Podesta Part 23: Wikileaks Releases Another 700 Emails; Total Is Now 36,891

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In the aftermath of one of the most memorable (c)october shocks in presidential campaign history, and down the final stretch in the presidential race which has just over one week left, Wikileaks continues its ongoing broadside attack against the Clinton campaign with the relentless Podesta dump, by unveiling another 701 emails in the latest, Part 23 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 36,891.

In the latest, Saturday set, of emails Neera Tanden's comments revealed that according to her, "Sometimes HRC/WJC have the worst judgement" in involving the Bonner Group which has been accused of money laundering; another email hinted that Turkey president Erdogan was donating to Democratic candidates "including Hillary" to buy political favors, while Chelease Clinton continued to express her reservations about Teneo.

As usual we are parsing through the latest release and will bring readers the more notable emails.

* * *

Now that it has been exposed in painful - for Doug Band and the Clinton campaign - detail, just how shady the fund flows and "quid pro quo" dealings were between Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Doug Band's consultancy Teneo, the following email from November 12, 2011 from Doug Band to Podesta and Mill is particularly notable:

I'm also starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed. Dk and I built a business. 65 people work for us who have wives and husbands and kids, they all depend on us. Our business has almost nothing to do with the clintons, the foundation or cgi in any way.

* * *

An Apr 2, 2014 email from Podesta to Robby Mook, points out that Google's Eric Schmidt is "ready to fund" and wants to be "head outside advisor":

I met with Eric Schmidt tonight. As David reported, he's ready to fund, advise recruit talent, etc. He was more deferential on structure than I expected. Wasn't pushing to run through one of his existing firms. Clearly wants to be head outside advisor, but didn't seem like he wanted to push others out. Clearly wants to get going. He's still in DC tomorrow and would like to meet with you if you are in DC in the afternoon. I think it's worth doing. You around? If you are, and want to meet with him, maybe the four of us can get on the phone iN the am.

Another email from February 2015 suggests that Google is quite active in its collaboration with the Clinton campaign: John Podesta writes that Eric Schmidt met with HR "about the business he proposes to do with the campaign. He says he's met with HRC" and adds that "FYI. They are donating the Google plane for the Africa trip"

* * *

A November 23, 2011 email from Clinton Foundation's Amitab Desai to Podesta and other Foundation staffers, reveals the details of the Clinton Foundation assisting lobbying of US government and HRC State Department for $50 millon cash aid for El Salvador. After laying out all the things El Salvador has done to obtain the funding, Carlos Rafael Urquilla Bonilla concludes by saying:

"I want to thank all your kind help to us. Let me know if President Clinton has received the Bishop Romero replica of the mural and also the letter from President Funes to Habitat?"

We question if cash also funnelled illegally into the Clinton Foundation in exchange for assisting US government funding to El Salvador.

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Can we get to cankles emails already?


This foreplay is getting old!

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where's the ones that will finally put her in jail  

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Here's a good one about Creamer, DNC, Center for American Progress, Robbie Mook, and how to handle Bernie voters when he loses (note this was written in December 2015).


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Didn't even need to read it. The FIX was in.

I am curious what they promised O'Malley to stand there and cuck, like he actually stood a chance.
Bernie's rise was an "oh, shit..thank god we thought of Superdelates" moment!

They don't fix elections! Yeah, right.

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Many of the emails yet to be release revolve around one thing--->




WARNING: Election Theft In Progress
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We need the one that says she is without a doubt a criminal and then have the DOJ say it don't count.Then the media has to say we also don't care we are also a criminal enerprise and then the people will have to revolt. That is where its going.

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Did this fucker do anything else other than sit in front of a computer writing and reading emails.

Seriously, WTF??

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A Gatekeeper, they control the ' flow', who gets in, who doesn't. It's how they win...

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She's on the war path this am,  blaming Trump for all of this- 

Classic Clinton.

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So many Political Operatives across both Crime Syndicate Party lines & Presstitute Media have got to be arrested. Its not even the slightest Comical any longer.

Hillary Clinton the Pure Evil Criminal War Treasonist Pyschopths should be arrested immediately. As well as Bill, their daughter, Podesta. Well, RICO their asses.

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The DNC is in panic with one branch blaming Putin, anothe rbranch blaming "Russian hackers" and another Donald Trump. The media is overwhlemed with all this Common Core Corruption it has no idea what propaganda to print to try to brainwash Americans. However, even the store clerks and janitors have heard of the widespread corruption so we'll see what happens.


Perhaps, only the Millennial Snowflakes and safe space peeples will ignore the corruption.

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Lucky #13: Hillary/Bill treason: Qatar, funder of ISIS

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They're so egregious , heinous , we can't release them! HRC

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The Saint (not verified) WTFUD Oct 30, 2016 12:57 PM

We have to lock her up until she dies.


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It's Autumn - time to gather the bad apples of Wall Street/globalists and rake-up the fallen political leaves of all colors and throw them on the compost heap of history. And then cut the DC tree-of-shame, mill it into lengths of lumber and use it to rebuild our country.

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Sunday is Sabbath for 15% of the world.

What venue are you delivering your sermon at this morning, Reverend?

Might put on my Sunday Best and make a showing.

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Now put some money on the plate.

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They must've been using POP3 rather than IMAP to have such propagation problems. Huma Abadin said she deleted emails from her BB, but her emails resided on her laptop. How inefficient!


Even creepy-ass Jake Sullivan thinks Bill's a lurker. 


From:jsullivan@hillaryclinton.com To: ha16@hillaryclinton.com  Date: 2015-10-12 00:12
Subject: Re: Wjc confirmed

This is not a positive development.

> On Oct 11, 2015, at 8:56 PM, Huma Abedin <ha16@hillaryclinton.com> wrote: > > Joining us on plane to Vegas. > > Sent from my iPhone

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Am I alone in finding the whole "keep WJC out of sight" mularkey endemic in these releases fucking hilarious?


It's hysterical -- even with some advisors screaming that he should be trotted out constantly the campaign is saying "keep that fucker tucked as long as possible."


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Thank you Chelsea!  

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Podesta didn't attach his gmail account to his blackberry.  Wonder why?



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He couldn't remember if his password was his dog's name, or "password".

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wonder why the taper?

tension, tension, tension...then the big OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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Because the best fuck is a long, slow fuck. In the end, we're going to climax like a hydrogen bomb.

I only hope, not literally.

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Prefer LSF




thanks for sharing your preference settings WS.

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BREAKING WIKILEAKS: 'Hacked Hillary Emails' The 33K Deleted Revealed by Nov 1.



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POTUS & FBI have all missing emails and more via NSA which stores all communications.

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So when did this guy get any work done?

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Where's the hacked pics of podesta taking it up the ass from soros?

Of hillary telling podesta she'll knock off huma after the elections and after shes fired?

The one where podesta talks about how he doesnt know how hillary does it with her parkinsons?\

'these idiot niggers and spics will win this election for us potus, not to worry'

'soros' machines will take care of our problem guys'

'half of trump supporters are deplorable? They're all fucking deplorable, and most idiot dems who support us as well. Fuck the electoral public'

oh, and the one mentioning that 'this administration will continue to serve israel. That is BAU and non negotiable'


I can dream cant i?

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The Weiner wagging the Clinton...

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We need to do our part and parse through them also. Remember what the Redditors did with the Pedophile Setup and linking it to DNC operatives?

If you're gonna bitch, but do nothing when you have an opportunity to do something, then STFU. 

blue51's picture

Please, please, find some incriminating dirt , on the pedophilia eyed  Kaine. SOON. Tx

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Hey, just the FACT that this info was on a private laptop in Weiner's possession, is a crime.

I betcha...there are SAP docs on that device.

superluminalwill's picture

"On Weiner's laptop" a likely diversion by the Neocon Times. POTUS and FBI have had everything, and more, all along, via NSA, which stores all communications. Suggesting that "missing" emails must implicate Clintons and POTUS, too.

NoPension's picture

Perhaps the issue is ...info has gotten into the hands and in front of agents who are not tied by those " non disclosure " agreements.

In other words....tptb are losing control of this situation.

" it's always the coverup" .... never fails!!

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Dig in! Even if you only read a dozen or two it helps. To read them in context, you have to google a lot of stuff, including the players, the topic, acronyms, ect. 

if we all just read a dozen then a lot of damage could be done to HRCs campaign. 

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Does anybody here believe the FBI does not know what's on Huma Danger's laptop?

JackMeOff's picture

Even the Engineer who was brought on to drive Hillary's social media campaign wondered if it is "legit".



chubbar's picture

And you'll note in the email stream referenced above by "jackmeoff" that they are trying to convince "bribe" that engineer into working for them on a project that he feels may be illegal (probably is). What do they use for a bribe? Why they say that they will bring Hillary in to speak with him about the Obamacare website. You know, the website that has chewed through hundreds of millions if not billions and still sucks! That means to me that they are using this website as a mechanism to funnel money through to people who are "working on it" but actually being paid to do other things. This guy will be told that there is literally millions to be made by being assigned to work on the Obamacare website if he gets to work on these other projects. These people are pure dogshit.

Mr. Bones's picture

Healthcare.gov was a $700 mm project.  As you might remember, it was awful in the beginning so I'm sure there was a spend to fix it.   I also don't know if CGI federal did as most government contractors do and call fixing their fuck-ups as "out of scope" so the gravy train rolls for another few years.  This practice is so prolific that contractors who can deliver on time and budget have to prove it with a loss leader because the people who approve the projects have been conditioned for generations to hold some money back for when the project inevitably goes over budget.  The result is a patchwork of shit solutions supplied by a series of recognizable names creating work for themselves that is neither integrated nor 'robust' and requires maintenance of a workforce with special (read:archaic) knowledge.

Barney Fife's picture

Here is a link that I found in an email where they point out conservative hypocrisy, and in this particular case I happen to agree with them:



from https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36537

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Schmidt needs to be high on the List. Grease the guillotines.

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I used to like the Econmist.  It has gone over the edge with all the rest of them.  Shmidt's doing

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i hope her stress level is through the roof. sed-a-give. [/r.i.p. gene wilder]

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Abby Normal for Prison 2016!

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In HRC's case...she's Frau Blucher!  (horses go crazy in the background)

+1000, by the way, for all of the 'Young Frankenstein' references!  One of my top 5 favorite movies of all time.