Putin Asks: "Is America Now A Banana Republic"

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Moments ago, Russian president started speaking at the final session of the Valdai International Discussion Club’s 13th annual meeting in Sochi. More than 130 experts and political analysts from Russia and other countries are taking part in this year’s three-day meeting, titled ‘The Future in Progress: Shaping the World of Tomorrow’.

While Putin's speech can be seen below, he has already had a handful of soundbites, most notably the following he just said in response to accusations that Russia could influence the US election:

"Hysteria has been whipped up in the United States about the influence of Russia over the U.S. presidential election," said Putin, calling it a ruse to cover up for the fact that the U.S. political elite had nothing to say about serious issues such as the country's national debt or gun control.

"It's much simpler to distract people with so-called Russian hackers, spies, and agents of influence. Does anyone really think that Russia could influence the American people's choice in any way? The number of mythical, dreamt-up problems include the hysteria - I can't think of another word - that has broken out in the United States about the influence of Russia on the current elections for the US president. "

He ended with a rhetorical question: "What, is America a banana republic?!"

And then, to emphasize his trolling, added the following: "correct me if I am wrong" but let Obama off the hook: "America is a great power."

He also said that "Russia has no intention of attacking anyone, it is ridiculous, foolish and unthinkable. I read your analytical materials prepared not only by those present but also by analysts in the US and Europe. However, it is just unthinkable, silly and unrealistic. In Europe alone, the combined population of NATO countries stands at 300 million, in the US the total population is, probably, 600 million, while in Russia - 146 million. It is just funny to talk about this."

According to the Russian president, contradictions stemming from redistribution of political power are growing.

"Regrettably, next to nothing has changed for the better in the past months. To be frank, nothing has changed. Contradictions stemming from redistribution of economic power and political influence are only growing," Putin said.

Hence, according to the Russian leader, the burden of mutual mistrust is limiting possibilities to stand to real challenges and real threats facing the world community. "As a matter of fact, the entire globalization project has turned to be in a crisis and voices in Europe are speaking (and we know and hear it well) about the failure of the policy of mulicultiralism," Putin said, adding that this situation is a consequence of a wrong, hasty and somewhat arrogant choice made by Europe’s political elites some twenty-five years ago.

"Back then, at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, there was a chance not only to spur globalization processes but to give them a qualitatively new, harmonious and sustainable character," the Russian leader said.

He drew attention to the fact that the countries that claimed to be the winners in the Cold War began to reshape the global political and economic order in their own interests.

These states, in his words, embarked on a path of "globalization and security for themselves only, but not for all." But not all agreed on that.
Some could not resist that any longer whereas others were not yet ready, so, no wonder the system of international relations has been feverish and the global economy is failing to recover from the crisis, Putin added.

On globalization

The Russian president stressed globalization should be for all but not only for the select few.

"Obviously, the global community must focus on really topical problems facing the entire humankind, the solution of which will make the world a safer and more stable place and the system of international relations equal and fair," Putin said.

He said such an approach will make it possible to "make the globalization for the select few turn into globalization for all."

"I am confident that it is possible to overcome any challenges and threats only together," Putin stressed.

On Global Propaganda

The president said he regrets that Moscow does not possess such global propaganda techniques as Washington does.

"I would like to have such a propaganda machine in Russia. But, unfortunately, I don’t. We have no such global media as CNN, BBC and some others. We have no such opportunities so far," Putin said at a session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

On the world economy

The president expects the trend towards regionalization of the world economy will continue. It is absolutely evident that economic cooperation must be mutually advantageous and be based on general universal principles, so that each state could become a full-fledged participant in the global economic life," Putin said. 

"In the mid-term prospect, the tendency towards regionalization of the global economy will apparently continue, but regional trade agreements should complement, develop, and not substitute universal norms and rules," the president said.

The global economy is unable to get out of the current systemic crisis and the political and economic principles continue to be reshuffled, Putin stressed.

"The system of international relations remains feverish. The global economy is unable to get out of the systemic crisis. The principles and rules in politics and the economy continue to be reshuffled. Quite often dogmas that until recently had been regarded as fundamentally true are turned inside out," Putin said.

These days, he said, whenever the powers that be find some standards or rules beneficial, they force everybody else to obey them. However, if at a certain point the very same standards begin to pose obstructions, they are at once sent into the dustbin as outdated and new rules are established.

As an example of that strategy Putin mentioned the missile and bombing strikes against Belgrade and Iraq, then against Libya and Afghanistan. The operation began without a corresponding resolution by the UN Security Council. Some superpowers, the Russian leader said, in their attempts to change the strategic balance of force in their favor have torn down the international legal regime that prohibited the deployment of new missile defense systems. They have created and armed international terrorist groups, whose cruelty is now pushing millions of migrants out of the unsafe areas.

Whole countries are being plunged into chaos. The principles of free trade are trampled on and sanctions are used to exert political pressures.

"We can see the freedom of trade being sacrificed and so-called sanctions being used for exerting political pressures. In bypass of the World Trade Organizations attempts are being made to form closed economic alliances living by harsh rules and putting up firm barriers alliances where dome


He said that NATO has outlived its usefullness as a structure and on the topic of the escalating proxy war in Syria, Putin had a simple comment: "Our agreements with the US on Syria did not work out."

And some more headlines from his pragmatic remarks:


Follow Putin's speech live below.

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PrayingMantis's picture


... is the Pope Catholic? ...

J S Bach's picture

"Is America a Banana Republic?"

No... it's a Matzo Ball Dumocrazy.

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I said That yesterday ...

Vlad is a ZH'er ???

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Who in their right and practical mind picks a fight with the US military?


About as likely as me walkin' into a bar and saying, "Hey Tyson, ya faggot, bring it."

Doesn't happen.

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Come you progressive men
Tally me banana

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I'm trying to understand the DVs to my post.  I'm sure there are those who think they could take on Tyson, but with both ears intact at the end?  My point was that anyone trying will at least know they've been in a fight, and one likely to better have been avoided.

jcaz's picture

I dig the Vlad-  clearly he's been the voice of reason for awhile now....

Clearly he doesn't suffer fools like Hillary- I can just see that conversation now....  She's babbling her nonsense, he's looking around like "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Ignatius's picture

Yes, Putin is a sane voice of reason and action.

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Pretty amazing, eh?  Putin goes on call-in shows and sits down at events like these.  Obama does sit down, but only in golf carts.

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when hasn't it been a banana republic?

PrayingMantis's picture


 ... meanwhile in Italy, >>> "Artist creates colossal portrait of Trump to 'console' him in case of defeat ..."

..."A massive portrait of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump adorned a vast cornfield near the Italian city of Verona, Wednesday.

The work by the Italian land artist Dario Gambarin was ploughed on a 25,000 square metre (269,098 square feet) field and is accompanied by a sardonic 'Ciao' and 'Trump', which some have claimed is to signify Trump's defeat in recent polls."

>>> http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=355_1477554222  ... but, of course, he'll be happy ... President Trump will prevail ...

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…  I wondered why prez
   was called  “Banana Boy.”

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Yes, America is now a Banana AND Pussy Republic, Putin.

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yippee kiyay (not verified) beemasters Oct 27, 2016 7:16 PM

Banana Republic? No way. Israeli Republic.

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Hey yippee kiyay (Soon to be banned and will then use the next new names letsit and lonnng) , previously:

Aristotle of Greece


You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

Your MO, always the same, is to post a provocative comment which SEEMS to be relevant but you have no interest in joining the discussion (and NEVER do) and your sole objective is to mislead readers into clicking on your falsified links to your BS site. That wastes everyones time is blatant SPAMMING.


CuttingEdge's picture

Who in their right and practical mind picks a fight with the US military?

Err...how dare Russia move its borders towards our Nato forces?

You will find history replete with countries that have not "picked a fight" with the US, and yet felt the full force of its military. Instead of rolling over before that option is required (Perkins).

divingengineer's picture

Sometimes, all it takes is too much talk about a gold backed currency to get bayonet up your arse. 

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Maybe Vlad and Boris are one and the same.  If not, I don't doubt that Vlad either reads ZH or has one of his minions do it.

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Banana Republic, The Gap, Old Navy who cares.

It’s all excessive baggage post collapse.




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Even more amazing..Is the world view America is projecting. All of my family, on both sides, have represented all branches of the armed forces, with a Airforce full bird Colonel to boot. These were old school military, many were career, and believed in the position down to their soul.

The point is, Where the fuck has honor and honesty gone to? Is there anyone currently in the military on this site? Morale has to been at all time lows, where is the outright mutiny? THESE are the people, and THESE are the reasons that lives are being risked/lost?!

I had an uncle, and a grandfather that I'm shocked haven't resurrected over this stupidity..


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The Saint (not verified) Theta_Burn Oct 27, 2016 11:03 AM

"Russia has no intention of attacking anyone, it is ridiculous, foolish and unthinkable....."

Tell that to Crimea and Ukraine, Vlad.

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Motherfucker Putin went too far callin' a spade a spade on this one. Bitch needs a blanket party with DeNiro and the Ramones


oncemore's picture

The Saint fucktard should declare, when did Russia attack Crime and when did Russia attack Ukraine?

Does the fucktard know, what ukraininan jew Chruscov did , while drunken, to Russia with Krim? How was it done? was it constitutional?

Ukraine existed before just one day in 1917. Never ever before. The whole territory of Ukraine was either purchchased, consolidated or fought by Russian cars during the last 1000 years. 4x as much, as is the existence of the USA (should the fucktard come from USA). which other country kept its land mass for so long together? 


seems the fucktard is from the tribe, from the stupid abraham religion, originating in Middle East und not understand, what is it based on.

BarkingCat's picture

Much of Ukraine used to belong to Poland.

However they were Ukrainians, not Poles and wanted independence.

They actually revolted and fought for it.

They made an alliance with Russia to help them in this fight.

Russia did help them to free themselves from Poland.

The problem was that Russia simply took over and Ukraine never gained their independence.

Their complaint against Poland was firstly religious as Poles were Catholic while Ukrainians Russian Orthodox. Secondly Polish aristocracy treated the Ukrainian nobles as second class citizens.

Let's face it. Back in the 1600s it was the kings and princes and nobles that were responsible for these conflicts. The common people had no influence whatsoever.

They deserve their own homeland, just like the Kurds do.


What the region should strive for is friendly cooperation between themselves. There is no reason why Slavic nations cannot form their own union. There sure as hell is closer bond between a Russian and a Slovakian or a Pole and a Serbian than any of them and an Englishman.


earleflorida's picture

the kurd's, armenian's were never in harms way until the british and french divvied-up the ottoman empire (sick man of europe [ this was why wwi was created/ started][think the baghdad railroad to mosul that was within the ottoman empire]).

Ottoman Empire included lebanon, syria, iraq and quasi protectorate of egypt. the french and english wanted it all!

Once wwi ended the empire was a shell of itself with kurd's, and neighboring armenians in (turkey,iraq [and ?Iran? Persian Empire excluded]) no where to live. Muslims [sunni] are/were ~80 of ankara's [turkeys pop.

After wwii the turk's thought about a new conquest regarding pan-turkism reaching as far as spain and azerbaijan.

it wasn't meant to be

note: the world powers were changing energy industry standards from coal to petroleum



note2: the Bolsheviks assented regarding to their nemisis the Ottoman's. what a gift from europe to rid them of the pesky turks!

note3: the capitulations were abolished in 1923 (note date/ the entire ME was then divvied-up) at the 'Treaty of Lausanne' 

lastly?... it just having so many different cultural diversities living in a secular atmosphere

think europe's christians v. muslims regarding the crusades that have never left...the rigidity of religious dogmas

finale: the turks protested to the int'l community about having losing mosul to what was the [lebanon was part of syria until independence agreed upon]. the transistion of fuels was accomplished---  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baghdad_Railway 

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Exactly when did Russia attack Crimea and Ukraine?

MEFOBILLS's picture

"Russia has no intention of attacking anyone, it is ridiculous, foolish and unthinkable....."

Tell that to Crimea and Ukraine, Vlad.




Do you live under a rock?  Ukraine was a false flag brought into being by the (((usual suspects.)))  Crimean's saw what was going on, and wanted no part of it.

There was no armed incursion into Crimea by Russian army ground troops, to "take it over."  Crimea is Russian speaking since Kathyrn the Great, and the people voted to rejoin the federation.  They wanted nothing to do with zionazi parasites who had taken over Ukraine.

Think about it.  Does Crimea have a insurrection going on now, to then overthrow their overlords?  No of course not, they want to be part of Russia. 

You need to pull you head out of your ass.

DjangoCat's picture

Tell it like it is, Mefo

Bavarian's picture

You're an idiot.  Fools like yourself mindlessly listening to the media (and gov't) without a shred of evidence.  Here's an idea, Sparky, take the effort of getting out of your lazy chair and actually do a little research.  If Ukraine were attacked, don't you think the US would have video captured?  Have you seen any, genius?  Were you brain-dead in not knowing about the illegal State Dpet coup led by Nuland?  Holy smokes.  Get with the f'ing program, man.  Wake up for god's sake.  Idiots like yourself would probably vote "up" for a war if the US asked you.  Based on zippo.  Just like Iraq, just like Afghanistan, just like Libya, just like Syria.  Sleepwalking morons like you is what makes this country doubly dangerous.  Wake the F up!!!!!

willwork4food's picture

Or better yet Saint, just kill yourself. Do us all a favor.


valjoux7750's picture

Your a stupid sob, show me one picture of Russian troops or hardware in the Ukraine? And Crimea voted to rejoin Russia. Typical msm brainwashed retard.

kochevnik's picture

Russia can station 70.000 troops in Ukraine BY RATIFIED TREATY

markitect's picture

Was there ever honor in signing up to go kill people?  In hindsight how many of America's military adventures were nothing more than neo-colonial expansions?  Any free man born of his God given liberties should tell the military to fuck off, all wars are banker's wars ultimately and the humans who fight them considered expendable cannon fodder by the powers that be.  The day the men of this planet realize there is no reason to war with one another on behalf of some evil rulers will be the day we finally advance as a species.  Until then we will remain cattle, to be herded and slaughtered.  

Freddie's picture

The US military has not backed the American people since before 1861.  They have been puppets for bankster wars and the elites.   The should have arrested Abe Lincoln and his bankster cronies.

Every President who got America into a war or phony war should hve been arrested.    Two real scumbags were LBJ and George Bush.  LBJ was in on the JFK murder for Vietnam war as was bush.  Bush and his Mormon See Eye Aye cronies Romney and the Hinckley klan see World Vision Hickley See Eye Aye front tried to kill Reagan for NeoCon Wars.

Hopefully LBJ is burning in hell.

mccvilb's picture

Full bird colonel is AirForcespeak & means he's been recognized by his peers as one of the real guys, ie capable of commanding an entire squadron, FYI.  Respect, Theta.  This is one reason I wanted to see Trump elected, to restore McCrystal and other old school generals who were forced out of their commands by their civilian zio-overseers.            

BarkingCat's picture

Obama will also do sit downs in steamy bathhouses.

flapdoodle's picture

Obama also sits down when he pees.

dunce's picture

Obama shows up but he is the Rodney Dangerfield of leaders, he gets no respect nor does he deserve any. Remember his latest trip to China. Putin gets respect though Russia is not an equal militarily. He started the clown thing that has spread around the world.

BaBaBouy's picture

Yoo, its even got Hellery's Bogus Smile ~~~

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Reset switch sold separately  ;-)

Parrotile's picture

Does the "100% Silicone" refer to Madame President's boobs by any chance?? (If so, how do YOU know ? ? ?  )

Gold...Bitches's picture

Yes, Putin is a sane voice of reason and action.

Compared to many in the war machine of the USA that virtually always advocate for moar war/bombing and increasing destabilization, yes he is.  If the US wants to get some credibility on this shit then stop supporting terrorists, oops "moderate rebels", and actually wipe these shitstains off the face of the planet.  Don't use them as your cats paw to get rid of Assad.  Have the balls to just take him out if you want to take him out and don't use terrorists for the regime change that you so clearly want but dont have the balls to just do directly.