"Dickileaks" - Tomorrow's New York Post Front Page

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Presented without comment.

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Looks like Hillary didn't destroy all of her emails.

She's just so corrupt and evil.

Like this wicked witch of the east had the house fall on her.

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and INEPT as all get up

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The whole election process should be converted to paper ballots immediately.  If not, anarchy.

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Plus legal residents only. What a concept.


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Here's how it will all shake down....

Hillary will blame Abadine. She will get tossed under the bus. Hillary will plead she had no idea and she'll walk. Her sycophant fans will adore her and continue to swoon....

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That won't help Hill.  She's still responsible for the material leak- doesn't matter how Huma got it.

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Now why did you have to go and say that and ruin my perfectly good afternoon ?!?

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fake death & end of days with kennyboylay, mcclendon, scalia, sippin umbrella drinks on a private non-extradition pedo isle.

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for once i am trap shut with AWWWWWW

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Different strokes for different folks. Clinton drops dead.

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Are you saying she will be the victim of a mass Bukakke of leaks?

Why gentlemen, jettison away! Leak it till no more comes out, then stroke it one more time, the coup de grâce!

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If there is classified information on that computer – it had to come from someone with clearance. There is no way she can pawn this off on one of her underlings

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Naaah, its going to be yoga routines and chelsea's wedding arrangements! 

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LOL... thats all i can say

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Interesting that Weiner & Abedin the muslim are amongst Killery's "handlers". I wonder if the Weiner/Abedin marriage is a farce and they are really both just representing their nations interests (Saudi Arabia & Israel) and are exerting control/influence over Killery & spying for their nations interests? 

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While Huma clearly is smart enough, Weiner obviously is not. Thus, IL would surely be wiser than just to put some Weiner there for their handling ....

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Huma Abedin, Hillary's aide for 20 years, is a Muslim Brotherhood agent and was forwarding them Top Secret/Special Access Program National Security information obtained via Hillary Clinton.  It's all in the video.


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I thought it couldn't get weirder. Then I hit that link.

I was wrong.

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I thought it couldn't get weirder. Then I hit that link.

I was wrong.

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I thought it couldn't get weirder. Then I hit that link.

I was wrong.

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I thought it couldn't get weirder. Then I hit that link.

I was wrong.

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First off thanks to those here who added links and comments to my comment. What we learned today adds further to my hypothesis. Abedin the agent for Saudi Arabia, deleted her gov emails that would have caused trouble (jail?) for herself and Hillary, while forwarding the deleting gov accountg emails to her yahoo accounts which the agent for the other country, Weiner had on his device which the FBI just found while investigating the  pervert Weiner.

So Abedin was illegally passing classified information to her partner/agent for the other nation.

On another note rumor has it that Obama's close friend is a secret muslim (as is Obama himself)




Over heard on Hitlery's campaign plane during today's 20 minute

delay disembarking;

"WTF!! I told you asswipes to use that hammer

on everybody's handhelds."

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After everything she has done to get fucked over by Carlos Danger bawwahahaha, oh this is just beautiful justice. 

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hoagy goldmikel (not verified) Oct 28, 2016 6:15 PM

what ? is America a Banana Republic ?

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Bukakke Republic actually, thanks to Dickileaks.

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If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

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where have all the jon-stewart/daily-show lovers gone? still shilling for hillary on one hand because he tells them to.. ignoring the fact that he was weiners roommate and BFF throughout the years. uh huh.

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was he really?  Jon Stewart and Anthony Weiner were roommates??  where?  thx

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just google it. all over the place. stewart had weiner on his show numerous times where they spoke of ther BFF-ness. watching them interact and joke with each other it was clearly genuine.

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They stole my line

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She's already done that. She just might be able to get out from under Hillary's old muff finally.

Caligula has NOTHING on us.

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Wiener will be found dead from a self inflicted gonorrhea shot. Clinton will " get off " of course.

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OMG you cannot make this shit up....... William!!!

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Hey girl! Long time no see. Classy old timers only come out for the good stuff!

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Oh you know it!  Always good seeing you.  Just too much election news from hell and i need a good laugh.  That did it!

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I really didn't think this would "come up" again.....priceless

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Huma rigged his pole.

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presented without comment....CLASSIC!!!!!

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If Putin had a son

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Anyone who died yesterday missed out on life.

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If any newspaper survives the internet age, please let it be the NY Post. Brilliant funny.

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"Wiener Screws Hillary' - this erection just keeps on giving....

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  How about this one> " Oscar Meyer Strikes Again."

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Wouldn't it be funny if Weiner brought down the entire House of Dicks?

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"Men In Black" (original) dialog:

Kay: What would scare Reggie so badly
        he'd risk a warp jump with a newborn?

Kay: We'll check the hot sheets.

J: These are the hot sheets?                  

Kay: Best investigative reporting
        on the planet.

Kay: Read the '' New York Times'' if you want.
       They get lucky sometimes.

J: I cannot believe you're looking
   for tips in the supermarket tabloids!

Kay: Not looking for.






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