Leaked Soros Memo Exposes Obama's Secret TPP Negotiations; Hillary "Flip-Flopping"

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In addition to providing a glimpse into the internal, and often confrontational, dialogue that took place within the Clinton campaign on topics ranging from Hillary's email server, to coordination and collusion with the media, to the planning how to attack Bernie Sanders, to the fascinating strife and conflicts of interest within the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, the Podesta leaks have also been instrumental in providing the public with insight into Hillary's flip-flopping views on the TPP. Indeed, as the WSJ put it recently, a running question through the presidential race has been whether Hillary Clinton is sincere in saying she opposes the 12-nation Asian trade deal that is one of the Obama administration’s top overseas priorities.

As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton praised the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, calling it the “gold standard” of trade deals. But that was before she jumped into the presidential race. Organized labor, liberal activists and others want to scuttle TPP, so if Mrs. Clinton remained supportive, she risked a political backlash.

This is what the Podesta files have revealed so far: on Oct. 8, 2015, Hillary Clinton said she opposed the trade pact, a position that proved helpful in keeping her coalition intact and beating back a primary challenge from Vermont’s liberal senator, Bernie Sanders. That wasn’t an easy call. A new batch of hacked emails illustrates divisions within her staff about how to handle one of the most delicate issues of the race.

Five days before Mrs. Clinton’s announcement, her top advisers were divided about what she should do, with some fearing that opposition to the trade pact would look like a blatant “flip-flop.”

On October3, 2015, Clinton advisor Ron Klain wrote Jake Sullivan with the following advice:

She has to be for TPP*. She called it the "gold standard" of trade agreements. I think opposing that would be a huge flip flop. She can say that as President she would work to change it. She can say that it can be better. But I think she should support it.

That produced the following reply from Jake Sullivan, the Clinton campaign's top foreign policy advisor: ”I agree with you on TPP but others (including on this email!) feel strongly to the contrary.” The exchange ends with campaign manager Robby Mook noting that labor wouldn’t stand for her endorsing the trade deal.

TPP would be lethal with labor. We’d loose [sic] Afscme and likely SEIU as well.” As the WSJ points out, that calculation apparently carried the day.

To be sure, the TPP came up during the last debate in Las Vegas, where Hillary Clinton said the following about the trade deal: “Well, first, let me say, number one, when I saw the final agreement for TPP, I said I was against it. She added that “it didn’t meet my test. I’ve had the same test. Does it create jobs, raise incomes and further our national security? I’m against it now. I’ll be against it after the election. I’ll be against it when I’m president."

What she really meant is that she had realized that backing her previous stance, and supporting the TPP, would likely cost her millions of union votes. The irony, however, is that if Hillary is elected president, she will almost certainly revert back to some TPP formulation, especially since it is in the best interest of big business.

* * *

Fast forward to today, when thanks to the latest set of Wikileaks released today, we find intimate details involving Obama's negotiations of the TPP, and learn that none other than George Soros and his Open Society Foundation was keen on being a key influencing factor in the outcome of TPP negotiations regarding at least one country, allegedly the most important one - Malaysia.

Recall that all the TPP fundamentally is, is a treaty that is meant to keep China in check by providing preferential treatment to legacy Chinese trade partners with the US to prevent them from pulling a "Duterte", and realigning with Beijing.  Of these, Malaysia was the most important "link" in the TPP.

In March of 2016, when John Podesta was set to meet with the billionaire philanthropist and hedge fund manager, Soros' right hand, and his political liaison who sits on the board of the Democracy Alliance, Michael Vachon,
told Podesta that Soros would like to talk about the TPP in the context of Malaysia "corruption crisis" among other things, as laid out in a memo drafted by John Pang, a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore, where he works on regional strategic and security issues.

As a reminder, ever since July of 2015, Malaysia has found itself in an intricate web of corruption involving its sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB, which stretches from Goldman Sachs as key enabler of years of fraud and embezzlement (in exchange for hefty fees) reaching all the way to the very top - Malaysia's Prime Minister, Najib Razak, seen here in December 2014 golfing with president Obama:

Per the memo:

In July 2015, after an exposé by the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Najib foiled an attempt by the Task Force investigating the sovereign wealth fund 1MDB to charge and detain him for having received almost $700 million diverted from this fund that he controls into his personal bank account. Swiss investigators working on this case estimate that more than $4 Billion has been misappropriated through “systematic course of action carried out by means of complex financial structures."... The new Attorney-General has unilaterally cleared Mr. Najib of wrongdoing and proposes life-imprisonment for whistle-blowers under the Official Secrets Act and punishment for journalists who refuse to reveal their sources.

The attacks on Obama's administration begin from the very top of the leaked memo:

"the Obama administration appears to have made the Trans-Pacific Partnership the overriding priority of its engagement with Malaysia. In doing so, the administration has made visible compromises on principle that have set back Malaysia’s difficult transition to democracy. In a region that his home to 240 million Muslims, it has sacrificed the moderate, democratic Muslim agenda to collaborate with a regime riddled with corruption and abuse of power. It has set back the fight against human trafficking by compromising the credibility of its own chief instrument in that struggle."

They continued:

A reckoning of the cost of those compromises puts to rest any notion that the TPP is anything like a ‘gold standard’, 21st century trade agreement. Instead, it will be a negative chapter in the history of US-Malaysia relationship, not just because of its content but because of the circumstances in which it has been secured in Malaysia. The TPP, if it is finally ratified, will set back reforms much needed by the Malaysian economy and the political system.

As a result, "the administration’s engagement with Prime Minister Najib Razak has damaged US credibility in the region."

Disturbingly, we find that while the WSJ has been trying to get to the bottom of the pervasive corruption in Malaysia's government, said corruption may have been enabled by none other than Obama's administration:

Malaysia received more TPP carve-outs than any other TPP member country. These carve outs over government procurement, SOE’s and bumiputera preferences constitute an exemption for key domains of the bumiputera policy, an extensive set of racial preferences justified on racial supremacist grounds, through which UMNO exerts control of Malaysia’s huge state sector. It translates this control into political power through kickbacks, patronage, vote buying or direct misappropriation of funds as seen in 1MDB.

In an odd twist of events, liberal billionaire George Soros accuses Obama of supporting racism, corruption, kickbacks, patronage and "vote buying", just so Obama could assure the passage of his landmark trade deal. Curiously, while in the past Soros has been steadfastly supportive of Obama, in this case the Open Society Foundation openly lashes out at the US president, and goes so far as accusing Obama of being a puppet of Najib, who has significant influence over Obama as "Mr. Najib is the only hope that the TPP will be signed"

History, and tomorrow’s newspapers, may look poorly on the administrations dealings with Najib


The most damaging effect of the Obama administration’s apparent mono-focus on the TPP in its policy towards Malaysia has been the unnecessary leverage this has given Najib with the US administration. The TPP has few friends in Malaysia. It is opposed by the majority of the Malaysian population, by the ruling party and the Opposition. To the US, Mr. Najib is the only hope that the TPP will be signed. This gives him leverage at a time when his leadership has crossed the line into open criminality at home and he is under investigation abroad. For Malaysians, the TPP and Mr. Obama have come to be identified with  Mr. Najib’s administration.

As a result, Soros had the following recommendations for Obama (and Podesta, thus Hillary's administration as Obama was largely a figurehead in march 2016) :

Make the TIP Report independent of political designs


The administration’s adoption of the TPP as the cornerstone of its engagement with Malaysia may have led it to miss the opportunity to exercise leadership on democracy and the rule of law. These values have never been more relevant, whether with China’s growing influence or Islamic radicalism in view.


US leadership in Southeast Asia is based on its promotion and underwriting of a rule-based international order. Such leadership, to be credible, needs to also be consistent on matters of fundamental principle.


The United States’ credibility on human trafficking will be but the first casualty of this approach if the TIP Report is not freed from ‘political interference.’ If the standards or rules it offers on  fundamental human rights (and economic freedom, in the case of the TPP) are so transparently self-serving, the US will be seen to have less to offer the region than China, with its ‘win-win’, investment driven formula of engagement.

More importantly, the Soros foundation advised Obama to dissociate from Najib, and thus Malaysia:

Dissociate from Najib…soon


The administration should consider a plan to distance itself from Mr Najib. The open scandal around Najib has spiraled out of control and his position is unsustainable. He is determined to remain in power but can only do so by brute force. If he does ‘survive,’ it will have been by destroying all independent institutions. A focus on the TPP may have lulled the administration into missing the trajectory of this crisis. The administration should understand where the Najib bus is headed, and find a place to get off soon rather than later.

Finally, while this particular hypothetical scenario has yet to play out, should Obama and/or Hillary heed Soros' advice, buying Malaysian CDS or shorting local stocks may be the appropriate trade here:

If Najib is forced to step down it could be a chaotic, potentially violent process. Najib is likely to use the emergency security powers he has prepared for himself. He may try to divert the challenge by sparking racial conflict as he has done before. There will be a leadership vacuum. Anwar could play a critical role negotiating a peaceful return to constitutional government and preventing civil strife. Mr. Anwar could also be instrumental in forming a new government. It is important that the liberal and plural values that he stands for be protected.

The memo raises many questions: just how far does Soros' influence stretch in determining US foreign policy, if not so much under Obama then certainly with Hillary, with whom he has a far better relationship; another question is if Soros' accusations are true, then how and why did Obama cross so many ethical and moral lines just to pass a "secret" global trade deal, which so many have voiced reservations against. Finally, while Hillary is against the TPP as of her latest "flip-flop", will she revert back to her default state once elected president, and if so, just how much leverage will Razaj - and Malaysian special interests - have over US foreign and domestic policy to assure the treaty is implemented?

* * *

The full Soros memo is below (link):

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There is much more to Soros than is being revealed.



Wikileaks: George Soros To Be Shadow President Of USA
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Like he rides a bicycle...with a helmet and mom-jeans on.


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Obamas rule is the most dysgenic presidency in US history. The man has managed to lower testosterone levels among men just by being on television!  http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/what-will-become-of-the-empire-visi...

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Hillary's presi-dense-cy/Queenship will beat anything Obama has come up with. Psycho little puppet, that one. 

She will be like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, fused with Dune's Barron Harkonnen. 

She will scream "Pull his heart plug" and "Off with her head" while she floats, wired into her life support machines, cackling evilly at us from the ceiling. Soros will hold her leash as he grins happily like a child with his balloon.


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So many dots to connect.

So little time.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) CuttingEdge Oct 23, 2016 5:00 PM

Film your vote, put your phone in your shirt pocket have it running before you enter the voting area and until you leave. Point the viewer out, if the pocket is too deep put some tissue under the phone.

Practice first at home.

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So........who played catcher when Obama and Najib Razak hit the back nine.

Undoubtedly Obama carved out a piece of the action for his personal use.

All he wanted to do was wet his beak.

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Dont we have enough evidence to deport Soros once and for all.  WTF

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Of course there's more than enough evidence to drive a steak through that putrid vampires heart but nobody knows where his coffin lies.

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Never thought it would be so much fun watching cockroaches scuttling in the spotlight.

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I tried calling Hillary's Buddy, mr Khan and ask him to help me understand these memos about Soweto and Hillary underming the Muslims....but all calls went unanswered.

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I have to say Wikileaks has given the biggest gift to America, exposing all of its corruption that the right said existed all along but we were constantly dismissed as racisphoes homophoes and conspiracty hoes.

Thank you WikiLeaks.

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Deport him? Can't we imprison him and his offspring...Treason is treason/

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Soros is also a DRIBING FORCE behind the conflict with RUSSIA.

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Excellent! Be prepared to help fight against voter fraud.
I'm going to post similar comment to my tweeter and tweet.
Will also post on other sites.
We are responsible if we let our votes go unchallenged.
Take nothing for granted!
Also, I believe JA is still alive and well. He may be in harms way, but still ok.

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"She will be like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, fused with Dune's Barron Harkonnen."

Thank you for that.  You made my night.


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And as we well know, there's been bad blood between Malaysia and Soros.

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For you uninitiated readers, Dysgeneics is the knowledgeable perpetuation of otherwise negative genetic traits.

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So........is that how you got your pointy head?

Inquiring minds want to know?


Or, are coneheads all the rage now?

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Who is it that has the pointy head? (Mostly teasing, mostly).


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Assume many have tried to put a curse on Soros? The demon is too strong in him.

Conventional methods seem to be the only way.

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The new Attorney-General has unilaterally cleared Mr. Najib of wrongdoing and proposes life-imprisonment for whistle-blowers under the Official Secrets Act and punishment for journalists who refuse to reveal their cources.


This fate is coming to a whistleblower near you



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This is a "Dictator for Life" race for Clinton and a Presidential race for Trump

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Chris Dakota (not verified) y3maxx Oct 23, 2016 4:52 PM

I had a democrat flat out say to me "this will be the last election" and he NOT any kind of conspiracy theorist.

He is a lawyer and life long center right Democrat.

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Of course he does.

Isn't the object to put balls into the little hole in back of the fairway?

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There is obviously a shitload of money in selling blood..well other people's anyways....by force...

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George Soros is a Globalist demon.

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Soros is the most evil arch Globalist of them all. When he finally dies he will surely be Satans favorite whore! http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/soros-leaks-the-most-important-stor...

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He may never die. Demonic life continuation. Vampire like but even worse.

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Plus, he already has spawn....5 of them.

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Yes, but he must sleep in the soil of his native Hungary.

Find his coffin surrounded in that soil and we kill him!

We must use a wooden stake, and have a lot of Crucifixes with us.

I suggest we look for a mausoleum near his estate.

We must search online for deliveries of Hungarian soil to the US.

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Think he will try to off Chenney? Or suck his dick?

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Soros is a psychopath with a "GOD COMPLEX "! HE wants to change the world into his image and his likeness? He cares not how many get slaughtered or refugeed ,(65 million refugees at current count)? Using HIS billions he buys off puppets in government after government in order to incite his vision.  His RICHS make him a very dangerous man and he really belongs in an "INSANE ASYLUM "!

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TTP and TTIP are being chased to forcibly exclude competitors.

It will be interesting to see how much more the world will despise the USA after they are implemented under Clinton but we also know Obama crafted them.

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Paul and Mitch are going to be carrying the water for TPP.

So let it be written. So let it be done!

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It really sucks when you don't have integrity. You have no clue how to act when you make a mistake. You also have no history of "good deeds" and "good relationships" to fall back on when you do need to change your mind.

But what is more clear and accurate than that is the fact that she is going to say what it takes to get elected. She is not a leader, she is a puppet with a committee fist up her cunt. No wonder if does not matter if her health is good, if she is dead or alive, any of that. They just need to animate the Hillary meat.

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Make me reference it again: Hillary's meat tastes just like her crusty, bloody moldy tampoon.

Simply Insufferable.

Pray for Trump.

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Planetary Books (not verified) Oct 23, 2016 4:12 PM

Why it is becoming more and more obvious that Trump’s accusers are lying. http://bit.ly/2eklp5O

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Massachusetts will be able to vote early for the first time tomorrow:


Early Voting
For the first time, Massachusetts voters will be able to cast their ballots before Election Day, at their own convenience. This year, you have the option to cast your State Election ballot at any early voting location in your community, by mail, or at your polling place on Election Day.
The early voting period will begin on October 24th and end on November 4th. To vote by mail, download the Early Ballot Application and mail it to your local election official. Local election officials will begin mailing early ballots on October 24th. (all links open in new window or tab)
Early Ballot Application (PDF)

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I'm begining to think early voting is bad.

It gives them time to see what the trend is therefore giving them enough time to calculate how much they need to cheat to win.

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Good thing for her that Hillary's little Trumpcard made an ass of himself yesterday.  While the media is complicit in this sellout, Donald the Democrat has done more to help Hillary than anyone else.  Whenever things get dicey for real reasons, he talks about her health or his own stupid self-indulgent life.

But never about Jeffrey Epstein. 

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This is the real problem I have with the Donald. He has enough to totally destroy her and ??? This guy is supposed to be smart, well he's not acting like it. This has been handed to him, but for some reason there has been no real plan to exploit it. Too many bimbo eruptions or controlled opposition? The more I think about it, the more I see Hillary as the Giant Meteor 2106. Bring it on, cause a storm is coming.

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I never believed DJT wanted to be elected.  Every time HRC could have made bad headlines, DJT said something outrageous to score msm coverage.  Too coincidental.  I'm calling this rivalry/campaign b.s.

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The bulk of the American people have no consciousness of TPP, so this story will go nowhere....

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can somebody just please kill this old demented mother fucker???

it cant be that hard. bullets to whats left of his mind?

ricin over his estate? in his food?

just kill this evil mother fucker before he kills us all