Hacked Podesta Email Reveals Clinton Foundation "Coercing" Saudi Billionaire For Millions Of Dollars

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Just call it the Sheik shake down...

* * *

In one of the more prominent early Podesta email revelations, we learned that Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-'Amoudi, a Saudi Arabian and Ethiopian billionaire businessman, whose net worth was estimated by Forbes at $8.3 billion as of 2016, was one of the very generous donors to the Clinton Foundation... up to a point.

As a November 2011 email from Ira Magaziner, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, sent to John Podesta and Amitabh Desai, Director of Foreign Policy at the Clinton Foundation, revealed, the "CHAI [Clinton Health Access Initiative] would like to request that President Clinton call Sheik Mohammed to thank him for offering his plane to the conference in Ethiopia and expressing regrets that President Clinton's schedule does not permit him to attend the conference."

To this, the response by Desai was a simple one: "Unless Sheikh Mo has sent us a $6 million check, this sounds crazy to do."

At this point, Doug Band, Bill Clinton's former chief advisor and current president of the infamous Teneo Holding Doug Band, chimed in that it probably is a good idea: "If he doesn't do it Chai will say he didn't give the money bc of wjc" an assessment which John Podesta agreed with: "this seems rather easy and harmless and not a big time sink."

* * *

To be sure, this exchange suggested that a substantial amount of cash had or was about to be exchanged between the Clinton Foundation and the Saudi "Sheikh Mo", as shown in the photo below.

However, the details were missing: the original email from Ira Magaziner referenced a specific briefing memo which contained in it the talking points updaing on the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and The Saudi billionaire:

Ed Wood has prepared a briefing memo for President Clinton about the call which is attached

Now, courtesy of today's latest Podesta email release, we have access to the missing memo.

The leaked memo lays out the facts on the Clinton Foundation trying to collect on Sheik Mohammed’s overdue donor commitment to CHAI. Notably, the memo gives the inference of the Sheik being shaken down by the Foundation in that the Foundation was demanding an immediate $6 million payment in return for WJC attending the 2011 International Conference on AIDS and STIs (ICASA) event.  Additionally the Foundation apparently enlisted the assistance of the US Ambassador to Ethiopia to obtain payments from the Sheik.

The memo initially lays out Bill Clinton's history with the Sheik:

In the first bullet point we find what the initial "bid" and "ask" would be between WJC/CF and the Saudi billionaire: $2 million for every year that Bill Clinton visit Ethiopia. This, however, was subsequently changed to an greement whereby the Saudi would give $2 million per year but without any reference to visiting Ethiopia:

Sheik Mohammed approached CHAI in 2006 shortly after we opened an office in Addis Ababa.  He proposed  that he would give $2 million to CHAI every year that YOU visited Ethiopia.   We eventually negotiated an Agreement with his Washington attorney, George Salem, in which he agreed to fund CHAI at a rate of $2 million per year for 10 years.   They rejected any proposals to put a payment schedule in the agreement, but dropped any reference tying the donation to YOU visiting Ethiopia

The next bullet lays out the initial fund transfer of $2 million in London, as well as the broad terms of the agreement whose "requirement is that the money be spent within Ethiopia." Amusingly, the memo then notes that during negotiations the Saudi delegation "rejected our proposal that some of the money could be used for global overhead."

The Agreement was officially signed at a meeting in London in May 2007 by the Sheik and Bruce, after which the Sheik presented you with a a check for $2 million for the 2007 payment.    The Agreement is very general and does not require any specific proposals from CHAI for how the money will be spent or any reporting.  The only requirement is that the money be spent within Ethiopia.  During negotiations they rejected our proposal that some of the money could be used for global overhead.

We then learn that more cash transfers took place in the coming years, despite the Sheik having "cash flow problems" which resulted in a bulk payment of $4 million in 2010 for missed payments in 2008 and 2009.

Through 2008 and early 2009, we were told the Sheik was having some cash flow problems and that he was delaying payments for many commercial and philanthropic commitments he had in Ethiopia.  In January 2010 at a Foundation donors meeting in Harlem, Ambassador Irvin Hicks, one of the Sheik’s representatives in the U.S. and a former Ethiopian ambassador appointed by YOU  presented to YOU a check for $4 million representing payment for 2008 and 2009.

The memo then tells WJC just why the relationship was created in the first place: "The Sheik’s contribution supports most of CHAI’s activities in Ethiopia, one of its most important and successful country programs."

A section then follow which reminds Bill Clinton just who Sheikh Mohammed is, and that the two had spent time together in his "private suite at a nightclub attached to the Sheraton" in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

YOU first met the Sheik in July 2006 during a visit to Addis.   He visited your suite in the Sheraton Hotel, which he owns, for coffee and then after dinner YOU dropped into his private suite at a nightclub attached to the Sheraton.  He had invited YOU there especially because he thought you would enjoy the saxophone player.   You chatted with the Sheik and played the saxophone with the band.   Shortly after this visit negotiations began in earnest regarding the $20 million commitment the Sheik has made to CHAI.


YOU met the Sheik in London in May, 2007, at which time the Agreement was signed and the first $2 million check was received. 


YOU stayed at the Sheraton in July 2008 during your last Ethiopia visit, but the Sheik was not in Ethiopia at the time.  The Sheik donated the rooms and meals for the large party during an extended four-day visit, two days longer than originally planned because of aircraft problems.

Where things get interesting is in the memo's discussion of the current (as of November 2011) situation, in which we learn that once again the Saudi billionaire was behind on his payments due to the current economic downturn:

Once again, we are told that the current economic down turn has caused the Sheik to delay payments for several commitments.  CHAI has not received the 2010 or 2011 payments.  We have contacted both George Salem, the lawyer, and Ambassador Hicks regarding payment.  Both say that the Sheik will make the payment but they have not been able to pinpoint an exact date.  

Recent complications did not make matters any easier, although the Sheikh had enough cash to provide Bill with a plane to attend the upcoming African AIDS conference:

In the past two months the effort to collect the payments for 2010-2011 has become complicated by factors surrounding ICASA, the biennial large African AIDS conference that will be held in Ethiopia the first week of December.   The previous two ICASA conference in Nigeria and Senegal were beset by logistical and financial problems and Prime  Minister Meles and Minister of Health Tedros have worked hard to make the Ethiopia ICASA the most successful ever.  They have enlisted Sheik Mohammed to help and he has donated the venue and paid for an additional $8-10 million of expenses.


Minister Tedros invited YOU to participate in ICASA, and apparently he or someone else connected with ICASA asked the Sheik if he would provide a plane to bring YOU to Ethiopia for the event.  The Sheik agreed to provide a plane, and instructed Ambassador Hicks to tell CHAI one would be available.

Where things get hot, and where the Clinton Foundation is accused of "coercion" by the Sheik's Washington attorney George Salem, is in the negotiation over whether Clinton should come to Ethiopia without having been wired the funds up front, or if he should assume that the billionaire is "good for the money" and just fly out there on good will.

When George Salem spoke with the Sheik about the payment, he was told by the Sheik to make sure YOU knew that the Sheik would very much like for you to attend ICASA and that he would provide transportation.  In response, Bruce told George that if the Sheik would wire $6 million to the Foundation for 2010-2012 that he would make sure YOU attended ICASA.  After Bruce’s stroke, George told Ed Wood of CHAI that the Sheik said he did not like “coercion” and that we should know that he was “good for the money.”  George reiterated that the money would be paid, but could not give a date. 


The Sheik seems to feel that we asked him for transportation and then decided not to use it.   George and Ambassador Hicks have been told that the request for transportation did not originate with us, but we are not sure that the message reached the Sheik.

Ultimately the negotiations for Clinton flying to Ethiopia stalled, and appear to have fallen apart, leading to the original quote from the Clinton Foundation's Amitabh Desai in which he said, as we noted earlier this month, that "Unless Sheikh Mo has sent us a $6 million check, this sounds crazy to do." As a result, the memo gives WJC the following action point:

George Salem, Ambassador Hicks, and CHAI feel that it would be helpful if you would call the Sheik and thank him for offering the plane and saying you are sorry you can’t attend ICASA.   We don’t think it is necessary for YOU to bring up the payment issue directly. 

The memo concludes with the following talking points:

  • YOU should thank the Sheik for his support of all our efforts in Ethiopia, and especially for offering to provide a plane to bring you to the ICASA meeting.
  • YOU should express your regrets that you were not able to arrange your schedule to attend the ICASA meeting since you know how important it is to Ethiopia and to the Sheik.  You should express your appreciation that he has helped make this event possible during a difficult time for the international AIDS effort.
  • YOU should say you hope to be able to visit with the Sheik again soon either in Ethiopia or elsewhere.

* * *

This memo provides valuable insight into just how the "charitable" Clinton Foundation truly operated: absent being made whole on millions of dollars in payments - by a donor who had already provided it with $6 million in the past -  the "so very concerned" about AIDS and African welfare Foundation, would not even bother to fly Bill Clinton for a 1-2 day trip - on someone else's dime - to something as simple, yet noble, as a healthcare conference: precisely what the Foundation, and Bill Clinton's presence, is supposed to represent and support.

It also shows that when the Foundation found itself in arrears to a prominent donor, it first and only concern was how to get paid; all else - up to and including doing the absolute minimum such as appearing for a good cause, was secondary and - as the memo documents - ultimately irrelevant unless Clinton and the CF were both generously compensated for their efforts.

And that, in a nutshell is what the "generous and charitable" Clinton foundation was all about: make sure to get the money, the rest simply did not matter.

The full hacked memo is below and the source email can be found here.

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The sleaze of the Clinton crime family is unsurpassed.

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And WikiNukes will release it all tomorrow (we hope).

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Shame ~~~ Bananna Republic ~~~

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"In God We Trust.  All other pay me cash up front."

- Bill Clinton


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How America’s Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered

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Dumbfounded... How Can People Vote For These...

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I still think that she will win, and bury this who mess for decades to come.  


Then again, she might just jump into a safe zone.

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Them Rooskies gettin' clever, building a backstory and whatnot.

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the emperor has no clothes thanks to his tailor julian assange!

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Man those Russians are good at forcing the Clintons to commit crimes.

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I just heard on the radio that FIVE FBI field offices are investigating the Clinton Foundation for public corruption...


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Yawn is this the best you've got? A few emails about getting money out of a stinking rich arab to benefit sick and dying people .... THIS is the scandal?

LOL, you have no hope.

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Millions to the sick and dying.... are you MDB's incestious brother from two fathers?

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He's the loaf that got pinch  ed

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Let me guess... Alex Jones?

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This is called


Dump Trump before the slump

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Wikileaks are not failing - we just need a bit more pressure to make sure what is happening in Europe never happens in the US.


We still can return to a healthy path.


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Not allowed it is all part of the grand master plan.

now if you want to grab and execute Soros you might make a few think twice, but other than not a chance the plan is not changing.

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"sheiks private suite......sheik had a 4 day private party for WJC.....as his plane broke down...."  hahaha


can you imagine the amount of hookers(underage for slick willy the pedophile)  and blow a billionaire sheik comes up with in those shitbag countries???

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"sheiks private suite......sheik had a 4 day private party for WJC.....as his plane broke down...."  hahaha


can you imagine the amount of hookers(underage for slick willy the pedophile)  and blow a billionaire sheik comes up with in those shitbag countries???

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Unless they arrest her by the election, I think she'll win too.

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Ed Wood has prepared a briefing memo for President Clinton about the call which is attached

It's in reference to Plan 9 (from outer space).

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I tried to watch dindu ball last night.


Couldn't last past halfway through the second quarter.

More Clinton ads stinking up the place than a fart in a closet.

Moooooooorgan Freeman gravel toned scripted effluvia to rival a month old Chinese take out dumpster.

Switched to the World Series.

More shit-ads.

The carpet bombing of Clinton on the unwashed is akin to the AAF over Europe circa 1943-1944.

Between that, simians with hair longer than Liv Lindeland, Joe Fuck, Chris Huckleberry Hound, and a raft of commericals with cucked men, "strong women", and asininity....I had to switch to a soothing movie....


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Take a look at CNN. At least 6 headlines that are pro-Hillary (including one laughable headline touting how her faith shaped her life) and 1 opinion article that says 'Comey is not to blame' that might be construed as anti-Hillary. That's it and that's all your're going to get from MSM until the election is over. They will not break rank.

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Can't break rank.  Bought and paid for by Hillary.  After the election they'll chew her ass off for the eyeball money.

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Bev Harris just dropped a bomb on Infowars. In an interview with Jones she does a demo showing how the voting has been rigged for the last twelve years through fractionalization of the vote counts coupled with use of an algorithm similar to what's been used in HFT or high frequency trading. It's been baked into multiple voting systems, Diebold or not. There's no way an election can be held now until this has been investigated by the FBI.



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There are no bombs on Infowarts - it's a fever swamp. Check out the myriad previous stories 'revealing' that Obama was a communist muslim traitor born in Kenya. Hate to break it to you, but President Obama is still not a muslim, still not a communist, is demonstrably not a traitor and wasn't born in Kenya. At some point, breathlessly announcing these 'truth bombs' and decrying the 'lame stream media' as purveyors of lies will get old, right? I mean how many times do they have to announce their fantasies as 'news' that is later shown to be a fabrication while the 'lame stream media' deal more or less in... well... objective truth, provable facts and the like - before somebody like you... err... notices?  

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Thanks for your inciteful(sp) commentary. Thought the DNC had dissociated itself from you Creamer guys. Should have known it was too good to be true. 

Anyone who considers the MSM objective, or truth tellers, or take as gospel what they consider "proveable facts" is living in Disneyland. In my world "proven" is a given and a prerequisite before anything can ever be declared fact. Facts by definition don't require proveability. Now be a good little troll and fuck off.

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Then why did the cover insert of his own book say he was?

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Stewie beats the hell out of Brian:  "Where's my money man?  Where's my money?!  Don't make a fool out of me, man!" 


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LOVE how they document their shit;

It's like he thinks he's really running a legit biz, and his vanity takes over-

Hell, where are the forecasts?   What's the Clinton Foundations's P/E ratio?

Classic stupid HillBilly....

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When you've gotten away with everything you've tried for DECADES it starts to sink in that you can do ANYTHING you want.  And you act that way.  

The man shot his jizz on an intern in the WH, lied to the faces of everyone in Congress and the country about it and all that happened was a punishment-free impeachment and they yanked his ticket for practicing law in Arkansas (which he was never going back to anyway).  If Monica had gotten the dress dry cleaned not even that would have happened to him.



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"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

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And you think crime families don't keep good books?

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Yet another reason the world hates us.  Our so called leaders go around extorting money using our military as back up, which we pay for.

It really is time we drained this swamp.  Corrupt and embarrassing as they have been, we can still turn it around.

But we must start now.

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Bonnie & Clyde Clinton.......can't you just see them back in the White House again???

May God have mercy on the United States should that ever happen.

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Headlines we'd love to see:

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"Comey Grabs Weiner Hard-----Drive".

"Once Again, Hillary Refuses to Handle Wayward Weiner Problems".

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Mean Loretta Lynch-um thought she was a G-man
But she was another shill
Hill-shills all around her say she's got it coming
But she gets enough from Bill
Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back Loretta

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Huma Abedin could not be reached for comment.

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WHERE is Huma Abedin?

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Better collect Huma's passport, along with Brazile's and Clinton's and Lowrenta's and Holder's.

Who knows how fast and how far these crooked rats will run.

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