Gasoline Prices Soar After Colonial Pipeline Explosion In Alabama - Live Stream

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Update: The Colonial Pipeline disruption has sparked a huge spike in the price of RBOB gasoline

Bloomberg reports that S.C. fuel marketers are receiving allocation notices from major suppliers after Colonial Pipeline shut its mainlines on fire in Shelby County, Alabama, according to Michael Fields, executive director of state’s Petroleum Marketers Association.

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As we detailed earlier, massive plume of smoke is filling the skyline after a gas pipeline exploded in Helena, Alabama according to CBS42. Fire units are headed to the scene, according to McAdory Fire Station #2. Alagasco has stated that the fire is from a petroleum line. According to the Shelby County Sheriff's office, the blast was on the Colonial Line, with 8-9 people injured.

For those curious about the piepline, the EIA has a great primer found here.

The Sheriff adds that the blast happened during crew work.

The explosion took place near 334 Highway 13. At this time, a response team has been called in from Jefferson County as well as a tanker from the McAdory Fire Department.

Vestavia Hills Fire Department has also arrived on the scene, along with Shelby County’s Sheriff’s Department.

UAB has received five patients associated with the explosion who arrived by LifeFlight helicopter. At this time, there is no word on their condition, but CBS42 has learned that they are being treated for burns.

Helena police are stating that there was an explosion in the Shelby County Jurisdiction, and that no Helena residents are in danger.

Travel is not being impacted to students who get dropped off on County Road 13, according to the transportation director with Shelby County schools.

It is unclear how much product is impacted and whether East Coast gasoline prices are set to spike as a result.

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I heard someone pulled a Richard Pryor and dipped a cookie into homo milk touching off the blast. Either way, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast.

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Russians providing cover for Trump! Rayciss! Free Huma!

Liberal's picture

I'm SO afraid!  Those Russians!!!  We have to do something! 


Please everyone.  Vote for Hillary.  She'll give all of us our own safe spaces!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Exclusive photo from the area just after the explosion - US government official states "We are confident of its authenticity."

Stuck on Zero's picture

Since we require double hulled tankers to prevent leaks why can't we require double-piped pipelines?

erkme73's picture

Goddamnit with the ambush audio!!!  PLEASE test your pages...  FOUR LIVE STREAMS at the same time?  I know it's halloween, but JFC, you trying to wake the dead?

tarsubil's picture

Doubled hulls got nothing on jooish lightning.

Déjà view's picture

"Déjà Vu All Over Again"?

boattrash's picture


Just to give you a heads-up on the double-hull vessels, all of 'em that I've operated still have the fuel and oil tanks against the outer hull.

The major safety factor is for the "water-tight integrity" of the vessel, which helps prevent sinking due to a hull breach, not protection against a spill.

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--This is red flag, homegrown terrorist act to take away the focus on the Clinton email crisis.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Shut the fuck up. This is about 5 miles from me and Im looking at the plume right now.

acetinker's picture

Looks like diesel burning.  Black smoke.  Cold fire.  You know, the same fire that took down the WTC complex?

Be well, Trapper.

D-2's picture

Gasoline also produces black smoke. Just my two cents, but that fire looks to be pretty hot!

Stuck on Zero's picture

That's not a pipeline explosion. That's Mr. Applebaum starting his '63 Lincoln after dumping in a can of Bardahl.


acetinker's picture

Everything's relative.  People ask me; Why are you such an asshole?  My reply; Have you met my friends?

Could be gasoline starved for oxygen due to the proximate fire in the woods.  If it still burns black once the vegetation is burned off, it's diesel, or fuel oil.

Gasoline is like moonshine, it burns with a clear blue flame-

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Just spoke to an ambulance crew up at the gas station. Several have already died, it just hasn't been announced yet. They said a crew was digging and pierced the pipe. Said it was a a very hot, hellish scene. 

Oliver Klozoff's picture

Good thing you don't have to watch the live TV.

It's as dumb as fuck.

stocker84's picture

Oh... You're fucked.

We've got you within a 5 mile radius.

Any more clues, Copernicus?

DirkDiggler11's picture

I don't think Meat Trapper is worried about you triangulating his position. He has freely posted links to his YouTube videos if you want to learn more about survival skills, especially trapping and preparing wild game, Meat Trapper definitely knows his shit.

The guy goes by "MEAT TRAPPER" after all, so if you want to scour that 5 miles you have pinpointed and go and fuck with him be my guest. I'll be on the lookout for his next video on "how to prepare a freshly ensnared TRESSPASSER". Maybe I can assist with the wine paring?

Best of luck !

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Thanks Dirk. I make no effort to hide my identity because I have nothing to fear. Anyone who would like to come visit me is welcome. Email me at .

Its amazing how many tough guy asshats are on the internet.

Looks like this is the same pipeline as last time but about a mile from the last break. Take a minute and remember the men laying on the burn ward at UAB hospital tonight, burned severely .  They were trying to earn a living today and their lives will never be the same. 

DirkDiggler11's picture

Looks like another "gas rationing" coming again for Ga, NC, SC, and parts of TN again. Great.

jwoop66's picture

Shut the fuck up?   Because its close to you?   You're on the internet, so I guess you're ok.  Good. Now, you shut the fuck up, this is ZH!  Maybe you above all should be wondering why main gas lines that affect a good portion of the country, are blowing up in your neighborhood??

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Maybe because they are old like most of the infrastructure in this country and being a major hub area a lot of maintenance work has been going on.

But dont let facts and common sense get in the way of a factless conspiracy theory, right?


jwoop66's picture

The only facts I know right now are that an explosion happened.  You say maintenance.  Ok. Why are they working on obviously live/active lines?  I have worked in other industrial areas, and there is ALWAYS a comprehensive tag-out procedure for stuff like this.  I wouldn't imagine they would work on lines that could even possibly be full of fuel.  I would believe confirming the presence or absence of fuel would be at the top of the checklist.  

Am I saying anything conspiratorial yet?  Any facts I missed?  

Are you curious about any of that?  Maybe others know what you know about the decrepit infrastructure in your area.  Is that a possibility?  Is it government infrastructure or private?  

Have you heard about some of the other  pipeline projects in the country?  A lot of very powerful folks have a lot of very emotional folks up in arms about these pipelines.  The same people that always find grievance and reasons for protests and violence don't like pipelines.   You think its conspiracy theory to entertain the idea of someone sabotaging a pipeline, Especially if it common knowledge they are decrepit?  

Maybe.  But it sure seems like somebody did SOMETHING wrong.... doesn't it?

Ms No's picture

People most certainly do weld on hot lines.  That's where the money is.  Tag out doesn't even come into the picture that's more for mining, gas and power plant shutdowns.  It isn't going to help anything if something goes wrong explosions don't care.  It's actually safer than you might think.  Empty lines are more dangerous than full lines due to gas.  Sour gas lines are the worst.  It's called in service welding.  Also look up tie-ins and hot taps.

If you think that sounds scary you should see what replacing an old well head can look like.  You have to play it by ear and they can make whatever dumbass proceedure they want, in the end you have to deal with what you see, feel and hear.    

jmack's picture

More likely it was a  work crew digging in the wrong place, or not making the proper calls before digging (with a back hoe).

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If you don't smoke Tarryltons... Fuck You! [/Billboard, Idiocracy]

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OregonGrown's picture

Sooooo...... I am going to summize that TPTB will do ANYTHING to keep oil above $50 per barrel ...... 


We all have seen the correlation between the price of a barrel of oil and stock prices over the last 6-9 months.... 


Seems that they will do to maintain the status quo!  SICK

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yas. multiple streams


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yeah I really want 3 videos to start playing when I open a link.


EDIT:  And yeah I really want those 3 videos to start playing AGAIN when I post my comment complaining about them.



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is this how phil spector did it?

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I see three black boxes and two large blank areas, until if ever, and when ever, I want to view the content.

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Or when i log in to up vote ya ...... sorry took so long website scripts froze .... J.F.C

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Does the affected community receive compo from the owners or do you need to have your face burnt off to qualify?

ejmoosa's picture

Is this the same pipeline that was recenlty repaired?

Truther's picture

Nah, the one next to it.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

They havent said yet, but its along the same route.

Proofreder's picture

Little less than a mile to the East - same pipeline, according to the 

what - you are not watching the three streams at once - with the interesting part of the image obscured by some fool logo ...


Lynx Dogood's picture

"Is this the same pipeline that was recenlty repaired?"

Recently sheared you mean. YES IT IS!!!! I have a home just across the Alabama border in Georgia. I am Apparently on the wrong side of Alabama.


What are the odds????

Francis Marx's picture

Yes. It was done by illegals

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hoagy goldmikel (not verified) Oct 31, 2016 4:43 PM

maybe  a couple more video links of it .

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Were any buffalo involved? I want some flank steak, medium rare.

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mmm. I love the smell of buffalo at dinner time!

Ms No's picture

No Implied, if it's free you do not go for a flank cut. 

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Even tho free, it's still the closest I'm gonna get to ass. Paid association is illegal in 49 states. Free association...isn't.

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Suspicious timing.  I'll be interested to see if it was tampered with.