How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

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Authored by David Wong, originally posted at,

I'm going to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon in three movies. And then some text.

There's this universal shorthand that epic adventure movies use to tell the good guys from the bad. The good guys are simple folk from the countryside ...

Lionsgate Films

... while the bad guys are decadent assholes who live in the city and wear stupid clothes:

Lionsgate Films

In Star Wars, Luke is a farm boy ...


... while the bad guys live in a shiny space station:


In Braveheart, the main character (Dennis Braveheart) is a simple farmer ...

Paramount Pictures

... and the dastardly Prince Shithead lives in a luxurious castle and wears fancy, foppish clothes:

Paramount Pictures

The theme expresses itself in several ways -- primitive vs. advanced, tough vs. delicate, masculine vs. feminine, poor vs. rich, pure vs. decadent, traditional vs. weird. All of it is code for rural vs. urban. That tense divide between the two doesn't exist because of these movies, obviously. These movies used it as shorthand because the divide already existed.

We country folk are programmed to hate the prissy elites.

*  *  *

That brings us to Trump...Here are six reasons for the rise of Trump that no one is taking about


1. It's Not About Red And Blue States -- It's About The Country Vs. The City


I was born and raised in Trump country. My family are Trump people. If I hadn't moved away and gotten this ridiculous job, I'd be voting for him. I know I would.

See, political types talk about "red states" and "blue states" (where red = Republican/conservative and blue = Democrat/progressive), but forget about states. If you want to understand the Trump phenomenon, dig up the much more detailed county map. Here's how the nation voted county by county in the 2012 election -- again, red is Republican:

Holy cockslaps, that makes it look like Obama's blue party is some kind of fringe political faction that struggles to get 20 percent of the vote. The blue parts, however, are more densely populated -- they're the cities. In the upper left, you see the blue Seattle/Tacoma area, lower down is San Francisco and then L.A. The blue around the dick-shaped Lake Michigan is made of cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. In the northeast is, of course, New York and Boston, leading down into Philadelphia, which leads into a blue band which connects a bunch of southern cities like Charlotte and Atlanta.

Blue islands in an ocean of red. The cities are less than 4 percent of the land mass, but 62 percent of the population and easily 99 percent of the popular culture. Our movies, shows, songs, and news all radiate out from those blue islands.

And if you live in the red, that fucking sucks.

See, I'm from a "blue" state -- Illinois -- but the state isn't blue. Freaking Chicago is blue. I'm from a tiny town in one of the blood-red areas:

As a kid, visiting Chicago was like, well, Katniss visiting the capital. Or like Zoey visiting the city of the future in this ridiculous book. "Their ways are strange."

And the whole goddamned world revolves around them.

Every TV show is about LA or New York, maybe with some Chicago or Baltimore thrown in. When they did make a show about us, we were jokes -- either wide-eyed, naive fluffballs (Parks And Recreation, and before that, Newhart) or filthy murderous mutants (True Detective, and before that, Deliverance). You could feel the arrogance from hundreds of miles away.

Warner Brothers Pictures

"Nothing that happens outside the city matters!" they say at their cocktail parties, blissfully unaware of where their food is grown. Hey, remember when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? Kind of weird that a big hurricane hundreds of miles across managed to snipe one specific city and avoid everything else. To watch the news (or the multiple movies and TV shows about it), you'd barely hear about how the storm utterly steamrolled rural Mississippi, killing 238 people and doing an astounding $125 billion in damage.

Mark Wolfe / FEMA No sports team = no fucks given.

But who cares about those people, right? What's newsworthy about a bunch of toothless hillbillies crying over a flattened trailer? New Orleans is culturally important. It matters.

To those ignored, suffering people, Donald Trump is a brick chucked through the window of the elites. "Are you assholes listening now?"


2. City People Are From A Different Goddamned Planet

"But isn't this really about race? Aren't Trump supporters just a bunch of racists? Don't they hate cities because that's where the brown people live?"

Look, we're going to get actual Nazis in the comment section of this article. Not "calling them Nazis for argument points" Nazis, but actual "Swastikas in their avatars, rooted against Indiana Jones" Nazis. Those people exist.

But what I can say, from personal experience, is that the racism of my youth was always one step removed. I never saw a family member, friend, or classmate be mean to the actual black people we had in town. We worked with them, played video games with them, waved to them when they passed. What I did hear was several million comments about how if you ever ventured into the city, winding up in the "wrong neighborhood" meant you'd get dragged from your car, raped, and burned alive. Looking back, I think the idea was that the local minorities were fine ... as long as they acted exactly like us.

If you'd asked me at the time, I'd have said the fear and hatred wasn't of people with brown skin, but of that specific tribe they have in Chicago -- you know, the guys with the weird slang, music and clothes, the dope fiends who murder everyone they see. It was all part of the bizarro nature of the cities, as perceived from afar -- a combination of hyper-aggressive savages and frivolous white elites. Their ways are strange. And it wasn't like pop culture was trying to talk me out of it:

It's not just perception, either -- the stats back up the fact that these are parallel universes. People living in the countryside are twice as likely to own a gun and will probably get married younger. People in the urban "blue" areas talk faster and walk faster. They are more likely to be drug abusers but less likely to be alcoholics. The blues are less likely to own land and, most importantly, they're less likely to be Evangelical Christians.

In the small towns, this often gets expressed as "They don't share our values!" and my progressive friends love to scoff at that. "What, like illiteracy and homophobia?!?!"

Nope. Everything.


3.Trends Always Start In The Cities -- And Not All Of Them Are Good

The cities are always living in the future. I remember when our little town got our first Chinese restaurant and, 20 years later, its first fancy coffee shop. All of this stuff had turned up in movies (set in L.A., of course) decades earlier. I remember watching '80s movies and mocking the "Valley Girl" stereotypes -- young girls from, like, California who would, like, say, "like" in between every third word. Twenty years later, you can hear me doing the same in every Cracked podcast. The cancer started in L.A. and spread to the rest of America.

Well, the perception back then was that those city folks were all turning atheist, abandoning church for their bisexual sex parties. That, we were told, was literally a sign of the Apocalypse. Not just due to the spiritual consequences (which were dire), but the devastation that would come to the culture. I couldn't imagine any rebuttal. In that place, at that time, the church was everything. Don't take my word for it -- listen to the experts:

Church was where you made friends, met girls, networked for jobs, got social support. The poor could get food and clothes there, couples could get advice on their marriages, addicts could try to get clean. But now we're seeing a startling decline in Christianity among the general population, the godless disease having spread alongside Valley Girl talk. So according to Fox News, what's the result of those decadent, atheist, amoral snobs in the cities having turned their noses up at God?


Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Scott Olson

The fabric has broken down, they say, just as predicted. And what rural Americans see on the news today is a sneak peek at their tomorrow.

The savages are coming.

Blacks riot, Muslims set bombs, gays spread AIDS, Mexican cartels behead children, atheists tear down Christmas trees. Meanwhile, those liberal Lena Dunhams in their $5,000-a-month apartments sip wine and say, "But those white Christians are the real problem!" Terror victims scream in the street next to their own severed limbs, and the response from the elites is to cry about how men should be allowed to use women's restrooms and how it's cruel to keep chickens in cages.


Madness. Their heads are so far up their asses that they can't tell up from down. Basic, obvious truths that have gone unquestioned for thousands of years now get laughed at and shouted down -- the fact that hard work is better than dependence on government, that children do better with both parents in the picture, that peace is better than rioting, that a strict moral code is better than blithe hedonism, that humans tend to value things they've earned more than what they get for free, that not getting exploded by a bomb is better than getting exploded by a bomb.

Or as they say out in the country, "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining."

The foundation upon which America was undeniably built -- family, faith, and hard work -- had been deemed unfashionable and small-minded. Those snooty elites up in their ivory tower laughed as they kicked away that foundation, and then wrote 10,000-word thinkpieces blaming the builders for the ensuing collapse.


4. The Rural Areas Have Been Beaten To Shit

Don't message me saying all those things I listed are wrong. I know they're wrong. Or rather, I think they're wrong, because I now live in a blue county and work for a blue industry. I know the Good Old Days of the past were built on slavery and segregation, I know that entire categories of humanity experienced religion only as a boot on their neck. I know that those "traditional families" involved millions of women trapped in kitchens and bad marriages. I know gays lived in fear and abortions were back-alley affairs.

I know the changes were for the best.

Try telling that to anybody who lives in Trump country.

They're getting the shit kicked out of them. I know, I was there. Step outside of the city, and the suicide rate among young people fucking doubles. The recession pounded rural communities, but all the recovery went to the cities. The rate of new businesses opening in rural areas has utterly collapsed.

See, rural jobs used to be based around one big local business -- a factory, a coal mine, etc. When it dies, the town dies. Where I grew up, it was an oil refinery closing that did us in. I was raised in the hollowed-out shell of what the town had once been. The roof of our high school leaked when it rained. Cities can make up for the loss of manufacturing jobs with service jobs -- small towns cannot. That model doesn't work below a certain population density.

If you don't live in one of these small towns, you can't understand the hopelessness. The vast majority of possible careers involve moving to the city, and around every city is now a hundred-foot wall called "Cost of Living." Let's say you're a smart kid making $8 an hour at Walgreen's and aspire to greater things. Fine, get ready to move yourself and your new baby into a 700-square-foot apartment for $1,200 a month, and to then pay double what you're paying now for utilities, groceries, and babysitters. Unless, of course, you're planning to move to one of "those" neighborhoods (hope you like being set on fire!).

In a city, you can plausibly aspire to start a band, or become an actor, or get a medical degree. You can actually have dreams. In a small town, there may be no venues for performing arts aside from country music bars and churches. There may only be two doctors in town -- aspiring to that job means waiting for one of them to retire or die. You open the classifieds and all of the job listings will be for fast food or convenience stores. The "downtown" is just the corpses of mom and pop stores left shattered in Walmart's blast crater, the "suburbs" are trailer parks. There are parts of these towns that look post-apocalyptic.

I'm telling you, the hopelessness eats you alive.

And if you dare complain, some liberal elite will pull out their iPad and type up a rant about your racist white privilege. Already, someone has replied to this with a comment saying, "You should try living in a ghetto as a minority!" Exactly. To them, it seems like the plight of poor minorities is only used as a club to bat away white cries for help. Meanwhile, the rate of rural white suicides and overdoses skyrockets. Shit, at least politicians act like they care about the inner cities.


5. Everyone Lashes Out When They Don't Have A Voice

It really does feel like the worst of both worlds: all the ravages of poverty, but none of the sympathy. "Blacks burn police cars, and those liberal elites say it's not their fault because they're poor. My son gets jailed and fired over a baggie of meth, and those same elites make jokes about his missing teeth!" You're everyone's punching bag, one of society's last remaining safe comedy targets.

They take it hard. These are people who come from a long line of folks who took pride in looking after themselves. Where I'm from, you weren't a real man unless you could repair a car, patch a roof, hunt your own meat, and defend your home from an intruder. It was a source of shame to be dependent on anyone -- especially the government. You mowed your own lawn and fixed your own pipes when they leaked, you hauled your own firewood in your own pickup truck. (Mine was a 1994 Ford Ranger! The current owner says it still runs!)

Not like those hipsters in their tiny apartments, or "those people" in their public housing projects, waiting for the landlord any time something breaks, knowing if things get too bad they can just pick up and move. When you don't own anything, it's all somebody else's problem. "They probably don't pay taxes, either! Just treating America itself as a subsidized apartment they can trash!"

The rural folk with the Trump signs in their yards say their way of life is dying, and you smirk and say what they really mean is that blacks and gays are finally getting equal rights and they hate it. But I'm telling you, they say their way of life is dying because their way of life is dying. It's not their imagination. No movie about the future portrays it as being full of traditional families, hunters, and coal mines. Well, except for Hunger Games, and that was depicted as an apocalypse.

So yes, they vote for the guy promising to put things back the way they were, the guy who'd be a wake-up call to the blue islands. They voted for the brick through the window.


6. Assholes Are Heroes

"But Trump is objectively a piece of shit!" you say. "He insults people, he objectifies women, and cheats whenever possible! And he's not an everyman; he's a smarmy, arrogant billionaire!"

Wait, are you talking about Donald Trump, or this guy:

You've never rooted for somebody like that? Someone powerful who gives your enemies the insults they deserve? Somebody with big fun appetites who screws up just enough to make them relatable? Like Dr. House or Walter White? Or any of the several million renegade cop characters who can break all the rules because they get shit done? Who only get shit done because they don't care about the rules?

"But those are fictional characters!" Okay, what about all those millionaire left-leaning talk show hosts? You think they keep their insults classy? Tune into any bit about Chris Christie and start counting down the seconds until the fat joke. Google David Letterman's sex scandals. But it's okay, because they're on our side, and everybody wants an asshole on their team -- a spiked bat to smash their enemies with. That's all Trump is. The howls of elite outrage are like the sounds of bombs landing on the enemy's fortress. The louder the better.

Already some of you have gotten angry, feeling this gut-level revulsion at any attempt to excuse or even understand these people. After all, they're hardly people, right? Aren't they just a mass of ignorant, rageful, crude, cursing, spitting subhumans?

Gee, I hope not. I have to hug a bunch of them at Thanksgiving. And when I do, it will be with the knowledge that if I hadn't moved away, I'd be on the other side of the fence, leaving nasty comments on this article the alternate universe version of me wrote.

It feels good to dismiss people, to mock them, to write them off as deplorables. But you might as well take time to try to understand them, because I'm telling you, they'll still be around long after Trump is gone.

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DIgnified's picture

Who the thought it was a good idea to post Cracked?  Did ZH hire a fat chick in problem glasses and an unhealthy penchant for hating whites and the patriarchy? That's the only logical explication for posting SJW media 

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Been quite a few of these leftist articles posted here on ZH lately.  Between that and the click-bait headlines that have more puff than bite, it really makes me question the credibility and integrity of the site.  What is happening?

localsavage's picture

He missed my main reason:  Hillary is everything that is wrong with our goverment wrapped up in one person.  Lies, pay to play, openly breaking the law and then making deals to not get prosecuted, destruction of evidence and on and on FFS.

IridiumRebel's picture

The liberal is mentally ill. This article is a feeble attempt to enlighten them.
Their narcissism won't allow it.

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Dennis Braveheart??!!!??!?!?? You got a purdy mouth, boy.
-The Wallace Clan

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yippee kiyay (not verified) TeamDepends Oct 25, 2016 9:11 PM

Who knew.

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amurica, you've been skyped

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yippee kiyay (not verified) cheka Oct 25, 2016 10:03 PM

People lost their minds the minute they began believing that their ancestors were monkeys.

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I got a monkey at home. The more I look at him the more he looks like my dog. O well, go figure.

Keyser's picture

The author of this article is a sell-out, no other way to put it... Your political alignment is not based on where you live, it is based on personal values, upbringing and integrity, something leftists know nothing about... These are traits that this twat tossed in the garbage the moment he moved to a big city from Podunk, SD and became what he thinks is a member of the "big club"... So, when the lights go out and the supply chain ceases to refill shelves in grocery stores, who do you think will survive, the hipster douchebag city dwellers or those that actually know how to produce things with their own two hands? 

JamesBond's picture

I think I've just been punked by a commie.



Oracle of Kypseli's picture

It's interesting to know that the Japanese constitution provides that citizens outside the big cities have two votes instead of one.


NoPension's picture

Whatever the author is, this is the single most poignant article I think I've ever read, here.
He nailed it. And he admits he has been modified by his move to the Urban Jungle.

For me, personally, my life is the opposite. I left the Big City....
( Baltimore/DC corridor, as it's called)....for a life on MD's Eastern Shore. It was like going back in time about 20-30 years. It's funny...people move there for a simpler, less hectic way of life....and then desire the amenities that modern life brings! Shopping, restaurants, gas stations every 2 miles, Etc.
The county I operate in has prohibited by zoning " big box stores"! It's comical when I work along an outsider, and he says " just run to Home Depot... because everybody knows there is one within 5 miles of everywhere, right. And I tell them it's a 2 hour round trip, if the traffic cooperates!
My first business in the area was auto repair. And we freaking killed it! I moved on, to my first love...building. Commercial and industrial. Every redneck ( I mean that in an admirable way!) with a hammer and pickup was building houses.
I'm not rich, but it's a living. 3 1/2 acres, just about paid for, pool, 1200 sq ft shop....15 miles from nowhere....that I couldn't afford today.
Now, it's just about minimizing expenses...and eking out a living as we approach the winter of our lives.

Oh, I am entertained!

Go Trump. This morning, they are starting to hedge. " he can't do it, but..." haha!

new game's picture

2 acres and long way from the "rat fucking race", as a up nort'r said..i hear ya loud and clear.

fuck da big cit and all the derranged mofo fuck sticks that make it cool, green and groovy...

talking uptown/lakes area of mpls. fucking wierdos-libs on steroids. oh yea, they have a plan for you with your money, oh yea...

and let me get this straight; all that body art and metal hanging from your skin makes a statement and makes you different, unique? did you in your infinete imagination look around and see all the other fuck ups look just like you and you are as special as a gift wrapped piece of shit with legs. certainly look like a special multicolored snowflake that couldn't get thru a metal detector, lol...

new game's picture

yup, values from parents. i earned what i have with no handouts from mommy and daddy, i did get  a swift kick in the ass when i fucked up. tuff love. seems to have made me a hater and also a trump supporter. goddamn conservatives and all this get what you deserve crap, come on, i'm a special snowflake seeking a safe place to navel gaze and hangout with a groovy progressives being cool with tatts, holes all over my body and fucking looking wierd as hell. join me and support the future of mankind-LOL...some s/

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Did any of you actually read the article?  Or perhaps you were born without sarcasm detectors?  Or maybe you're all just retarded?

I am Chumbawamba.

roddcarlson's picture

Let us hope that if Putin nukes the nation he takes out the big cities with fairly clean neutron bombs. I guess if we are Mystery Babylon and the evil have to be destroyed here then we know where most the guilt should reside.

Two things if you are a good person living in a big metropolis, I suggest you leave right now. Second, I knew when I saw the gay pride "rainbow" shining on the whitehouse that they couldn't have put a better bullseye on it. That building has been marked by God for destruction unless of course we have a huge change of heart. To make a mockery of God's covenant like that and that American people cannot see how despised we are by God just like Sodom. Nobody and I mean nobody that loves God should be serving, standing up for, or defending evil Sodom. We need a very strong revival in this country then we need to get some good priorities for once in a long time.

The rural people know God enough to know when we have become Sodom. When we are allowing the male queer hearted in our sisters, daughters, mothers, and grand daughters bathrooms we know the end is nigh. Prepare for the inevitable, run, or do all the above. The Lord who is patient is getting angry, and who can withstand the Lord's anger? Nobody and nobody better try either. And the young lady (maybe a queer man) that wrote this article is obviously a millenial in suggesting we shouldn't care about gendered bathrooms, worse is that "who cares" sign. I care! I'm going to be honest it's getting late in the game to reprimand them on ethics and morals, but it's better to try now than never. Really it's them that are going to have their lives shortened the most by the callous disregard of moral and Godly respect. At least I got to live half my life, that however will not be true with them if they keep showing disregard to reality and truth.

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Hey yippee kiyay, previously mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then lance-a-lot then Loftie then toro. You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

Would appreciate regular ZH contributors please take a moment to help me in my campaign against this idiot and report yippee kiyay to

PS. You might have noticed that my attempt to expose you for what you are is always the same. That’s because your Spam is always the same (Using fake links to your BS site which has no connection to your comments; which are deliberately dramatic to mislead people into responding or clicking on the fake link) so it seems only fair that my exposure of your crap should also always be the same. An eye for an eye.

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You people are all out of your fucking mind.  This the best shit ZH has posted in a long time, I don't know why this guy is writing for cracked and not getting mass recognition for the most straightforward explanation of the gut reaction driving the campaign.  Normal people are fed the fuck up.

Erek's picture

"No sports team - no fucks given."

I like that. It has a ring of truth.

hobopants's picture

I like how the guy thinks that it is "their way of life" that is dying though...Traditionally major economic trauma leads to deurbanization once .gov can no longer pay the dole. Reminds me of some Roman bureaucrat sitting in Gaul and pitying the plebs, right before the barbarians kick down his door and cart his family off into slavery. Good luck mother fucker, little do you know that those Blue islands you live on are are volcanic and about to go up A la Krakatoa.

bh2's picture

City people are mutually dependent. Country people are (of necessity) highly independent.

The contradictory politics which champion dependency vs. those which champion independency can never be reconciled.

The only question resolved by elections is which politics will dominate the other -- and for how long.

wildbad's picture

I read it to the last period and found virtually nothing in this article to complain about.


It missed some deeper points that appeal to my conspiratorial, bug city brain but the loss of a moral imperative, the NAFTA exportation of jobs and the cultural decay are all real and central causes of where we find ourselves as a nation.


Trump, hyper landslide in 13 days!

Jubal Early's picture

The "redneck" authors name is "David Wong", His father was probably "Sum Ting Wong" and his mother "Eve Cohen".  He is not authentic, and this piece is merely a progressive caricature.  Its purpose is to crush white pride which currently is being ground to dust on behalf of the chosenites.  Just take the dagger-stab where he talks about the white kid getting caught with meth.  Or them living in Trailers and commiting suicide.  Trump is bringing back white pride, and that is why they have to crush it back down with articles like this.

swmnguy's picture

It is amazing how the kikes, slopes, spics, niggers and sand niggers can think we're racists.  The gall.

Barney Fife's picture

You're a real fucking asshole to ask people to censor someone here. 

Fuck you. 

Barney Fife's picture

You're a real fucking asshole to ask people to censor someone here. 

Fuck you. 

tmosley's picture

Cracked can pretend to sympathize all they want, but right wing death squads are coming, and they are high on the list.

Only Donald Trump can prevent the coming purge of leftists and other shitstains. Hillary will accelerate their return to the point of instant karma.

WVHillbilly's picture

I'm one of the ignorant rural people the author is referring to (my user name may be a hint).  I drive a pick up, mow my own yard, fixed a leak in my water line (well water) and replaced a fan motor in one of my heat pumps last week. The wife and I went on an atv ride and did a little target shooting Sunday. We do a little canning, have a freezer full of meat (hopefully more full soon), a pantry full of canned food (Kroger had a good sale on canned vegetables this week, btw), a generator to run the water pump and freezer, etc. 

I'm not saying we could definitely survive the shtf, but I like our chances better than about anyone living in a city. 

Plus, I don't like people enough to have 1000 neighbors living within a couple hundred feet area. 

localsavage's picture

 The country has food and water.  The city has bankers.  When it really comes down to it, the city offers nothing but BS.

Dr. Spin's picture

BS?  Is that Banker Shit? 

I stopped by Wells Fargo the other day to close my account.  They got very defensive, very quick.  They're PROUD of being BWANKERS!


SquirrelCutter's picture

*sniff* Reminds me of my honeymoon :)

I'm on yer side hillbilly. Got any 'shine up yonder in WV? I'm in TX and all we got is illegals and libturds down hyar.

Stay safe bro.

WVHillbilly's picture

I could possibly get my hands on a quart jar of shine ;-)


Erek's picture

A jar of Ever Clear is always good for what ails you.

Even if you have no complaints to speak of.

Offthebeach's picture

Used to get it at Ft. Bragg. Came in small plastic penut butter jars, with a hint of penut butter. I was sitting on the floor, back against a bunk. 3 hits of vapor. Didn't feel drunk, it was just I couldn't stand up.

Meh. Shine gets me too fast were I am going, and I'm not a patient sippers.

Proofreder's picture

Cannot purchase 190 proof Everclear anymore.

Nigs began chugging contests, burned out their throats, parents complained - so the High Proof stuff is gone, replaced with a 140 proof dilution - 30 % water.

All for the children, of course, but how does the walnut gunstock get properly rubbed out now ???

Progress sucks.

vato poco's picture

got that right. 5 years ago, at a liquor store in Vegas (!), I walked into a liquor store for Everclear. Had a bad headache; old wives headache remedy "daub it on your neck & forehead"; etc etc. It took an act of God to get them to sell me a fifth. 8 or 10 probing questions - to see if I was wanting to be 'Leaving Las Vegas', I guess - before they finally, releuctantly, grudgingly reached under the shelf (!!) for a bottle. They didn't give a damn about ME, you understand: it's Vegas. No, it was clear they were just in Lawsuit Avoidance Mode. 

They then said they didn't wan't to see me back there. I took the bottle, told them to go get fucked, and walked out missing the Old Days when everyone wasn't such a giant pussy. And now it seems we got us new "Safety Everclear". Yeah, this'll end well.

Transformer's picture

Left small town to go to LA when I was 19.   I am comfortable in either world.  City people are mostly A holes, and live in a fictionalized world in their heads, not much to do with reality.  Because they don't know what's real, they tend to like idiots like Obama or even Clinton.



Kidbuck's picture

You nail one of the roots of the problem. Elites don't have to live with reality. They just need internally consistant theories. That is, they don't have to prove their theories. They just have to sell them.

There are many people who when they don' t understand something assume it must be brilliant and that they just aren't smart enough to comprehend it. Think jazz or the lyrics of Bob Dylan or the art of Picasso. Total bullshit elevated to high art because no one can offer a plain logical explanation of what it means.

This explains Hillary Clinton, the FED, rap music, and so much more of modern life. Nothing has to get tested against reality to become popular. It just has to be accepted by the "cool" people.

BigJim's picture

Interesting. But you're wrong about jazz; it just takes a more musically sophisticated ear to feel the musical tensions and resolutions. Think about the music children respond to: it's simple and obvious. As they get older and develop, they respond to more and more complexity and dissonance.

For some of us, this development keeps going further than for others. I used to think jazz was shit (and most is; I'd say 80% of any genre is mediocre) but after listening to it for a long time I can now hear what's going on. And the investment of time was worth it; no music touches the same 'colours' or feelings that jazz does. And it hasn't stopped me enjoying Tom Petty or Pink Floyd.

Mind you, this is my idea of the best "jazz"

Now 'modern' 12 tone composers like Shoenberg... they don't sound like music to me :-)

uzsibox's picture

Yaknow I find it sad that what trully matters is treated as comical, mostly because people take it for granted. For humanity's survival 99% of the population is not needed. It's the 1% that makes our food. 

Transformer's picture


Hillary equals more genocide and war, and WW3

Trump Equals less war and no WW3

rbg81's picture

It is mostly the women who have lost their minds.  The liberal men know better, but pander to the women to get power.

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Bankers not mentioned once in the whole article.  The divide is bankers vs. non-bankers.  Everything else is trivia and distraction.  

Who feeds the intentional division of our country along whatever lines you care to draw (and profits from it)?  Bankers.  Who creatives and perpetuates massive wealth disparity?  Bankers.  Who decides when wars are fought and against whom?  Bankers.  Who made scumbags like Soros and Clinton possible?  Bankers.  When the shit hit the fan in 2008 who got saved at the expense of everyong else?  Bankers.

Either wake up to this fact and incorporate it in you at a DNA level or you'll fall into every single stupid trap they put in front of you.  Like this article, for instance.  Now that you're all good and pissed of, you've spit in your hands and hoisted the black flag, please make sure you slit the proper throats.  Otherwise this will end up just another banker-funded color revolution, changing nothing.


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Agree, he misses the fact that Trumpers are wise enough to have enormous disdain for the Federal Reserve all while Trump has the balls to publicly slam the Fed and while most libs have no clue how the Fed Reserve destroys the world...and theres a hell of a lot more he missed but we get the point. 

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The Federal reserve is a tool, nothing more. Take it away and they'll find another. The problems run deeper.

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Tyler, this article is worth about half a squirt of piss. You can do better.

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Yep.  This article may start off meaning well but in effect whether deliberately or not is just pressing the 'divide and conquer' button.

We can ALL agree to consign corruption and thieving global elites to the dustbin--if they're lucky.  The pig trough if they're a bit less lucky.

I make plenty and live in a 'town' as it were.  And my wife is right here with me on this.  Roe v. Wade (MAYBE).....vs......the future of the Republic and any semblance of hope for our kids......really it's a no brainer if you have a brain.




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+ 100 ND. I'm with ya...a hunnert percent.