"Dickileaks" - Tomorrow's New York Post Front Page

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Presented without comment.

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  Putin is laughing his ass off! I should send him a case of popcorn.

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Klassy. Still funny though.


Hillary hoisted on someone elses petard.

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Anthony's Mobile Diner Menu:


< Kosher Wiener in toasted Hill-bun:  1 $hillary

< He-Brew National Ale:                    Lechaim

< Condoments:                                Free

< Results:                                        Priceless. 

Bone Appétit.

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Now that is funny. Creepy, but funny. 

She really showed off that good judgement of hers by picking Huma as her assistant.......

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I wouldn't touch Hillary with bills wiener.

Closest a wiener has gotten to Hillary in a long time

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Hillary will get Weiner off

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It's a Weiner Roast!

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I am confused, why is the joo media attacking a joo to kill their neo-con joo conspriacy globalist's chances and elect the anti joo populist nazi?!?!!?!?!?!?


   I am sure the anti-joo phucks on this site will explain it to me in a cogent manner.

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I first thought this was a WB7 photoshop!

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If not careful, Weiner will get whacked.

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His dickie leaks early very often.  Ask Huma.  Or don't bother.

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Dickileaks... sounds like a prostate issue

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when did WB7 start working for NY Post???  imitation is the greatest form of flattery

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Hey you can't make this shit up.. this is the real thing. This is history being made, and get this THEY WILL DENY IT.....

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I saw his movie last night. What a scumbag.

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Funny how history rhymes.  Al Capone was never convicted of murder, theft, graft, or any of the other big crimes.  However, he sat in Alcatraz for the rest of his life for not paying taxes on a puny load of used furniture. 

The big crimes are always covered up, explained away, or blamed on an underling.  The littlest of details sometimes takes down the entire enterprise because somebody gets careless...

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Reminds me of that third rate burglary in '72.

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And the only reason that got discovered was a piece of duct tape seen on a door by a security guard. A piece of duct tape!!!

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We're just here because of the "Dickileaks" in the headline. Now that's some funny shit!!

Forward Full Spectrum Retard

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Whoa, wait a minute!!  You mean to tell us this shit is for real?  I just saw the same headline over at Drudge.  OMFG, we definitely ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto!

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Huma... why the long face... oh yeah, nevermind...

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Which reminds me... I need to get my truck weinerized...

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For Holy Fucks Sake Shit!!! We just looked at this loser's picture for about ten seconds and are as creeped out as we've ever been in our entire life. This fuck head is the national poster child for pathetic. And he's the husband of the chief aide to a Presidential candidate? Have we lost our collective fucking minds as a country?!?! How the hell is this asshole not behind bars getting bent over and drilled in the ass by Bubba every day?!?! Full Spectrum Retard does not even come close to describing the insanity of this shit.

My God, we're going back to doing hard drugs and living on the streets because this shit is totally FUBAR.

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We get the government we deserve.

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A lot of commenters on Huffington would not agree with you. Add that to the FUBAR soup.

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Wienergate leads to whitewater?

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That is one creepy fucking clown. And this is one creepy fucking circus.

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Ya gotta love the Neu Yok Post!!

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Weiner is a ringer for the Goebells character in Downfall.



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I call BS on this "reopening" of the "investigation" There was no investigation to begin with. With traction being found with the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and big time, they needed a distraction full of nothing more than inuendo with precious little time before the election. Now all the media flying monkeys will fill the airways with it so they don't have to talk about KNOWN criminality. Comey is dirty - plain and simple. He already took a dive and will stay on the mat.

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oh, i thought you said ERECTION POLE,

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Oddly the NYPost is anti- Trump- but EVEN they couldn't pass this one up!
What's the game here- giving the HRottenC campaign a way to say the FBI that has ignored ALL the previous evidence is Pro-Trump?