Putin Tried To Warn Us About Syria Three Years Ago, But Nobody Listened

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Submitted by Darius Sahtahmasebi via TheAntiMedia.org,

As Russia and the United States approach arguably the most dangerous crossroads in history — and as Western media continues to crucify Russia for its actions within Syria — a closer look at the rationale Putin used for intervening in the Syrian war paints a sane explanation of how we ended up at this juncture of a global conflict.

Unsurprisingly, the explanation comes from the Russian president himself and was actually offered over 3 years ago. As expected, the Western corporate media and the Obama administration chose to ignore Vladimir Putin’s explanation for Russia’s stance on Syria and continued a number of policies that have completely exacerbated the conflict.

In a live interview with RT in June 2013, Putin was asked for an explanation regarding Russia’s support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria, even though this support has made some people very angry at Russia. Putin’s response was that Russia does not support the Assad government or Assad himself, but before defining Russia’s official position, he explained what Russia does not want to do within Syria or across the Middle East:

“We do not want to interfere into the internal schism of Islam, between Shias and Sunnis. These are internal issues of the Islamic world. We have very good relations with much of the Arabic world, Iran for example, and others.”

However, according to Putin, what worries Russia can be identified by having a look “at what is going on in the Middle East in general.”

“Egypt is not calm. Iraq is not calm – and it is not assured in its continued existence as one state.  Yemen is not calm; Tunisia is not calm. Libya is witnessing inter-ethnic, inter-tribal conflict. So the entire region has been engulfed, at a minimum, into a state of conflict and undecidedness. And now Syria, down the same path.”

In Putin’s eyes, these events are no accident. As he puts it, these events happened for a reason:

Some people, from the outside, think that if they can ‘comb’ the region to how they see fit – some of them call this ‘democracy’ – then the region will come into calmness and order. That’s not how it is.  Without taking into account the history, the traditions, religious particularities, you must not do anything in the Middle East, especially as an outsider.”

Russia found this out the hard way when its military intervened in Afghanistan in the 1980s, a war many historians believe to be one of the main reasons for the fall of the Soviet empire. According to Robert Gates, director of the CIA under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and Secretary of Defense under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the U.S. began arming and funding jihadists in Pakistan and Afghanistan six months prior to the Soviet invasion with the express goal of luring the Soviets into a quagmire.

Similarly, and not by accident, the tactic used to draw Russia into Afghanistan is the same tactic being used today in Syria. In fact, Obama warned Putin that Russia’s adventures into Syria would result in the same quagmire the Soviets met in Afghanistan.

Unsurprisingly, supporting radical militant groups to overthrow regimes in the Middle East has been a key hallmark of Obama’s foreign policy. As Putin notes:

“So they interfered in the internal affairs of Libya. Whether the [Gaddafi] regime was good or bad – but Libya used to have the highest standard of living in the Middle East. And what’s happening there now? There’s a war for resources; an endless inter-tribal war. How is this all going to end – nobody knows.”

What happened to Libya resonated strongly with Russia due to the fact that in that situation, the West convinced Russia and China not to use their veto power at the U.N. Security Council level — they were told regime change was not part of NATO’s agenda in Libya. As it turned out, however, this was one of the first things that happened as soon as authorization was granted for NATO to bomb Libyan territory. Putin immediately questioned why NATO was attacking Muammar Gaddafi directly despite their promises they would not do so.

Putin has therefore drawn the following conclusion:

“What worries us is that if the same is done in Syria, then it will be in the same state as Libya. Is it not enough that we already have a small lawless territory between Afghanistan and Pakistan? Nobody governs the area, it’s just groups of rebels. This is very close to our borders, do we want another?”

The role of al-Nusra in the Syrian conflict continues to be the main issue today, as Russia has repeatedly asked for the United States to differentiate between terrorist groups and moderate groups on the ground in Syria.

As Putin said:

“You know what [the Americans] can’t answer us? The key armed opposition group…al-Nusra…Yes, this organization is one of the key ones in the armed opposition [against Assad]. The U.S. State Department has confirmed it is a terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda. Al-Nusra does not hide that fact. And – what are [the Americans suggesting]? For al-Nusra to be in the future parliament?”


“Or, here’s another example. They support certain organizations that are fighting against Assad in Syria, yet those same countries [who support them in Syria] fight against these organizations in Mali.”

Putin’s reference to fighters in Mali is a direct attack on France’s role in the war on terror. France has been actively bombing Mali since 2013, though this is rarely covered by the mainstream media. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has noted, the fighters France supported in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi were the same fighters they have supposedly been fighting in Mali.

Often, not only are they the same organizations – they are the same individuals,” Putin added.


“They simply leave Syria and go to fight in Mali – where western states do not support them. Then the same people go back to Syria and there they are supported.”


“Where is the logic? How will it all end? These are not just empty words.”

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Raffie's picture

If we go to war with Russia we can all run to the bomb shelters..

No wait.. that's in Russia not America.

Well, it's been a wild and crazy ride.

AtATrESICI's picture

Oh global usury class has boundless loving for their people

perchance they sense the natural embrace of jute, abound the collar

~~~loathing scratch that loving

PrayingMantis's picture


... > ... "... Libya used to have the highest standard of living in the Middle East. ..."

   ... similarly, the US used to have the highest standard of living in the world until the "political correct"ness of the  demoncRats took over .gov and let this happen >>> "... Moms in the United States illegally gave birth to 275,000 babies in 2014, enough birthright U.S. citizens to fill a city the size of Orlando, Florida, according to an analysis of data from the National Center for Health Statistics. ... " >>> http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/feds-275000-born-to-illegals-in-one-year-would-fill-city-the-size-of-orlando/article/2605649 


N57Mike's picture

Edgar Cayce ... Through Russia, Cayce said "comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism -- no! But freedom -- freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world." 

Cayce also predicted the possibility of a THIRD World War. He spoke of strifes arising..."in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above the Persian Gulf."
Later on, when asked in June 1943 whether it would be feasible to work towards an equitable international world currency or a stabilization of international exchange levels when the war (WW II) had ended, Cayce replied that it would be a long, long time before this would happen. Indeed, he said, "there may be another war (WW III) over just such conditions.
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Russia Today. More honest than any MSM. Never expected that.

I'm still waiting for more info on the "Missle Gap". Pentagon, CIA, NSA always full of shit.

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yippee kiyay (not verified) BennyBoy Oct 26, 2016 7:39 PM

Putin focused on the wrong problem though. http://goo.gl/l6d22d

Amun's picture

No worries, the great equalizer will make all nations and all religions equal





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Hey yippee kiyay (Soon to be banned and will then use the next new name lonnng) , previously mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then lance-a-lot then Loftie then toro. You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

Your MO is to post a provocative comment which SEEMS to be relevant but you have no interest in joining the discussion (and NEVER do) and your sole objective is to mislead readers into clicking on your falsified links to your BS site. That wastes everyones time is blatant SPAMMING.

Would appreciate regular ZH contributors please take a moment to help me in my campaign against this shithead and report yippee kiyay to abuse@zerohedge.com. with a request for an IP block to prevent multiple new accounts from being issued.

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When I was a kid my mom would listen to Voice of America (we were living in Europe), and she would tell me "this is the voice of freedom being broadcast into tyrannical countries, where everyone is sad". I remember the romantic idea of "American freedom", that feeling, that longing.

Admitedly that was just propaganda, as I understood years later. But still, the contrast between the US and the SU was striking; and without doubt it was better growing up under US occupation than Soviet occupation. At least the values were closer to the naural truth of individual rights.

How far have we come... now I trust Russian counter-propaganda more than the US narrative... it has so much more truth to it, as this article above shows. Not difficult, when your adversary is built as an Empire of Lies.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Please change your avatar. It makes me sick.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Raffie Oct 26, 2016 6:03 PM

No.  This isn't the most dangerous crossroad in Russian-American relations.

It was when Patton wanted to march on Moscow while we were in Europe but the Pres. wouldn't go for it.  Too bad.


jughead's picture

spoken like a true chicken hawk dilitante with no knowledge of actual history.  

The Alarmist's picture

Nobody listened??? More like, We stuck our fingers in our ears and shouted "La La La La La La" so we couldn't hear what we were being told.

besnook's picture

i think he is confusing patton for macarthur and russia for china.

HenryHall's picture

The mistake was the failure of the Free French and the British to march on Switzerland. Bankers to the Nazis and thereby collaborators with them.


Amun's picture

Free French were busy exterminating their fellow Resistance countrymen that belonged to French Communist Party

Churchill was busy planning invasion of Russia and then chickened out and run into deep Missouri

Middle of nowhere, like forsaken college in Fulton to get drunk and start a Cold War

Freddie's picture

McArthur was a total useless shit who attacked the Bonus Army after WW1 in Wash DC.  Patton used tanks on American Vets on orders from Macarthur.   Patton later realized that all wars are bankster/elite wars and the elites killed him.

land_of_the_few's picture

Patton would have gotten absolutely minced. Did he think he could do what Napoleon and Hitler couldn't? How long was he planning on staying? :D

lasvegaspersona's picture

This after Russia fought against Hitler with us at great cost in lives and treasure.

If we really believe that our way, capitalism, is the best way to live (I do!) then why are we fighting against systems that are sure to fail in the longer run? Have we no confidence?...or do some, like maybe Patton, just need to fight because that is what they do?

Time for the cannon fodder to weigh in.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

By '45 the Soviet Union had built up the strongest military force in history, battle steeled by endless bloodshed with the second strongest military force in history, the Wehrmacht. You think that disappeared overnight, jackass!?

doctor10's picture

starting in 1996 with Madelaine Albright, Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton-the USA has obtusely persisted in jamming PC female secretaries of state down the throats of allies and enemys around the world.

Making women force Muslim men to sell their oil in USD is a recipe for disaster just defined in terms of common sense.

Someday the world will use these 20yrs of failure of the US Empire as a lesson in "un-diplomacy"

besnook's picture

bingo! a terroist recruitment poster, having a woman give orders to fundy muslim men only makes them want to kill what she represents inciting the terror needed for mic to profit. it is kind of like diplomatic abu grahib as far as the fundy muslims are concerned.

land_of_the_few's picture

Albright is actually a Czech lady called Marie Jana Korbelova.

She forgot to mention this yes?

GreatUncle's picture

Absolutely fucking amazing ... why do all these Americans change their name like Kerry?

You hiding something?

Ashamed of something?

You steal something?

You betray something?

Bay Area Guy's picture

Wait until you see Secretary Nuland.

Frankly Speaking's picture

There are lots of bomb shelters in the US. Where do you think the $8 trillion disappeared to at the Pentagon. You're just not invited. They are for the just-us department.

Zarbo's picture

Been lookin' for those old, decayed shelter signs.  Tried DuckDuckGo (not Google) for a list of civil defense locations.  Ha.

I'm trying to remember the duck and cover drills from first through fourth grade.  I don't bend that way anymore.

BigJim's picture

Just cover yourself in passports. Those will survive anything.

Selly2k's picture

He was too busy testing new home made white house beer and playing golf and going to Hawaii costing $10 million per trip.

Mtnrunnr's picture

There's a lot of profit in dropping bombs...

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What do you expect from an arrogant narcissist?

jughead's picture

awww, butt hurt because he's obviously smarter than your little butt fuck buddy Obama?  Tissue?

IridiumRebel's picture

I meant Obama.
Come on Jughead. It's me.

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Jew nation "building" (GREATER ISRAEL AND THE JEW WORLD ORDER) is what is at stake here.



Who cares how many white countries(all of them) must be nuked and totally destroyed?


The Chosen People shall prevail!!!!!

alexcojones's picture

LotS of US Veterans like myself have MORE respect for Putin than FOR Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Bush, Soros & Kissinger COMBINED.

STAND TALL, VLAD - Let the NWO MothaFuckers FALL

East Indian's picture

Putin is not interfering in Assange affair - it does not concern Russia, so he keeps away; he respects the rules of international diplomacy scrupulously. 

He is not against the west; he doess not hate their "freedoms". He points out the consequences of the west persisting in its present course - it will lead to a confrontation with Russia. Putin wants to avoid that, but he is ready if it comes. He knows his job. 

I would keep as far away from that man and his country as possible. 

besnook's picture

the goal has already been accomplished. this is the palestine treatment writ large. a country in chaos is weak therefore not an existential threat.....to israel or the zionazi movement.

East Indian's picture

Putin says something else - the aim of the Syrian operations is to create a salafist state out of Syria and Iraq, an artificial entity that will be a tool of the NATO. Even the proposed Kurdish state is also suspect. That is why he allowed Erdogan to finish off the Kurds of Syria. 

bugs_'s picture

We didn't listen when they warned us about the Boston bombers too.

Hopefully this is about to change.

WTFUD's picture

'twas only a few weeks ago that Vichy DC was toying with attacking Syrian troops. Must have seen the light on that one. Lets hope there's an ICBM awaiting the alCIAd'uh/ISIS/NATO Coalition stream of Vermin as they cross from Iraq into Syria.

HenryHall's picture

>>    “We do not want to interfere into the internal schism of Islam, between Shias and Sunnis. These are internal issues of the Islamic world. We have very good relations with much of the Arabic world, Iran for example, and others.”


Transparently bogus, elementary school stuff.

Unlike most Americans, Vlad Putin is not so grossly uninformed as to think, even for one moment, that Iran is part of the Arabic World.  Also known as the Arab nation (????? ??????? al-?ummah al-?arab?ah).

besnook's picture

not a big deal. he probably meant to say islamic world but wanted to make sure everyone knows iran is on russia's side.

MopWater's picture

He did, anyone who's going to parse words like that is clearly looking for a bone to pick.

Some call me Richard Parker's picture

People forget real fast what geniuses like Obama and Clinton have done. https://waitforthedownfall.wordpress.com/get-bashar-al-assad/

Rehab Willie's picture

When it comes time for the ground game, Canada is fucked.

Savvy's picture

You're dumb. Canada is the wharehouse. The store of wealth. We may apologize for everything but boots on the ground, Canada has never lost.

MopWater's picture

I have a hard time figuring out of its by design or sheer incompetence...

Maybe it's a combination of the two.