Radioactive Iodine Leak Reported At Norwegian Nuclear Research Reactor

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Norwegian authorities reported that a radioactive leak had taken place at a nuclear research reactor in southern Norway. The reactor at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Halden leaked radioactive iodine, the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) said. Those working at the reactor at the time of the discharge on Monday were evacuated from the facility, SkyNews reported.

The reactor leaked radioactive iodine

The leak has now been contained, the IFE said.

In a statement, the NRPA said the fault occurred "due to a technical failure during treatment of the fuel in the reactor hall". The incident is not expected to harm the environment outside the reactor, it added.

NRPA director Per Strand said: "Our focus now is that IFE stopped the spill.

"We are in continuous contact with the IFE. "We will open a new supervision relating to this incident to uncover how this could happen and why we were not notified until the day after."

The IFE reactor is close to the border with Sweden, but the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority said it did not detect any radiation after the discharge.

Radioactive iodine, also known as I-131, is used in small doses to treat thyroid cancer. It has also been used to treat overactive thyroid disorders.

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We should go back to burning good old fashioned coal.

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i supplement every day with Ifowars x22 iodine.



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i supplement every day with Infowars x22 iodine.




what he ssssaid

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Of course but think about it, after Fukushima, and I mean about a month after Fukushima, Obama approved the construction of 9 new nuclear power plants most, if not all, in the Southern USA.

The same gang gave us "clean, safe, nuclear power"
Albert Einstein- Bombfather- German Jew
Robert Oppenheimer- Manhattan Project- Russian Jew/Soviet spy
David Bohm- Manhattan Project- Hungarian Jew
Edward Teller- Hydrogen Bomb- Polish Jew
Stanislaw Ulam- Hydrogen Bomb- Polish Jew

There have been ILLEGAL Mexican aliens arrested WORKING at the US' largest nuclear power plant in Arizona.

It is just a matter of time.

Truly this is EVIL!

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Fun fact...this is not reported in Norwegian media...

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I dig it.

Here at my work, my boss sucks balls big time.  And guess who is the CFO? Moshe Aaron Cohen Levy!!!!!!!  Polynesian Jew!!!!

This is truly EVIL!!!

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Stuff some low denomination Yen in the hole - worked for Fukishima!

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' . . the incident is not expected to harm . . . '

That's a solid vote of confidence coming from the 'experts' then . . . best dip into your Sovereign Wealth Fund, Again, and patch up the leaks, assholes.

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There hadn´t been any danger for the population at any time.

Pls move on, there´s nothing to be seen , pls move on.

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No fuss about that.

The I131 Isotope has a decay time of about 8 days.

The radioactive inventory of that particular reactor is miniscule compared to commercial reactors - and it was not operational.

Thus the emissions should be comparatively small.

Take a break for 6 weeks and the stuff will end up as stable xenon 131 (Beta - decay)

Move on.

Nothing to see...



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Correct, the 1/2 life of I-131 is seven days, with a short biological half life. Nothing to see here. Literally. Just radio-fear porn. People don't understand it, so they are afraid.

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If you are worried you can take some potassium iodide that will basically fill up your thyroid with good iodine and keep the radioactive iodine from being deposited there.


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Yet another component of Ass Wipes Inc that needs to be monitored VERY carefully:

The Nuclear Power Industry

They lie.

They keep their nuke units on-line WAY past the design decommission dates.



Live Hard, Radiation Makes Things Brittle, Mostly Brains, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

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Wonder if the technical failure was named Mo?

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Evacuate all of the Muslims from your country to

protect them from the radioactivity!


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"Radioactive iodine, also known as I-131, is used in small doses to treat thyroid cancer. It has also been used to treat overactive thyroid disorders."


Are they spinning it to make it sound like a good thing?