Russian Naval Fleet Filmed Off British Coast, Followed "Every Inch Of The Way"

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Two days ago we reported that a Russian aircraft carrier flotilla was spotted in international waters off the Norwegian coast on its way to Syria where it is expected to arrive in just under two weeks. NATO was not amused, and a diplomat quoted by Reuters said that Russia is "deploying all of the Northern fleet and much of the Baltic fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War," and added that "this is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia's strategy to declare victory there."

Two days later, and the Russian flotilla, the biggest "since the end of the Cold War" is already off the coast of Britain, where Royal Navy vessels were closely monitoring the fleet as it passed through the English Channel at around 9am on Friday. 

Just like two days prior, the Russian fleet was not shy about being photographed and the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier, and Peter the Great, a Kirov class battlecruiser, were among the ships filmed off Ramsgate, Kent, in footage posted online. According to the Telegraph The Russian vessels were being shadowed by the Royal Navy as they headed towards the eastern Mediterranean via the Dover Strait.

The Admiral Kuznetzov passes through the English Channel near Kent

Peter the Great, a Kirov class battlecruiser, filmed off the Kent coast on Friday morning

Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said the Russian fleet will be marked "every inch of the way" as he claimed the deployment was aimed at testing British capabilities.

Among the British ships deployed were a Type 45 destroyer, the HMS Duncan, which sailed from Portsmouth on Tuesday to "man-mark" the Kuznetsov group, and Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond escorted the group from the Norwegian Sea as it steamed south. On Friday morning, a Ministry of Defence spokesman told the Telegraph: "They are all in one line now. They have to be to effectively go through the traffic separation scheme, and they are progressing as expected.

"They haven't slowed or sped up. They are going to be past Dover in the next few hours. When they are clear of the Dover traffic separation scheme, they will probably break back out in a formation scheme and be on their way" the spokesman said, adding "we still don't know where that is and how they are going to get there, but everything so far has been exactly how we would have expected." Actually we know where they are headed, and it effectively guarantees a showdown with the US off the coast of Syria, in a rerun of the events from the summer of 2013.

Meanwhile, locals were excited to watch as the Russian ships sailed close to Dover. A group of people gathered in Dover from the early hours to catch a glimpse of he flotilla, with some posting pictures on Twitter:

The Russian demonstration of naval power comes as Theresa May condemned Vladimir Putin's aggression in Syria, accusing Moscow of being behind "sickening atrocities" in support of Bashar Assad's regime. Syrian forces, backed by Russian air power, have agreed a temporary humanitarian truce in Aleppo, but Mrs May urged European leaders to take a firm line against Moscow.

Arriving at her first Brussels summit as Prime Minister on Thursday, Mrs May called for a "robust and united European stance in the face of Russian aggression".

As for Nato, the alliance said the prospect of Russia's only aircraft carrier heading to the region does not "inspire confidence" that Moscow is seeking a political solution to the Syrian crisis. While one can absolutely accuse Nato of the same, on this occasion the alliance may be right: Russia no longer does believe in a "political solution", which is precisely why it has, like in 2013, resorted to this dramatic escalation.

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Tell your children you love them.

Each day now - maybe 4 or 5 times a day.

You never know when it will be the last time.

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Dang, don't these ships have to pass some kind of emissons testing?  Jesus.  If any of my vehicles smoked like that, I'd be hung by my testicals for killing humanity.

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Coal powered Russian aircraft carrier ???

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"Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said the Russian fleet will be marked "every inch of the way" as he claimed the deployment was aimed at testing British capabilities."

That is right. The Russians will 'test' the British ability to arm and support terrorists who are trying to destroy a secular democratic state in the ME.


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As the Russian fleet passed the white cliffs of Dover, they left in their wake the brown-stained underpants of London.

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Londonistan, filthy, muslim ladden, on its merry way to becoming top tier sharia shithole.

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Russian fleet filmed every inch of the way past England?

Everybody in England is filmed every step of the way.

What's the BFD?

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The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal.

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"Royal Navy vessels were closely monitoring the fleet as it passed through the English Channel at around 9am on Friday."

Wouldn't that also be considered a harassment??? I guess if it's done by the UK/NATO/US, it's called "monitoring".

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or, with the obvious coal powered propulsion system, maybe they left those white cliffs a little brown?

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So the British Navy is "man-marking" the Russian ships?  hahaha  As if Russia wants anything to do with the UK.  The UK, on the other hand, would like nothing more than a media distration from their increasing insignificance.  Nobody cares Britain... just drink your stupid tea and shut up while the men get to work.

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You got a hard pill to swallow when this all over. And what! Drink tea and let the big boys play? Well let me tell you "bigboy" what the British people who know the truth to this world such has yourselves on this forum. We have been commenting on our msm sites. Fighting against all the liberals lovers and moderaters while trying to wake the people up. Do you know much abuse we get. Yeah well it was worth it because now we have achieved Brexit. So then my dear friends, what have you been doing with the knowledge of truth? Gold and silver mybe? Well you got just over two weeks to go till judgement day,  no? May peace justice and mercy prevail among the nations.

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"Brexit" is "33" in numerology.. Another Masonic setup..

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There is an RAF Apache Helicopter perched on the rear deck of that Aircraft Carrier.


That Bull's Eye emblem is all too clear.

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That's a Russian Hokum. Definately Russian. Definately not NATO.

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I do not think strategists and the public have any inclination the transformation that is occurring.   You want to send your *total garbage fleet* into the path of missiles.  Treat those ships as disposable..  

The fact that they are probably already carrying Zircon mach 5.5 warheads that could hit every base in Europe and Britain in under 100 seconds with no ability of any army to stop them gives them the total trump card. ..  There is a *reason* the British military is watching them by the second because they are waking up to this fact.

All they have to do is launch the missiles before the incoming warheads make scrap metal out of there floating scrap metal..

Russia gets it.  America with there $15 billion dollar aircraft carriers are totally obsolete - but it buys votes and keeps corrupt people in office.

In the future missile platforms can be nothing more than secured floating barges of metal carrying there lethal missile platforms and controllable from remote. Contractors can be hired to tow fleets of them to the engagement theater dropping them off.. Powered by Thorium batteries they can loiter powered for years until called upon..  No people needed.


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Apache's don't have coaxial rotors.

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The only time when the Brits can garner any sort of significance in today's news is when the Russians are sailing past them. Is that hilarious, or what ! 

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I note that you would rather your terrorists be disposed of in a more ecologically friendly manner.  Please consider that, if your friends Obama and John McCain hadn't created the terrorists, your complaint would not be necessary.

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Or maybe it's CARBONTRAIL (chemtrail) 

they are spraying the Brits 

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They are burning dogshit to overturn the smell of a dead empire.

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They aren't even CLOSE to the USA!!!!!!!  You almost sent me to a safe space or something.

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Do you know who is commander in cheif of Canada and Australia is? The Russians broke formation when they sailed through the channel. Vote Trump. 


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As the Russian fleet passed the white cliffs of Dover, they left in their wake the brown-stained underpants of London.


More than likely a "YB" from the BVDs of Boris Johnson who's fat ass probably eclipses the entire city!!!

That was priceless!

Thx ;- )

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Yeah, if they  are shitting themselves now what will it be like when the T 90s are looking at the white cliffs of Dover?

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yovatti (not verified) HowdyDoody Oct 21, 2016 2:17 PM

It's always fun to see Russia dispatching its third world navy. I do hope that the Russian sailors had the good grace not to beg for food when passing fishing boats in the channel.



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I guess the combustion engines are resistant to emp and cyber attacks. So maybe thats intentional. If you had to travel across the globe would you rather drive a tesla or a MAC truck?


Imagine if there existed the possibility to hack nuke powered navy vessels. You could cause them to meltdown and destroy them all without having to fire a single shot. Just something to ponder i dont know how any of this shit works. Also scary thought is the distruction of any of these nuke powered ships will prob make fukishima look like a tanning salon.

poeg's picture

Russia's electronics disruption weaponry has been the hot topic for NATO members two years on already. Thinking if it's a broad spectrum weapon, bleed might be an issue unless you had enough analog systems in play to cover such.

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I used to work with them and there is no way that could happen. Way too many safegaurds physically hardwired in place. Plus if a reactor went into melt down somehowm, it would be contained within the reactor compartment. I'm not worried at all about them.

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they apparently have much bigger balls than you, you sniveling traitorous kike

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Nobody talks to assholes. Why do you ?

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Not sure why all the hate... it was a fair comment.  A diesel-burning or some type of petrol-burning vessel inherently has a more limited range / time at sea than the nuke-powered vessels we have here in the good ole U.S.S. of A.  

That said, a propulsion system is just one of many dimensions along which a vessel can compete with adversaries, but the exhaust ladden pictures shown here left me underwhelmed.

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Should Russia decide to become a globalist, hegemonic empire like our USA, I'm certain that your observations will be considered.

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Ah, more wackoism from yovatti, obediently kissing Obama ass.

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Are you getting nervous?

Russian subs and missiles are why Syria is not entirely destroyed, friendo.

Don't worry, your scumbag pals will likely get a taste before too long.

Israel is a 2 bomb country, so it better hope that its NEXT false flag goes as smoothly as 9/11.

Meanwhile, decent people of all walks are disgusted by Zionist support for ISIS.

Top Ten signs 'ISIS' is a Psy-Op

Top Ten signs 'ISIS' is an [AngloZionist] creation:

A Short Explication of the US/Neocon War on Syria:

How ISIS is advancing Zionist plans:

ISIS is an AngloZionist Golem

And that's all it is.

After Mosul Falls, ISIS will Flee to Syria. Then What?:
Also see: US stages attack on Syrian forces with ISIS as tip of the spear on the ground:

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So..your take away from that previous post is its all BS?

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Where are you getting info that Mosul will fall to the Shiites/US? I don't think the battle is going their way and was a mistake by Obama. Besides ISIS is too useful to Turkey, Russia and Iran as a means to get involved in the region. What the heck would it benefit Israel? Other than as an existential threat, Israel has no interest. In a world with its economy sinking toward global depression, Israel has a vibrant, full steam ahead economy.

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Do not kid yourself. The Russians have the Shkval Torpedo ( which is an underwater rocket-speed torpedo (230 MPH underwater). It can sink any aircraft carrier or submarine quickly and with stealth. Carriers are obsolete. America's politicians know this but building them was a good way to flaunt power while providing jobs for the constituents of Trent Lott, Dodd and Boehner and others in the corrupt congress. Americans have stupidly wasted hundreds of billions of dollars in this way (pork barrel projects). The Russian Navy is not as large as ours but it is not any less deadly.

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Your use of the word "fun" is shameful.  The Russian navy is on its way to accomplish serious work with serious tools.  It is not Russia which will be begging in future times but rather those who participated in violating the sovereignty of Syria and many other nations.

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And all the little faggot back benches called their favorite boy toys to be ready later as the all got a hard on hearing Fallon keep repeating "EVERY INCH OF THE WAY"!  They feel like such MEN when they can hide behind ms May's skirt while she shakes her fist at the air craft carrier from the shores of Dover. The Brits have always needed a woman to hide behind because their men are such,(sorrybdonald) "PUSSYS"! I'll bet Putin is laughing his ass off at the stooges as they roll up their sleeves, pull their pants up over their fat bell's, and puff their chests out. Fucking hilarious!

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It would be hilarious if we didn't know what is coming.

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Russian fleet will be marked "every inch of the way" as he claimed the deployment was aimed at testing British capabilities.

What a load of crap and a waste of fuel, when it all can be monitored by one drone.....!

Dumb Brits......

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Stopped off in Ireland for more peat.

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Gotta love it. Rolling coal. Nothing to see hear folks, except some snowflakes that aren't as pure as the driven snow. (From a Jetta TDI owner)


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Fukashima did the American nuclear fleet in. One nuclear bomb close by does all nuclear powered ships in with alarms going off everywhere.