'It's Apocalyptic, Our Town Is Finished" - Two Quakes Strikes Italy, Collapsing Buildings And Causing Panic

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As reported earlier, at 7:10pm on Wednesday central Italy was shaken by a strong, shallow 5.4 magnitude quake which was felt as far away as Rome.


However it was an aftershock which struck two hours later at 9:18 pm, and which was 8 times stronger and measured M6.1 according to the USGS, likewise striking at a shallow, 10-km depth, which brought up vivid memories of the August 24 earthquake which destroyed the hilltop village of Amatrice and other nearby towns, leading to 300 casualties. It was the second quake which according to AP resulted in crumbling churches and buildings, knocking out power and sending panicked residents into the rain-drenched streets.

The epicenter of the first earthquake today was Castel Santangelo Sul Nera, near Perugia,
but the more powerful aftershock hit the area centerd on Visso.

One person was injured in the epicenter of Visso, where the rubble of collapsed buildings tumbled into the streets. But the Civil Protection agency, which initially reported two injured, had no other immediate reports of injuries or deaths. Because many residents had already left their homes after the first one struck just after 7pm., with plans to spend the night in their cars or elsewhere, they weren't home when the second one hit two hours later, possibly saving lives, news reports said.

“It was a very strong, apocalyptic earthquake – people were screaming in the street, and now the lights are cut off,”
said Marco Rinaldi, the mayor of Ussita, a community of 400 that was also affected by the earthquake. “Many houses have collapsed. Our town is finished."

Speaking to Sky TG24, Rinaldi said that "the facade of the church collapsed. By now I have felt many earthquakes. This is the strongest of my life. It was something terrible. The second quake was a long, terrible one.'

The mayor said two elderly people were rescued from their home, where they were trapped. He said they appeared to be in good condition. Some 200 people in Ussita will sleep in the streets, given the impossibility of putting up tents in the night.

Rubble covers a car in Castel Santangelo Sul Nera but the full extent of the
damage will not be clear until daybreak

A church crumbled in the ancient Perugian town of Norcia, famed for its Benedictine monastery and its cured meats. A bell-tower damaged on Aug. 24 fell and crushed a building in Camerino, the ANSA news agency said. Elsewhere, buildings were damaged, though many were in zones that were declared off-limits after the Aug. 24 quake that flattened parts of three towns.

This medieval church has been destroyed by tonight's quakes

"We're without power, waiting for emergency crews," said Mauro Falcucci, the mayor of Castelsantangelo sul Nera, near the epicenter. Speaking to Sky TG24, he said: "We can't see anything. It's tough. Really tough." He said some buildings had collapsed, but that there were no immediate reports of injuries in his community. He added that darkness and a downpour were impeding a full accounting.

Experts say even relatively modest quakes that have shallow depths can cause significant damage because the seismic waves are closer to the surface. But seismologist Gianluca Valensise said a 10-kilometer depth is within the norm for an Apennine temblor.

Amatrice Mayor Sergio Pirozzi said residents felt Wednesday's aftershocks but "We are thanking God that there are no dead and no injured."

Still image from video shows damaged building after an earthquake in Visso

Wednesday's temblors were felt from Perugia in Umbria to the capital Rome as far north as Veneto. It also shook the central Italian city of L'Aquila, which was struck by a deadly quake in 2009. The mayor of L'Aquila, however, said there were no immediate reports of damage there.

A section of a major state highway north of Rome, the Salaria, was closed near Arquata del Tronto as a precaution because of a quake-induced landslide, said a spokeswoman for the civil protection agency, Ornella De Luca.

The mayor of Arquata del Tronto, Aleandro Petrucci, said the aftershocks felt stronger than the August quake, which devastated parts of his town. But he said there were no reports of injuries to date and that the zone hardest hit by the last quake remained uninhabitable.

"We don't worry because there is no one in the red zone, if something fell, walls fell," he said.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi returned from a trip inside the country to chair an emergency meeting in Rome, and has canceled a planned TV appearance.

* * *

Perhaps the biggest threat is that today's quakes were actually aftershocks of the magnitude 6.2 earthquake from two months ago. Because they were so close to the surface, they have the potential to cause more shaking and more damage, "coupled with infrastructure that's vulnerable to shaking," said U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Paul Earle.

"They have a lot of old buildings that weren't constructed at a time with modern seismic codes," he said. Given the size, depth and location of the quakes, the USGS estimates that about 24 million people likely felt at least weak shaking. This original quake was about 20 kilometers (12 miles) northwest of the original shock, which puts it on the northern edge of the aftershock sequence and two months is normal for aftershocks, Earle said.

“The earthquake today has further disrupted the tectonic plates, and in the coming hours we may see aftershocks of today’s earthquake on top of those from August 24,” Salvatore Mazza, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology told RAI News24. It is likely that more quakes are coming.

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looting africans in 3 2 1

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Kurgman has wood right now. Lot's of broken windows. This is going to stimulate the economy.

Cue MDB to explain.

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yippee kiyay (not verified) DontGive Oct 26, 2016 9:48 PM

Sad. The only comfort is that, like they say, BAD Things Happen for a reason.

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Why Italy? Why God why?

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I take it they're fracking in Italy.

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No, that would be innovative. We're talking Italy.

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Uh that first video is fake as fuck.



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Appears the Messiah is pissed with the Communist, Mussulman-lover presiding over the papal....


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Looks more like someone is angry about the muslims having that massive protest a couple days ago in Rome regarding all those "garage mosques" that are being shut down.

Kick them out or God will "broken arrow" Rome's ass.

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Youuu.. got that right!

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Don't worry. Those industrious pizza tossers will get right to rebuilding tomorrow. Work will start at 10 sharp. Following a 3 hour lunch, they will get right back to looking for survivors until at least 3:15.

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And this is what you get with the disastrous effects of Peak Olive Oil. We need to lessen our dependence on foreign Olive Oil.

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No dead.  What an apocalypse!  I guess even god is a fraud these days. 

Donations please.

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It's Russia's fault.
It's George Bush's fault.

In all seriousness, it's Hillary's and the EU's fault.

Italy, we pray for you and yours, among other things, that you should cede from the EU and get us a real pope like JP2.

All hail John Paul II.


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Little known trivia: Pope John Paul II, the first ever Polish Pope, commited his first miracle within days of taking the position, when he rolled a 305 in the Vatican Bowling League.

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Coming from a Catholic with Frank in our wall of popes...get us a non-communist pope pinto.

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Why not? Anyways, a 6.1 isnt shit, were they not prepared? California reporting in...

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Perhaps the Bunga Bunga parties.

Or it could just be a random event.

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Krugman is delighted. Finally economic stimulus for millions. 

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Why can't this happen to D.C.?

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Wunder how the left coast will do with an 8.7? or the Midwest with another New Madrid 9.1??  With JIT central planning I'm sure we will have no problema.

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Amerikka will do just fine when Hildabeast is in office and fiddles like Nero while the empire is burning. Oh, don't forget her maniacal laugh and crazy eyes. She's perfect for the coming Americalyps.

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I would have moved, as soon as I saw the Pope praying with Muslims, circa 2014.

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Judgment is upon the land when the people turn from the love of the true creator and one who sustains both the land and the people.  That said, try to imagine the judgment stored up for North America.

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Judgment is upon the soul, not the nation.  

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Should take lessons from the Japanese. Nobody listens, especially Seattle and Vancouver. Both 100% unprepared. Officials always think it only happens to somebody else. Dumb as a sack of hammers.

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officials will probably be somewhere else (dc?) with gobs of taxpayer money in their pockets, that had been earmarked for defending against catastrophe. privatize the gains, socialize the losses. SSDD ad nauseum.

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hoagy goldmikel (not verified) Oct 26, 2016 5:25 PM

mantenere la calma.

Spero che il figlio d' una cagna Dragi morto

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*Mantenete la calma.
*Spero che quel figlio di puttana di Draghi muoia.

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tis a shame that the origin of the rodent's "Machiavellian" campaign tactics turned to rubble... oh, the irony

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Take note of all the refugees flocking to the area to help.


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 This is a good thing. That scumbag Matteo Renzi, is just a " Meat Puppet".

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What impact on Spaghetti & Pizza Prices?

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Hey Tylers, learn some terminology. Foreshock & Aftershock

Foreshocks, aftershocks - what's the difference?

"Foreshock" and "aftershock" are relative terms. Foreshocks are earthquakes that precede larger earthquakes in the same location. Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes that occur in the same general area during the days to years following a larger event or "mainshock." They occur within 1-2 fault lengths away and during the period of time before the background seismicity level has resumed. As a general rule, aftershocks represent minor readjustments along the portion of a fault that slipped at the time of the mainshock. The frequency of these aftershocks decreases with time. Historically, deep earthquakes (>30 km) are much less likely to be followed by aftershocks than shallow earthquakes. (Univ. of Washington)


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thank you for that, AM...your info was appreciated, the preface not so much.  the tylers as you know are but a few & right now they've gotta be exhausted keeping us abreast of this shit show.

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The earthquake that struck today will cause a mid 4 earthquake to strike in NW Italy in the next few days as the pressure transfers up the plate boundary, near Torino.  This is not a fault line but a plate boundary.  The Pressure will move all the way up the plate boundary to Iceland (mid atlantic ridge). Additionally, there'll be more 5's to mid 5's that will continue to strike in the area of central Italy.

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More to come...

Chappaqua is next !

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Why Italy?  Why couldn't hit the Blackhouse in Washington D.C.?  Anyone catch the iron oxide (red dust) in the atmosphere the other night?  hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos, meteors, mass animal deaths and weather changes.  



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Well, if it does come, DC will end up under water.

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No worries. Donald has his pick of Trump towers to turn into the new White House.

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First quarter 2016.  I would bet a 1.75 liter of Gentlemen Jack on that.

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Hey Mayor,

Call Draghi, Call LaGarde ... they'll help you out.


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Slick Willy on Pedophile Air Express to bring aid to ravaged countryside.

WARNING TO Clooney: Hide the wife, any female children and you might want to implant that buttplug you havent used for awhile cause Slick Willy comin to Town

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 Paul " the cricket" Krugman is probably on a G-650 with Valerie Jarrett and Josh Earnest to fix all those "broken windows".