FT Endorses Hillary Clinton: "Trump Has Demonstrated Contempt Towards American Democracy Itself"

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While we doubt that Donald Trump will be especially distraught upon reading that the Japanese-owned, British-domiciled Financial Times has come out in support of Hillary Clinton, by endorsing the Democratic candidate this morning, it is worth highlighting that the talking points espoused by the establishment, and its preferred media outlets have remained largely unchanged through the campaign.

Here is the big picture according to the FT:

Rarely in a US presidential election has the choice been so stark and the stakes so high. The contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has provided high drama, amply demonstrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s reckless, last-minute intervention in the saga of Mrs Clinton’s emails. But there must be no doubt about the gravity of the 2016 election, for America and the world.


The international order of the past 70 years is fraying, maybe even breaking down. The Brexit vote in June likely removes a pillar of the EU. The Middle East points to a shattered system; further east, in the Pacific, China is becoming more assertive, challenging America’s dominant role in the region and the postwar Bretton Woods system. Under Vladimir Putin, Russia has become emboldened, threatening Nato’s borders, spreading havoc in Syria, and apparently orchestrating leaks to influence the US election itself.

Pitching Hillary...

This is a moment for the renewal of American leadership. One candidate has the credentials. Mrs Clinton has served as first lady, senator for New York and US secretary of state.

... While panning Trump:

Mr Trump deals in denigration not diplomacy. He has abused allies, threatening to remove east Asia’s nuclear umbrella, sideline Nato and unleash trade wars. Mr Trump casts himself in the role of a western strongman to stand alongside the likes of Mr Putin. 


Mr Trump has demonstrated contempt towards American democracy itself. He has persistently raised the prospect of a rigged election and declined, even when pressed, to guarantee he would accept the result. He has threatened to jail Mrs Clinton. Such arrogance is unprecedented and it points to a fatal flaw in his character. The first role of the president is to be commander-in-chief, in charge of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. Mr Trump has a thin skin and a questionable temperament. For all his many years as a reality TV host, he is simply not ready for prime time.

Still, even the FT admits nobody trusts Hillary:

Yet Mrs Clinton has much to prove. To many American voters, Mrs Clinton’s decades of public service mean little. She epitomises a remote, self-serving establishment. Her campaign has lacked inspiration. She struggled against Bernie Sanders, a 74-year-old self-styled socialist from Vermont. The uncomfortable truth is that both Mr Sanders and Mr Trump have touched a nerve among voters, tapping into a cynicism about politics which has been growing steadily in the US, fuelled in part by the legacy of the 2008 global financial crisis.

The FT believes many challenges lay on November 9 for president Hillary Clinton:

If elected, Mrs Clinton must work out how to heal the divisiveness which has characterised the 2016 election. If Mr Trump contests the result, her task will be infinitely harder. In the national interest she must show a determination to work with a fractured Republican party. This proved beyond President Barack Obama, whose fatigue with Congress verged on the fatalistic. Mrs Clinton, who has worked with ideological foes, has the chance for a fresh start.

The overarching argument here is that only by electing Hillary will the "legitimacy of the US political system" be validated.

The 2016 election, more than any in recent memory, is a test for the legitimacy of the US political system, with profound implications for the liberal world order. Mrs Clinton carries enough baggage to fill a Boeing 747. She is not trusted by the majority of voters. But she is manifestly more competent than Mr Trump whose braggadocio, divisiveness and meanness are on daily display. Despite her faults, Mrs Clinton is eminently qualified to be the first woman elected to the White House. She has the Financial Times’ endorsement.

Perhaps the FT is correct: after all, if anything, the recent unprecedented leaks into Hillary's campaign reveal that the US political system is mostly about kickbacks, collusion with the media and shady backroom deals which enrich a handful of people under a "charitable" wrapper to make it that much more palatable to the public.

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balz's picture

What is Financial Times and why should I care about them?

Latina Lover's picture

Rothschilds doubling down on their candidate?  Or typical tone deaf Elitist disconnect?   You decide.

WordSmith2013's picture

The entire British press is throwing their weight behind Rohtschild-controlled Clinton.




Rothschild’s BBC Mouthpiece Issues ‘Demand’ On Behalf Of Candidate Clinton
Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) WordSmith2013 Oct 31, 2016 9:23 AM

So is FT offering blowjobs like Madonna?

PT's picture

FT thinks they are convicting when really they are confessing.  There's a lot of that going around at the moment.

Bollixed's picture

A paper publishing such a mind numbing admission of how out of touch with reality they are is fascinating albiet not surprising. They must get their information from watching television.

J S Bach's picture

"Mrs Clinton has served as first lady, senator for New York and US secretary of state."


"Mrs Clinton has served as First Enabler, Arkansas senator for New York, and US Traitor of State."

There... that's more like it.

jcaz's picture

Yeah, they called Brexit right on, too- credible......   BUWAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

MANvsMACHINE's picture

This the most critical election in our time because so much is fucked up at home and abroad.

Hillary Clinton, one of the architects of the fucked-up-i-ness, is the best person to take apart what she helped to create.

Yeah, that's right FT. Now go fuck yourself with Huma's Weiner.

Manthong's picture

Idiot limey bastard banker shills can go F themselves.

natty light's picture

What is the UK economy? The vig of finance + 50 years of bands trying to recreate the Beatles' dominance.

East Indian's picture

If they are limey, then I am chinese.

Bush Baby's picture

Yeah, and Hitler was Chancellor of Germany, did that make him qualified for the office?
What's your point FT?


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Chuck Norris Oct 31, 2016 10:32 AM

Yet, this is what the Washington Examiner says:

45% say emails worse than Watergate, 61% fear probe to drag into White House

Arnold's picture

How do they get Democrack talking points so quickly?

Unsecured servers?

Dr. Spin's picture

Whores, the lot of 'em...


TahoeBilly2012's picture

Financial Times of Ancient Khazaria

brewing's picture

MDB penned the article...

Joe Davola's picture

It's been a while ('88 by my take) since the candidate with a better set of qualifications (no matter how dubious in her case) won the presidency.

crossroaddemon's picture

It was easy to allow the Brexit vote to happen... they don't have to go through with it. I'll bet anything you like Britain doesn't leave in any meaningful way.

They won't leave POTUS to chance.

funthea's picture

So the FT denotes a failing system over the last 70 years, and then in the same breath sponsors HRC as the savior with experience as First Lady, Senator, and Secritary of State; coincidentally during a swath of that same 70 year period of decline in which they decry. WTF? Isn't that like floundering your own argument.

Multi's picture

I'm not sure if the media realizes the HUGE cost this naked manipulation will have in The Empire.

For TPTB it will almost be better that Trump wins the election. So, either the many or the few things that Trumps will manage to pull, they will be able to say everything is pure and holy again, saving face.

The idea that the US is special, land of the free, where justice reigns...  you can kiss it good bye. And ideas drive action, there is a reason why people wanted to migrate to US, to buy US products or trade with US in general. IMO it will be irrelevant who wins the election, the ugly inner workings of the machine has been exposed and it will have a price.


TahoeBilly2012's picture

FT is basically saying in code "Look Goyim, stop the revolt or we will have to kill Trump like we did JFK".

Mother Fletcher's picture

She ain't from Arkansas. So cram that shit. She's from Chicago and is and always has been hated in Arkansas.

webmatex's picture

The article reads like it was written by MDB.

Imagine the FT satirising MDB.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

FT just trying to wrestle market share of dandy dindu "look at me on the subway, I'm so smart" from Economist.

CuttingEdge's picture

Talk about backing the wrong horse at the wrong time.

The MSM ain't just complicit, they are seriously fucking stupid.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

They tried to torpedo the Brexit and failed. They are trying to torpedo the Amerexit - and they will fail again. 

crossroaddemon's picture

They didn't fail. Britain won't leave.

CuttingEdge's picture

My reading of the tea leaves, based on the Telegraph and Mail reporting over months (I just scan the headlines - tells all you need to know), is there has been a paradigm shift as of Friday and the Comey announcement. Not a shift to Trump (no lack of slagging him off by the MSM in the UK ) but more a distancing from the Clinton angle - call it covering arse with the readership (or trying to, after the damage has been done).


cheech_wizard's picture

Let the rest of us know when one of your "predictions" actually comes true.


jcaz's picture

Exactly- Trump is winning BECAUSE of his "contempt for American Democracy"-

"American Democracy" wasn't what this country was founded on-  "American Democracy" is a process of graft and corruption that enables the few to push unpopular and unfair policy onto the masses,  who are then so stuck with the fallout of such that they can't properly assemble and overturn it;

I've had my fill of "American Democracy", thanks-  no more.

The FT is unhappy because we were SO close to appointing a Queen, no legal vote necessary.....

BabaLooey's picture


Trump is?

Look you pink papered Rothschild rag - tell that to the MULTI-MILLIONS of Americans that support Trump and WORK for a living.


The poop-bag straped liar;

STOLE the primary from Log Cabin Sanders

LIED about it

TOOK money from nations that are corrupt - like herself.

LIED some more

Is BACKED by the elitist swine, Hollywhack, and the billionaire fuckwads that ripped the heart out of America.

So fuck right off.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Just another Broke, Flat Broke communist rag magazine..

Can't get subscribers, so it has to suck on some fat government titty just to get by!

Dubaibanker's picture

The new elaboration of the acronym FT is ....Fuckin' Trash!

rareddy's picture

No, but they will f you up the ass.


ThunderbirdXXI's picture

BJ by FT or Madonna... I would take the paper cut over the STD.

Mark Urbo's picture

Madonna is going...


..to go 24/7 after the email leaks 

AVmaster's picture

Of course they endorse her...


They want moar "stimulus" cash to flow in, via anyway they can:


Man Made economic collapse.

Other criminal methods.

Erek's picture

"Mrs Clinton has served as first lady..."

One doesn't "serve" as first lady. First ladies are not chosen or voted for.

The first lady just happens to be there because she happens to be married to the president.

It's not an office, it's an accident of circumstances.

Although there can be a substancial amount of persuasion in the "position" it certainly

isn't a qualifier for the office of president.

Arnold's picture

So in a third Clinton presidency, Billy would be marginalized?

It's a package.

Erek's picture

Isn't / wasn't he anyway?

UndergroundPost's picture

And another troubled, financially desparate, nearly bankrupt "rag" - yes the bloody kind - seals its collapsing, Leftist inspired fate. My condolences to all who are still paying a monthly fee for that twisted & confused blog

Bob's picture

Britain based, lol.  Brexit surprise, old chaps?!

Here's an interesting comparison of Britain and the US elections from a guy who lived in England through the Brexit vote process.  What's most interesting is that one would presume he views things from some position on "the left" side of the fictitious continuum, but nails it as well as Michael Moore did the other day: