Venezuela Braces For Revolution After Maduro Blocks Recall Referendum

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Once a "flagship socialist nation," Venezuela has suffered over the past couple of years from a dramatic economic crisis that has resulted in severe shortages of food, clean water, electricity, medicines and hospital supplies all of which have resulted in a desperate population which has resorted to the black market and violence for survival.  That said, Venezuela likely inched one step closer to revolution on Friday when Maduro's leftist government took steps to block a recall referendum that could have resulted in his ouster.  According to the US News and World Report, Venezuelan opposition leaders are calling the efforts of Maduro "a coup" in light of the broad based public support of the recall effort.

Venezuela is bracing for turbulence after the socialist government blocked a presidential recall referendum in a move opposition leaders are calling a coup.


The opposition is urging supporters to take to the streets, beginning with a march on a major highway Saturday led by the wives of jailed activists, while a leading government figure is calling for the arrest of high-profile government critics.


Polls suggest socialist President Nicolas Maduro would lose a recall vote. But that became a moot issue on Thursday when elections officials issued an order suspending a recall signature drive a week before it was to start.


"What we saw yesterday was a coup," said former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, who had been the leading champion of the recall effort. "We'll remain peaceful, but we will not be taken for fools. We must defend our country."


International condemnation was swift. Twelve western hemisphere nations, including the U.S. and even leftist-run governments such as Chile and Uruguay, said in a statement Friday that the suspension of the referendum and travel restrictions on the opposition leadership affects the prospect for dialogue and finding a peaceful solution to the nation's crisis.


The Maduro government has claimed that the recall was halted due to "irregularities in a first-round of signature gathering" though the public, 80% of whom polls suggest supported the recall efforts, aren't buying it.  Meanwhile, Maduro loyalists are calling for opposition leaders to be imprisoned for attempts to commit election fraud.

Critical television stations have been closed and several leading opposition activists have been imprisoned. The country's supreme court, packed with government supporters, has endorsed decree powers for Maduro and said he can ignore Congress following a landslide victory for the opposition in legislative elections.


The election commission, which has issued a string of pro-government rulings, halted the recall process on grounds of alleged irregularities in a first-round of signature gathering.


Polls suggest 80 percent of voters wanted Maduro gone this year, and the electoral council on Tuesday also ordered a delay of about six months in gubernatorial elections that were slated for year-end which the opposition was heavily favored to win. It gave no reason for the delay.


Meanwhile, one of his most powerful allies, Diosdado Cabello, said top opposition leaders should be jailed for attempting election fraud. And opposition leaders said a local court blocked eight of their leaders from leaving the country.

Of course, the integrity of "elections" in Venezuela have long been questioned particularly after WikiLeaks posted the following cable linking Hugo Chavez to a mysterious company that came out of nowhere in 2000 and suddenly snatched up major contracts to supply voting machines around the world.  The company, Smartmatic, included a Hugo Chavez campaign adviser on it's board.  Curiously, according to Gateway Pundit, the company's board also included Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a man who served on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and who was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds. 

"Ironically," shortly after winning a "multi-million" dollar contract to supply these voting machines in Venezuela, Chavez won a landslide victory in the 2004 elections that all but destroyed his political opposition.



But, what is perhaps even more disturbing is that Smartmatic has also secured major contracts to supply voting machines for 16 states in the U.S., including key battleground states like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

Which leaves us with only one thing left to say:

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.

Those who count the votes decide everything.”


-Joseph Stalin

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Elect Hitlery, and the same will happen here!

Socialism does NOT work!

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In other unelected news....seems we have a new black pope as of 2 weeks ago. And his previous experience?! Venezuela.

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toro (not verified) putaipan Oct 22, 2016 9:33 PM

The Long Arm of Government.

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The POTUS won't take kindly to the people dis-ing his buddy...

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The socialist USA has run out of money too.  QE, ZIRP, higher taxes and propaganda is all that keeps the zombie walking.  


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Wake up and smell the coffee, America. The reason you own guns is this exactly. When a marxist refuses you your electoral rights, you march and hunt the bastards out. Sadly, the gun owners of Venezuela are few.

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<--- CIA up to its usual tricks

<--- Free markets in action


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The economic reckoning day is coming.  Which candidate do you want to steer the ship through the shoals?  With Hillary,  you will get hard core Fascism as an answer to the economic depression.  Probably with Trump, you get a combination of a quasai socialist new New Deal linked to tax cuts and fewer regulations on businesses.  


But all of this is superfluous.  The election is indeed rigged for the democrats.


You can make money while the country goes to hell.  Buy defense stocks.



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Yes, it is exactly the core reason people own guns.

It is why the people (here, in America) would have never voluntarily given their consent to a federal government without the Bill of Rights (containing the 2nd Amendment) attached to it. It enshrined, in the concept law the peoples basic rights of human nature, the absolute right to remove the dictators hand (or any other villains hand) from your throat by violent force.

There was no discussion about using guns ONLY for deer hunting or target practice or sporting clays as THE TOPIC of the BoR's is OUR INDIVIDUAL rights as human beings, as noted that when the BoR's is read in its entirety, it is saying what the central government CANNOT DO.

Not what WE cannot do. 

Now, no rational & sane human being enjoys contemplating such actions and go to great lengths not to...trying to not think of it (these horrors of war)...and what that really winds up meaning for everyone...the deaths of tens of thousands if not millions, the guilty & innocent alike, the mutilated bodies that will be left among the living as its reminder, the lives wasted, the sons & daughters that will never be born, the widows & orphans, the property destroyed, the squandered wealth, the disease & pestilence.

So it will always come down to this, with a remarkable clarity & consistency as true as the sun rising in the east that no one could fail to notice (as shown with only a casual, cursory review of human history) the petty dictators & villains of the world are irrational & insane by their very nature, as they will always only leave two options.

Submit to be ruled over by them or make war on them.

And I gotta say, I've never been much on submitting to dictators & villains, thats not much of a life worth living. 

CNONC's picture

If people truly understood the violence and ruthlessness required to successfully prosecute a war, it would be all but impossible to convince people to go to war.  The mistaken belief that precision weapons and the rules of war mean that war can be conducted ethically is one of the greatest perversions of truth that has ever been told.  War means killing children, destroying families, forever forcing people from their homes, killing prisoners, intentionally killing civilians in response to partisan attacks.  There is no room for mercy until the enemy and his civilian supporters are unequivocally defeated and sue for peace.  Then, that civil society must be made to understand that it is a conqured people by ruthlessly suppressing its ability to express political dissent against its conquerers. 

Those who understand what war must be would never lightly propose a course which could lead to war (for instance a no fly zone over Syria.)  But, when a government "evinces a design to crush them under an absolute despotism," or pushes its people into an uneeded and avoidable war with what should be strategic ally like Russia, the violence necessary to win a revolution may become morally justifiable.  As events have unfolded over the last couple of years, I have begun to question the moral acceptability of my decision to go off the grid.  Dropping out of the system is a morally necessary, but perhaps not sufficient response.  I fear that I may be ethically required to do more.  I once gave my consent to this sytem, while it deformed itself into an unacceptable evil.  What is required, now, if I wish to deny responsibilty for my governments actions?  I suspect I already know the answer, but just hope to avoid it.

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"Electoral rights", giggle. All hail your new queen, killary. Love her new TV ads, smiling, warm, hugging puppies. Her handlers know exactly what plays in dumbed down, insouciant, amerika.

The sheeple eat that shit up.

Palace of Illusion. This whole fucking cuntry is an illusion.

Instead of entrepreneurs,  we have walmart.

Instead of investment and capitol, we have stock buybacks.

There is no waking up. 

Until you see that bright flash in the sky, which is coming.



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Socialism works for the banking oligarchs that institute it. Venezuela will probably devolve into cannibalism.  "We destroyed some folks to save some folks"  You knew it was these pricks when they gave up their gold too.  I wonder if Soros really believes that backing socialists and devastating economies will really prevent South America from wanting to do deals with China in the long run.

We should pay close attention to the "solutions" that are presented during the normalization phase and the "solution candidates" that emerge and how all of that all goes down, because we are on deck, everybody is.   

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George Soros is guilty of devastating the economies of countries around the world but Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro primarily devastated Venezuela's economy with their corruption and ineptness.

Hugo Chávez instituted socialism in Venezuela via a military coup and then by a contested election. Once Chávez got into power, he oversaw the drafting of a new constitution that gave him unprecedented control over the three branches of government. The new constitution required new elections for every elected official in the country. In this “mega-election” of 2000, Chávez was reelected to a six-year term. He also increased his power in the National Assembly, but his party fell short of the two-thirds majority needed for absolute control. Nevertheless, the pro-Chávez majority was large enough to pass an enabling law that allowed Chávez  to implement certain laws by decree and the National Assembly also appointed all new pro-Chávez justices to the Supreme Court.


Ms No's picture

Things get a little sticky though, check out who Chavez and Maduro's biggest opposition has been.  Maybe this guy might be their "solution" candidate.  Maybe he is a continuation of what is going on or maybe not.   

Wikipedia: "Henrique Capriles Radonski, more commonly known as Henrique Capriles, is a Venezuelan politician and lawyer, currently serving as 36th Governor of Miranda.

Capriles became the opposition candidate at the 2012 and 2013 presidential elections, and faced then-President Hugo Chávez and Vice President Nicolás Maduro respectively. His defeat in 2012 marked the first loss of his political career. Maduro narrowly defeated Capriles in the 2013 elections, a result that sparked controversy and debate admist the opposition's claims of electoral fraud. Between both presidential campaigns, Capriles successfully secured his re-election as Governor of Miranda during the 2012 regional elections.

Capriles Radonski is of Sephardi Jewish and Ashkenazi Jewish descent; his grandparents immigrated from Russia and Poland during World War II.

....In 2002, President Hugo Chávez was the target of a failed coup d'état that removed him from office on 11 April 2002, after several days of violent protests in Caracas.

Chávez returned to the presidency on 13 April 2002. Capriles then faced charges as a result of the attacks at the embassy. In March 2004, Danilo Anderson publicly declared that Capriles would be arrested; the warrant was annulled in early April...The U.S. Departmen of State mentioned Capriles' case in its 2008 Human Rights report as a denial of a fair public trial.The Wall Street Journal said that Capriles "was exposed in a campaign in Venezuela's state-run media, which insinuated he was, among other things, a homosexual and a Zionist". A 13 February 2012 opinion article published on the web site of the state-owned Radio Nacional de Venezuela, titled "The Enemy is Zionism" mentioned Capriles' Jewish ancestry and a meeting he had held with local Jewish leaders..."

downwiththebanks's picture

What happened to Danilo Anderson?

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sounds like Capriles has ties to global power brokers...he will probably be the next prez over there. Venezuela is now prepared for a new world order - where have I heard that one before........OH  YEAH ---  none other than hussein obozo said it at his first inauguration in reference to getting the ussa ready for a new world order

Venezuela is a template for all other countries to "get ready" for a nwo----

and thats why guns are legal here, because all of this is extrajudicial -- and our populace has the capability to operate in an extrajudicial capacity. If the establishment attempts to take our country down or drag it into the nwo - they too will pay a very dear price.

Simple Orange County Woman's picture

Riddle me this.; Which political system doesn't favor bankers? (Non theoretically speaking)

Ms No's picture

Good point.  They likely have takeover plan for nearly any type of government but their preference is definitely socialism once they have influence.  I don't think that humanity has found a system that can resist these bastards yet.  At least since tribal barter days.  Our founders tried.  Socialism is an easy sell.  Hitler's fascism was really a form of socialism also.  There is always a banking owned corporate element as well.  Anthony Sutton's excellent research is available on line and the pattern is unmistakable.  I'll post some of it so some socialists that come on here later might see a different perspective.  The Bolshevik financing book is the better of the two.  The names he lists are only the ones that were evidences in all three, there is much more. 

"Looking at the broad array of facts presented in the three volumes of the Wall Street series, we find persistent recurrence of the same names: Owen Young, Gerard Swope, Hjalmar Schacht, Bernard Baruch, etc.; the same international banks: J.P. Morgan, Guaranty Trust, Chase Bank; and the same location in New York: usually 120 Broadway.

This group of international bankers backed the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequently profited from the establishment of a Soviet Russia. This group backed Roosevelt and profited from New Deal socialism. This group also backed Hitler and certainly profited from German armament in the 1930s. When Big Business should have been running its business operations at Ford Motor, Standard of New Jersey, and so on, we find it actively and deeply involved in political upheavals, war, and revolutions in three major countries.

The version of history presented here is that the financial elite knowingly and with premeditation assisted the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in concert with German bankers. After profiting handsomely from the German hyper-inflationary distress of 1923, and planning to place the German reparations burden onto the backs of American investors, Wall Street found it had brought about the 1929 financial crisis.

Two men were then backed as leaders for major Western countries: Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States and Adolf Hitler in Germany. The Roosevelt New Deal and Hitler's Four Year Plan had great similarities. The Roosevelt and Hitler plans were plans for Fascist takeovers of their respective countries. While Roosevelt's NRA failed, due to then-operating constitutional constraints, Hitler's Plan succeeded."  

Stanelli's picture

"Socialism does NOT work!"

As someone who saw hardcore socialism on the Eastern side of the Iron Courtain and who sees it now creeping throughout the EU, I can only agree with you.
I does not work. It's only good for destroying everything: the economy breaks down, the social relationships fractures, the society as a whole is ripped apart and poverty becomes everyone's friend (except for the few in charge).

From what I read here, you're going down the same path in the USA (pun intended).

Of course it will take longer in the Western countries than it took in the Eastern Europe / USSR but it's only because those countries have some wealth saved from their prime time in history to spend and their socialism will eat through them slower because it's brought on them in a more step-by-step manner.
But I guess you can clearly see the difference when you look at those countries (think USA for example) in the 50's, 60's or 70's and compare that picture to what you see now. Going down everywhere.

PersonalResponsibility's picture

Ah, 5 hours later the ayes have it. Okay Tylers, get a horizontal bar after that scentense please.

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Starvation. It's whats for dinner.

AtATrESICI's picture

Who needs food? We will be stronger together!

DaveA's picture

I hope "together" means you inside my stomach and not the other way around.

wisehiney's picture

They need some of our FSA to heat things up.

Only 3% jungle bunnies down there.

GreatUncle's picture

These voter machines look popular everywhere ... must be really happy people always losing but never quite figuring out why.

Calmyourself's picture

Smartmatic machines hmm.. How about use them and be heavily labored in your respiration matic...

Clock Crasher's picture

Once you really get into printing money out of thin air you find yourself wanting to print votes out of thin air.

1777's picture

It funny how a few fays without food tends to focus the mind!

They have had enough of the big gov freebies?

Cradle to grave government?

What? No more happy?   Promises, promises.....

gregga777's picture

I will NEVER accept elections results in which electronic voting machines are used. I will only accept well-monitored, audit-able and verifiable elections that are entirely paper-based.

VWAndy's picture

 Russian roulett with a 45.

Clock Crasher's picture

elections that are entirely paper-based

see Brexit!

We need a landslide to offset the millions of phoney HRC votes already chambered inside the gun barrel.

Stanelli's picture

You do realize that paper-based elections can and have been rigged/stolen/falsified, don't you? It's way easier to fuck electors with those computer-based but paper is no saving grace.
This shit has been going on from the end of WWII, for example in Eastern Europe where communist seized power as a result of such 'elections'. What you might not be aware of is the fact that many WWII veterans did not accept it and the fighting (and I mean literally, with arms, battles and casaulties) lasted well into the 50's.

downwiththebanks's picture

The Smartmatic machines Venezuela uses prints up a corresponding paper record of the ballot cast by computer, enabling a recount.

Not to let facts get in the way of a CIA-inspired hit piece on a state that has remained in the CIA's crosshairs since before the people of Venezuela kicked the CIA-organized coup in the nuts way back in 2002.

ZD1's picture

Yeah right. Nicolás Maduro and his corrupt leftist cronies will keep recounting the ballots until they get the results that keep them in power.


Once one of the richest oil producing countries on the planet, Nicolás Maduro and his corrupt cronies have managed to totally fuck up Venezuela and steal from the citizens of Venezuela despite any CIA meddling.

downwiththebanks's picture

Your oligarchy of MUD is hated throughout the country because they prostitute themselves daily to Wall Street.  Moreover, the fascist election losers know they can only take power with help.  And presto:  ZeroHedge and a brigade of fascist trolls serve nicely to advance the CIA regime change agenda.

Nice work being a suckpump for empire.

messystateofaffairs's picture

If you are saying you trust the printed reoorts coming from a digital database then clearly you do not understand the capabilities of computer code which is not open source.

Vatican_cameo's picture


Blame the Russians for the Voting Fraud.  I don't think there is a "Statute of Limitations" on that one.  God knows the will be using it for the next few years.

spanish inquisition's picture

Wow, it's like reading future news in the US.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) spanish inquisition Oct 23, 2016 1:52 AM

That was my thought as well. Scary, huh? Take over the courts and make sure they rule in your favor. Shut down unfavorable media outlets. Which would be shut down in the USSA? Drudge, Zerohedge, Breitbart, Infowars, USAWatchdog, X22 Report, SGT Report, SHTFplan.

I am guessing they have my IP. It will not surprise me when they knock on my front door. But when that happens I will no longer be here.

My worst fear is to end up like the Jews in Nazi Germany that stayed and were unable to leave. If people in the USSA don't think that those of us that post on these sites are blacklisted you haven't been paying attention. Linking the no-fly list to not being able to purchase a firearm is the first step up to an exit visa. If you don't comply or are suspect you will not get an exit visa. Which means you are no longer free you are a slave of the state and considered to be state property and are no longer a free and independent being. The thing is I have two legs, a strong will, a determination to not only survive but to thrive, and I can read a map. I don't give a damn if I am poor as long as I am free. So the USSA can shove this crap. There is no way in hell I am going to be held as a captive serf feeding these assholes the blood of my labor. Fuck them. The blood of oligarchs will run in the streets soon enough. They ought to have studied the Reign of Terror. Some of us have. They ought to be afraid, and I mean very afraid.

lechiffre10's picture

Would love to see an article here about Smartmatic. Seeing this here and the previous article about smartmatic machines in 16 states for the elections seems interesting.

k9-style's picture

**Breaking News** Sean Penn is on his way to Venezuela to reprise his role as stoned surfer Jeff Spicoli, "Hey, Bud, let's party!" 

downwiththebanks's picture

And ZeroHedge is heading to the scene to report on the antics carried out by their MUD oligarchs.  

Hopefully they don't blow themselves up with a hand grenade during coup preparations.   Then again...

ElHombreDeLosCielos's picture

The Clinton Foundation, er slush fund, should just buy Smartmatic.  If it hasn't already.  The Clintons can argue, by buying Smartmatic, that they are protecting the national vote from Russian interference.

Kagemusho's picture

What was it that JF Kennedy said about if you make peaceful revolutions impossible you'll make violent ones inevitable? Mr. Maduro has accomplished the first half of that historical progression.  What comes next is all too predictable.

VIS MAIOR's picture

how stupid grega and wee wweup --stupid youngsters....  socialism work in europe. no where  was komunism in real..maybe in N. korea now..

nations fail in mentality... venezula mechiko is tragicali low iq ...   usa canada

europa ex socialism countries like czech ,slovak,poland,hungariaon,romanian now is leader in priduction and research,. germany just harwest on colonies 

milions car is productions in one country slovakia

sooo stupid grega how you explain?? one socialistic countriee like slovakia can produce and also resarch(vw centrum) milion car per year and another venezuela dont now.. mechiko only if get big support from usa canada..  slovakia have 5 milions people..mechiko..?? ..)))))))))))) lazy mechikosss lazy venezuleasss


downwiththebanks's picture

Thank goodness that Eastern Europe is free of communism.  Now it's an economic paradise, since the free market has reached them!

Stanelli's picture

Nope. They had a few years of a really free market when they had a literal explosion of enterpreneurship and soon after, they joined the Western Block called the EU just to realize that they shook off chains of one socialism only to be replaced with a new one. I see where the EU is going 'cause I've seen this shit before. It's socialism but this time those who rule lie to themselves and everyone else that if they do it gradually, it will work. It won't. We're all going to the place that those countries moved away from. This time it's just a longer path with a nicer view.