New Evidence Links Voting Machines And Clinton Foundation

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Submitted by Stefanie MacWilliams via,

Could these connections be enough to implicate the Clinton Foundation in the alleged early vote rigging in Texas?

As usual, the internet has come through as the ultimate watchdog while the supposed safeguards of our democracy have failed.

A Gab user by the name “Special Prosecutor Will Logan” has found some stunning information. 

Note: as Gab is a members only site, you’ll have to join to see his actual posts, but we included all pertinent information in the article.

mccarthyClick to enlarge

According to OpenSecrets, the company who provided the alleged glitching voting machines is a subsidiary of The McCarthy Group.

The McCarthy group is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation – apparently donating 200,000 dollars in 2007 – when it was the largest owner of United States voting machines. Or perhaps the 200,000 dollars went to paying Bill Clinton for speeches?

Either way, it doesn’t look good.

But there’s more.

As the same user notes in this post, Dominion Voting Systems and The Clinton Foundation did a 2.25 million dollar charity initiative in developing nations together called the DELIAN Project.

According to the project’s own website:

In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results. Over the next three years, Dominion Voting will support election technology pilots with donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM), providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections. As a large number of election staff are women, there will be an emphasis on training women, who will be the first to benefit from the skills transfer training and use of AVMs. It is estimated that 100 women will directly benefit from election technology skills training per pilot election.

Of course, this is all speculation, and we are not making any claims of illegal activity by the Clinton Foundation.

However, it presents a very troubling conflict of interest. Most Americans would certainly agree that voting machines should have zero connection to presidential candidates and their foundations.

Consider the implications further abroad, as well. Could this DELIAN Project be designed to influence elections in developing nations?

It can certainly be argued that electronic voting machines do not in fact provide an “improved electoral process” or provide “safer elections”

Again, this is speculation.

But we will be keeping an eye on this story if and when more information becomes available.

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So, clearly, Joseph Stalin was a prophet.

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When I come to ZH, I don't even read the article. I just down vote people who don't agree with the headline. Who is with me?

greenskeeper carl's picture

Come guys. Calm down. Name ONE thing the Clinton's or their foundations have ever done to make you question their integrity.

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

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The Leftoid establishment needs to be ousted forever, or they will ruin us with their corruption.

beemasters's picture

It's clearly a waste of time to use the voting machine. Better to stay home and mow the lawn.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Better to stay home and mow the lawn.

I am trying. 

I keep having to replace the starter on the John Deere.

The fuckers working in Molina rebuilding them must be stoned. 

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yippee kiyay (not verified) hedgeless_horseman Oct 27, 2016 9:39 PM

THIS should hopefully explain it:

George H.W. Bush - Potus - CIA
Bill Clinton - Potus - CIA
George W. Bush - Potus - CIA
Barack Obama - Potus - CIA
Hillary Clinton - CIA

Is Trump toast or what?

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Reported this new user account to abuse

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One of my daily prayers to whatever "Almighty" exists is this:

Let me live to see this horrid woman and all of her henchmen and henchwomen executed before an honest world court of ethical nations.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) J S Bach Oct 27, 2016 10:07 PM

"...before an honest world court of ethical nations."

Bad news, J.S.  The United States used to be the only one of those.  Now there are none.

J S Bach's picture

Have faith in the inevitable triumph of truth, Saint.

Alhtough we may not live to see it... facts (truth) will win in the end.  Where that "end" lies is the ultimate question.

Mr. Universe's picture

Simon Templar: You must forgive my friend. He sees the world through crime-colored glasses.

CuttingEdge's picture

Give John McAfee's team of super hackers 24 hours on one of those "faulty" machines and I'm sure all will be revealed.

Any code not related to straight forward counting and compiling (which is all the box has to do, ffs) and its a fix. Not that anyone will be allowed anywhere near them.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

A number of years ago here in Jefferson Parish, LA when the electronic voting machines were new there were questions raised concerning their accuracy. A lawsuit was filed by a citizen to check their validity. The court decided that as each machine has a  keyswitch that selects two modes: "Test" and "Vote" verification could be done, but only in the "Test" mode! So there is no way for an independent verification of the program in use or even in a random machine selection, and no way to do a "recount as there is no "source document. Of course all one needs is access to the vote tabulated database.
Our overseers have been working on this for some time, but they didn't count on the internet.

kellys_eye's picture

The US stopped being one the minute the ink was dry on the constitution.  It's all been down hill ever since.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

I already voted for Trump but I have one question.  With rigged media, rigged voting machines, Electorate that is only interested n Gay Marriage, Free Healthcare, Free College, Safe Spaces, Open Borders, Amnesty, and the list goes on and on, how is Trump going to win?  Damned if I know.

USSA catching down to Venezuela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Nobody simply bothers to do the math. Year 2000 "flat broke". $30M for paid speeches since then (let's be generous). Current net worth: several hundred million $...all without ever having any product or service available for sale.

But she did have a product available: the US Government. She sold its functions to the highest bidder, whether that was a government that loves to behead gay people and women accused of adultery (her #1 campaign contributors the lovely Saudis), or whether you were a hedge fund that wanted to mark up a life-saving drug 1000%, or maybe you are Monsanto and just need the State Department to strong-arm a country (Sweden) that didn't want their poison on their soil.

The asked the president of Haiti what his biggest fear was after the recent hurricane and he replied "that the Clintons come back". She had the unmitigated GALL to brag about the "good works" of the <strike>Mafia</strike> Foundation when it's just a criminal enterprise that preys on the world's poorest people. Like Rwanda, where the "Foundation" propped up the bloodthirsty one-party government long enough to get Biill's pal a national mining concession...which he sold for >$1B gain 8 weeks later.

Americans your democracy is under assault like no other time on our history: the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and State are ALL in on the scam. It's in your hands.

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letsit (not verified) erkme73 Oct 27, 2016 10:05 PM

hey erkme73, weren't you philifat last night? :))

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two different posters, both who are pointing out a serial spammer

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letsit (not verified) max powers Oct 27, 2016 11:13 PM

so let me get this straight:

erkme 73 = philipat = max powers

got it.

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When you are here for more than 2 weeks and a day you can acuse some one as being a sock... until then fook off 

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Disclosure: I have no connection with the other two posters.

They, like me, are fucking sick and tired of your constant spamming and dishonst deception.

And I note again that letsit and lonnng are the next names after Yippee Kiyay gets banned. By the way, it's only YOU who creates multiple accounts so that you can talk to yourself and jeck yourself off or whatever you do. You also need multiple accounts because so many people are fucking sick of you that more complain and your names getted banned more quickly. WHy don't you just fuck off?

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Thanks for fighting to good fight, philip.  I already reported letsit.  He isn't using that account to spam, but rather 'fight back' or pat his current spamming account on the back with upvotes.   I sure hope he's getting paid, because if he's doing this on his own free will, the guy is definitely mental.

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letsit and lonnng are his next names

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Hey yippee kiyay (Soon to be banned and will then use the next new names letsit and lonnng) , previously:

Aristotle of Greece


You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

Your MO, always the same, is to post a provocative comment which SEEMS to be relevant but you have no interest in joining the discussion (and NEVER do) and your sole objective is to mislead readers into clicking on your falsified links to your BS site. That wastes everyones time is blatant SPAMMING.


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If I knew how I would DDoS his site, or whatever the fuck its called. Surely someone here can be a real pain in his ass.

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George H.W. Bush - Potus - CIA DIRECTOR / globalist 
Bill Clinton - Potus - rapist / globalist
George W. Bush - Potus - settled score for saddam's hit contract on dad / globalist
Barack Obama - Potus - soros/king of saudi arabia/ commie party/ globalist
Hillary Clinton -  CFR / Chatham House / greedy low iq psycho sociopath/ commie / globalist 

trump by a landslide

followed by fbig ed rate increase to tank the economy and fuck the people and promote war

One World Mafia's picture

You probably by law have the right to a paper ballot, so ask for one.  If they tell you to go to the courthouse to get a paper ballot, you can either go to the courthouse or write in Trump's name in the write in space.

Creative_Destruct's picture


The Press, voting machines, the Executive Branch, the Central Banks, all MNCs, all of Wall Street, International Hedge funds, Social Justice Warrior Organizations, ( Soros et al),etc. etc.,

There is NOWHERE the tentacles of the vile Clinton Mafia hydra have not slimed their way into through their political connections, and through their corrupt pay-for play foundation, which has grown like a choking, invasive Kudzu vine through and around EVERYTHING, slowly, inexorably, unabated for DECADES.

I for one would not be surprised to see my local civic clubs inflitrated and captured by Clinton influence.

This is a seriously pervasive and insidiously evil thing.

STOP IT NOW...... before it's too late.

Invasion of the Clinton Body Snatchers.

Your BEST FRIENDS may not be who you think they are....

OverTheHedge's picture

Does anyone keep a spreadsheet of who is who,and who used to be Francis Sawyer etc? I would, but it means admitting that a) I have no life and b) zerohedge is THAT important.

Both true,but there's no way I'm admitting it. Perhaps I should just ask the NSA,  CIA, GCHQ etc. I'm sure they have big fat dossiers on quite a few of us. Not me, obviously, I'm a good boy, I promise.

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He is still here... his prose has a unique style, if you've been here long enough it's pretty obvious who he is

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I'd very much like to know how much of their workforce there is full-time employee and how much is hired on a contractual basis via employment agency.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) hedgeless_horseman Oct 27, 2016 10:04 PM


Clinton long time insider says if something funny happens with your vote you MUST do the following.


1. Report it to the precinct captain.

2. Call the police! You say your vote has been stolen from YOU.

3. Make them show you how your vote was recorded.

Do not back down!

This must be done in order to have evidence if Trump files a lawsuit.

Bollixed's picture

My JD took a Hillary at 280 hours. Went to the dealer and he tells me it isn't worth fixing, just buy a new one. I'm mechanical so after checking it out all I needed was a $20 head gasket for one of the heads (it's a 2 cylinder Kohler 25 hp.) He also told me my 3.5 acre lawn was too big for that tractor, so get a bigger one. Well, I got 500 hours on it now and it still runs like a Deere. The trick is YOU have to be the mechanic, they just want to sell the stuff, not stand behind it.

tricorn teacup's picture

They need the election close or they can't flip it without the fraud being obvious.

zhandax's picture

"Most Americans would agree that voting machines should have zero connection to presidential candidates"

Honest Americans would agree that voting machines should have zero connection to elections.  Full stop.

Use paper.  For all the envirowhacks that complain that is wasting too much paper, then stop using it for money and return to silver as the Constitution dictates.

SomebodySpecial's picture

Wow...29 out of 34 people couldn't handle the sarcasm...

And I replied to the trainer...

This was not ment for you beeboy.

What is happening here on ZH...or maybe I'm just beyond senile!

EDIT: OK ZH comments are totally fu..ed up. Every time you edit your comment...the fu..king programmers put your reply under another member!

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Doesn't happen to me.  You must be SombodySpecial.

Zero_Ledge's picture

I condensed the article for you, and I quote:

"Again, this is speculation."

Nothing wrong with a little speculation here on Zero Hedge, right?  It's just harmless fun.

It seems perfectly reasonable that the Clinton campaign would focus its rigging efforts on the one state Trump is guaranteed to win.  And of course, the fraud is laughably easy to uncover since it immediately shows you it switched your vote.  That's some hardcore rigging right there!  /s


seek's picture

You realize the media is hammering hard on the message Texas is up for grabs and "turning blue," right?

If you're going to steal an election with rigged votes and you need hard red states to do it, this is the groundwork that has to be done. Just because everyone in the state votes red, doesn't mean the state will BE red. That's what all this rigging is about.

The only reason this was exposed the way it was, was due to it being early voting an a "slow" voting day. Come the actual day of the vote stuff like this would get lost in the noise, and in any case the winner will declare it valid and leave it up to the loser to prove otherwise. Which is nice when you have a voting system that leaves no paper trail.

Let's see a code audit of the machines in question to see how this "programming error" actually came to be.

Zero_Ledge's picture

I condensed the article for you, and I quote:

"Again, this is speculation."

Nothing wrong with a little speculation here on Zero Hedge, right?  It's just harmless fun.

It seems perfectly reasonable that the Clinton campaign would focus its rigging efforts on the one state Trump is guaranteed to win.  And of course, the fraud is laughably easy to uncover since it immediately shows you it switched your vote.  That's some hardcore rigging right there!  /s


balolalo's picture

Thank you for that comment.   ZH is fallng apart.  

BabaLooey's picture

No. YOU and your liberal shitwipers are.

You see, ballsbowellousy - its the ALPHABETS that are "falling apart".


In fact, you can easily tell anyone that still watches them the moment they open their maws.

The ONLY people I know still in the Cankles Triage "camp", are those morons.

...and that's a dinky minority of people. I know a hell of a LOT of people.

IF Canks steals it (which is the ONLY way she will "get in"), she'll NOT be representing the MAJORITY of the actual, hard working, tax paying true citizens - she'll be "representing" the OLIGARCHY - the dumb - the bigoted dickwads - like you.

Clinton will never BE "my President" - ever.

Neither was Soetero.

Notice how I use Soetero, and never "Obama"?

That's because he committed a FELONY in not disclosing it on his security clearance waaaaaay back when.

...and he got "away" with it - just like Canks has escaped prosecution for her MANY cirmes.

....and you "back" her.

Backing criminals makes you complicit. Stupid.

So keep on stinking up the joint. It's fun ripping your dumb ass.

freedogger's picture

I don't even live in the USA and this article makes my blood boil.

918pigpen's picture


Come on now, you can say it!!

We do have FREE SPEECH don't we??

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Long Soro's Head on a pike. How often is he in New York? The sheep of the world will soon want to know!

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

He has a condo on the upper East Side ('sixties if I remember correctly).  Frequently there.  You don't think he's going to hang out in some hellhole do you?

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I lived there in the late 70s. Coming from the midwest, the whole greater NYC area is a hellhole. 

Gawd help them today.