John Podesta's Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ's Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

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Now that the FBI has obtained the needed warrant to start poring over the 650,000 or so emails uncovered in Anthony Weiner's notebook, among which thousands of emails sent from Huma Abedin using Hillary Clinton's personal server, moments ago the US Justice Department announced it is also joining the probe, and as AP reported moments ago, vowed to dedicate all needed resources to quickly review the over half a million emails in the Clinton case.

In the letter to Congress, the DOJ writes that it “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” assistant attorney General Peter J. Kadzik writes in letters to House and Senate lawmakers.

So far so good, even if one wonders just how active the DOJ will be in a case that has shown an unprecedented schism between the politically influenced Department of Justice and the FBI.

And yet, something felt odd about this.

Kadzik... Kadzik... where have we heard that name?

Oh yes. Recall our post from last week, "Clinton Campaign Chair Had Dinner With Top DOJ Official One Day After Hillary's Benghazi Hearing" in which we reported that John Podesta had dinner with one of the highest ranked DOJ officials the very day after Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony?

It was Peter Kadzik.

In other words, the best friend of John Podesta, Clinton's Campaign char, at the DOJ will be in charge of a probe that could potentially sink Hillary Clinton.

For those who missed it, this is what we reported previously:

The day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.


The post-Benghazi dinner was attended by Podesta, Kadzik, superlobbyist Vincent Roberti and other well-placed Beltway fixtures. The first mention of personal contact between Podesta and Kadzik in the Wikileaks dump is in an Oct. 23, 2015 email sent out by Vincent Roberti, a lobbyist who is close to Podesta and his superlobbyist brother, Tony Podesta. In it, Roberti refers to a dinner reservation at Posto, a Washington D.C. restaurant.  The dinner was set for 7:30 that evening, just one day after Clinton gave 11 hours of testimony to the Benghazi Committee.


Podesta and Kadzik met several months later for dinner at Podesta’s home, another email shows. Another email sent on May 5, 2015, Kadzik’s son asked Podesta for a job on the Clinton campaign.

As the Daily Caller noted, the dinner arrangement "is just the latest example of an apparent conflict of interest between the Clinton campaign and the federal agency charged with investigating the former secretary of state’s email practices." As one former U.S. Attorney tells told the DC, the exchanges are another example of the Clinton campaign’s “cozy relationship” with the Obama Justice Department.

The hacked emails confirm that Podesta and Kadzik were in frequent contact. In one email from January, Kadzik and Podesta, who were classmates at Georgetown Law School in the 1970s, discussed plans to celebrate Podesta’s birthday. And in another sent last May, Kadzik’s son emailed Podesta asking for a job on the Clinton campaign.

“The political appointees in the Obama administration, especially in the Department of Justice, appear to be very partisan in nature and I don’t think had clean hands when it comes to the investigation of the private email server,” says Matthew Whitaker, the executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a government watchdog group.

“It’s the kind of thing the American people are frustrated about is that the politically powerful have insider access and have these kind of relationships that ultimately appear to always break to the benefit of Hillary Clinton,” he added, comparing the Podesta-Kadzik meetings to the revelation that Attorney General Loretta Lynch met in private with Bill Clinton at the airport in Phoenix days before the FBI and DOJ investigating Hillary Clinton.

Kadzik's role at the DOJ, where he started in 2013, is particularly notable Kadzik, as helped spearhead the effort to nominate Lynch, who was heavily criticized for her secret meeting with the former president.

It gets better because, as we further revealed, if there is one person in the DOJ who is John Podesta's, and thus the Clinton Foundation's inside man, it is Peter Kadjik.

Kadzik represented Podesta during the Monica Lewinsky investigation. And in the waning days of the Bill Clinton administration, Kadzik lobbied Podesta on behalf of Marc Rich, the fugitive who Bill Clinton controversially pardoned on his last day in office. That history is cited by Podesta in another email hacked from his Gmail account. In a Sept. 2008 email, which the Washington Free Beacon flagged last week, Podesta emailed an Obama campaign official to recommend Kadzik for a supportive role in the campaign. Podesta, who would later head up the Obama White House transition effort, wrote that Kadzik was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail.”


Podesta was caught in a sticky situation in both the Lewinsky affair and the Rich pardon scandal. As deputy chief of staff to Clinton in 1996, Podesta asked then-United Nations ambassador Bill Richardson to hire the 23-year-old Lewinsky. In April 1996, the White House transferred Lewinsky from her job as a White House intern to the Pentagon in order to keep her and Bill Clinton separate. But the Clinton team also wanted to keep Lewinsky happy so that she would not spill the beans about her sexual relationship with Clinton.

Richardson later recounted in his autobiography that he offered Lewinsky the position but that she declined it.

Podesta made false statements to a grand jury impaneled by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr for the investigation. But he defended the falsehoods, saying later that he was merely relaying false information from Clinton that he did not know was inaccurate at the time. “He did lie to me,” Podesta said about Clinton in a National Public Radio interview in 1998. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in Feb. 1999 of perjury and obstruction of justice charges related to the Lewinsky probe. Kadzik, then a lawyer with the firm Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky, represented Podesta through the fiasco.

Podesta had been promoted to Clinton’s chief of staff when he and Kadzik became embroiled in another scandal.

Kadzik was then representing Marc Rich, a billionaire financier who was wanted by the U.S. government for evading a $48 million tax bill. The fugitive, who was also implicated in illegal trading activity with nations that sponsored terrorism, had been living in Switzerland for 17 years when he sought the pardon. To help Rich, Kadzik lobbied Podesta heavily in the weeks before Clinton left office on Jan. 20, 2001. A House Oversight Committee report released in May 2002 stated that “Kadzik was recruited into Marc Rich’s lobbying campaign because he was a long-time friend of White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.”

The report noted that Kadzik contacted Podesta at least seven times regarding Rich’s pardon. On top of the all-hands-on-deck lobbying effort, Rich’s ex-wife, Denise Rich, had doled out more than $1 million to the Clintons and other Democrats prior to the pardon. She gave $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate campaign and another $450,000 to the Clinton presidential library.

Kadzik's current role

In his current role as head of the Office of Legislative Affairs, Kadzik handles inquiries from Congress on a variety of issues. In that role he was not in the direct chain of command on the Clinton investigation. The Justice Department and FBI have insisted that career investigators oversaw the investigation, which concluded in July with no charges filed against Clinton.

But Kadzik worked on other Clinton email issues in his dealings with Congress. Last November, he denied a request from Republican lawmakers to appoint a special counsel to lead the investigation.

In a Feb. 1, 2016 letter in response to Kadzik, Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis noted that Kadzik had explained “that special counsel may be appointed at the discretion of the Attorney General when an investigation or prosecution by the Department of Justice would create a potential conflict of interest.”

DeSantis, a Republican, suggested that Lynch’s appointment by Bill Clinton in 1999 as U.S. Attorney in New York may be considered a conflict of interest. He also asserted that Obama’s political appointees — a list which includes Kadzik — “are being asked to impartially execute their respective duties as Department of Justice officials that may involve an investigation into the activities of the forerunner for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.”

It is unknown if Kadzik responded to DeSantis’ questions.

Kadzik’s first involvement in the Clinton email brouhaha came in a Sept. 24, 2015 response letter to Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley in which he declined to confirm or deny whether the DOJ was investigating Clinton. Last month, Politico reported that Kadzik angered Republican lawmakers when, in a classified briefing, he declined to say whether Clinton aides who received DOJ immunity were required to cooperate with congressional probes.

Kadzik also testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing last month on the issue of classifications and redactions in the FBI’s files of the Clinton email investigation.

Finally, it is also worth noting that Kadzik's wife, Amy Weiss, currently at Weiss Public Affairs worked on the 1992 Clinton/Gore Campaign as a Press Secretary, and Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee, and a White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton.

* * *

And now it seems that Kadzik will be in charge of the DOJ's "probe" into Huma Abedin's emails. Which is why we are a little skeptical the DOJ will find "anything" of note.

Amy Weiss, Peter Kadzik, with lobbyist Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta.

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drink or die's picture

Didn't see that coming...oh wait, yes I did.

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Everyone is fucking compromised.

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Assange: if you got 'em, show 'em.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Bastiat Oct 31, 2016 3:56 PM

Thursday front page of all "news" papers/sites and lead story of all "news" broadcasts:

"DOJ Thoroughly Reviewed ALL 650,000 of Carlos Danger's wife's emails.  Every Single Email Was About Yoga Poses.  No Reasonable Prosecutor Would Prosecute Unclassified Yoga Pose Emails. DOJ Declares Hillary Innocent with Sub-recommendation to Vote for Hillary.  Case Closed. Move Along or Go To Jail"

macholatte's picture


It Ain’t Over.... Soros can Still Win. The Machines are Rigged

The interview begins around 1:10
How America’s Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered

The Book:
How America’s Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered

Muse minus Time's picture

ALERT ALERT  here's the link on how the vote is being stolen... 

also go to:

Occident Mortal's picture

It doesn't matter what Clinton does now. The shit has finally stuck.

Pinch's picture

Yawn is this the best you've got? A few emails about getting money out of a stinking rich arab to benefit sick and dying people .... THIS is the scandal?

LOL, you have no hope.

This is called


Dump Trump before the slump

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Pinch Oct 31, 2016 4:11 PM

Read: The DOJ will commit what ever resources are necessary to get Hillary Clinton exhonerated again before election day.


WordSmith2013's picture

Make no difference who's at Justice, the Wiki data dump is overwhelming

and will take them all down.


October Surprise and Halloween Scare on the Same Day for Candidate Clinton
jcaz's picture

Yeah it does, actually-  while the FBI actually has some semblence of a seeker of truth (below a compromised Director),  the Justice Department is a chasm of amoeba academics who will bury this matter for a free lunch and promise of a lobbying gig;

Wiki has promised a lot, delivered little-  this email matter is the Golden Goose.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I say no way Comey is done.  If she wins, he's dead man walking.  He needs to see to it that she loses.

I would also think that the FBI Agents who are pissed at what's happened to date will not be too happy about the DOJ taking over the investigation.

More to come for sure.

Joe Davola's picture

Ah, now I see why the subpoena was allowed to go forward.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Joe Davola Oct 31, 2016 5:43 PM

Now the word is out that an FBI inquiry is out to investigate Manaford (Trumps former campaign chairman) and two others in the Trump campaign concerning their foreign connections.

Is this an Obama tit for tat move?

Joe Davola's picture

I'm sure they're just leveling the playing field.
Bet the first memo Kadzik sent out was to remind the investigators of the penalties for divulging information related to an ongoing investigation. How else can the Clinton campaign get back in front of every news cycle.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

It would be interesting to see a list of Senior DOJ officials, and see if they all have anything in common...

Maybe a similar cultural heritage, polticial ideology, religious beliefs, or even dual citizenship???

The Alarmist's picture

That dog won't hunt.

This is how this might play out:  Carlos Danger's corpse will be found next to a suicide note absolving Huma and HRC by stating that he doctored the emails (no doubt with the help of Trump and Putin) in order to take revenge on them for throwing him under the bus.

PrayingMantis's picture


... what's in a name? ... if the following clintonite names plus "DOJ" were "chinese" words, their english translations can be a bit silly ...

... in a previous posting, I google-translated "podesta" from chinese to english and it gave me "he is broken" ...

... later, I did the same for "comey" and it gave "come"

... then I tried "huma" and the chinese to english translation gave me "tiger mother" ...

... thereafter, I tried "hillary"  ... which gave me the same boring  "hillary" but "rodham" translated to "Rod ham" ...

... I tried "oshinsky" which is part of kadzik's law firm and which got podesta out of jail and the translation showed ... "oh, girl's can" ...

... I did the same for "weiner" and its 'chinese' word translated to english gave "for you" ...

... another one is "rich" as in mark and denise rich  and was translated to "daily"

... and "DOJ" translated to "do sister" ...

... and finally, I tried "kadzik" and which translated to " 'kart' powered by" ...

... now, let's piece it together ...the following 'chinese' words ... "Comey, Podesta, Kadzik, Hillary, Weiner, Rodham, DOJ, Huma, Rich, Oshinsky" ...

... would be loosely translated to english with "google-translate" as ... "come, he is broken ... 'kart' powered by hillary ... for you, rod ham, do sister, tiger mother, daily ... oh, girls can" ... :D

... well, it goes to show that given ample time with the help of a suspect language translator app, stories can be created out of nothing ... so don't expect the "DOJ" (department of just us) to do anything about hiliary's criminal activities ...

... much ado about nothin' ;)


Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) PrayingMantis Oct 31, 2016 9:25 PM

FFS ~ I home reading thru those e-mails is easier than that.

yippee kiyay's picture

All this talk of emails, haven't heard anything damaging to Hitlery yet from preventing her to become Potus.

letsit's picture

Whoever the powers that be want will be potus.

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SPAM ALERT: Serial spammer DO NOT click on his fake links which are completely unconnected to his comments. Current names: Yippee Kiyay, lonnng and letsit
Previous names include: mofio, santafe, Aristotle of Greece,  Gargoyle, bleu, oops,     lance-a-lot, Loftie, toro.

Erek's picture

Are you always an idiot or just when people are around?

jeff montanye's picture

s/he is a one trick pony but it's a good trick (ashkenazi zionists are at the root of the problems of the united states post ww2).

check out this speech by trump:

if two years ago you had shown it to me on paper with no name but attributed to a major party prez candidate and asked me could it happen i would have said no, especially the first half.

jeff montanye's picture

no offense but how high are you?

the conflict of interest between podesta and kadzik is pretty epic: "kept me out of jail", worked the marc rich scandal together, even got monica lewinsky's mouth into the oval office.

that's pretty impressive even by clinton standards.

oh and donna brazile is fired by cnn for giving hillary debate questions in advance as detailed in the wikileaks.  and cnn and donna both deny it happened.  yet she's fired.

kind of like the veritas sting: it's a lie so we fired them both.

and for that matter here's the ex-deputy head of the fbi calling the clintons a crime family and it actually being reported by the washington post (more astounding):

seems like the legacy media may be having just a few, very tiny, second thoughts on the gargantuan dimensions of the hillary clinton electoral avalanche about to descend on that improbably colored hair.

trump 2016 or impeach clinton 2017

PrayingMantis's picture


... no offense taken @jeff montanye ...  and I see you still keeping your hopes really "high" ... the Klinton Krime Kartel and their fleas are guilty as fucking hell ... you don't have to convince me (read all my postings) ... and being "guilty" of their crimes and actually "going to jail" are two different things ...

... if you stare at the "real" Klinton Krime Kartel criminal events from their time in Arkansas (refer: ... hopefully the site is still up ) and all the numerous criminal activities to the present day (refer:, add all the scandals re: Wikileaks podesta emails, Justice Watch-driven FOIA and add all the body bags (Vince Foster, etc.) the Klinton Krime Kartel had accumulated from the last 30 years or so, and hiliary is STILL allowed to run for the presidency of the US, and you are still convinced that the DOJ would turn around and indict the witch? ... I'd say 'the best part of waking up is opening your eyes' ...

... well, I'm not holding my breath that the whole MSM, DOJ, FBI, Oligarchy, Elites, Establishment, Corporations, Soros, Rotschilds, Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, et. al. would suddenly flip a 180 and drop hiliary under the bus ... you'd be delusional if you'd believe that "they" would allow it ... it would be some kind of miracle for Trump to win against all odds ... and as I had been hoping as well (praying together perhaps with all disaffected Americans), that someone outside of the establishment would win and "drain the swamp" somehow ...

btw, if you watch old videos, Trump had been steadfast and had been saying the same things and the same policies for decades ... and he'd be the right candidate to upset the apple cart ...

... and just look at the whole "voting machine" fraud ... it was already 'busted' (refer: 'Biggest Election Fraud In History Discovered In The United States' >>> ) but are the authorities going to do anything about it? ... I doubt it ... the cheating has been around for decades and all the authorities did was talk  ... it's all kabuki theatre because each party (rep or dem) would want only their "own" candidate to run the show (whoever was in power at the time) ... someone "they" could manipulate ... ... why do you think Americans had to endure 8 years of Obama? do you really think he won the votes? ... do you really think he's even American? ... because "they" (Bilderbergs, Trilaterals, Rotschilds, Corporations, Banks, US Fed. NWO et. al.) want someone they could control  and manipulate like a marionette ...

... It is really quite simple to fix the voting machines fiasco ... have the voters vote on paper ballot ... scan the paper ballot ... send the scanned tally over by wire ... call in the paper ballot totals that would match the scanned transmmitted totals  (the transmitted totals have to match the called-in paper ballot totals) ... and it's so simple to fix (btw, that's how they vote in Canada) ... however, the US authorities and the rest of the establishment won't do anything about it because they want their candidates to win ...

... look at the  congressional oversight committees ... they could easily call and empanel a grand jury to indict the Klintons  ... heck, they are the "congress" FFS but all they do is "talk" ... why? ... well, perhaps a few of them were in the Klinton Krime Kartel's 'filegate' list of 'hidden' sins that hiliary received from the FBI when the Klintons got in the WH the first time (read: blackmail) ...

... like I wrote  above ... "much ado about nothing" ... (I just included a little silliness on my 'chinese-translations' posting above because I think all these DOJ, FBI 'turnaround' events are all kabuki theatre ...





Tarzan's picture

Not only will they not arrest the witch, they will do all they can to ignore the fact that Huma's newly found emails were descovered while investigating her Husband for attempting to arrange a boody call with a 15 year old!

The 650,000 emails were descovered by the FBI, WITH a WARRANT, not hacked by the Russians!

And, as of Sunday, they've been given a second warrant, to read them all!

AND YET, nothing to see here,


N0TME's picture

What is this gibberish???

Joe Davola's picture

The best way to stop an investigation - start one.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) The Saint Oct 31, 2016 6:47 PM

Drudge: LA TIMES TUESDAY: FBI Investigators had planned to conduct new email review over several weeks. It now hopes to complete 'preliminary assessment' in coming days, but agency officials have not decided how, or whether, they will disclose results publicly...

In other words, We will exhonerate Hillary before election day.  If we find evidence against her you won't hear from us unless we decide to lie to you.

The Alarmist's picture

And so President Obama will pardon President-elect Clinton just before she takes the oath?

Obadiah's picture

Your not picking up on the STMF Technique (Satanic Triple Mind Fuck).  This is a distraction... just like Obambams  FAKE BIRTH CERT he uploaded to the WH website on purpose.


She wanted Comey to put this out there,,, so again she could SAY  IAM HONEST SEE...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Has anyone at all called for Kadzik to recuse himself?

jeff montanye's picture

recuse?  like when judge alvin k. hellerstein heard and denied all the requests for trials by the 9-11 families so that they could sue, among others, the israeli company that did passenger screening at all three airports involved, the one hellerstein's israeli lawyer son's law firm represented?

recuse like that?

why do you ask?

N0TME's picture

Yeah, he should recuse himself. Conflict of interest. Oh wait, this is the DOJ, what was I thinking.

old naughty's picture

well, master-behind-curtain wanted the masses enter-taint-ed...

we're led by the nose, folks.

all planned, playing out...

all those hatre, doubts/fear expresses, food for them.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



The DOJ will commit what ever resources are necessary to get Hillary Clinton exhonerated again before election day.


No chance.....we're gonna elect a future felon.


Maybe she can pardon herself.

booboo's picture

Watch how fast government can work now, they will have vetted all the emails by the end of the week with a glowing 2 page summary of nice things to say about the queen of queef

de3de8's picture

The corruption is like Pancreatic cancer, can't be cut out.

Bastiat's picture

Exactly: Comey goes around Lynch to re-open the investigation.  Lynch and the DOJ steps in to subvert the investigation.  Expect more fireworks from the FBI/DOJ civil war.

Dr. Spin's picture

The snake is eating it's tail...


Scuba Steve's picture

Good because then then it would solidify the Revolution .... electing Trump only puts it on Hold to see if there is carry thru.

Either way this frickin market is caving, somebody better come up with some answers ... and good ones.

PT's picture

"Hey FBI.  Just give us all your evidence and we will sort through it and look after it for you."

Dear honest-part-of-FBI.  You know this, we know this.  Multiple copies, multiple locations, and if you have any buildings you don't like, tell them you stored the evidence there.  Want to take down the corrupt part of the DoJ?  Now's your chance to set them up.  But surely you didn't need me to tell you that.  Sorry for wasting your time.

webmatex's picture

Yed Kadzik.

Kadzik lobbied Podesta on behalf of Marc Rich...


jcaz's picture

So Comey let the Justice Department take this investigation away from the FBI?

Fully back to "bitch" status for you, Jim.....

WorkingFool's picture

Special prosecutor is needed. Where the fuck is Ryan and McConnel? And while there at it set up two more - first to investigate Oh Beloved Leader's Iran payment and another to investigate the fucking Clinton Foundation

SheHunter's picture

Ryan, McConnel and a slug of other GOP's are in the same quagmire and are praying their emails didn't make it into this latest batch.  Why do you think so many GOP's turned from Trump to support Killary?  Because they are in the same DC email cesspool as are the Dems.  Drain the swamp.

Kidbuck's picture

This is the Denny Hastert play all over again. Hillary knows who has the wide stances.