Syrian Refugees Admitted Into The U.S. Surge 675% So Far In 2016

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Through October, the Obama administration has officially resettled 13,210 Syrian refugees into the United States since the beginning of 2016, an increase of 675% compared to the same 10-month period in 2015.  Of course, just last month Secretary of State Kerry revealed plans by the Obama administration to increase the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. even further to 110,000 in 2017, representing a 30% increase over the 2016 target and a 57% increase from 2015.  According to CNS News, 99.1% of incoming Syrian refugees so far in 2016 are Muslim while only 0.5% are Christian despite John Kerry declaring back in March that ISIS was actively committing genocide against Christians in the war-torn country.

Of those, 13,100 (99.1 percent) are Muslims – 12,966 Sunnis, 24 Shi’a, and 110 other Muslims – and 77 (0.5 percent) are Christians. Another 24 (0.18 percent) are Yazidis.


During the Jan.-Oct. period in 2015, 1,705 Syrian refugees were admitted, of whom 1,664 (97.5 percent) were Muslims and 29 (1.7 percent) were Christians.


Meanwhile the surge of Syrian refugee admissions initiated by the administration last February has continued into the new fiscal year, now one month-old: A total of 1,297 were resettled during October – a 593 percent increase over the 187 admitted in October 2015.


October’s arrivals were once again dominated by Sunni Muslims, accounting for 1,263 (97.3 percent) of the total. Another seven were Shi’a Muslims and 12 were other Muslims. The rest of the October intake comprised 15 (1.1 percent) Christians – eight Orthodox, four Catholics and three refugees self-described simply as Christians.

In light of the genocide acknowledgement by Kerry and given that Christians represent 10% of the Syrian population, it would seem to make sense that Christian refugees admitted into the United States would make up at least 10% of the migrant pool.  But, as CNS points out, since the genocide declaration by Kerry only 0.58% of Syrians granted asylum in the U.S. are Christian.

But jihadists among the rebels, and especially the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL), have also targeted Christians, Yazidis and other minorities in particular. Last March 17, Secretary of State John Kerry announced, in line with a legislative requirement, that the treatment of Christians and other minorities in areas controlled by ISIS amounts to genocide.


Since that genocide determination, the Obama administration has resettled a total of 12,743 Syrian refugees in the U.S., but only 74 (0.58 percent) of them are Christians, and only 24 (0.18 percent) of them are Yazidis.
The vast majority – 12,637, or 99.16 percent – are Muslims, including 12,516 Sunnis.


When the civil war began in March 2011,
an estimated 74 percent of the Syrian population was Sunni Muslim and an estimated 10 percent was Christian.


Therefore if the U.S. admitted Christian Syrian refugees in proportion to the population, roughly 1,260 Christians would have been resettled in the United States in FY2016. Just 68 were.


Meanwhile, according to NBC, the top destination for Syrian refugees arriving in the U.S. is the state of Michigan. More than a 10th of the 10,000 Syrians admitted this fiscal year at the urging of the Obama administration are headed there, according to State Department figures.

Most of the new arrivals are likely to settle in and around Detroit, which has long been a magnet for Arab immigrants. This despite the fact that Michigan's Republican Gov. Rick Snyder suspended efforts last November to bring more long-suffering Syrians to his state after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

Snyder spokeswoman Anna Heaton told NBC News the governor "never suspended refugee resettlement" and is not opposed to more Syrian refugees settling in Michigan. "The governor suspended efforts to bring in additional refugees above and beyond the amount Michigan normally receives," Heaton said in an email. "This increase in Syrian refugee resettlement is not surprising as our state continues to be a welcoming home for refugees who go on to contribute to our economic comeback and Michigan's overall quality of life."

Close on Michigan's heels is California, which has taken in 1,030 Syrians between Oct. 1 of last year and Aug. 29, the federal figures show. Arizona and Texas, two red states led by Republican governors who have flat-out said they don't want Syrian refugees because they supposedly pose a security risk, are next on the list having taken in 766 and 735 people, respectively, the figures show.

Those states were followed by Pennsylvania (600), Illinois (569), Florida (542) and New York (538), the figures show.


Just something else for the American public to consider in the 7 days remaining ahead of the presidential election.

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Looney's picture


Yeah, but we keep taking credit for kicking ISIS’ ass in Syria!

It’s like dodging the draft, quietly fucking the wife of a solder fighting overseas, and expecting to be awarded the Medal of Honor.   ;-)


Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Stackers Nov 1, 2016 10:33 AM

So that's 13,210 more votes for Hillary, right?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Dear US, 

As you are already in the process of suiciding yourself, could you please take our muzzies off our hands as well?  


dem deutschen Volke 

813kml's picture

The US should only take the Christian ones since Christians have no history of violence.


Haus-Targaryen's picture


I cannot remember (at least in my lifetime) any militant Christians blowing themselves up in pre-schools, bombing airports and stabbing Japanese tourists on trains, done exclusively for the glory of God.   

Great point. 

Jim Sampson's picture

Why aren't the Sunni's and Shia's more balanced?  Oh yeah, we want a mess.  Nevermind!

847328_3527's picture

The media says they're all "doctors, lawyers and engineers..."

So what's the problem?


ISIS wing claims responsibility for Minnesota mall attack


gladih8r's picture

It's amazing how Soros can continue to operate with impunity after having done more damage than Osama Bin Laden.  I mean these politicians must have the tiniest dicks ever - can't even stand up to that sociopath.  Neither Merkel, nor Obambi can refuse to take in the muzzie hordes it seems. 

New World Chaos's picture

They don't stand up because it's all part of the plan.

Anarcho-tyranny:  Honest people are prey for thought police, money grubbing government goons, drug pushing medical quacks, licensed scammers, rapefugees and assorted thugs.  Real crimminals (top and bottom) get a free pass, which then creates an excuse for an even bigger police state which will be turned against the honest people.  It's a Hegelian dialectic between anarchy and tyranny.  We get the worst of both worlds.

So the government bombs the crap out of the Middle East, then invites in people with a huge grudge against us, pays them to breed, and covers up their retribution.  When Western civilization collapses altogether and there are no national loyalties and very few white men, the satanists will be able to establish their world government without resistance.  We must fight through the fog of Newspeak and guilt trips to remove the traitors who have organized this invasion.

DosZap's picture

Why were Christains violent?.Add some facts before you shoot off that which you haven't a clue of.

If you're refering to the Crusades,WHO started it?,wasn't Christians.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) Haus-Targaryen Nov 1, 2016 10:50 AM

"Dear US, 

As you are already in the process of suiciding yourself, could you please take our muzzies off our hands as well?"........

Ta dé i röven,

Önskar det Svenska Folket

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Just went to to see what they had to say about this.  Here's what they said:








DosZap's picture

YOU got it,why do you think the Christians aren't being let in?, because the Dems know they will vote GOP.Plus Christianity is the most persecuted faith in the world today.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Burn that part of the city to the ground and deport the invaders.

Racism? Bullshit. Fucking disgusting is what it is.

PenchantForHoarding's picture

But, but, it's a religion of peace!


Not in my back yard, thanks very much.

More Ammo's picture

from 2011 but still funny

The Muslim Mosque and the Pig Farm Next Door

blue51's picture

Next , they will be paving over all of the military cemeteries, and turning V.F.W.'s into Halal shopping marts , with all of the food for free , on taxpayers dime. EBT from Allah ! ' Merica, fuck yea!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

FYI... Resisting or deporting Syrians is NOT 'racist', because they are NOT A RACE.

They are a CIVILIAN INVASION of another country.

Insofar they (a) refuse to assimilate, and (b) knowingly and willfully harbor Enemy Combatants and Terrorists, they too are part if the Infrastructure that supports Enemy Combatants and Terrorists.

As such, it is our Duty to "Defend and Protect against all Enemies, foreign and domestic", and to take all legal and extra-legal action to save the Republic.

Organize! Agree on a Vision and Make a Plan!  Act on that Plan. Do not take prisoners, do not yield, quit or surrender. We shall never surrender. We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the streets. Until this fair land is returned to We The People.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

And do you know WHY they go to Michigan?

Because it's an easy gateway to the welfare friendly socialist country of Canada.

Canadians are pussies, when it comes to all things PC. They still are the compliant little Colonials, willing to do the bidding of their masters in the US, UK and Israel. Sad but true.

Canada is the Sweden of the Americas to them. Canadians won't have guns or knives on them (cause that would be 'racist' or 'xenophobic'), but the Sunni Muzzies will.

Get ready for an Aloha Snackbar on every corner.

Bryan's picture

And if you got his wife pregnant, so had his platoon Sgt. put the soldier out on point to get him killed, that would almost sound Biblical.  ;-)

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Looney Nov 1, 2016 10:54 AM


He is going to bring in 110,000 in 17 days January.

Skiprrrdog's picture

I could fit about 100 in my back yard. I have a low spot in the grade and could use some fill...

cheech_wizard's picture

100 State Department employees? Sounds like a good start to me.

larz's picture

NO stop f@%king up the ME and do not admit more "refugees" feckless "leaders"

undercover brother's picture

The US taxpayer is now paying for the transportation, resettlement, housing, re-education, welfare, healthcare of people who will most likely never assimilate and should not be here in the first place.  This is another in a series of horrible policy decisions by the obama administration.  

MANvsMACHINE's picture

This is a point Trump should be making vociferously as he closes his campaigning.  People in the US are below poverty yet we are spending millions to relocate people from other countries, unvetted.

Life of Illusion's picture


there all over AZ and TX driving kids to schools in new cars smashed to shit 

numbers published are way to low

all for a fucking pipeline


new game's picture

everywhere the military goes we end up with the leftovers. this goes back to vietnam.

they are here and add all the mex too. multi culturalism will be the death of merica.

slow bleed of values til chaos. ultimate showdown of die or kill is this little thingy called

beliefs. as in religious beliefs. and people will kill over this. so prepare for the ultimate survivor episode...

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

They are also paying to arm and supply foreign mercenary jihadis in order to destroy a secular, multireligious, multiethnic state for pipelines and Greater Israel - leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, mostly Muslim.

And **that** is costing, by orders of magnitude, more.

Have you objected to that, or is your outrage as selective as Gatestone's (just asking)?

Fishy Rickster's picture

When did you first notice this 'trend' to destroy us as a free people?

The first Bush presidency, with his flood of Islamists in from the first Gulf war.

The Clinton crime syndicate, paid to grant asylum to the blind sheik who  with his followers, bombed the Trade Center in the early 90's.  Who sold visas by the pound and allowed waves of illegals to settle in.

The second Bush who kept the tap of Islam running into our Republic.

All of these were but feeble attempts to flood our country with moon god worshipers who hate individual freedom and espouse Sharia law, that would take our heads.  This from our imam in chief, with his coterie supporters who are attempting, at this moment, to begin civil unrest in our nation to bring down the our Constitutional Republic.  Yet these people and those that support them with authority took sacred oaths, as citizens,  to stand in our defense against the specific actions our servants are now engaged in.  Our overthrow as a free people.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The US White Middle-class is paying for its own demise.

The US White Middle-class is paying for its own demise.

Like I said before...

For when all forms of organized or viable resistance (of Whites) have been divided, compromised, corrupted, or otherwise weakened and removed from the Halls of Wealth, Power or Influence, then the slow-motion 100 year Hostile Takeover will be complete.

The Elite (Globalist Banksters and Oligarchs) will reign supreme, in an era of Neo-Feudalism.  "One Coin to rule them all."  One World Government.

There is only ONE Rx against these monstrosities: No quarters, no pardon, no mercy. They get exactly what Moses and Joshua did, to conquer the land that they coveted: they left no living thing (man, woman, child or domesticated animal) alive. What they did was not just complete Genocide -- the kind that even the Mongols, Turks or the Nazis did not do -- but a complete Biocide of a region. And yet these 'people' (their Priests and Rabbis) have the gall to claim that "God wills it".  Riiiiiiight.

Tallest Skil's picture

Deport them all or kill them all. There are no other options.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Deport them to where?  We don't have the money to deport.


One SS109 is about $1.00.  Kill them.  Pay the shooters slaughterhouse wages, but not union. 

hangemhigh77's picture

No you're WRONG!!!! They should NOT BE SHOT!!!! Shooting them is messy. You have to pay someone to clean up blood. And if you are lucky enough to shoot them in the head you have to clean up brains too. That's expensive. Now hanging them is much more efficient, cleaner and entertaining. Hang these fuckers.

Slave's picture

lol you pay $1.00 for that shit ammo?

gregga777's picture

A box of 150 XM855 62-grain 5.56X45 mm bullets at Wal-Mart are $69.75. That's less than $0.50 per bullet.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Paul Ryan is busy repealing Obamacare.  Refugees will be next. 


Palin is on the game show circuit.  No help there. 

SuperRay's picture

Fuck Paul Ryan. Deport that piece of shit to Syria

Skiprrrdog's picture

Thank you so much for all of the ME human kudzu, Onigger...

THE DORK OF CORK's picture


Cannot argue with this.

The Russian surface naval deployment does not make any military sense.

Why would they seek bottle up their entire western fleet in the Med battub!! ''

DuneCreature's picture

Unfettered Muslim 'immigration' is one of THE FIRST things we will need to put the brakes on when this goes hot.

The USSA government is flooding the rural areas with these future stealth combatants and giving them WEAPONS TRAINING!

Heads up, people!

The countdown is on.

R - 8

R minus Eight And Counting.

The Day of Reckoning.

November Ninth Two Thousand and Sixteen.

That morning there will be a decision to make.

Roll over and surrender to Satan.

Or stand up and fight the Globalist invasion.

That's the day.

Think about it.

Live Hard, I Am Ready, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

nevertheless's picture

When you are a smoker and your doctor tells you you may be in the early stage of cancer, the first thing you do is stop smoking. Stop the cause.

If you don't want refugees, don't create refugees.


The greatest threat when it comes to immigration comes from south of the border, not the Middle East. 

It was not Muslims beating Trump supporters, but Mexican flag waving immigrant who are only held in check by their limited numbers, a situation that is quickly changing. 

DuneCreature's picture

Agreed the endless stream of illegals from the south is a problem too.

But there are big differences between the Muzzies and the Mexicans / Latinos.

The Mexicans are here to work, prosper and assimilate. Most all are Christian Catholics (plenty are agnostic and closet atheists too) .. The meme that they are coming here to 'take back' the Southwest is CIA propaganda bullshit. ... They are here because they LIKE the American law and order stability and our 2nd Amendment rights to self defense .... Sure there are a few MS-13 assholes too but mostly the Mexicans are quite peaceful. ... I know Mexicans, I work with them and I go to Mexico myself.

The Muzzies are here for NOTHING but trouble. They would 'like' to take over but, of course they don't have the numbers,...yet.

The Globalist assholes (Ass Wipes Inc.) are bringing them in to destabilize the country, fuck up the culture and use the crazies as an excuse to disarm everyone. ....... It will only work if we let them work it on us like a school of brain dead guppies.

Oh, and yea, I'm all for stopping our dot gov from bombing the fuck out of other countries and staying the fuck out of other people's business in the ME.

Live Hard, Let's Close The Borders Take Care Of Business At Home, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

T830's picture

This is genuinely frightening.  

nevertheless's picture

Really, try having to watch as your family bets beheaded or burned to death by a American supplied incindeary weapon. 


America on a daily basis backed terrorists and terrorist govenemnts in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel...and yet, people fleeing the carnage we create scases

hangemhigh77's picture

Let them live with Kerry and the rest of these fucking TRAITORS.