Bill and Chelsea Respond To Clinton Foundation Scandal

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After coming under intense criticism for alleged pay-to-play activities, Bill and Chelsea Clinton recently sat down with Billboard to defend the Clinton Foundation and all of the great work it does...apparently like hosting concerts with Elton John, Usher, Bon Jovi and Sting.  Of course, the attempts to repair the Foundation's tarnished image come as it has suffered in recent weeks from the relentless daily flow of damaging emails leaked by WikiLeaks showing numerous internal conflicts of interest, donations from questionable foreign leaders and seemingly blatant "pay-to-play" activities involving the Clintons' work in Haiti and elsewhere.

Bill Clinton, vibrant and trim at 70, in a tailored navy suit and a bright red tie, strolls into Billboard’s makeshift photo studio at the New York Hilton Midtown in late September, during the 12th and final meeting of his charitable foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), which has long tapped musicians to give voice to causes. “It’s astonishing the impact they’re ­having,” says the president about the artists he has worked with through the years, from Elton John to Usher. Right now, rock legends Jon Bon Jovi and Sting trail him quietly like starstruck roadies.


Their family name is getting dragged through the mud along with the reputation of the foundation to which Clinton has ­dedicated his post-White House life. While Hillary remains the clear frontrunner in the election, with just days to go, a steady drip of embarrassing-at-best hacked emails, released by WikiLeaks, has dampened spirits during her ­campaign’s stretch run. In the latest example, on Wednesday (Oct. 26), media outlets reported on a leaked memo from 2011 that raises further concerns about the intersection of the former president's charitable work with his and his colleagues' personal enrichment, in which a veteran aide to the president said that Clinton "gets many expensive gifts" from donors, while Chelsea warned of various aides profiting from the Foundation's endeavors.

Of course, Bill and Chelsea would suggest that we all simply ignore their internal emails and understand that "First and foremost the Clinton Foundation is a charity, and somehow that has gotten lost."  As Chelsea points out, everyone would surely be proud of the Clinton Foundation if they could just look beyond the "clickbait headlines" that keep trying to spread the malicious truth.

“It’s hard to hear because I know good and well that a lot of the people that are ­saying it know it’s not true. It’s an insult to all the people who have worked there. But the people who have ­contributed know, and the people who have done the work know, and sometimes that’s got to be enough.” His daughter, Chelsea, who is vice ­chairman of the foundation, is troubled by the ­accusations too. “First and foremost the Clinton Foundation is a charity, and somehow that has gotten lost,” she says.


The ­Clinton Foundation uses 10 percent of its endowment in the way any ­foundation would: to fund charitable work. But most of the ­remaining 90 percent goes toward charitable work the ­organization carries out itself, along with its various partners. “We have been very transparent about the work that we do and how it’s funded, and that 87 percent of our funds go directly to our work,” says Chelsea. “I would hope that if people spend a little bit of time looking beyond the clickbait headlines, they’ll realize why I am so proud.”

Chelsea and Band


Ironically, it was Chelsea and and long-time Clinton aide Doug Band who supplied most of the "clickbait"...we couldn't possibly make up material this good:

Oddly, wjc does not have to sign such a document even though he is personally paid by 3 cgi sponsors, gets many expensive gifts from them, some that are at home etc


I could add 500 different examples of things like this and while I removed lasry bc they are all on the offense, I get the sense that they are trying to put some sort of wrong doing on me after the audit as a crutch to change things and if I don't mention things like lasry where they all have issues, I may regret it

Doug Band


But, as Bill points out, even if Hillary wins the White House he's not done with his personal enrichment schemes charitable work.  While he admits that continuing to accept money from foreign leaders might be complicated, he's quite confident that he can still raise money from "Friends of Bill" here in the U.S.

But Clinton will need something to do during the next four to eight years, and he has a vision for what a resurrected CGI would look like -- “if,” he says, “Hillary becomes president.” He says accepting donations from foreign countries would not be possible, but they could work through that. “What we’re going to do,” he says, “is take everything that’s funded by ­foreign funds and either spin it all to independent ­foundations that I’m not involved in, or we’re going to make those things ­independent and let them be taken over by someone else. But in America we should still be able to run a lot of these health programs with just individual contributions, not corporate.”

Yes, we're also sure there is a substantial amount of money that can be raised from personal donors looking for a little leverage.

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Uh huh....Nigga please.

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''Deny deny deny. Then make counter accusations''

And Bill ''never had sex with that woman!''. Or raped the others. Or went to Pedaphile Island.

These theives are also liars? Big surprize


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Bill: I did not have sex with muh daughter.
Chelsea: (annoyed) Dad! That's not what this is about.

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Bill and Hill were so broke when he left the White House, friends ponied up to buy them a house in Chappaqua (where she transported that historic china she stole from the White House.) I'm sure those same friends advised the couple how to form a foundation and reap untold (key word) millions.

Nympho Bill and Klepto Hill riding high.

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yippee kiyay (not verified) Delving Eye Oct 27, 2016 7:13 PM

Bill & Chelsea: $candal? What $candal? Oh, you mean Sandals.... Nice resort.

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FreezeThese (not verified) yippee kiyay Oct 27, 2016 7:17 PM

Listen to her acceptance speech before allowing Donald to T bag you

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Bill Clinton, looking vibrant as can be for someone dying of advanced syphilis...

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only becase of the poop eatting and blood letting


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yippee kiyay (not verified) SOTC Oct 27, 2016 9:35 PM


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Like Bitch Enabler - Like Web Hubble Daughter.

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Hey yippee kiyay (Soon to be banned and will then use the next new names letsit and lonnng) , previously:

Aristotle of Greece


You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

Your MO, always the same, is to post a provocative comment which SEEMS to be relevant but you have no interest in joining the discussion (and NEVER do) and your sole objective is to mislead readers into clicking on your falsified links to your BS site. That wastes everyones time is blatant SPAMMING.


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... slick willy & chelsea hubbell thinks denial is a river in egypt ...


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I thought he had the AIDS. It's Syphillis?  EEGADS

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Below is a Clinton Foundation 501c3. Chelsea Clinton sits on the Board of Directors, as does Bruce Lindsey. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. It is funded, in large part, by the Clinton Foundation. Revenues of $16.1 million, and an expense of "other salaries and wages" of almost $7.9 million. Prior years, as well as fiscal year 2014, shows similar ratios.

Only $116,000 paid out in grants. The "other salaries and wages" seems quite excessive.

I wonder who those "others" are?

In essence, donor money (including Clinton Foundation donors) comes into Chelsea's charity, and almost half goes out to "other salaries and wages" which are not reported as executive compensation.

What an interesting way to wash money out of the Clinton Foundation.

606 SE 9TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR 97214-2207 | TAX-EXEMPT SINCE OCT. 2010

Total Revenue
Total Functional Expenses $16,085,846
Net income $88,219
Notable sources of revenue
Contributions $15,892,437
Program services $277,394
Investment income $863
Bond proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Rental property income $0
Net fundraising $0
Sales of assets $3,371
Net inventory sales $0
Other revenue $0
Notable expenses
Executive compensation $406,588
Professional fundraising fees $0
Other salaries and wages $7,893,491

Total Assets $15,587,276
Total Liabilities $3,760,143
Net Assets $11,827,133

More soon to follow.

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Come on ZHers, get those upvotes out.  This stuff Alaric is posting is priceless.

AlaricBalth's picture

Thanks francis. There is more.

This is the 2014 Form 990 for the Alliance for A Healthier Generation, a 501c3, of which, as mentioned before, Chelsea Clinton sits on the Board.

It also has a similar ratio of Revenues/Other salaries and wages.

However there is something else unusual. If you scroll down to the Section B: Independent Contractors, you will see a company called Community Wealth Partners.

CWP collected $203,000 from the Alliance, for strategic planning. Not a big deal.

CWP's address is:

1825 K Street NW
Suite 1000
Washington DC 20006

A Google search of that address also shows it was the headquarters for a non-profit called:

Hillary Clinton for President, Inc. ·
1825 K Street Nw, Suite # 1000, Washington, DC 20006

It was formed in January 2008 and was the national location of her 2008 Presidential campaign.


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The power to tax is the power to destroy.   All these Clinton scams going back to Mena could have been busted by an audit by the IRS.  That CGI and their trust haven't been audited shows that they are protected.  The IRS currently under (((Koskinen))) and previously under (((Schulmann))) has been completely politicized and subsumed by the Democrat party and its tribal corporate owners.  Just like the FBI, BLM, EPA, DOE, DOD, etc.

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Dupe. My bad.
However there is more to follow tomorrow.

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I have been skipping to the comments more and more as of late. 


The gems are in the comments.



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keep up the good work. as has already been said, this is important stuff.

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Private Foundations are suppose to grant out 5% of their average asset base annually. The base can be adjusted by certain expenses. The 5% annual payout can be screwed with also. The laws and regulations governing Private Foundations are some of the most rigorous in the code and the penalties are the most ominous for violations. It is obvious the Clinton Crime Foundation has an is being protected. Trump has exposed this cesspool in Washington now we need to elect him to clean it up.

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Thats funny.

There are no headlines to click chelsee.

Just the released evidence..

Damage control for damaged goods.

Heads will definately roll after all is said and done, it appears the fear is genuine..

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Yet we deplorables are the "trash".


I love irony.

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Think about what message that sent, if it were true.


Their story is that Bill left the US in a surplus, but they left the Whitehouse broke...

How can anyone actually hear such nonsense and believe anything they have to say. Hillary's idea of being broke means she doesn't have caviar and gold plated forks.


Having been broke most of my life, I think my definition of being broke is clearly different. It usually means that my bank account is bone dry, as in all zeroes, and I still have things to pay, because it would be a sin to not have my entire wages taxed, inflated, and fee'd out of my hand's as an adult White male. It also means that my fridge is likely empty and I will get little sleep due to being fucking hungry yet once again while getting fired for having been an active and vocal voice against this bullshit invader class taking over the country that was meant to be MY inheritance through subversion and deceit.

All of this making me not only unappealing as a potential mate, but also politically impotent in an economy controlled by a foreign institute.


The intent is very clear, the message is well received. We all understand what you Tribe members are saying to us with your actions. Just be sure you watch our actions from here on out. Nov 8th will tell us how committed you are to your acts.

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Does that mean you think that after the election is stolen that the Nationalists, constitutionalists, sovereign cutizens, libertarians will rise up?  I don't live in the US, but from my impressions from my family there I would say that the stolen election would remain on the news even shorter than any of the never ending stream of Hillary corruptions.  Just get over it, already it will be.  Then will come the next distraction.

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"family name being dragged through the mud" Please!!! This is laughable. That guy has screwed so many broads during his mairage its hard to imagine them as a family. Hilary never mothered Chelsea, I think she's actually afraid of the beast. Family, that's the funiest shit I've read in a long time.

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word is Penny Pritzker headed a group to buy the Obamas an estate in hawaii--I suspect they expected nothing in return

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"Bill: I did not have sex with muh daughter"

(She's Webb Hubbel's daughter.)

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Bill: I did not have sex with muh daughter.
Chelsea: (annoyed) Dad! That's not what this is about. Besides, my father is Web Hubbel.


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Thieves don't say please.

Thieves don't say thank you.

Please, thank me very much!

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It's harder to deny deny deny to the IRS, where the foundation openly admits that they only spend 6% on charitable work.

You can download the tax forms yourself directly from the foundation's public website.

Someone needs to throw sulfuric acid on that ugly lying bitch's face, it would be an improvement and a real public service, unlike the Clinton Foundation.

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It's all pretty straight forward now: Hillary gets "elected" by dedicated voting machine algorithms, she and Bill re enter the White House, Hillary soon falls ill or becomes incapacitated (ala "weekend at bernie's" style) from Parkinson but is hidden from all with a body double, Bill consequently and covertly retakes the White House and on and on the bullshit ride to hell it rolls  

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Ask the Hatians about the their ' transparency'!

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"Transparent", hah!  I do not think that word means what the Klintons think it means.  This is the same clusterfuck of a family who couldn't determine the meaning of the word "is".

Newsflash, Klintons:  Transparent means we can see every single fucking thing you are doing.  Transparent does not mean you have "public" policy and "private" policy.  Transparent does not mean you delete e-mails that are the property of WE THE MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE so that we the motherfucking people can't read them.  "Classified" IS classified, you bunch of psychopathic cunts.  You want to be transparent, in the sense of the dictionary definition and not the Klinton definition?  Fine.  Show me your bank statements, you whores.  I don't want to see tax returns with all the details tucked away in tiny little bland boxes.  I want to see who gives you the money and where you put the money.  I want to know how much you get and what you do with it.  I want to read your texts and look at your phone records.  I want the full manuscripts for every speech you've given, and want to know how much you got paid for each speech, and why you gave the speech in the first place.  Hell, the NSA already has that data in one tidy file, so all they have to do is make it public.  THAT would be transparency.  But you, fuckwits?  You're about as transparent as a mirror.  We can't see through you...all we can see is what you reflect at us.

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i thought trans-parent was a reference to the FLOTUS?

jcaz's picture

Poor Bill- thinks he's as sharp as he used to be,  can't admit the coke and cabbage have fried his game....  Hiding behind his child now-  what a pathetic shell of a schmuck....

RogerMud's picture

"we try very hard to be transparent about our corruption."

beemasters's picture

They should have been. They got hacked. Now it's PR stunts they have to pull.

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The Mooroccan's gave ~$15 million to support their phosphate fertilizer enterprise in disputed west sahara territories.

Our domestic phosphate industry in Florida is suffering by them (OCP) BIG TIME.

Trump, can we put an end to these fascist Mooroccan's, and those in Saudiville that have same phosphate industry?

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The clintons are able to lie better than anybody I know.  They just say whatever they need to say, truth has nothing to do with them...

Wow72's picture

Watching a liar is lots like watching an alcoholic, sooner or later they have to crash and burn? and it just gets uglier as they go? it ends up like your watching children that think they are actually fooling you?  Till the inevitable day of reckoning when it FINALLY all comes crashing down and everyone just sits around wondering how it got this far out of control?

In this case real consequences are absent from reality though? The magical land of Oz. How wonderful? There is always a time limit though, always.

Wow72's picture

I suppose you could say we are the enablers and could stop the abuse whenever we choose to stop being abused? Its like the population has battered women’s syndrome or something?

The population dont dare say a word, if they give a fuck about anything at all?    

Nope..... another one just walked off a cliff while looking at their iphone? /sarc, although prob true... Real helpful group?

"May you live in VERY interesting times!"

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The Clintons don't tell lies, they just speak negative truths.

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distruth. a sibling of disinflation.