The United States Of Refugees

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Consider the state of Nebraska. What comes to mind?

Common associations with the Cornhusker state include: row crops, silos, college football, Warren Buffet, and wholesome, earnest Americana.

Now try this one: Refugee Capital of the United States.

So far this year, the City of Omaha has settled over 900 people fleeing war, persecution, and disaster around the world. That may be a small figure relative to the estimated 21.3 million refugees worldwide (or relative to the population of Omaha, for that matter, which is roughly 434,000). But it’s still higher than the number of refugees resettled in Los Angeles and New York City combined.

That disproportionate hospitality extends across the entire state, where over 1,300 refugees have found new homes this year. That may not be much compared to the resettlement statistics in larger states, like California, Texas, and New York. But given Nebraska’s population of fewer than 2 million, on a per person basis, this makes the state the most welcoming of refugees in the nation. For every 100,000 residents, Nebraska resettled roughly 71 refugees in 2016. By the same measure, California welcomed fewer than 18.

If these figures don’t jibe with your understanding of where refugees live in the United States, that might be because you’ve been following this year’s presidential election. When Donald Trump claims that we “have no documentation” about the “Trojan horse” refugees who live in this country, and when Republican governors across the country insist that they will not abide Syrian refugees resettling within their borders, they not only raise suspicions about some of the world’s most vulnerable people, they fundamentally mischaracterize what may be the most complex human relocation system on the planet.

This is a system in which international, federal, and charitable organizations all work together to bring more refugees to the United States than any other country—and which places more of them in Boise, Idaho; Des Moines, Iowa; and Bowling Green, Kentucky; than in New York City.  

How does this system work and how did we get to this point?

Somalis in the Buckeye State

If you’re looking to answer these questions, a good starting point might be Columbus, Ohio.

Over the last two decades, the city has become one of the most popular resettlement locations for those fleeing war, persecution, and deprivation in Somalia.

To be clear, this population represents a small trickle of all Somalis hoping to leave the country or the refugee camps in adjacent Kenya. The refugee application process is notoriously complex and time-intensive. An aspiring refugee must first get a referral from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees or from a local embassy before they even have permission to apply for refugee status. This application process requires extensive pre-screenings, background checks, health examinations, and on-site interviews. From start to finish, the process can, and generally does, take years—and of those who make it to the screening phase, only half are ultimately resettled.

Still, many are. Over the last ten years, the United States has resettled over 70,000 Somali refugees. Many have come to Ohio. Today, Columbus has the second largest Somali population in the United States after Minneapolis.

Why Columbus, of all places?

Data: Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System, U.S. State Department.

“The short answer to your question is: it’s complicated.”

That’s the response from Tamar Forrest, the Director of Development at the Economic and Community Development Institute in Columbus, Ohio. The ECDI was founded by a refugee from the Soviet Union in 2004 and provides various social and economic development services to Columbus’ sizable Somali refugee community.

“For one, we’re a bit of a victim of our own success,” she says. “Our resettlement agencies are really, really good.”

When a refugee is finally approved for resettlement in the United States, the State Department matches the applicant with one of nine resettlement organizations. These are non-profits, many of them religiously-affiliated, and they—not federal or state governments—are the organizations that decide where a refugee will be resettled.

That decision often comes down to logistics, says Forrest. Does a city have enough affordable housing? Does the resettlement organization have a local network of ESL teachers and caseworkers to refer to? Are there organizations like ECDI on the ground ready to help with job training and financial literacy courses?

But once a refugee community is established in a specific town or city, it begins to exert its own gravitational force. Resettlement agencies will often try to place refugees from a particular country into a community in which they have family or community ties to draw upon. And so Somalis are resettled in Columbus because Somali refugees have been placed in Columbus in the past.

This process takes place with or without the resettlement agencies, says Forrest.

“There were people in Columbus, like Bantu Somalis and Somalis, calling their family and friends in the refugee camp in Kakuma [in Kenya],” she says. “And they were saying, no matter where you go—if it's Atlanta, if it's Chicago, if it's New York—you have to make it to Columbus.”

Of course, it’s common for refugees to move from the town or city in which they are initially placed. These “secondary migrations,” as scholars call them, mean that official refugee resettlement statistics (like the data used to make the map at the top of this article) offer an incomplete picture at best. In a paper that Forrest co-authored with Ohio State University professor Lawrence Brown in 2014, she estimated that between 2000 and 2005, over 2,500 refugees left California for other states, while over 1,000 resettled in the Golden State.

This national reshuffling also serves to reinforce the placement decisions of resettlement agencies. As the local Somali community grows in Columbus, more Somali refugees from around the country move there, which encourages resettlement agencies to resettle more Somalis in Columbus, which causes the local Somali community to grow, and so on.

Data: Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System, U.S. State Department.

Thus, what is effectively a choice of convenience by one of nine non-profits across the country can establish an American city as the go-to locale for a specific refugee community.

It’s a common story. This is the reason that so many refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo have recently been resettled in Atlanta (1,198 in the last three years), why so many Syrians now live in San Diego (871), and why you can now find so many Iraqi refugees in Houston (1,783).

Iraqis in Houston

Ali Al Sudani is one of those Iraqi refugees.

When Sudani arrived in Houston in 2009, he knew close to nothing about the city. Having spent the previous three years working for an NGO in Jordan and applying for refugee status, his understanding of life in Texas was derived solely from television.

In three words: “Cowboys, guns, and the oil industry,” he says.

Still, his boss had family in Houston and had spoken highly of the economic opportunities there. And so after a year of referrals, applications, background checks, health inspections, and cultural orientation courses, he boarded a plane for George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Sudani was not alone. As the United States military began to slowly withdraw from Iraq at the end of 2007, Iraqis like Sudani, who had spent the years of the U.S. occupation working with coalition troops or foreign NGOs, were being targeted for retaliation in ever growing numbers. For both humanitarian and political reasons, the U.S. State Department began ramping up the number of refugee applications that it processed from Iraq and the camps in Jordan.

But when Sudani’s plane landed in in Houston in 2009, there were still relatively few Iraqis in the city. A local charity, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, helped him secure an apartment in the southwest corner of Houston, but they had few Arabic-speaking caseworkers and most of Sudani’s refugee neighbors were Cuban.

Though Sudani had learned to speak English while working with American and British troops in Iraq, he still enrolled in the ESL and cultural orientation courses offered out of his apartment building. This gave him a chance to meet his neighbors and to learn how to navigate some of America’s more mysterious institutions: how to open a bank account, how to find a doctor, how to traverse Houston’s infamous five-level stack highway interchanges without crashing his car.

Two months after he arrived, Interfaith Ministries, the same charity that had helped Sudani get situated, offered him a job. Every day, more Iraqis were arriving in Houston and the organization desperately needed someone who could connect with the burgeoning Iraqi community.

Data: Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System, U.S. State Department.

That community was growing every day. Sudani could see that firsthand from where he lived.

“In the apartment complex that I used to live in, I was the only Iraqi,” he recalls. “And then there was another guy. And then another family...But later on, over the last two or three years, I think it was a large community of Iraqis living in that apartment complex and across that neighborhood.”

Six years later, Sudani is now Program Director or Refugee Services for Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston. These days, that’s a very busy job. In the last ten years, Houston has resettled more refugees than any other city in the country. (Though that rank is arguably shared with San Diego, if you include nearby El Cajon). 

Why is it that Houston, of all places, has been the most welcoming city for the tired, poor, huddled masses of the word? Is it the local network of resettlement services? The large international community? The proximity to a large airport?

That may be be part of it, says Sudani. But he also offers a more straightforward explanation: “Houston has a strong economy and the cost of living is affordable.”

“Refugee are normal people,” he says. “They’re just in abnormal circumstances.”

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Somalis in the Buckeye State...?


Ugandis on Ur-anus...

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What the Fuck is a Burma? 

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A shaving cream.  Amongst others.  I think.

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... > Consider the state of Nebraska. What comes to mind?

... well, let's see ... is it because middle eastern refugees are corn farmers and huskers in the desert? ...


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My guess is these stats will exactly mirror the increased rate of rape in those respective states.

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Don't see any in Florida? Wonder why?

(Laugh Track Deafening!!!!!)

The NWO's are afraid the local populous would kill them all, that's why.

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toro (not verified) JRobby Oct 21, 2016 9:29 PM

The United States of IsraHell.

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Hey toro, previously mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then lance-a-lot then most recently Loftie. Looks like Loftie got banned or just outed. I shall miss him! Let’s see how long toro survives, shall we?

You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

PS. You might have noticed that my attempt to expose you for what you are is always the same. That’s because your Spam is always the same (Using fake links to your BS site which has no connection to your comments; which are deliberately dramatic to mislead people into responding or clicking on the fake link) so it seems only fair that my exposure of your crap should also always be the same. An eye for an eye.

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~"“Refugee are normal people,” he says. “They’re just in abnormal circumstances.”"~ 

Except for Muslim "refugees". They will NEVER assimilate, only take over and conquer. They are here as the front line in the coming Islamic World War. Anybody think to ask Sudani if he converted to Christianity or even simply swore off Islam? Anybody ask him how he reconciles Islam and the US Constitution?

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The refugee crisis will NEVER end - especially the "refugees" out of Africa.

This is the controlled demolition of Western civilization - check out the graph in this article on the population projections of Africa:

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The refuge system is being hijacked for political reasons on several fronts.  The uninformed right think it's all Trojan horse play, and the uninformed left think it's all charity.

I say it's both. 

Both because I believe the elite are fomenting the refuge crisis in order to have there way in the middle east.  It's obvious as hell they're clearing the deck in the whole region, from the State Department contrived Arab spring, to the murder of Qaddafi, to the ouster of Mubarak, to the Afghanistan war, the  Iraqi war, the Syrian war, and the war in Yemen, by design, these areas are being cleared of all opposition.  Either purposely or by circumstance, the refuge crisis is a direct result of the psychopaths running the wars.  Psychopaths who would love to flood christian society with Muslim extremists.

Both because I've also seen first hand the the charity and positive influence of immigration, being a good neighbor to the poor and hopeless, being the melting pot of the world, a country of immigrants. It is a place where people from all over the world have come to build a better life.

I'm not an immigrant, neither was my father, or even his father.  My ancestors arrived before the revolutionary war, fought in the Revaluation, and the civil war.  They migrated from Virginia to North Carolina, then to Kentucky, on to Arkansas,  then east Texas, and on to west Texas.  My mother has ancestors who came out of Nova Scotia, and settled in Maine in the 1600s.

Yet I welcome all refuges, who come to build a better life, who want a place to raise their families in peace with their neighbors and prosper. They are what has made America great!

I was born in Lewiston Maine, a town that nearly died in the 70s when the mills and shoe factories folded.  Now it's a growing prospering town.  And many believe it's a direct result of the refuges of Somalia who flooded the town.



Lewiston, Maine, Revived by Somali Immigrants

On 1/16/09 at 7:00 PM



Barely a decade ago, Lewiston, Maine, was dying. The once bustling mill town's population had been shrinking since the 1970s; most jobs had vanished long before, and residents (those who hadn't already fled) called the decaying center of town "the combat zone." That was before a family of Somali refugees discovered Lewiston in 2001 and began spreading the word to immigrant friends and relatives that housing was cheap and it looked like a good place to build new lives and raise children in peace. Since then, the place has been transformed. Per capita income has soared, and crime rates have dropped. In 2004, Inc. magazine named Lewiston one of the best places to do business in America, and in 2007, it was named an "All-America City" by the National Civic League, the first time any town in Maine had received that honor in roughly 40 years. "No one could have dreamed this," says Chip Morrison, the local Chamber of Commerce president. "Not even me, and I'm an optimist."

Immigrants from Somalia may sound like improbable rescuers for a place like Lewiston. Maine is one of the whitest states in the country, second only to Vermont, and its old families have a reputation for distinct chilliness toward "outsiders." And many of the immigrants spoke no English at all when they arrived. But even beyond the obvious racial, cultural and religious differences between the Muslim newcomers and the locals, the town's image had become so negative that it was hard to imagine people choosing to move there. "Nothing could have rightfully prepared them," says Paul Badeau of the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council. "And nothing could have rightfully prepared us, either." It wasn't easy at first. Townspeople feared for the few jobs that remained in the area, and they warned that the strangers would overload local social services. In 2002, the then Mayor Laurier Raymond wrote an open letter to the Somali community begging them to stop encouraging friends and family to follow them to Maine.

But the Somalis kept coming, followed by Sudanese, Congolese and other Africans. By some estimates, 4,000 new immigrants have moved to Lewiston since 2001, and dozens are still arriving every month. Eight years ago, the town's adult-education center had only 76 students learning English as a second language. Now some 950 pass through every year. "This is just the teeniest little part of what has happened to the city," says the center's coordinator, Anne Kemper. "Everybody has had to scramble." Today, Somali women and children in donated winter parkas carefully navigate the snowbanks in the town's formerly crime-ridden low-income residential area.

The center of town still has pawnbrokers and bars, but now there are also shops with names like Mogadishu and Baracka, with signs advertising halal foods and selling headscarves and prepaid African phone cards. "Generally, refugees or migrants that come into a town give a new injection of energy," says Karen Jacobsen, director of the Forced Migration Program at Tufts University's Feinstein International Famine Center. "Somalis particularly. They have a very good network [with strong] trading links, and new economic activities they bring with them." Retailers sell clothes and spices imported from Africa; other entrepreneurs have launched restaurants and small businesses providing translation services, in-home care for the elderly and other social services. There's even a business consultant. "Increasingly, there's an acceptance that immigration is associated with good economic growth," says urban-studies specialist Richard Florida, director of the University of Toronto's Martin Prosperity Institute. "How is Maine going to grow? It's a big state with a sparse population. One of the ways to grow quickly is import people."

Commerce isn't all the Somalis are reshaping. Maine has America's highest median age and the lowest percentage of residents under 18. Throughout the 1990s, the state's population of 20- to 30-year-olds fell an average of 3,000 a year. Demographers predict that by 2030, the state will have only two workers for each retiree. "In many small Maine towns they're looking at having to close schools for lack of schoolchildren," says State Economist Catherine Reilly. "It will snowball. Right now we're seeing the difficulty of keeping some schools open; in 10 or 15 years that's going to be the difficulty of businesses finding workers." The same ominous trend is seen in other states with similarly homogenous demographics and low numbers of foreign-born residents—states like Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia. Reilly adds: "If you told a demographer just our racial composition, they would be able to guess that we're an old state with a low birthrate."

Lewiston's sudden jolt is reflected even in enrollment at local universities. Although University of Maine enrollment has dropped systemwide since 2002, the student population at its Lewiston campus jumped 16 percent between 2002 and 2007. And Andover College, which opened a campus in Lewiston in 2004, had to start expanding almost immediately to accommodate a boom in applications. Enrollment doubled in two years. The reason? "Young people didn't want to go to a place that's all white," says Morrison. Practically everyone in Lewiston credits the Somalis' discovery of their town with much of its newfound success. "It's been an absolute blessing in many ways," says Badeau. "Just to have an infusion of diversity, an infusion of culture and of youth. Cultural diversity was the missing piece." The question is whether the rest of Maine—and other states like it—can find their own missing pieces.

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Funny how these are never "settled" into Walker Point, Maine, Chappaqua, NY, Aspin, or anyplace were the beautiful Elites live and their Eloi spawn frolic.

Just another millstone on the chest of working class, small buisness.

The elie, financialist papershufflers rent seekers, court suckups and schemers in the Federal Reserve, Feral Government palaces of mirrors will do anything to keep the people down.

Funny, Iraqis, everyone wants American soldiers out, as do we. But elites say no to blue collar kids, stay in 3rd world wars. Which drive 3rd worlders to the US, and other places, and we want them out. But elites want them in. But not in THEIR towns. Thet want them in the towns that the elites destroyed the economy, so the boys mindwash play call of duty and join the military and go to Iraq...

Fukn A!

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I suspect Sudani had nothing to do with arming the thugs who drove his family from their homes.  He likely also has nothing to do with the ongoing destruction of our Constitution.

It's my children, and yours, who've been SCHOOLED to disrespect the greatest document ever written.  And it is they and their ignorance, who pose the greatest risk to it's last breath!

Offthebeach's picture

Why did Sudani, have so little community spirit such that a handful of thugs cause 99% + of the male population to not fight, not self organize? What kind of 'culture' induces such lack of civic virtue?

We have enough uneducated, skill less, welfare hustlers and their kids already in this country. If the Bush family, or Hillary or anyone else wants to house then, feed them, educate them ...go right ahead.

Ps according to the elites the Constitution is dead, and reborn as 'a living document' to evolve as elites and their lawyers decide.

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Mohammedans NEVER could nor would have written anything even remotely resembling the US Constitution. The libtard statists refuse to see this simple fact.

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If Allah wanted the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, he would of put it in the Khoran. It isn't in there, therefore devine proof Allah disproves.

( Islam think/off )

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Have you been to the Florida Mall lately?

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Our neighbors may be pieces of shit, but they're OUR pieces of shit.

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More diversity training for you! Facts don't matter to the anointed. So long as we can pull this shit with OPM we are good to go.

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I looked at that chart and wondered, "Where the fuck is Bhutan?"  I took the fast lazy way out and checked wikipedia where I find this little jewel,

"In the 1990s, Bhutan expelled or forced to leave most of its ethnic Lhotshampa population, one-fifth of the country's entire population, demanding conformity in religion, dress, and language."

A bit further down I find,

"Bhutan has a number of progressive environmental policies that have caused the head of the UNFCCC to call it a "inspiration and role model for the world on how economies and different countries can address climate change while at the same time improving the life of the citizen."

So we got refugees from the progressives?  I am conflicted.


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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) ACP Oct 21, 2016 9:57 PM

"My guess is these stats will exactly mirror the increased rate of rape in those respective states."

That and a dramatic increase in FREE $HIT FOR EVERYBODY as well as Hillary(!)/dictatorship endorsing voters - illegal or not.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

All by design, ACP.

That cock sucker Obama is dumping them directly in those states that patriots consider the safe havens, dumping them in the red states to break up the vote.

They know what they're doing.

What they don't understand is that they will never sleep in peace after the shitstorm hits.

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The Jewish media has brainwashed you well. You would do far better railing against niggers than towelheads.

The city I live nearest to in central Florida has a higher murder and equal rape rate to Dearborn Michigan , which is 42% arab and directly contiguous with Detroit.

Assholes use the old 'theyre gonna rape your wimmen" to get drugs criminalized too.

I aint saying I want to live in Little Damascus but I am sick of people on a website with a *presumably* more intelligent readership spout filthy jew jew jew propaganda. If you hate Muslims so much why dont you enlist and go kick ass! Or are you disabled from jerking off to fakeass Israeli - produced "ISIS" video porn and reruns of CIA "al Cia da terror alerts. Is that you John Ashcroft?

Every , every single thing you think you know you got from Jew Jew Jew media. Fair and Balanced.Back to listening to Savage Nation you go , idiot!

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You mad Bro? I think you may be a bit confused about your statement of signing up to kick some muslim ass.... People need to sign up, and kick some:








etc... ass

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yeah , a lil mad. Ill fix myself a drink and get over it. carry on.

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If you hate Jews so much, then why don't you enlist with Hamas and go kick ass?


You're a worthless libtard idiot who needs to go back to sucking muzzie cock.

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There is no rape problem in Nebraska, if there would be we would unleash another Jubert.  Its called gutting them from the inside out.  Now what was that about Nebraska? We like the term Rednecks, cornhuskers, Constitutionalists, Partriots, and so on and so on, actually everything they are trying to take away from Mericana.  So bring your city slick ass down here and see if you can survive.  Now How many got killed iN chiraq this weekend.  AHhh what the hell, have guns will travel and fk your killary.  Pssss by the way, We have Stratcom.  It protects your asses.  :)

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So Idaho, is now off my list of places to relocate. Nevada issliding off the scale, which is a shame given that the famed Reno Air Races are hosted in Stead, NV. Also fantastic Sierra Mountain Biking nearby.

Great fucking job you fucking cucks. Don't make me look toward MT and WY.

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Boise, off limits. Coeur d'Alene (& north), few imigrants. Everyone mows their own lawns. It's a cold enviorment during winter but not Midwest cold/snow. A pleasant quite place mostly. Not many jobs but good for retirement.

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Greenecho Oct 21, 2016 10:17 PM

I am looking for a place where life is still simple, people are armed, and mind their own business.

benlomand's picture

Central Pennsylvania mountains.

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I was in Boise last month. All the local artsy magazines and the free local weekly progressive paper (which all cities seem to have) were touting the greatness of diversity. There was story after story about local African, Arab and Hispanic immigrants. I had not been to Boise in five years and was surprised to see Africans lurking about on the city streets in their hoodies (it was 85 degrees by the way). I was driving through downtown at 10 p.m. and saw a nice looking blonde woman walking to her car alone after leaving a restaurant and thought to myself how much longer before street crime becomes an issue. Of course, being Idaho, the woman probably had a .45 in her purse.


Greenecho's picture

Being a university town, not much more needs to be said. Ten years ago not so bad. Even Twin Falls has been infested.


Lorca's Novena's picture

Hows Sandpoint these days? Been a dozen years...

Greenecho's picture

Lived west of Post Falls on the WA/ID boarder till recently. Didn't make it to Sandpoint but the liberal vibes were there. Between Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint is still mostly remote. Lots of alfalpha farms till you get ten miles north of Coeur d'Alene. After that, it's mostly folks who live and let live. Quite area mostly. If you enjoy trees and mountains, it's lovely. You get the feeling from the locals they are armed to the teeth. Friendly people mostly, doing their thing from day to day. Mostly petty crime stuff. Few Mexicans since it's not an agriculture area.

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That's the plan.

To destroy all the safe havens that patriots have kept in mind for a retreat when it all breaks down.

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) PrayingMantis Oct 21, 2016 10:15 PM

What comes to mind? Nuclear missile silos. Oh and one of only 4 hospitals in the US that has a hospital that can deal with Ebola or an Ebola-type outbreak. The other hospitals are in Missoula, Montana; Atlanta, and Maryland. Omaha has the fourth hospital capable of dealing with a bio level 4 hazard. Kinda makes me go hmmmm.

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A conspiracy theorist might say "it will remind them of their terrorist training grounds"....  But that would only be a conspiracy theorists....


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You're showing your age, Knuks

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As someone from that state, and raised in Columbus, I can tell you this is a generous picture of the real deal. The Somalis are a scourage on Columbus. They have adapted 0% of their new country, and don't respect anyone or anything. I watch my hard working Indian friends sweat and toil for H1B and Green card status, and these pigs get in super easy. The police and fire had to train to speak the Somali men only, as women are 3rd class at best. I think the Somali's would be happier in Washington DC. 

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Tijuana Donkey Show Oct 21, 2016 10:22 PM

The local ER has to be interesting. As I recall there are quite a few catholic hospitals in that area. It must be interesting when a Somali is admitted, there is a cross on the wall of every hospital room, and morning prayers over the intercom. Oh, let me guess, the invasion has caused the Catholic hospital to dedicate some rooms as non-offensive. (I am just guessing. If it hasn't happened yet, it will). I am guessing the hospital menu has to clearly identify which food items contain pork. We are too kind to those that will plague us for many years. As Trump has said, this is the ultimate Trojan horse.

Déjà view's picture

Somali in ER...payment not their "Cross" To Bear...

JLee2027's picture

Most will eventually Christianize. 1-2 generations.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) JLee2027 Oct 22, 2016 1:13 AM

Young women that are westernized and able to break free of their family, might. The force is powerful amongst this cult. It his hard to go against it. The men profit, in every way, from keeping the cult ideals going. They have a lot to lose by admitting that women are necessary and their equal. (No I do not mean to imply that women are their equal physcially. Women normally run households and do work that is critical. In Islamic families the man has the right of lfe (or death) over women and children. This was the case in Ancient Rome. Familia paternas, or the right of the father over the family as I recall from university.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Lothrop Stoddard predicted all this in The Rising Tide of Color.

He wanted to protect Western Civilization. He dared to call it the civilization of white Christians.

He dared to warn the future that it would be ruined demographically if we allowed it.

For that he was called a racist.

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There is a very simple narrative that defines the choice for this election:

Option #1: (LIBERAL)

Americans can choose to be RAPED, PILLAGED, PLUNDERED and PERSECUTED as SLAVES under a TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP where government is your GOD and controls every aspect of your life leading to great SADNESS, DECEIT, STRESS and an EARLY DEATH.



Americans can choose to be PROSPEROUS with LIBERTY and FREEDOM under the RULE OF LAW where the GOD of the Bible is your GOD and you have JOY and PEACE and live a LONG PRODUCTIVE FULFILLING LIFE


Choose wisely America. 

Tiwin's picture



Americans can choose to be SURVEILLED with LOSS OFLIBERTY and FREEDOM to be GROPED at the airport under the RULE OF LAW where the GOD of the 501c3 co-opted Church is your GOD and you have the JOY Of living in a country with the following ALL REPUBLICAN  FEDERAL AGENCIES



There. Fixed it for ya.