NATO Pushing For "Biggest Military Build-Up On Russia's Borders" Since The Cold War

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As Russia pushes on with the biggest naval deployment since the cold war as Russia's only carrier group slowly headed toward Syria in a show of force along Europe's shores, NATO defense ministers are focusing on a ground expansion and aim to make good on a July promise by NATO leaders to send forces to the Baltic states and eastern Poland from early next year. As a result, NATO will press its member allies on Wednesday to "contribute to its biggest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War " as the alliance prepares for a protracted quarrel with Moscow.

According to Reuters, the US hopes for binding commitments from Europe to fill four battle groups of some 4,000 troops, part of NATO's response to Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea and concern it could try a similar tactic in Europe's ex-Soviet states.  France, Denmark, Italy and other allies are among the nations expected to join the four battle groups led by the United States, Germany, Britain and Canada to go to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, with forces ranging from armored infantry to drones.

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary-General, said the commitments would be "a clear demonstration of our transatlantic bond." They will also send a clear message to Russia that its concerns about NATO build up on its borders were correct. Diplomats added that it would also send a message to Donald Trump, who has complained that European allies do not pay their way in the alliance. The battle groups will be backed by NATO's 40,000-strong rapid-reaction force, and if need be, further follow-on forces, for any potential conflict, which could move into Baltic states and Poland on rotation.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg briefs media during a NATO meeting
in Brussels, Belgium, October 26, 2016. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

The strategy, which will surely lead to a proportional response by Russia,  is part of an emerging new deterrent that could eventually be combined with missile defenses, air patrols and defenses against cyber attacks.

But while a build up of forces in eastern Europe should be easily achieved, the alliance is still struggling for a similar strategy in the Black Sea region, which Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said is becoming a "Russian lake" because of Moscow's military presence there. Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey are expected to soon come forward with a plan to increase naval and air patrols in the area, as well as a multinational NATO brigade in Romania.

Even without a coordinate Black Sea expansion, the Kremlin will be furious. For Putin, the U.S.-led alliance's plans are already too much given Russia's grievances at NATO's expansion eastwards.  Stoltenberg denied going too far. "This is a credible deterrence, not to provoke a conflict but to prevent conflict," he told reporters on Tuesday.

Next year's deployments have taken on greater symbolism since Russia pulled out of several nuclear disarmament agreements in the past two months while moving nuclear-capable missiles into its Baltic exclave in Kaliningrad as we reported several weeks ago. The Iskander-M cruise missiles can hit targets across Poland and the Baltics, although NATO officials declined to say if Russia had moved nuclear warheads to Kaliningrad.

"This deployment, if it becomes permanent, if the presence of nuclear weapons were confirmed, would be a change in (Russia's) security posture," the United States' envoy to NATO, Douglas Lute, said.

The ongoing tensions between Russia and NATO have been building since Crimea and the West's decision to impose retaliatory sanctions, but the breakdown of a U.S-Russia brokered ceasefire in Syria on Oct. 3, followed by U.S. accusations that Russia has used cyber attacks to disrupt the presidential election, signaled the latest sharp worsening of East-West relations. EU leaders met last week to consider fresh sanctions over Russian bombing of civilian areas in Aleppo and NATO's Stoltenberg said he fears the Russian warships heading to the Mediterranean could launch new attacks on the Syrian city.

Even before the break down of the Syrian ceasefire, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons-grade plutonium, signaling he was willing to use nuclear disarmament as a new bargaining chip in disputes with the United States over Ukraine and Syria.

And now it will once again be up to Putin to respond again as NATO proceeds with the "biggest military build-up on Russia's borders", a move that will lead to even further military escalation

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Thebighouse's picture

Yet they gas up the russian fleet?

Pinto Currency's picture


NATO's rigging of the global gold and bond market is failing and they need to change the story:

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Slightly OT...

According to DDOT (the District of Columbia Department of Transportation), the agency responsible for street lighting in DC, the number of lampposts in the District is 14,235.

Also, there are 13,700 registered federal lobbyists and 535 members of the Congress, adding up to (hold on to your toilet seats!) 14,235.


This random coincidence is as hilarious as watching a car driving across a huge empty parking lot and crashing head-on into the single lamppost in the middle of the parking lot.   ;-)


Erek's picture

One man, one lamp post!

Sounds fair to me

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The Saint (not verified) Erek Oct 26, 2016 10:06 AM

That'll teach those Ruskies to stop making bombing runs at NATO countries.

We could have all been friends - but NOOOO.  Putin has to grab some more land by force.  It's not like Russia isn't big enough already.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

In the hallways pisses Putin personally.

And empty bottles on the benches near the entrances, too, he leaves.

And the rockets he drops personally.

the phantom's picture

Sound and fury signifying nothing.  History has taught that you will never win a land war in Russia.  With Russia's missle capabilities, 4,000/10,000/20,000... they will all be vaporized.  This is not Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya or Syria.  NATO is marching to their own destruction.

Duane Norman's picture

Nothing beats your everyday warmongering though!

HowdyDoody's picture

Meanwhile Russia tests launching and controllability of hypersonic warheads carried by RS-18 ICBMs.

Maneuverable hypersonic warheads? Who didn't see that coming?



PrayingMantis's picture



... NATO? ... No Action Talk Only ... because they are prone to Not Able To Organize (and that's why they needed the Neo-warmongering Alinskyite Terrorist Organizer currently residing at the whouse, who, most likely would lie and would  claim a No Attachment To Outcomes) ... why? ... well, they Need Americans To Operate, that's why ...  sure this "theatre" would only be a ... Night At The Opera ... just ask the National Association of Theatre Owners ... or even the National Association of Taxicab Owners  ... who btw, should fight Uber instead ... damn aholes ... this self-proclaimed Not A Terrorist Organization have done Numerous Atrocities To Other sovereign countries like Gaddafi's at the North African Theater of Operations ... and perhaps with the backing of the North American Tactical Operations or who knows, the National Association of Timeshare Owners?, or most likely, they might Need Another Time Out ... but really, what's the plan here? ... most people who Need Alcohol To Operate might say the opposite of this is true >>> Not Another Terrorist Organization  ...



Mr.BlingBling's picture

I think the reason for "our" desire to move closer to Russia's borders is to place missile "defense" systems sufficiently close to Russian ICBM sites so that "we" can shoot down the ICBM's during their vulnerable boost phase.  In other words, "we" may be putting Russia into the position where it believes that it must initiate a surprise spasmodic launch of its ICBM's in order to avoid their subsequent destruction. 

(Sorry about the overuse of italics to make a point; their presence even annoyed me when I proofed this.)

Erek's picture

"NATO is marching to their own destruction."

They need to change to a quick trott, or even a fast run.

henrietta's picture

NATO will not invade Russia, are you mad?  This is a purely formal exercise to remind themselves they still have a purpose and assure the likes of Baltic countries that they did not join the NATO for nothing.



sun tzu's picture

It's like the mafia telling people to pay protection money. NATO needs a reason to exist or else members will drop out. 

peippe's picture

But I was told we have War Technicians more talented that Napoleon 

& more psychotic than can we lose? 

makinbacon's picture

As Napoleon said , "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

As the Russians were bayonetting his troops as they lay frozen in the snow on the retreat....

JRobby's picture

Last gasp of the NWO war hawk criminals. I will enjoy their trials for war crimes with particular glee.

Bay of Pigs's picture

NATO expansion under Clinton, Bush and Obama has led directly to this dangerous situation.

Russia has done nothing to provoke any of it. NATO is the aggressor here.

11b40's picture

Dylan summed it up well in the early '60's.

Masters of War

Diatom's picture

In the psychology of war is easier to mobilize an army for defense than for ofense.

That's why previous atempts to invade Russia have failed...The Soviets threw soldiers at

the Germans until they ran out of bullets...

In 2016 the war is fought on TV, Facebook, Twitter and newspapers.

There wont be any WW3. The 0,1 % is not stupid. They have already Chernobyl and Fukushima in their hands...

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

This is not a NATO idea, it is an Obama / Clinton idea.  And the NATO wusses just go along with it.

williambanzai7's picture

And the President of the Philipines will not play that same game for them.

BandGap's picture

No, the EU is the neocon's playground. Just look at all the unelected officials making policy in the EU. In fact, it is far more fertile ground than the US, where there is at least some resistance to the war mongering. The EU bitches only when the rapefugee problem went total retard.

The US certainly plants and funds but the EU is more than willing to face up to the Russians on their own with the weapons in hand.

Soros and the Rothchilds do not reside on this side of the pond.

Handful of Dust's picture

I don't know if Germans can wake up in time to realuize they are being thrown under the bus by Osama, Hillary and Soros, and Merkel. You can be sure Russia will take out Germany first and fast then deal with the others.

Freddie's picture

Russia and Putin would be seen as liberators.   The scum CSU in Bavaria and backing Merkel's CDU 100%.  The CSU woman had a very dual shitizen name.

Russia has been Christian for 1100 years with 80 years of terror by dual shitizen non-Christans.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Freddie Oct 26, 2016 12:09 PM

I agree. Some Germans might be happy to see Putin show up. If he was able to throw out the gimmigrants and the leftist freaks and perverts.

kellys_eye's picture

The 'task' is to have a war with Russia but on European territory thereby avoiding the damage, physical and mental, that warfare on US soil would create.

Putin is aware of this and has promised to visit war upon US soil as a consequence just so the Americans understand that they are not immune from the horrors of it - as they have been during world wide conflicts so far.

I'm not advocating any harm to American people - may whatever God you acknowledge keep you safe - but your leadership is using the rest of the worlds population as pawns in a game that they know they are going to lose.

If 'we' are going down, we're happy to see 'you' going down with us.


sand_puppy's picture

Yes.  Remember that "the Russian annexation of Crimea" followed a vote from the people of Crimea (who are overwhelmingly of Russian ethnicity) to rejoin Russian.  This was a democratically decided act by the poeple of Crimea.

This followed an coup in Ukraine where the democratically elected president was overthrown and a neo-Nazi govenmnent installed.  (All of which was sponsored by Victoria Nuland, John McCain, CIA and Soros).  Then the new neo-Nazi Ukranian leadership began talking about genociding the Russian minority living in Crimea.  They wisely voted to get the hell out of the Ukraine.  Makes sense to me.

Erek's picture

Oh, pleeeese!

Forget the fact that Russia has a treaty with Ukraine to station somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 troops there.

You know that nasty Putin had his toops invade Crimea. 

I know it's true, because I heard it on TV. (Too bad the TV folks forgot to mention the treaty part.)

War Machine's picture


crimea was transferred by the Ukrainian Premier of the USSR to Ukraine ssr from Russia ssr... It has remained majority Russian. The notion that Crimea's parliament and people could not vote to leave after a US/Zionist coup (Ukraine is less than 1/2 of 1% Jewish... You may look into Nuland's suggestions and other post-coup leaders and oligarchs yourself, suffice to say hundreds of IDF MEMBERS were involved in the coup and so was Mossad)... Is absurd on its face.

The hypocrisy of the US, UK, and Israeli governments is beyond absurd, as is the fact anyone, after Iraq, takes the dinosaur media seriously.

Unfortunately when hypocrites have nukes and drones and tens of thousands of mercenaries and spooks determined to control MOAR of the world, all they understand is brute force.

Too bad the Left isnt against war anymore like they were when Bush and Blair were in, eh?

Let's hope for some 'regime change' in the West... For all our sakes.

HowdyDoody's picture

They also requested independence from Ukraine when the USSR was dissolved in the early 1990's. That expression of democratic aspirations was rejected the Ukraine oligarchs.

Volkodav's picture

not talk...there were many acts of violence, death

there were already many atrocities against Crimeans

Korsun pogrom:

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

That is a good documentary (not long either at only 25 minutes) and, more importantly, those killings took place on February 20, 2014, the same day the Nazi snipers in Kiev started shooting police and demonstrators on Maidan square.

The busses which were stopped and attacked in Korsun were Crimean anti-Maidan demonstrators returning home. The Ukrop Nazis were informed of their departure, knew the route they were taking, and were waiting to ambush them.

Here are two of the raw videos from which footage was used in the above documentary:

The right sector in the Massacre of Crimeans and set fire to buses at Korsun

The capture of the bus with aunts. Zvenyhorodka, Cherkasy oblast

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) sand_puppy Oct 26, 2016 12:17 PM

Thank you for the summary and reminder. Very accurate summary, by the way. Don't forget what Victoria Nuland also did while she prancing around Kiev. She showed up with a check for $5 billion US FRNs.

The reason Ukraine doesn't have nuclear missiles anymore is because they signed the Budapest Memorandum back in 1992 and actually followed through! They believed it! The US and UK have walked so far back from the Budapest Memorandum that Ukraine finally realized (I hope) that it wasn't worth the paper it was written on!

Samantha Powers, and her husband, Cass Sunstein, who is the author of the book "Nudge." These people are nothing but elititsts who think they are smarter than everyone else and that common people are cattle to be herded.

And wasn't it Victoria Nuland that was caught saying "Fuck the Eu?" These people are nothing but scum.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) HRH of Aquitaine Oct 26, 2016 1:22 PM

Eric Zuesse


*Head of Stratfor, ‘Private CIA’, Says Overthrow of Yanukovych Was ‘The Most Blatant Coup in History’ *

"In a December 19th interview in the Russian magazine Kommersant, George Friedman, who is the Founder and CEO of Stratfor, the ‘Shadow CIA’ firm, says of the overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych that occurred on February 22nd of 2014: “It really was the most blatant coup in history.” Perhaps he is saying this because of the videos that were uploaded to the Web which showed it to be so, but this statement by him contradicts the description that is asserted by the U.S. White House and the European Union, and the Western press, which description is that Yanukovych’s overthrow was instead just the result of the U.S. Government’s $5+ billion expense since 1991 to establish ‘democracy’ in Ukraine.

Friedman further says that....."


((( George Friedman )))

Friedman was born in Budapest, Hungary to Jewish parents who survived the Holyhoax.


((( George Friedman ))) + ((( Prez. Poroschenko, ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk , current Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman , US Ass Sec Victoria Nuland, US Kiev Ambass. Jeffrey Pyatt, John Kerry, Soros, Cass Sunstein.....)))

Connect the Dots Folks !!!

MEFOBILLS's picture

Even the tatars in Crimea voted to rejoin Russia.

Curiously, the Russian military already there (in Sevestapol) pointed their rifles OUTWARD, to prevent outside meddling during the voting.

All observers have mentioned that the vote was fair.

This method of peaceful change, got its impetus from Billy Boy Bomber Clinton.


Remember the break-up of Yugoslavia.  NATO ripped Bosnia away, and Bosnian's had a vote.  Said vote was then upheld by the UN as being legitimate.

The West is hoisted on its own petard with regards to Crimea.

To add even more insult to insult, Milosevic was exonerated of "crimes" by the Hague.  Most of the claims made by Billy Boy were false...go figure.

Even more intrigue?  Bosnian's are Muslims @ 51%, which shows Western power elite "favoring" muslims as their agents for chaos, not to mention Saudi funding.

Braindonor1's picture

Excellent work William!

The crooked wheel of dollar driven despotism grinds on. 

pods's picture

Fuck NATO.  

This is when it bugs me the most that the media is controlled by the very same people controlling NATO.  The people of the USA will get spoonfed NATO's point of view about the evil Russians.  Won't matter to ZH readers, but we are few and far between. I have been talking to a guy here at work about this buildup to war, and he lets me know what the media is saying, and they are laying it on good and thick.

Disgusting war pigs.


Bunghole's picture

The only good thing to come out of NATO is the milsurp M80 and M193 ball ammo to feed my freedom sticks

Thoreau's picture

And Fuck the "Tyler's" for once again suggesting that Russia "annexed" Crimea. The Crimean's annexed themselves.

Handful of Dust's picture

The Nobel Piece Prize winner is a real loser.

jaxville's picture

lamp posts can be recycled or reused.  They can all go to one post but there would be a bit of a wait

Ignatius's picture

Now figure that 1+4 = 5, and 2+3 = 5, and then the third 5.  That's 555, the height of the Washington Monument.

Now, put that in the pipe and smoke it.

Erek's picture

What is 668?


The Devil's neighbor.

(Say, isn't that Hellery's house number?)

Rusty Shorts's picture

The Washigton Monument is 555 ft tall, that's 6660 inches...I'm pretty sure we can get 12,235 meat hooks anchored to the monument...

Troy Ounce's picture


Siener van Rensburg, a simple South African farmer , predicted in the 1900's:

"The second coming of the Lord being a jubilee year it’ll cause the borders of South Africa to extent beyond Zimbabwe and Namibia. Striking details in his dreams and prophecies are known, and symbols reoccurring in his visions are consistent and can be with relative ease correctly interpreted.


The World (especially England, France and USA)


America and England will become bankrupt and full of debts.

*England will be struck by 7 plagues when World War 3 is at hand.


England will be totally annihilated, even their ground will burn away as aRussian-led invasion will invade Europe, through Turkey, and use terrible weapons.


The invasion will be stopped in France by German-American forces. Mr. van Rensburg actually made a remark that Germany will receive new ‘ground-breaking’ technology from America that they (the Germans) will use to defeat the Russian invasion; the USA will be unable to respond in a timely manner because of a severe attack on their troops, ground and finances.


Mr. van Rensburg also indicated that the trouble for South Africa will be much shorter lived when compared to other countries also less troublesome, as the Lord will send His power and blessing causing South Africa to be a safe-haven for Christians from all over the world."