DOJ's Peter Kadzik Exposed Colluding With Clinton Campaign

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On Monday we were the first to note that Podesta's friend Peter Kadzik was the DOJ representative chosen to head up a "thorough" review of the new Huma Abedin emails as revealed by a letter he wrote to Congress.  Given Kadzik's personal relationship with Podesta, it seemed like a "convenient" choice for the Clinton campaign. 

In the letter to Congress, the DOJ writes that it “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” assistant attorney General Peter J. Kadzik writes in letters to House and Senate lawmakers.

"Ironically", that is the same Peter Kadzik who has proven his "impartiality" in multiple WikiLeaks emails including this newly released bombshell in which Kadzik provides a very helpful "heads up" about Hillary's email server investigation. This is what Kadzik emailed to John Podesta (via gmail) on May 19, 2015:

There is a HJC oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify. Likely to get questions on State Department emails. Another filing in the FOIA case went in last night or will go in this am that indicates it will be awhile (2016) before the State Department posts the emails.

As we also reported previously (see below), prior to joining the DOJ, Kadzik was the attorney of Marc Rich, whose records the FBI released yesterday, as well as Podesta; in facat, the Clinton campaign chairman infamously wrote that Kadzik was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail.”

And since we have no reason to doubt his "fantastic" legal skills, perhaps Mr. Kadzik can explain to our readers - and the American public -  why this particular message was delivered via his private, gmail account rather than his official DOJ email account?


Sure, who needs an independent investigator, this guy will do just fine.

* * *

And for readers who missed our original report on the long-running relationship between John Podesta and his close friend Peter Kadzik, here is an excerpt from our most recent article on the topic:

In the letter to Congress, the DOJ writes that it “will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” assistant attorney General Peter J. Kadzik writes in letters to House and Senate lawmakers.

So far so good, even if one wonders just how active the DOJ will be in a case that has shown an unprecedented schism between the politically influenced Department of Justice and the FBI.

And yet, something felt odd about this.

Kadzik... Kadzik... where have we heard that name?

Oh yes. Recall our post from last week, "Clinton Campaign Chair Had Dinner With Top DOJ Official One Day After Hillary's Benghazi Hearing" in which we reported that John Podesta had dinner with one of the highest ranked DOJ officials the very day after Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony?

It was Peter Kadzik.

In other words, the best friend of John Podesta, Clinton's Campaign chair, at the DOJ will be in charge of a probe that could potentially sink Hillary Clinton.

For those who missed it, this is what we reported previously:

The day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, who is currently a top official at the US Justice Department serving as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.


The post-Benghazi dinner was attended by Podesta, Kadzik, superlobbyist Vincent Roberti and other well-placed Beltway fixtures. The first mention of personal contact between Podesta and Kadzik in the Wikileaks dump is in an Oct. 23, 2015 email sent out by Vincent Roberti, a lobbyist who is close to Podesta and his superlobbyist brother, Tony Podesta. In it, Roberti refers to a dinner reservation at Posto, a Washington D.C. restaurant.  The dinner was set for 7:30 that evening, just one day after Clinton gave 11 hours of testimony to the Benghazi Committee.


Podesta and Kadzik met several months later for dinner at Podesta’s home, another email shows. Another email sent on May 5, 2015, Kadzik’s son asked Podesta for a job on the Clinton campaign.

As the Daily Caller noted, the dinner arrangement "is just the latest example of an apparent conflict of interest between the Clinton campaign and the federal agency charged with investigating the former secretary of state’s email practices." As one former U.S. Attorney tells told the DC, the exchanges are another example of the Clinton campaign’s “cozy relationship” with the Obama Justice Department.

The hacked emails confirm that Podesta and Kadzik were in frequent contact. In one email from January, Kadzik and Podesta, who were classmates at Georgetown Law School in the 1970s, discussed plans to celebrate Podesta’s birthday. And in another sent last May, Kadzik’s son emailed Podesta asking for a job on the Clinton campaign.

“The political appointees in the Obama administration, especially in the Department of Justice, appear to be very partisan in nature and I don’t think had clean hands when it comes to the investigation of the private email server,” says Matthew Whitaker, the executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a government watchdog group.

“It’s the kind of thing the American people are frustrated about is that the politically powerful have insider access and have these kind of relationships that ultimately appear to always break to the benefit of Hillary Clinton,” he added, comparing the Podesta-Kadzik meetings to the revelation that Attorney General Loretta Lynch met in private with Bill Clinton at the airport in Phoenix days before the FBI and DOJ investigating Hillary Clinton.

Kadzik's role at the DOJ, where he started in 2013, is particularly notable Kadzik, as helped spearhead the effort to nominate Lynch, who was heavily criticized for her secret meeting with the former president.

It gets better because, as we further revealed, if there is one person in the DOJ who is John Podesta's, and thus the Clinton Foundation's inside man, it is Peter Kadjik.

Kadzik represented Podesta during the Monica Lewinsky investigation. And in the waning days of the Bill Clinton administration, Kadzik lobbied Podesta on behalf of Marc Rich, the fugitive who Bill Clinton controversially pardoned on his last day in office. That history is cited by Podesta in another email hacked from his Gmail account. In a Sept. 2008 email, which the Washington Free Beacon flagged last week, Podesta emailed an Obama campaign official to recommend Kadzik for a supportive role in the campaign. Podesta, who would later head up the Obama White House transition effort, wrote that Kadzik was a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail.”


Podesta was caught in a sticky situation in both the Lewinsky affair and the Rich pardon scandal. As deputy chief of staff to Clinton in 1996, Podesta asked then-United Nations ambassador Bill Richardson to hire the 23-year-old Lewinsky. In April 1996, the White House transferred Lewinsky from her job as a White House intern to the Pentagon in order to keep her and Bill Clinton separate. But the Clinton team also wanted to keep Lewinsky happy so that she would not spill the beans about her sexual relationship with Clinton.

Richardson later recounted in his autobiography that he offered Lewinsky the position but that she declined it.

Podesta made false statements to a grand jury impaneled by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr for the investigation. But he defended the falsehoods, saying later that he was merely relaying false information from Clinton that he did not know was inaccurate at the time. “He did lie to me,” Podesta said about Clinton in a National Public Radio interview in 1998. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in Feb. 1999 of perjury and obstruction of justice charges related to the Lewinsky probe. Kadzik, then a lawyer with the firm Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky, represented Podesta through the fiasco.

Podesta had been promoted to Clinton’s chief of staff when he and Kadzik became embroiled in another scandal.

Kadzik was then representing Marc Rich, a billionaire financier who was wanted by the U.S. government for evading a $48 million tax bill. The fugitive, who was also implicated in illegal trading activity with nations that sponsored terrorism, had been living in Switzerland for 17 years when he sought the pardon. To help Rich, Kadzik lobbied Podesta heavily in the weeks before Clinton left office on Jan. 20, 2001. A House Oversight Committee report released in May 2002 stated that “Kadzik was recruited into Marc Rich’s lobbying campaign because he was a long-time friend of White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.”

The report noted that Kadzik contacted Podesta at least seven times regarding Rich’s pardon. On top of the all-hands-on-deck lobbying effort, Rich’s ex-wife, Denise Rich, had doled out more than $1 million to the Clintons and other Democrats prior to the pardon. She gave $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate campaign and another $450,000 to the Clinton presidential library.

Kadzik's current role

In his current role as head of the Office of Legislative Affairs, Kadzik handles inquiries from Congress on a variety of issues. In that role he was not in the direct chain of command on the Clinton investigation. The Justice Department and FBI have insisted that career investigators oversaw the investigation, which concluded in July with no charges filed against Clinton.

But Kadzik worked on other Clinton email issues in his dealings with Congress. Last November, he denied a request from Republican lawmakers to appoint a special counsel to lead the investigation.

In a Feb. 1, 2016 letter in response to Kadzik, Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis noted that Kadzik had explained “that special counsel may be appointed at the discretion of the Attorney General when an investigation or prosecution by the Department of Justice would create a potential conflict of interest.”

DeSantis, a Republican, suggested that Lynch’s appointment by Bill Clinton in 1999 as U.S. Attorney in New York may be considered a conflict of interest. He also asserted that Obama’s political appointees — a list which includes Kadzik — “are being asked to impartially execute their respective duties as Department of Justice officials that may involve an investigation into the activities of the forerunner for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.”

It is unknown if Kadzik responded to DeSantis’ questions.

Kadzik’s first involvement in the Clinton email brouhaha came in a Sept. 24, 2015 response letter to Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley in which he declined to confirm or deny whether the DOJ was investigating Clinton. Last month, Politico reported that Kadzik angered Republican lawmakers when, in a classified briefing, he declined to say whether Clinton aides who received DOJ immunity were required to cooperate with congressional probes.

Kadzik also testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing last month on the issue of classifications and redactions in the FBI’s files of the Clinton email investigation.

Finally, it is also worth noting that Kadzik's wife, Amy Weiss, currently at Weiss Public Affairs worked on the 1992 Clinton/Gore Campaign as a Press Secretary, and Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee, and a White House Deputy Assistant to the President/Deputy Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton.

* * *

And now it seems that Kadzik will be in charge of the DOJ's "probe" into Huma Abedin's emails. Which is why we are a little skeptical the DOJ will find "anything" of note.

Amy Weiss, Peter Kadzik, with lobbyist Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta.

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SilverDoctors's picture

BOOM! This is the bombshell we neeeded.  Can Hillary Escape Prison This Time?  Looking Like A No...

UndergroundPost's picture

Leaks via Wikileaks came from good intel & agencies (I know, sounds like an oxymoron) that decided to fight back against co-opted intel & LE agencies that Comrade Obama has quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) revolutionized to complete his Leftist "Fundamental transformation of America"

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

He needs an independent baseball bat to the back of the cranium.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Expect a future leak containing an email sent from Kadzik to Podesta a couple days ago which will go something like this:

John, no probs. I'll handle this. Just get HRC elected and we're living on easy street.

froze25's picture

dropped by Steve Pieczenik

It's on the now has over hAlf a million views already

Trump 2016

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) froze25 Nov 2, 2016 9:13 AM

Kadzik is a Clinton tool.  He is going to try to put out something positive for Clintion before Friday.  Will the FBI agents fold and let him do it?  We'll see.

I've noticed on Fox they love to report the polls that show the race even.  To build viewer excitement so they'll keep watching I suppose.  But here is a real poll:

Donald now up 6% in the LA Times Poll.


Joe Davola's picture

Inquiring minds gotta know what Bill and Loretta discussed on the tarmac.

And Donald should just keep on with his appearances and regular campaign schedule, when there's about to be a 50 car pileup just stay outta the way.

Never One Roach's picture

"We're gonna need more rope."

CuttingEdge's picture

My hero is on the ball:

Rock on, Clint.


(I actually live a bee's fart from where he did the desert and monastery scenes in GBU).

PrayingMantis's picture


... ... as we digest the bombshell on Poodesta's BFF colluding with the Klinton Krime Kartel, here's another undercover revelation from O'Keefe's Project Veritas when Democratic pollster Celinda Lake encourages union workers to lie to voters on specific issues because the Democrats are behind the Republicans at the moment and are "in trouble."

... here >>>  or here >>> ...


PrayingMantis's picture


... and here's another one to file under Klinton Korruption ...


...  who is Marc Rich? ... why did Bill the rapist pardoned Rich while he was leaving the WHouse? Why did the FBI release the "pardon" documents by Bill Clinton of Marc Rich? What is the connection to the penalized bank HSBC?

   ... this clip will shed some light on the connections and why the global elites establishment protects the Klinton Krime Kartel ... plus the "pardon" connection to FBI's Comey Chameleon ... >>> "The Glencore Conspiracy Behind the CORRUPT Clinton Machine: A Story of Guns, Drugs and Aluminum"  ... here >>>  or here  >>> ...

CuttingEdge's picture


The FBI declaring war?

H/T to the twitter bloke.

Can anyone confirm the FBI Vince Foster/WJC/HRC/Patreaus FOI releases (as listed in above link) was today?

They are going a bit batshit on Reddit 

csmith's picture

"They are going a bit batshit on Reddit" 


I think I just figured out what all the people classified by DOL as "no longer in labor force" do with their time all day every day.

Kind of ironic that that the group TPTB are trying to hide is coming back to bite them in the ass.

Creative_Destruct's picture


Where is "Mr. Integrity" (Comey) in this process?

As the FBI director, doesn't he decide who is in charge of the Weiner email investigation?

Surely he would normally make that call UNLESS he's been strong-armed by Loretta to put Kadzik in charge.

If he alone made the call, is he oblivious to, complicit in, truly ignorant about, or turning a blind eye to, Kadzik's conflicts and bias?

AMAZING. Another investigation GUARANTEED to be tainted and invalid.


SPONGE's picture

I've always said that Hillary was to the Rodham Crime Family as Michael was to the Corleone Crime Family. The "smart" one of the family that goes off to college and...

cheech_wizard's picture

The third document is by far the most revealing.

Standard Disclaimer: The Cheech Wizard School of Speed Reading and Memory Retention... "This will be the last time you will hear from me"... last words of anonymous tipster who states Vince Foster was murdered.

CuttingEdge's picture

Pg. 135: "I then spoke with an unidentified male who stated the following: That the Whitewater case, which was being investigated in Washington and an individual involved in this, identified as Vince Foster, who had reportedly committed suicide was not, in fact, a suicide but a murder victim. He indicated that there was a van involved, no color given, with the first three numbers of the tag being '227'"


"Confirmation that there was an exit wound, as well as a lack of brain matter and bone fragments at the scene."



Can you shed any light, old timer?


CuttingEdge's picture



NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.


“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”

The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.


“People are going to prison,” he said.



Bastiat's picture

Nitroglycerin, RDX, Willy-Peter . . . but we need to see it or need an official announcement regarding the nature of the crimes under investigation, the suspects and possible timing of indictments.

Pumpkin's picture

“People are going to prison,” he said.


Makes me feel all tingly.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) CuttingEdge Nov 2, 2016 3:14 PM

"Just like the...old man in... that book by Nabokov"

Jim in MN's picture

"Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so FUCKING close to me you pedophelia-aiding and abetting freak"

.....said Obama to Her Fury

As off she went, all trundled up

Reporting to Grand Jury

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Billionaire Marc Rich lived a double life during his 20 years as a fugitive, funneling secret data to Israeli and other intelligence services about some unsavory governments. Sensational details about Rich's ultimate high-wire act as a spy for Israel and other countries were provided to The Post as congressional committees prepare to hold hearings into former President Bill Clinton's controversial decision to pardon the fugitive commodities trader.

Among the issues that will be explored by the House Oversight Committee in its probe of the hotly disputed Rich pardon, according to congressional sources, are:Rich's lengthy relationship with the Israeli Mossad. and his numerous contacts with federal prosecutors in New York, during which his lawyers offered to provide intelligence to the CIA in return for leniency. A CIA spokesman denied any relationship with Rich and said no one from the agency participated in behind- the-scenes White House discussions about his pardon.

But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak repeatedly cited Rich's contributions to Israel's "national security" in phone calls to President Clinton last month in which he lobbied for Rich's pardon, according to Barak spokesman Gadi Baltiansky. And a letter from former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit to Clinton confirming that Rich provided "assistance" to the Israeli spy agency that produced results "beyond the expected" was among the documents released last week by Rich's lawyer Jack Quinn to support the Rich pardon.

"The government of Israel considered Rich a critical ally, and the president took that seriously when he considered the pardon request," former White House spokesman Jake Siewert told The Post. Rich and partner Pincus Green fled the country in 1983 ahead of federal charges that they ripped off taxpayers for $48 million. Both were among the 140 people pardoned or given clemency on Clinton's last day in office.

A storm of controversy has erupted over the unusual way the Rich pardon was handled, as well as over the involvement of Rich's ex-wife, Denise Rich, who raised $1 million for the Democratic party and gave the Clintons $7,000 in furniture for their new homes. Accounts of Rich's life on the lam - provided by former prosecutors, Rich's lawyers and the Israeli government - sound like a plot from a James Bond movie as the ruthless and nimble Rich extended his empire on five continents and built up a business worth almost $30 billion.

He sold Iranian oil to Israel and Nigerian oil to South Africa. He brokered the sale of North Korean arms to Iran and did several deals involving gold, grain, nickel and tin with the Russian Mafia and henchmen of the Soviet Union.

And it's now clear that Rich also dealt in the most valuable commodity of all - information. He used what one of his former lawyers called a "mammoth information-gathering operation" to gain entree to governments and to support his businesses. "He was one of the biggest commodities traders in the world and had offices and active operations in all sorts of countries. He had friends in all sorts of places - high and low - and he certainly was in a position to provide sensitive information from a number of places," said Martin Auerbach, one of two former assistant U.S. attorneys who prosecuted Rich and tracked him throughout the years.

Lawyers close to the case say there is no doubt that Rich had contacts with spies and security services throughout Europe and the Middle East. Those contacts not only helped him make money but may have also helped him stay one step ahead of U.S. lawmen trying to capture him, lawyers say.

Former New York Police Commissioner Howard Safir said he tried several times to trap Rich and bring him back to the United States, when he headed the U.S. Marshals Service, but Rich constantly eluded the federal dragnet.

Shavit, who headed the Mossad from 1989 to 1996, provided a fascinating glimpse of Rich's role in the murky netherworld of spies. In his letter to Clinton released by Quinn's office, Shavit said that he had a long relationship with Rich. "We requested his assistance in looking for MIAs and his help in the rescue and evacuation of Jews from enemy countries," Shavit wrote. "Mr. Rich always agreed and used his extensive network of contacts in these countries to produce results that sometimes were beyond the expected." Murkier still were Rich's efforts to become a superspy for the CIA.

During his intrigue-filled exile, Rich's lawyers made numerous approaches to government prosecutors, offering intelligence to the CIA about the terrorists and rogue governments he dealt with in return for being allowed to return to the United States without being subjected to a jail sentence. "Whether or not he provided the information, it never rose to a level where it justified any sort of leniency," Auerbach said.

Asked whether security and intelligence considerations involving the United States played any role in the Rich pardon, a former Clinton aide said, "I simply don't know."

'...I called the ADL to ask why its director had intervened with the President of the United States on behalf of a master swindler and member in good standing of the FBI's most wanted list.

"Humanitarian reasons," a spokeswoman told me.

What possible humanitarian reason, I wondered, could there be to pardon a billionaire who lives in a Swiss castle and flies around the world in his own jet? And what did a crook like Rich have to do with the ADL?

The spokeswoman had no further comment.

Foxman's not alone. Led by a Tel Aviv-based former Mossad agent named Avner Azulay, the Rich team put together a Jewish who's who of supporters. They got their client character references from famous rabbis like Shlomo Riskin; from Rabbi Irving Greenberg, chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council; from the chief rabbi of France; from the directors of a half-dozen Israeli hospitals, and from Marlene Post, former head of Hadassah.

Rich also received active support from former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres; Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg; Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami; ex-Ambassador to Washington Itamar Rabinovich; former Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek; the current mayor, Ehud Olmert, and dozens of other Israeli politicians.

Worst of all, Prime Minister Ehud Barak called Clinton and asked him to pardon Rich.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Snípéir_Ag_Obair Nov 2, 2016 3:16 PM

free francis_sawyer

Draybin Deffercon III's picture
Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) Holy hand grenade of Antioch Nov 2, 2016 5:23 PM

I remember dat guy. He f00k me up real goods.

Muddy1's picture

Will this POS Kadzik be accused by Hillary of using his government position to influence the election?  Will she along with her MSM mouths accuse Kadzik of violating the Hatch Act?  Will she say it with the same vile venom that she accused Comey?

I seem to recall Hillary's involvement in the Watergate investigation.  She was so radical that she was sent packing.  Payback is a bitch.

activepatriot's picture

GBU  is best movie ever, watch it every year on my birthday.

Josey Wales pretty dang good too.

Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms


vulcanraven's picture

I don't think that's an official account, it doesn't look like the real Clint Eastwood is on Twitter yet

Byte Me's picture

Much more rope.

Since everything American now appears to be lawless in one form or another..

Perhaps some creative punishments might be in order - since 'unusual' is so -- nuanced -- in today's "PC" climate.

Thermite pessaries come to mind.

Zyklon B also.

tarsubil's picture

Good point. If collusion happens once in business email, it happens 100 times on instant chat/phone/person to person conversation on tarmac.

It's all rigged. Thanks to Wikileaks for doing actual real life reporting and speaking truth to corrupt power.

swmnguy's picture

All the media love  to report polls that show races even.  There's a shit-ton of money at stake.  A close race drives consumption of media, and therefore advertising rates.  The deluge of money into politics mostly finds its way into the pockets of the corporate media.

And then there are the squadrons of "experts" whose livelihoods depend on media exposure, driven by a close horserace.  They're not going to go look for real work willingly.

The obvious pro-Hillary bias is coming down from the top.  C-Level corporate America has determined that a Hillary Presidency  will be much better for their bottom line.  And that's pretty obviously true.  The Cllintonized Democratic Party is the party of hot-money finance.  Trump, being an oligarch himself, knows how the money-machine works and isn't going to be sympathetic to his rivals.  If corporate support for Hillary is ideological, the ideology is one of pure self-interest.

We'll never hear of a blowout in a Presidential election until after one happens.

Vatican_cameo's picture


It's kind of a Double-edged sword.  It covers the DNC for voter fraud (how could she win if the polls show her 15 points behind), but if they constantly show her just a point or two ahead of Trump, his supporters are more likely to get out and vote.  It does come down to money though, doesn't everything?

JuliaS's picture

A poll showing a tied race is like a forecaster saying it might rain or it might not, which is the best position to assume when having zero actual data.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) The Saint Nov 2, 2016 4:27 PM

Hillary Burning

Black church burned in Missisppi "Vote Trump" painted on wall inside.

they are going to do this right up to the end-Creamer Black

Mayor of the town

March 3, 2016

Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons: "Hillary Clinton is working everyday to tear down the economic, racial, and social barriers that are holding our communities back. She fully understands how the federal government can become an economic catalyst to local governments by maximizing federal investments with local economic development plans. She has spent the last 40 years fighting for racial and social justice, and I know she will spend the next 8 years doing the same."



DjangoCat's picture

Steve Pieczenik is definitley on the inside track here, but I question his motives.  Is this a realisation by the deep state that their man(woman) is dead girl walking?  Is this an attempt to clear out the failed puppets and instal new ones?  What is the agenda here?

WarPony's picture

The "agenda" here is ... KARMA!  (Natural balance of the universe) & perhaps . . . GOD (a construct that, upon expanded conciousnees of the material beings, allows additional energies to manifest so Good beats Evil).  Or, they're going to tank the system on the outsider once in?  I'll take door # "Pants-wetting PANIC MODE."

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

I believe it is your cynical suspicion. I think they realized that they're too far to the brink, and need to dial the facade back without actually changing anything. They realize that they need more than a simple Red vs Blue charade to keep the party going. I'm calling psyop.

Gov No's picture

I don't know if they have an agenda so much as a fear of WW3 with Russia and China.  What's the point of being a trillionaire puppet string puller if the puppet reaches for the Red Button and you have to spend a few decades eating freeze tried peas in your bunker instead of cavorting with hot babes on your yacht?  Hillary and her lunatic neocon handlers are hellbent on profiting from a restarted Cold War with Russia so much so that they have installed NATO missiles in eastern Europe in Russia's backyard.  Kennedy was ready to go to war in 1962 over Soviet missiles in Cuba.  Can anyone blame Putin for threatening war if NATO puts missiles on his doorstep in Ukraine?

Even the most feverish imagination could not concoct a fictional narrative whereby a sex pervert - Carlos Danger - AKA, Anthony Weiner, probably derailed the establishment candidate's drive to the Oval Office and thus saved humanity from almost certain nuclear annihilation!  Yet this is what seems to be unfolding in the real world. The asymmetry here between action and consequence is so absurd as to be almost beyond comprehension.  By way of his narcissistic antics, Carlos has changed the course of history.  What do we call this? Karma?  God's sense of humor?

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

I don't buy this "It was just the Clinton's and Obama" horsecrap. This has been going on for decades, across administrations--long before Clintons, even before Bush Sr. with the CIA. While I find it credible that the leaks are from internal sources, the narrative he constructs about Good State vs Bad State rings very false to me. I'm getting the vibe that widespread talk of civil war was getting too frank for comfort, and they're trying to bail out. This would be the perfect sort operation of thing to relegitimize The State for a generation. I'm not buying it. Outside of many public executions for treason, color me unconvinced. Even still, that speaks to nothing about unwravelling the domination that Washington DC has infested the country with. All of the laws and power would still be centralized, still grinding us peasants to dust. This video reeks of psyop.

Gov No's picture

Yes, this could be a psyops narrative.  But, what's the point of it all if nothing happens and Hillary wins?  Unless this Steve Pieczenik has staged a silly prank, it's not unthinkable that a quiet civil war is raging within the ranks of the deep state.  Those with the most dirt on the other side will win.  Pieczenik's presentation might be a way to encourage others to come forth with dirt to help derail bloodthirsty Hillary and her neocon allies thus averting WW3.

What does it mean that Trump ascends to the Oval Office?  He might be our Gorbachev, a transitional figure who was expected to save rickety communism with a few reforms but whose tinkering unexpectedly crashed the entire decrepit socialist system.  So it is with our unstable economy kept afloat by QE's propping up the zombie financial sector but doing nothing much for the rest of us.  To stave off the brewing popular uprising, a President Trump may be allowed by the deep state to push hard for tax cuts, regulation reform and the winding down of Washington's wars.  Yet such tinkering may very well unexpectedly bring down the deep state's house of cards held up by taxes flowing from private hands to bureaucracies, regulations benefiting big corporations and wars enriching the merchants of death.

FractionalPonzification's picture

it's not who you vote for but who counts the votes in fractions. They will steal the election.


It's not over yet but i guess they know about this already.

Georgiabelle's picture

If Wikileaks has any bombshells they need to drop them NOW. Every day that goes by without a knockout blow sees millions more people casting their votes without knowing the full scope of the evil that is Clinton Inc. Tick-tock Wikileaks. 

swmnguy's picture

I think it is, and obviously you think it is, but it's not going to register at all in the minds of people who have already decided how they are going to vote.  Either they're immune to allegations of corruption or they already know about it.

A bombshell at this point is going to have to be undeniable even by the best attorneys.  That's setting the bar mighty, mighty high.

DjangoCat's picture

With the pressitutes at the Daily Beast, NYT and WaPo etc. hammering away, the sheeple don't even hear the story.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

The way I look at this is that the tribal mentality will follow and Dems will continue to vote for Dems regardless of the facts.  Carry on...

cowdiddly's picture

I like Trumps bombshells better

Damn son, getting to watch that for 4yrs alone is worth a trip to the voting booth. What more do you need? lol

Or you get to watch a colostomy bag in a pantsuit and a thugly Hubble abortion that climbed out of the trashcan. The choice is yours.

The country? eh it will work itself out. /S

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Right now, the FBI dumping their Vince Foster files is THE bombshell for two reasons:

The content looks pretty damning on early reading, and releasing them along with WJC and HRC ones is a pretty big fuck you 7 days out. Not sure how Patreaus fits in though.