Countering Hillary's Coup With a Counter Coup - or Not?

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Countering Hillary's Coup With a Counter Coup - or Not?


Video: Corruption, Cooptation, Cronyism: The Hillary Clinton “Takeover”, The “Counter-Coup”, Action of America’s Intelligence Community –Global Research

Is it possible the recent counter coup announced by Steve Pieczenik, a former official in numerous Republican administrations, is actually part of a much larger dominant social theme designed to reinforce positive perceptions regarding the most secretive and powerful government agencies?

Global Research, one of the very best alternative websites, does us the favor of providing a video presentation by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State." It has also provided us with a transcript of Pieczenik’s remarks.

Pieczenik "has served as foreign policy expert in several US administrations including Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.”


The analysis and focus presented below must be taken very seriously.  It sheds light on the ongoing political crisis in the US and the opposition which is developing from within the US intelligence community against the Clinton crime cabal.

According to Pieczenik,   “Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop at nothing.  A coup d’état of this magnitude has never been affected in such a subtly calculated way.”

Pieczenik goes on to explain how the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other official military-industrial agencies have gotten together silently to fight the silent “coup” of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Basically the argument is that “pay-to-play” has been created by the Clinton Foundation, which is apparently under substantive investigation.

Hillary and Bill would use their contacts and influence to push the US government into taking action in ways which enhanced the interests and profits of certain countries and individuals if they contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

The Foundation is evidently a government-in-waiting for the Clintons and having such a large entity as their disposal enhances their power considerably.

But both Hillary and Bill Clinton don’t seem to be very stable people. Hillary has a horrible temper and is evidently contemptuous of those beneath her. Bill Clinton has been the subject of rape accusations and organized, international drug dealing - and Hillary has evidently abetted some of his worst behavior..

Yet it is certainly possible that neither Bill nor Hillary are fully aware of the scale of the manipulation in which they are enmeshed, nor its timeline. Are they now part of a rapidly unfolding psyop that has its roots decades ago?

Maybe Pieczenik, Julian Assange and others are indeed true heroes for countering the Clinton's emergent authoritarianism, as they appear to be. This is certainly an incredibly admirable and deserved perspective. But there are other interpretations.

Our primary purpose is to analyze elite dominant social themes and that's why we are raising these questions, hypothetical as they may be. Hillary Clinton is an apparent threat to the what’s left of the liberties of the USA but there is a possibility, perhaps a slim one, that this new "coup" narrative is not what it seems.

Regardless of the status of the US – corporation, democracy, republic – the US functions, day-to-day, with a certain expectation of freedom. This is why those on “right” – libertarian or conservative – are evidently shocked (on videos and in print) when the US government and those behind it take actions that one would not expect to take place in a “republic.”

Now we are informed that this sentiment is an animating force in parts of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, etc. The counter-argument, of course, is that the FBI, CIA and Pentagon have not usually been seen as guardians of “freedom.”

The FBI has put hundreds if not thousands of people in jail because of flawed fingerprint and hair analysis that some in the bureau knew to be false all along. To the best of our knowledge, a lot of the damage was never properly addressed.

The CIA is responsible for the deaths, injuries and miserable lives of millions, even billions, around the world because it represses freedom in favor of elite control of countries and their governments.

Constitutionally speaking, the FBI and CIA probably should not exist, let alone be spread around the world. The Pentagon, which recently mislaid $8 trillion, supports CIA covert intel actions with its own more overt military activities.

It is wonderful that people within them are supportive of freedom. But the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, etc., don’t actually work for the people in the US. At the top levels, they seem to work for the private banking interests that have installed and organized them and are pursuing a greater globalism that likely includes the destruction of the US..

Today there is considerable conflict between private banking interests and the alternative ‘Net media, and the people it represents. One way to reduce this conflict would be to make it clear to people who value a culture of freedom that the most authoritarian agencies in the US are secretly aligned with them. (See also our skeptical comments regarding the Brexit vote in our "populism vs. globalism articles.")

This seems beyond the pale and ludicrous but these banking interests are both subtle and powerful. One way or another, they evidently control the central banks of the world and thus hundreds of trillions of dollars. They may even have propagated a kind of nuclear myth, as we have pointed out here in the past, that has affected people's sentiments and priorities for decades.

They tend to work through the dominant social themes we analyze because they are absolutely determined that people are to back their globalist plans on a voluntary basis without knowing they are doing so.

In the Internet era, these “memes” have begun to founder in critical ways. But those creating them continue to try. They are abetted by millions (and more), who are aligned with them professionally or emotionally – some because they don’t know any better.

At the very top, everyone else is likely disposable (except for a handful of owners) and apt to be manipulated as necessary.

This is probably an article that many may react to emotionally and even negatively. But we are certainly not trying to support Hillary’s campaign, only to point out that in this world not everything is at it seems, especially when it comes to authoritarian agents of the state.

Conclusion: Your first priority is to take care of yourself and your family. Politics, especially today, seems to offer the hope of greater freedom but usually does not. For more on the issues we’ve raised, please use a search engine to find “TheDailyBell” and “populism versus globalism” (herehere and elsewhere). These issues may be tied to an an even larger propaganda campaign.

  Via The Daily Bell

Countering Hillary's Coup With a Counter Coup - or Not?

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Shlomo Schwartzman's picture
Shlomo Schwartzman (not verified) Nov 5, 2016 1:32 PM

Boy I sure hope the FBI can put all this behind them

so they can get back to focusing on

grooming retarded patsies.

Dave Whiteman's picture


This is quite stunning. It really proves that there never was an election at all.

Maestro Maestro's picture






Vote accordingly.


P.S. I vote NO FRNs aka US dollars; NO Euros; NO Yens; NO Saudi Rials; NO Chinese Yuans; NO British pounds; NO Russian roubles; and NO Israeli Shekels.


Merry Christmas.


warsev's picture

Federal civil service employees take an oath to support the Constitution (as below). All of them do, all of the hundreds of thousands of rank and file federal employees. Some of them even take it seriously. Enough to make a difference? I hope so.

“I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

Wannabe_Oracle's picture

So impatient people -- this will play it when the pieces are 'all' in place. ./

conraddobler's picture

We are working on the managemet issues, very sorry for your troubles, here's a coupon.

Ah but I suppose we will one day figure out that we need to talk to the owners, have a little chit chat.

paint it red call it hell's picture

Pieczenik is a MD in psychiatry. His specialty is the human mind. His history is in 3 letter agencies with continuity through multiple administrations.

On it's face, what does that tell you??? To verify, how?

Warthog777's picture

This foundational premis is wrong:

"Pieczenik goes on to explain how the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other official military-industrial agencies have gotten together silently to fight the silent “coup” of Bill and Hillary Clinton."

Pieczenik catagorically and clearly states that it is individuals within these agecies who have gotten together "informally" to initiate a "counter-coup". 

Even though the author conflates the sinful actions of the alphabet agencies with the individuals within those agencies who, through Pieczenik, are trying to stop the insanity and massive corruption, the conclusion of the article is one I think I agree with, and that is, that we should be vigilante and even suspicious of anyone who is involved with those agencies.  The article is so poorly written it's difficult to tell, but I think that is the conclusion.  I could be wrong about that, but that is my guess.

They, the agencies, are so corrupted, that one wonders how a moral agent could continue to be associated with them.

However, revelations leaked through Wikileaks, seem to validate Pieczenik's claims that it is agents within the "intelligence agencies" that are the source of leaks. If so, then we can assume that they also are privy to the absolutely evil and pervasive corruption and criminality at the top, and indeed all levels, of this stinking pile of shit government.

Not sure why it's still a top banner article.  Perhaps paid advertisement.

TuffsNotEnuff's picture

The heroes are those who protect the system. Who are seen to smooth out waves.

Today this requires going easy on Donald Trump. NY Times complains that Trump took a "carry loss" write-off in 1995 for $915,729,293. In fact those expense items were paid for with bonds/loans from banks.

NY Times never once mentioned the connections to Trump's 2004 holding company bankruptcy. That bankruptcy wiped the casinos' bond/loan liabilities, making Trump very rich indeed. His 1995 carry loss went up in smoke -- requiring those years to be refiled.

Didn't happen.

Hardball work on the Donald Trump bankruptcies has only come from Occupy. There has to be somebody not on the take.

The criminal problem, here, is simple carry loss fraud. Years of casino net operating losses were rolled into that Trump personal tax return in 1995. Trump kicked the can down the road. He arranged junk bonds that covered the losses and then stiffed the banks.

In 2004 those bonds were erased. Thing is, Trump failed to report his economic benefits from the bankruptcy. No part of that 2004 bankruptcy hit Trump's personal tax returns properly. That is based both on what he says and what appeared at the time.

When Occupy analyzed the Trump bankruptcy papers (2004, 2009) the casino Net Operating Losses tracked immediately -- $915,729,293 to Trump's 1995 personal tax return and then in 2004 what paid these losses went away as half of the bankruptcy. Banks got the legitimate write-offs.

To repeat: Trump didn't pay for those casino losses. Ever. The banks did the paying and took the loss 9 years later. Trump's borrowing delayed the final settlement date for those losses from 1992-1993-1994-1995 to 2004.

1995, legal by a hair. 2004, no way. Trump says openly he didn't pay those years' personal taxes and he says this was "smart."

Carry loss frauds related to bankruptcy are rare. Very few people try it. They get caught usually and they go to prison. The difference here is that the bet was $915,729,293 and, critically, the delay between the initial carry loss declaration and the bankruptcy was 9 years.

Back In 2004 IRS personnel reviewing the bankruptcy-related tax filings were handicapped. They did not have the 1995 filing in hand. That was because the agency's Six-Year Rule limited examining old 1040s. They missed Trump's carry loss problem entirely.

Of course when Occupy pulled paper in 2016, the 1995 tax and 2004 bankruptcy documents were right there. The 1995 filing had appeared at NY Times. The 2004 bankruptcy filing is public document. Is this the largest carry loss fraud in U.S. history? Apparently.

And now we have this same Donald Trump running for president. As an alternative to Donald Trump one could write in "Bernie Madoff." He was the bigger crook if that's what you want.

BTW: the Bureau should never have signed off on this guy. It would have required setting up a re-org system with appropriate entries to discover this Trump carry loss fraud. Bankruptcies are complicated. But that's their job. And they failed. That's the job so everyone connected in a management role to passing on Donald Trump for high office deserves to be fired even under federal employment rules.

The Bureau owes the American public an apology for its cowardice and its incompetence. Both were required to make the instant blunder.

Wannabe_Oracle's picture

"That was because the agency's Six-Year Rule limited examining old 1040s."


If agency rules have limitations then that's their problem. If I were a wealthy person I would use every available shortsight/loophole for my benefit too. But alas I am not wealthy, reduced to the meager $300 Good Will clothing gift, which nets me ~ 30 bucks.

Hope Copy's picture

Interesting, but can the corporation known as the USA do the same thing?  I think that you are barking up the wrong tree.  The junk bonds where taxable, thus the liability was transferred.  The investor lost.  Somewhere there has to be taxable money and in a court settled case that involves bankrupt, it is allowed to have the buck passed.  Go back to the investors to have them complain, perhaps you should have been an investor. 

TuffsNotEnuff's picture

Separate the financial accounting from the tax accounting. The financials have to do with transferring money from one legal party to another, plus the bond/loan liabilities that hit the casinos' books. When the three casinos went over to being Trump Hotal and Casino Resorts, the bonds/loans went with them. The books at THCR in 2004 are extensions of the three casinos' books in 1995.

Tax accounting reports what happens with the financial transactions. It's supposed to report it, anyway.

In 2004 the banks are the investors and legal agents of investors. Simplifying to say that the banks took the write-offs should be clear to anyone in the industry.

Trump's carry loss fraud as of 2004 has nothing to do with investors. It exists only in tax law. It came into being by his not refiling 1995 through 2003. What was defrauded with this carry loss fraud was the United States Treasury and the affected states.

dark pools of soros's picture

So bravo Trump in fucking over banks and the IRS...  you seem to be a miserable fuck in thinking that this overshadows the legion of corruption to sell out the country in the name of funding the Clinton machine


go suck your cock with this nonsence



janus's picture

"Go back to the investors to have them complain, perhaps you should have been an investor. "

that's a pretty calloused statement, and it further extends 'caveat emptor' infinitely...negating the whole notion of fraud entirely.  If what TuffsNotEnuff's saying is true, those bonds were sold with the express purpose of evading carry-loss, and they were issued without good faith, meaning their very purpose was default to begin with.  Issuing a bond is a promise-to-pay contract; how is it not fraud when, instead of just failure or negligence, the salient intent to never pay...regardless of solvency?

whether this raises to the level of madoff is up for debate, and i'd argue that the equivalence is a touch of hyperbole.  However -- and i feel uncomfortable defending banks -- if what he's saying is true, and that these bonds were structured and issued with the intent to defraud AND cheat, it's a bit troubling.  as troubling as evil personified in the oval office?  no.  Still, i can't dismiss it as cagey but ethical accounting.


TuffsNotEnuff's picture

That is an interesting take. If I might attempt a spot of rewrite:

"...If what TuffsNotEnuff's saying is true, those bonds were sold with the express purpose of evading [establishing a fraudulent, long-term] carry-loss, and they were issued without good faith...."

That gets to where the charges include Conspiracy. And if a banking participant colluded, it is prima facie R.I.C.O.

We only look at tax law violations.

The "janus" take extends the playing field to investment law. I'm impressed. This scheme seems more likely to have appeared accidentally in 2004 when Trump realized that the IRS people did not understand his (personal income tax) carry loss situation. He took advantage. If you want a human Cthulhu, it's still necessary to write in Madoff.

We Are The Priests's picture

Bottom Line: A global wide psyop is being undertaken. Psychological Warfare 101: Create so much information chaos and confusion that it is impossible to discern the truth. Info, Dis-Info saturation leads to intellectual paralysis.

qomolangma's picture

This news is so weird to the level unbelievable :-)

First I read it here then thought it's an ignorable psyop but then it's posted at ZH :) amazing nowadays, many things are hard to believe

Putin Confirms US Coup “Is Now Reality”—Warns “Bloodshed Is Soon To Follow”

Steeley's picture

And in another corner - The Rolling Stone gathers "no mas". Convicted of libel for the retracted gang-rape story.

WAA Whaaa whaaaaa

We have the lead for the weekend news.. Someone pass the jiffy-pop..


PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Nov 4, 2016 12:36 PM

Fed Gov should be 1% of it's current size, and concern itself with nothing but making sure the nukes are locked up and that no hordes overrun the borders. If it can't do its one and only mission, what good is it? Why the fuck is it $5 trillion and growing, doing nothing but bleeding us dry for the globalists?

Anyone who thinks that fed gov needs to do more than that has drunk the kool aid. Decades of propaganda.

gregga777's picture

The most reliable sign of an imploding empire is internecine warfare amongst the elites.

gregga777's picture

I tend to follow the advice given by the greatest FBI agents who ever lived: Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. That is to, "Trust no one." I follow the breaking news but I admit there are milultiple possible interpretations. Wheels inside wheels inside wheels… to you software types, it's an infinitely recursive function.

patrem familias's picture

Any possibility Trump might be "Wellstoned"
thereby giving us a President Pence?
Jus' sayin'

TuffsNotEnuff's picture

That option could explain why the Republican Establishment has remained passive these past 6 months. Surely they prefer Mrs. Clinton to Mr. Trump. She's sane.

Your alternative, a President Pence, leaves them with all their tax loop holes, the monster-sized military budget, and Class Warfare at full tilt against the poor and middle.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Nov 4, 2016 8:47 AM

Here's my take, to date. Regardless of who the biggest liars turn out to be, regardless of whether they are all lying or only one camp or the other, I think you have to ask yourself if this is the way you want your government and leaders to behave? How deep does this serious, life threatening disorder go? Will they all blow each other up, so that we don't need to?

The deceit has so many dimensions, the lies are so cleverly constructed, the attacks to vicious and {largely} without merit that, IMO they all need to be put into asylums and watched, forever.

Clearly the whole dance floor is distorted by the shiny silver mirror ball, slowly rotating. Who the fuck do these people think they are, anyhow? Do they even think, rationaly anymore, or is everything they turn their hand to corrupted by a fundamental and flawed misunderstanding of reality?


NobodyNowhere's picture

If Dr. Pieczenik were real he wouldn't be alive.

conraddobler's picture

Well Tom Clancy isn't.

Just saying.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Nov 4, 2016 8:03 AM

This has all been done before, but never so pubicly - The Parsifal Mosaic, by Robert Ludlum

OR, it's practically impossible to know/comprehend a plot that is so convoluted, so lie infested, that none of the protatgonists can be evaluated.

Oh, and by the way, Dr. Pieczenik? A.K.A. Dr. 'Peacenik'. Think about it. 

He is a 'member' of the Council on Foreign Relations. That's all I need to know.

DuneCreature's picture

I believe you are on it, DD.

Steve Pieczenik is full of shit.

He's doing damage control for the 'Intelligence Community' (CIA, CeyeA, NSA, etc, etc, etc.)

The IC is a BIG if not the biggest part of the problem. (Trust me, I know these clowns!)

All of this "soft civilian coup", "no one gets hurt,", "'we' have this taken care of", "trust us, we are the experts" is all happy horseshit to keep most of them off of the gallows and in control.

The CIAers & Co. ARE the bad guys! ...... Killary just got busted and they are in the process of cutting her loose and throwing one of their own under the bus.

Steve is an ass clown coming out of retirement for his chums who are in trouble.

NO SHOOTING! ... Steve will fix the government for us. Just don't hurt anyone while he's working his SECRET SLOOOOOW magic.

My fucking ass. ...........

He's stalling while they are figuring things out much flesh they need to cut out to save the patient.

Live Hard, If We let The CIA 'Fix' Things We Will Be Right Back In The Same Shit Soup, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

John Prewett's picture

Obama watching Clinton camp and Trump camp trash each other ....

Presuming Obama does not postpone/cancel election ["in national interest, of course",]
I think Hillary will be selected "winner" Nov 9 ..... which will lead to a firestorm of Conservative indignation.

If I get surprised and Trump is selected then his camp will gloat and the Hillary contingent will go ballistic

Throw in a few false flag crimes committed by crackers ... and IT'S ON. .... "perfect storm" will commence.

when the "perfect storm" hits USA [and Europe] then using the resources of the government,  Obama "saves the country."

Like Mussolini saved Italy and Hitler saved Germany and Mayo2Sung saved China.  You get the picture.

"“The real issue underlying a lot of Bill Clinton’s nefarious activities as well as Hillary Clinton’s sexual activities
is the fact that we know that both of them have been a major part and participant in what’s called the “Lolita Express,

which is a plane owned by Mr. Jeff Epstein, a wealthy multi-millionaire, who flies down to the Bahamas

and allows Bill Clinton and Hillary to engage in sex with minors. That is called pedophilia.”

“And as a result of the excellent work that the New York Police Department does,” says Pieczenik,
“in tracking pedophiliacs, they also have a record of both Hillary, Bill and other people associated with the Clintons with regard to pedophilia.”

“So not only will she be charged with obstruction of justice,” says Pieczenik, “with lying to a prosecutor and the FBI,
she will also be charged with pedophilia, sex with minors and other issues. Bill might be brought up again on certain charges
because those charges still relate to American crime and prosecutorial issues.”
He says, “But I do want to inform you that we are well aware in the intelligence community of their activities that haven’t stopped.
And we’re not talking about one trip to the Bahamas, we’re talking about a multiple of twenty or thirty trips that Bill and Hillary did take, separately,
 together, on the Lolita Express to engage in sexual activities with minors."

Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House of Rep Homeland Security committee says Hllary committed treason

Hope Copy's picture

the "Loletta Express" was once a commercial airliner and has black boxes that are part of the required equipment.  Cabin noise is recorded additionally as in the cockpit.  These are simple downloads and legally accessed without a warrant from the service station (FOB) that does the 100 hour inspection (or earlier, like every time it got refueled).  This is due in part by Ebstien's conviction and subsequent parole.  Any parole violation would become an automatic cause to extend any investigation beyond his sentence.  Prosecution is availed in multiple jurisdictions, such as the Bahamas and any place that aircraft landed, perhaps Florida or Puerto Rico.  As it is a crime before becoming president of the USA, the crime will be litigated as such and no legal protection exists.  Please note that it is an Island in the Virgin Islands and they still are under old English law that allowed sexual practices with girls as young as 12.  Ebstien was probably most interested in this aspect, but never should have transported any one including himself on a US registered carrier or serviced carrier for this purpose.  To stay in line with the law he should have used a sail boat of the era of the law (product liability laws).

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

ex Potus meeting current AG for a few laughs in a non descript airport out in the desert, and what followed ...Ian Fleming is laughing his ass off. RIP

gregga777's picture

The FBI tipped off irredeemable William Jefferson "Bill the Pedophile" Clinton about AG Lorent Lynched plane's time and location and they ripped off the media. It was a sting.

TuffsNotEnuff's picture

"Pedophile" ??? That's jumping the shark.

There's also propaganda out there that Hillary is a lesbian going back to college. All them Wellesley gals are lesbos.

Too smart = lesbian.

Hope Copy's picture

yup.. it would be in the black boxes, well one of them.

css1971's picture

There is definitely something going. This election has been truly epic. Whether it is an internal re-alignment of the powers behind the scenes, or simply Infowars and similar putting out some propaganda for a laugh/psyop I don't know.

What I do know, is that our democracy doesn't describe the real power stuctures that exist, and this is not a new thing, historically, bureacrats - mandarins have always weilded immense amounts of power going all the way back to the Chinese emperors.

For me, the fact that all the visible actors have aligned against trump is a good thing, but as you say. There's what you can see, and there's reality. I doubt very much that he could have gotten this far without some concessions to existing power structures. His intelligence for example has been pinpoint accurate and that's not something you can get from the outside.

Azannoth's picture

And this is why neither Ron Paul nor anybody else(Jessie Ventura?) who is(might) be a true outsider could ever get within spitting distance of the Presidency(or any other top-job), all you have are rival power elites competing against each other, there are no trully independent candidates and never will be. The "lesser evil" is the best we can hope for in this System.

Azannoth's picture

(((Steve Pieczenik))) - obviously I don't know what's going on but I know one thing for sure and that is to never trust a jew

A. Boaty's picture

You should limit your lack of trust to the Zio/Neo-Cons. Not all Jews go along with the program.

TheReplacement's picture

Members of the CFR do, that is sort of the definition of being in the CFR now isn't it?

billhicks's picture

Good article thanks

DuneCreature's picture

Alert - Red Tide Rising

Speaking of conspiracies, coups and intrigue. The son of a bitch Russians are probing again. ....This shit needs to stop now!

NATO claims Russians are probing air defenses!

As well they should actually. .... With Killary still on the loose being chased around by the FBI you never know when the crazy bitch might crash through the gate of some Top Secret US Air Force base and head right for a B-2 stealth bomber hanger jump in the cockpit and fire that baby up and head for her hideout in Qatar using all the stealth technology at her disposal...... Hell, she might even have the notorious Bimbo Dick riding shotgun and manning the rearward firing heat fleeing missiles I helped design. .... Exciting stuff and too bad for those poor hapless F-35 pilots that will never see them coming.

Knowing Hillary's aggressive nature she may even take a detour over Ukraine or even Syria and drop a few nukes on a few Ivans just to teach Puting a lesson, shrieking, "Probe this, Lad!"

Will Killary make it to her 1.8 billon dollar stash of digital cash in Qatar and disappear wearing a Burka into a swirling crowd of devout Muslims or will FBI Director Comey catch up with her in his heretofore highly classified experimental anti-gravity flying saucer built by the Super Deep DoD with stolen 12 foot Gray technology,....just, before she abducts a Huma look-a-like and has her perverted way with the another under aged child?

We don't know. Stay tuned for the next installment of Election Coverage 2016.

For Early Election Results - (

In the mean time, Lad, keep on probing, bro. We might need an adult on the scene before this election is over or we'll all end up on the registered sex offender list for reading X rated Emails that keep showing up on our computers from WackyLeaks during this twisted political cartoon season. You're going to need to know where those pesky NATO radar sites are on your way to our rescue. We know you can help us Vlad. You tamed Pussy Riot and you can straighten out the mess the girlz have made of this election too, I just know it.

Live Hard, Give The Evil Witch Of The West A S-400 Right Up The Afterburner Orifice, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

LA_Goldbug's picture

So where is the other story,

"Russia claims NATO is probing its air defenses!" which Joe and Mary would have a hard time digesting as Truth.

DuneCreature's picture

We could go with this on a much more serious side of things.

How about?:

Steve Pieczenik is full of shit.

He's doing damage control for the 'Intelligence Community' (CIA, CeyeA, NSA, etc, etc, etc.)

The IC is a BIG if not the biggest part of the problem. (Trust me, I know these clowns!)

All of this "soft civilian coup", "no one gets hurt,", "'we' have this taken care of", "trust us, we are the experts" is all happy horseshit to keep most of them off of the gallows and in control.

The CIAers & Co. ARE the bad guys! ...... Killary just got busted and they are in the process of cutting her loose and throwing one of their own under the bus.

Steve is an ass clown coming out of retirement for his chums who are in trouble.

NO SHOOTING! ... Steve will fix the government for us. Just don't hurt anyone while he's working his SECRET SLOOOOOW magic.

My fucking ass. ...........

He's stalling while they are figuring things out much flesh they need to cut out to save the patient.

Live Hard, If We Let The CIA 'Fix' Things We Will Be Right Back In The Same Shit Soup, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

Maestro Maestro's picture

Inspired stuff, thanks for sharing.  :o)

janus's picture


Once again, great piece.  On the main, I'd say your argument is solid.  I'm no polyanna, I know the world will continue as it always has, that utopia's a mirage, that ideologues end as cynics or villains and that the fix is in...and will probably stay put.  And were this the election these forces had planned -- jeb & hrc -- I'd be mocking them both and maintain a posture bemusedly aloof.  But in that there is an appreciable advantage found in the candidate they hadn't planned for -- if for no other reason than their failure to plan for him -- and by 'they' we'll stay with the specific reference to globalists, I can't but conclude that this patriot is duty bound to actively support his candidacy.  

Even if, say, Trump were to cut some back-room deals in solicitation of their consent (which I hope isn't the case), it would at the very least weaken them; and to the extent that, at most they'd only succeed in pulling off the lesser half of all their plans (so much being contingent on hrc's presidendency).  Maybe I'm wrong, and perhaps I'm making a massive mistake in so enthusiastically endorsing Trump.  But, again, my calculus on this is admittedly pretty simple; and to my present perspective, its simplicity lends itself to a certain clarity.  I kept wanting for a justification to walk away...felt I had my fun in the primaries and it was back to contrariety...but he kept saying the right things.  Moreover, I think he's so feisty that, if backed into a corner (and with his temperament, there will be a corner or two just around the corner), he'll attack these people and do some real damage.  Hey, it's at least worth a bet -- and what's life without a big wager every now and again?  Years ago, I'd sworn off politics for good.  I'm willin to give it one last try; even if it's only to fire a stinger missile into 1600 Penn (that's a metaphor, langley).  

But my principal motivation in posting is due to a small but dubious reference to our nuclear deterrent spliced innocently into your piece.  If you won't come out and say it, janus will:  yes, our strategic nuclear policy, predicated on mega-mega-ton super-bombs is 100% balderdash.  yep, maw and paw amoricana, you've been had...again.  The story of Hiroshima is so sloppily confected you'd think some brooklyn jews on a coke binge cooked up the script (hint-hint)'s so pathetic it's laughable.  but, you guys wanna know what's really funny?

these shysters have you all believing that something so small you cannot see with a scanning microscope can spectacularly obliterate the world several times over.  ole hitler was right: if you're gonna tell a whopper, make it a whale.  and then there are these neutron bombs that'll turn the quick and the dead to wax mid-step, leaving all physical non-organics intact?  are you all high?  did no one bother to question this stuff?  So, there are no adults in this country that can't hear something like 'underground nuclear testing' and scratch their heads?  Does it jibe with any measure of logic to believe that bombs capable of leveling cities to ash could be contained underground?  what the fuck is wrong with you people?

On the plus-side, nuclear power is the great equalizer.  Once the secret of its safety gets out (and it's coming out), it will change the way we organized society.  Not only is it safe, it's near harmless.  It will burn you, but only if you hold a hot rock in your hand.  No more power bills.  Autos could run for an entire year on a single plutonium fill.  Each individual could have a supply of near endless and unbelievably cheap energy to fuel his every ambition.  It's all true, gentlemen.  They just thought they could get away with it long enough to enslave mankind completely -- returning all to a feudal like subsistence.  Look, if they could've killed us off with a weapon or virus or whatever, they'd have done it LONG ago.  We're a rather resilient drives them to distraction.

Raise your hand if you think nuclear power plants 'split' atoms and harness the resultant power.  Okay, you can put your hands down now...nuclear power is generated by steam turbines, the steam is produced by lowering hot radioactive rocks into large tanks, the hot rocks boil the water, driving the turbine, generating juice.  raw uranium is placed in very high speed centrifuges and spun; the radioactive isotopes, being very heavy, sink to the bottom, concentrating into a plutonium/uranium rod.  that is nuclear power.  works the same on a sub.  

The world is about to change forever.  These bastards are going down.  If they keep at it, they'll die.

sic semper tyrannis,


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Add to that the fact that you obviously know nothing about how ionizing radiation damages anything alive.

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Yes, as I said, heat will harm you.  BTW, don't touch a hot stove with your bare hands.  And, no, you wouldn't want to sleep next to a plutonium rod; but for whatever dangers there are, they can be easily mitigated with basic precautions.  Tell me, why aren't people walking around with three arms and ghastly tumors in japan?  There have been NO increases in radiation related incidents after the most catastrophic nuclear disaster...ever.  

Look, if nuclear power gets out, power companies will perish, oil giants will be exiled to Lilliput and the cause for many of our wars will be neutralized.  You think tptb don't know this?

I know this is hard to believe, but you've been fooled.  No one is immune to it; wisdom comes in recognizing your folly.



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Nuclear power functions as a big government program in every country that uses it. You make it sound like a couple of guys in a garage invented nuke power. The Manhattan Project + Atoms for Peace in current dollars = about 1 trillion in free research and development, and free plant and equipment. Add to that continuous .gov support since then for:

uranium mining
fuel rod manufacture
uranium reprocessing
waste management

And, best of all, nuke plants enjoy a .gov sponsored, low cost, single payer insurance program. Simply removing the .gov back stop for limited liability would shut down all nuke plants ASAP.

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Yes, i understand that uranium mining, processing and enrichment require a lot of infrastructure; but, insofar as their mass distribution and utilization neuters most of the other bigs in society, it's an exchange i'm more than willing to make.  

Believe it or not, the manhattan project, much like "The China Syndrome" was pure theater...anothe boondogle (like the space program) to sieze your tax dollars and embezzle them into black holes.  Sure, cognitive dissonance is a real bitch -- but you're going to have to face it sooner or later.