"Dickileaks" - Tomorrow's New York Post Front Page

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Presented without comment.

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NYP should have used my headline...

"Weiner Inserts Himself into Hillary's Election"

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The benchmark for Post headlines is still "Headless Body In Topless Bar".

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Or how about:

Clinton Chokes on Weiner Probe

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Or maybe 

Clinton Secrets on Weiner Apparatus Exposed

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That would be a big improvement.

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Beyond question, the bestest election ever!

Even better when Trump wins.

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Because they consider us Deplorables too stupid to catch them.

Fortunately for them, too many Americans are so distracted and placated with entertainment and shiny baubles they aren't guillotined over the weekend.


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I disagre miffed. People are getting it now. There are a few team members in denial but the damage is done and will continue.

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You forget, I live in Cali. The Force of indoctrination can have a strong influence on the weak minded.

Being in hostile territory probably skews my perception as to the state of things as a whole. I pray you are right.


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"shiny baubles" hit the nail on the head.

fish'n in the same pond, hoping for tuna and catching nuth'n but mud cat.

course the sex will sell their rag, but monsieur guillotine will roll when the useful idiots control mechanism is exposed for all to see.

if there's any justice, it will be delivered by the strong arm of the "good" military & mothers who've had their kids snatched & murdered for murdering bankster canon fodder.

just hope to live to see it!

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I know, right?  Is it possible to OD on popcorn and schadenfreude?  Cause I think I'm doing it right now.

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I wonder if the big deal about this is that the FBI DIDN'T find classified emails sent to or from Hillary via Huma into Carlos Danger's phone.....but the FBI found real, convincing evidence that Hillary knew of actual sex trysts between Carlos Danger (Weiner) and underage girls ( Federal Offence that is ) because Huma told her and Hillary disclosed this info to NO ONE not even the FBI.

This implicates Hillary as an accomplice to a Federal Crime if she knew of this and did nothing about it.

It's not like Hillary has any experience in covering up for a sexual predator.....if you know what I mean.

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That's my new desktop background...

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Oct 28, 2016 5:59 PM

This Weiner leaks easy!


First, well second bitchez!

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Carlos Danger was a little more of a liability than first thought ;-)

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Its a wonder he wasnt suicided.

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It's early in the weekend yet......

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I do believe the eeebul alt-right media has done Carlos Danger a yuuuge favor by letting the entire world know that "deaths under mysterious circumstances" are one of the Clintons forte'. I mean outside of using public office and...chair-it-eee...for personal wealth accumulation ;-)

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They're slipping. Surprised he wasn't suicided a long time ago.


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I need to take a shower after seeing that creep. He's almost as perverted looking as Kaine.

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I think the Clintons were sorta in a tough spot...so many people knew about their patronage habits and had read what was supposed to be top secret & sensitive information themselves (that they were'nt supposed to be privy to) it was gonna be really hard to get them all in one place at one time...lol.

Time vs events unfolding...tick tock...tick tock ;-)

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Well there's the next option. Extortion. Can't imagine what dirt they have accumulated over the years to use when they finally are cornered.


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Nadeen Tanden, Doug Band or even Podesta...all have their own reasons.

Of course, it could just be they've fucked over so many people they need..."insurance". Of course it could just be (as I said on Banzai's thread) something much much deeper...Deep State deeper.

Or hacker deeper ;-)

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It's really a shame he didn't win the NY Mayor's race.

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I'm concerned there could be more nasty leaks discharged through Weiner

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Huma may want to get tested.....

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The Hillbots and Hillbullies have gone silent on Twitter. They be scared.

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I wonder if my low-IQ cousins are shutting up on Facebook.....

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Breaking from the Clinton Camp: "It's all Pootin's Fault!!!!!"

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You can't make this stuff up!

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Of course you can, they did.

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Are you kidding, they can make up anything.

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Amazing American political discourse has slid into the cesspool. We NEED a change in this country!



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You know, I teach English to Chinese, and it took me a while to figure out why they do that. Turns out that the tongue movement needed to make the 'l' and 'th' sound (touching your tongue to your teeth) doesn't come up in Chinese at all, so 'l' comes out as 'r' because they hold their tongue back a quarter inch (try it). 'th' comes out as 's.'

Meanwhile when I attempt Mandarin I get worn out from the position you have to hold your tongue in to say it correctly.

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By that logic, the millions of Chinese named Lee, Li, Lin, etc. can't even pronounce their own names.

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I have been laughing all afternoon, thanks guys.

Heartwarming ; )

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Who would dare defend  orher this weekend not knowing the content of the emails?   Even the news media will back off supporting her not wanting to look “more” complicit.  However they will keep the negatives flowing on Trump.   Trump needs to be smooth and reap the benefits.

Course the Obama's are trying to get in good with the Clinton's so they can copy the Clinton Foundation model for profit.  

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Omg... Now that's a "head"-line to re-"member".  LMAO!!!

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Notice what direction her eyes are looking? Love the look on her face! This is the schlonging that keeps on schlonging.

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After all, what difference does it make ? We're all just stroking along ...

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Weiner should kill himself tonight ... his mom n dad would appreciate it kindly.

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The grift that keeps on giving.