link) so it seems only fair that my exposure of your crap should also always be the same. An eye for an eye.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Thank you philipat, that's a public service you are doing, right there. Wish more people were actually "doers", rather than "complainers".

TBF I live in England, where complaining is an art form. Or a monty python sketch.

Nemontel's picture

There are so many people that we need to send to Jail, like Trump sasid the entire Swamp needs to be cleaned out, including a lot of Cuckservatives in the GOP.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Sorry, voted you down, because there's no cure for those evil people.

Just like Hitler himself could not have been cured by a "Heart Adjustment", there's no cure for these evil beings (the Bushes, Clintons, Cheneys, Rumsfelds, Wolfowitzes, etc.). They should stand trial at Neuremberg 2.0 and be hanged, nothing less.

Creative_Destruct's picture

God, there's SOOO much evidence like this out there, but ALL of it ALWAYS seems to  fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. Between the MSM mafia's complicity, and the publics willful ignorance and induced fears of Trump, NONE of this seems to be getting through.

BUT.... lets HOPE the undecideds are getting it...


buttmint's picture

.....I think George Bush is involved somehow!



fbazzrea's picture

Now you and me, in that I have to put up with this corruption is about to have the most hideous president ever.


don't fret Great Uncle, your worst nightmare AIN'T happening. Americans are going to the polls like never before to guarantee that.

Trump 2016!!

ACP's picture

Free shit trumps criminality, unfortunately.

nmewn's picture

"Ya noooooooowah, this former president of the Haitain senate and friend of Putin is trying to effect the outcome of our democratic process of vote rigging here. And he's undoubtedly a razzzist woman groper who probably didn't pay any taxes. He needs to release his tax returns immediately to prove he's not a razzzist-Russian-tax dodging-rapist like my husband!" - The Bitch of Benghazi

Creative_Destruct's picture

Trump was wrong. It's not him who could "stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and still not loose any votes,"

It's Hillary ....

GUS100CORRINA's picture



JLM's picture

She will be impeached within 6 months of getting elected if this keeps up ..... .  So sad.

Cabreado's picture

"This" has "kept up" for just a little while now...

With regard to impeachment, you would be relying on the same corrupt and defunct body that has neglected to put her in prison, where she should've been slowly but surely decaying for many months now.

You see, lack of focus and ignorance with regard to how the govt was designed to work -- that will be the End of America.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

I can't see Paul Ryan doing anything about Hillary in any circumstances.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Except sucking her dick, maybe...

Cabreado's picture

The power of the Speaker is grossly exaggerated, and nothing but a crutch for a collectively corrupt body.

You just inadvertently offered a pass to 534...

ps. But I see "sucking dick" comments are more aligned with where We are.

buttmint's picture

Paul Ryan would be thrilled to swap out cathether bags and DEPENDS for HRC! He'd sell the shit on eBay!

Paul Ryan is the runt of the litter. He will never equal his old man's cajonnes. Ever.


A term used for a man's pants used in the 1930s oughta make a comeback: slacks or pants used to be called "fart-catchers."

That is Paul Ryan. Lotsa hope and change. Someone got to him.


Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

"She will be impeached..."

Are you absolutely delusional? 

ImGumbydmmt's picture

exactly, She will be just as "impeached" as Obama was.


buttmint's picture

JLM...impeached? what have you been smoking?

The entire American Election is a race to preserve and ADVANCE the status quo. And you and I ain't in it---though we do have a front row seat!

HRC is racing to PARDON HERSELF---get it? After that, there will be a "cleansing." Think Pol Pot, Cambodia late 1970s.

Yes---it can happen here. I hope you have: 1) passport 2) enough cash to live in another country 3) know several languages 4) know when enough is enough.


rosiescenario's picture

I have posted the same thought elsewhere.....but I think the impeachment process will start within 1 month of her election. Hopefully that process will drag on and ensnare plenty of other political hacks.

Ms No's picture

The suffering in that country is already horrific but could you imagine the suffering that a Haitian sweatshop must entail?  Being in that environment for 20 minutes would probably bring a normal person to tears.  These people are pure evil.  I think they actually enjoy human suffering.  They think it's funny.  "We came, we saw, he died."

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

Another domino fits into place, it's obvious now that Haiti is part of the vast Right Wing Conspiracy we were warned about decades ago.

True Blue's picture

A truly great leader would measure his or her power by the good they accomplish, by the improvements they make in the well being of their people, by the suffering they alleviate, by their compassion and by what they create.

HRC et. al. measure their power by the misery they can inflict, by the improvements they make in their own wellbeing, by the suffering they cause and how they consider compassion to be weakness. They only feel powerful by inflicting cruelty over those whom they hold powerless.  Their only joy is in the destruction of things other people dedicated time and toil to create; be those things businesses, personal lives, or entire nations full of the same. 

Look around you ZH'ers. It is over. The America you knew -or thought you knew- is gone; murdered more thoroughly than Rasputin. Educationally poisoned, legally back-stabbed, shot with corruption and drowned in filth to such a degree that (leading by a landslide or loosing by the same) a spectacularly corrupt and unbalanced figure like HRC is still able to garner support from a not insignificant percentage of the populace.

It matters not if she wins or looses; the fact that she has made it this far is a sickening indictment of your fellow citizens and should serve as final notice that this Zombie nation is going down for the count; and right soon, too.

What arises from the ashes will at least be partly up to ladies and gentlemen such as yourselves.

Secede to survive.


Ms No's picture

It is pretty damn bad.  Europe is likely past the point of return and the destruction of the US' standard of living and the economic collapse they engineered for us may not be recovered from either.  Every hurricane victim or country on the planet that wants in is getting dumped on us right before extreme financial turmoil and you have to watch the epic disaster coming at you in slow motion while at least half the country is still completely clueless.  The media has recently completely been locked down.  It's really incredible times we live in.  If we did get a group of heroes of fight these assholes off we would still have to survive the collapse of the current system to rebuild anew.  I really hope these cocksuckers don't get away with this, this time.  This is all by design and pure fuqing evil.  It's hard to even comprehend, which I guess is why so many are in denial about it.

lakecity55's picture

Gee, according to my Bible, those are the same Metrics Satan uses to evaluate his work.

What a coincidence!

lakecity55's picture

"We came, we saw, we Tortured, and they Died."

gimli's picture

Imagine all the good work they'll do after WWIII

Son of Loki's picture

This will be all over the news tomorrow...CNN, NPR, etc....


.... crickets......



Alex DeLarge's picture

I thought Trump's best line from yesterdays debate was, "The people of Haiti wish you (the Clintons et al) would stop helping them". 

FX223's picture

+1 I loved that line.


As for this article...Bill Clinton says  "nothing was ever done for anybody because they were contributors to the foundation, nothing."

Much like when he said "I never had sexual relations with that woman."


Keep stacking n stashing friends.

Vageling's picture

What was it what Reagan said about USG and help? Oh ya...

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."  

rosiescenario's picture

That was because the Clintons had yet to ascend, otherwise he would have said, the 10 most dangerous words:


I'm from the Clinton Foundation and I'm here to help

NoDebt's picture

"They are nothing but common thieves"

Incorrect.  They are wholly corrupt and feckless thugs.


Son of Loki's picture

Hillbama has a dozen or so drones heading to Haiti as the presdient help win his heart and mind....and spread demockrasy.

buttmint's picture


+100 for "feckless"

Skiprrrdog's picture

There is also that persistent internet rumor about Bill Clinton's wife crawling over the corpses of dead Haitians looking for bodies that had gold fillings. She had managed to pull three gold teeth out of some old woman's mouth when the woman woke up screaming. The Clinton Foundation supposedly greased a few with some Foundation bux, and it all went away...

pparalegal's picture

Stronger Together - to gang f**k the poor and mindless.

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

.. yeah "Stranger Together" works.

tarabel's picture



While I have no doubt that these evil things happened, I do have to point out that the "former President of the Haitian Senate" is not likely to be much of an angel himself. Some of his outrage no doubt boils from the realization that contracts were going to their cronies and not his cronies. Which is probably why he's a former leader of Haiti and current resident of Florida.

Theta_Burn's picture

You have to admit, the clintons do draw a much higher level of accuser

Here is footage of the guy telling this story at a Trump rally

This story was already covered at ZH....


Stan522's picture

No, a common thief has a conscious... These shit's have nothing but greed.

Northern Lights's picture

I fucking hate The Cuntons, but in all fairness, I can't quite take seriously a politician from one of the most corrupt countries in the world.  I recall when the last hurricane hit Haiti some 8 years ago these fuckers were hijacking Red Cross supplies donated from other countries and re-selling it on the black market.

Fuck Haiti.  Just another negro shit hole IMO.