Merkel Accuses Facebook, Google Of "Distorting Perception", Wants Access To Algorithms

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While Facebook and Google have been repeatedly accused of media bias and manipulating public opinion, especially during the US presidential campaign, an unexpected attack on the two media giants came today not from the US but from Germany, when Chancellor Angela Merkel launched a full-on attack at the two companies, accusing them of “narrowing perspective,” and demanding they disclose their privately-developed algorithms. Merkel previously blamed social media for anti-immigrant sentiment and the rise of the far right.

“The algorithms must be made public, so that one can inform oneself as an interested citizen on questions like: what influences my behavior on the internet and that of others?" said Merkel during a media conference in Berlin on Tuesday cited by RT.

What she said next echoed similar complaints lobbed at the media giants by those considered less than mainstream: "These algorithms, when they are not transparent, can lead to a distortion of our perception, they narrow our breadth of information."

Angela Merkel speaks with Mark Zuckerberg Eric Schmidt at the G8 Summit in 2011

In a tech-driven world, Google uses an algorithm to decide which search results are first shown to a user (and which are not, for example when one searches about Hillary's health), while Facebook arranges the order of the news feed, and decides to include certain posts from a user’s liked pages and friends, at the expense of others. Both sites also promote links to news articles, often based on a user’s own media interests.

However, it is still a human's job to write and calibrate these algorithms which are at the core of the intellectual property of any social media or search website, and comprise some of the most highly-protected trade secrets in the world, potentially worth billions. No internet giant has ever revealed its inner workings.

Merkel did not specifically name Facebook, Google or Twitter, but implied that the large platforms are creating “bubbles” of self-reinforcing views, and squeezing out smaller news providers. One could also call it propaganda.

"The big internet platforms, via their algorithms, have become an eye of a needle which diverse media must pass through to reach users,” warned Merkel. “This is a development that we need to pay careful attention to.” In their defense, Google and Facebooks have retorted that the so-called social media bubble is largely a "myth", and that online users have a wider access to differing views than under a pre-internet model, where most news would be acquired from just a handful of newspapers and one or two TV channels.

This is not the first attack on social media by Merkel and her Grand Coalition government. Curious, while the German politician advocates diversity of views, she has previously accused it of perpetrating opinions that are most at odds with those of the establishment and traditional media.

In other words, instead of seeking to cripple the informational monopoly of Facebook and Google, Merkel was merely pursuing her own, ulterior motives. Last month, the chancellor accused AfD, the recently-established anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim party, which receives overwhelmingly negative coverage in most newspapers, of “spreading their lies” through social media, as it achieves breakthroughs in regional elections around the country.

As RT adds, a year ago, at the height of the refugee influx into the country, Merkel, who was first elected in 2005, was caught on a hot mic personally pressing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to clamp down on anti-migrant posts during a UN session in New York.  Then, several weeks ago, the leader of Merkel’s parliamentary CDU faction, Volker Kauder, said that social media should be fined €50,000 for failing to remove “hate speech,” saying that a “Sword of Damocles” has to hang over social media. Kauder also called for warnings, similar to those on cigarette packs or before entering pornographic websites, to be given to those about to go on social media.

In other words, the Germans want to tackle the biased information and "distorted perceptions" with state censorship. Somehow that strikes us as ironic.

In the end, it turns out Merkel's mini crusafe is nothing more than an attempt at scapegoating her own immigration policy failures on the web giants. Justice Minister Heiko Maas – who said that there had been a 77 percent increase in hate crimes following the arrival of 900,000 asylum seekers – has given internet media companies until February next year to comply with EU directives on xenophobia and racism, or face legal action.

More than anything, this little anecdote reveals that the greatest weapon in a "developed society's" arsenal remains information, and the fight is to control not just the content, but more importantly, the distribution. Incidentally, if it does come to a showdown between a sovereign nation and an internet media giant, our money will always be on the latter.

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Mass_hysteria's picture
Mass_hysteria (not verified) Oct 27, 2016 1:47 AM

because what can possible go wrong when you give a socialist access to supposed free speech platforms

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'All your thought are belong to us'


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The Silicon Valley Jews aren't doing enough to shut down badthink?  OY VEY! Mama Merkel will fix it.

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Excuses are like assholes, merkel has one...

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Dear Mrs Merkel - aka Soros Immigration Enabler?

Fuck off and die, already.

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Merkel Accuses Facebook, Google Of "Distorting Perception"

Merkel, try this:

“Deception, machination and mendacity lie at the core of human intelligence, like worms coiled at the core of a apple” Mark Rowlands 


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Is she stupid... goog and FB are her best friends....come over here for a couple of months 

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It doesn't matter, they must obey each one of the Führer's wishes. Heil Merkel!

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" In other words, the Germans want to tackle the biased information and "distorted perceptions" with state censorship. Somehow that strikes us as ironic."

Mama Merkel and the State Elitists will decide what's good for us and what's not.

Probably hoping to  coordinate this with the Obama/Clinton Information Curation effort.

I feel SOOO comforted that these kind Philosopher-King elitists are deciding what we should think....NOT.

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We are in the midst of a real mess that only the GOD of the Bible can straighten out.

The BAD News: The world is under GOD's Wrath of Abandonment. GOD has turned mankind over to his own devices and wisdom.

What a disaster.

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Oh, I know! I know! Please, let mee!


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Having completely suppressed any mention of the daily rapes by refugees of  German women to then loudly assert that is wrong to be "distorting perception" certainly qualifies Merkel for the disgusting hypocrite of the year award.

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Mark Zuckerberg sweats about privacy issues on FB, inside of sweatshirt reveals Illuminati ties:

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For an alleged genius, he sure was sweating the "programming" there. What a mind controlled NoSuchAgency automaton! Seriously struggling with normal human behavior. At least there's a hexagram on the inside so he knows who has his back.

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"Seriously struggling with normal human behavior."

Yes, because he's (it's) a full on reptilian.

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I swear that guy has the same cloths on in every picture. I guess he traded that hoodie in for a Chinese mail order bride though

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Bitch is waking up but it's too late and she's part of the problem. 

Guess she woke up one day looked at what she had done to her country and conciousness hit her. Too little too late.

Edit: NVM im retarded its just the usual smoke & mirrors. 

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Isn't it great how the SJWs inevitably turn on each other?  

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Monsterkel does not want innocent German Infidels to know about pisslam & the barbarism its followers unleash!

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Shift the blame for your own failed policies to the social media, that is bullish. If a psychiatrist would analyse Merkel's algorithms in her head he would find out that she is delusional and living outside reality.

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The absurd, dissembling talk of a woman determined to stifle dissent because she is determined to flood Germany with non-Europeans though: most Germans do not want it, certainly not at this level.. It is not anything but an economic negative, and it guarantees chaos and violence and strife for decades.

The issue is why Merkel is so dedicated to de-Germanizing Germany.

Here's a simple answer: racial antipathy, that is, racist hate toward Germans.

I suspect she no more deems herself a German than Alan Shatter deems himself a Celt. Both creatures ostensibly hate the native, majority populations.

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Let me explain for you, SHE IS A COMMUNIST.

Posing as a "Christian Democrat".
I can say I am a Galactic Ambassador and the German people would eat it up, vote for me. I will say nice things and eat your mothers face for fun.

She Is A Communist. How hard is it to understand ?

Be fucking serious.

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Jews have throughout centuries shown no allegiance to whatever nation they reside in. Always self segregating and refusing to assimilate. They have actually done a much better job at playing chameleon in the US as well as Europe since WWII.

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Isn't that exactly what she hired them for? Stupid traitor cunt.

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fuk jookerburg and his chink wife

someone put a hollow tip through his head

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They haven't said she's fat have they; that is unkind.

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A typical career politician; blame others for one’s own mistakes. Also by grace of that woman, the Germanics have managed to destroy Europe three times now within the last century.

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History can remove the girl from the Stasi, but nothing can remove the Stasi from the girl.

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It's just about who controls the propaganda.

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Merkel is jewess. That says it all.

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We all know what (((tribe))) this fucking cunt is from, now don't we?!? It's too bad no one has shot the bitch!

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“The algorithms must be made public, so that one can inform oneself as an interested citizen on questions like: what influences my behavior on the internet and that of others?"

Oh dear, best to not know the truth, you are ugly as get out and a little fat Merkel ... but the algorithm paints you as some pretty intelligent person. That same algorithm conceals the fact most people are only slaves now and is a voice suppressant as currently being observed in the US elections.

The true algorithm, people kill people, terrorism is state sponsored and no black lives don't matter no more.

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Stasi Nazi = Nazi Stasi

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How much money does Facebook get from DE and from the EU per year?

I hope ZERO but doubt it is so

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Joseph Goebbels would be appalled at Merkel's amateur bunglings.  She's for the high jump.

First, she says, "Let them come, all of them.  We can manage."

Then, "Oops, these are not nice people...why are they raping our girls?"

Now she complains "Can't we force the American social media barons to make our people agree with what I did?

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Just a plain old power grab by government.
'Google Search Could Influence Election Results, According to Researchers'
And the effect works even if subjects know they are being manipulated. Searcher beware.

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I thought Google and Facebook were already under establishment control... their executives practically work for Hitlery. Ruling class infighting I suppose.

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It's hard do explain properly my disdain for our current german politicians.  The only ones allowed to discriminate whomever one likes are this f.... politicians, and they do break laws with not even a second thought.  I hope this time especially Merkel and her gang will get destroyed and not the people who do not have voted for them.

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Time to declare 'internet search' a human right, and turn google into a public utility? Because .gov should decide what we can find.