Leaked Emails Expose Podesta Pissed At CNBC's John Harwood For "Honest" Reporting

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Just when you thought the sickeningly deep collusion between the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media could not get any more, well, deplorable, it does.

The latest effusion of Wikileaks emails exposes a discussion between CNBC's John Harwood, Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, and Clinton campaign Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri.

The story starts with CNBC's John Harwood writing a story in May 2015: "How's Hillary Doing? Wish We Could Tell You"

I've been inside Hillary Clinton's national campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.


I've talked with "senior officials" about her bid for the White House. They sat in these chairs.


Wish I could tell you more. But they said very little.


Notice that I typed very little and not "very little," because under the ground rules of Thursday's briefing reporters were not allowed to quote their words directly.



Not exactly the most damning of stories, but clearly made John Podesta angry - in that it did not suck up enough to his candidate - judging by his terse email to Harwood...

"Won't waste your time again."

Which prompted a very quick reply from Harwood (with 20 minutes)...

"He's joking, right?"

To which Jennifer Palmieiri snapped back, clearly disappointed in the reporters' honesty...

"No, he is not joking. He and I are both put off by your piece.


The briefing was just meant to help give context to the press for how we are thinking about the race and how summer is likely to go. Never intended for it to be newsmaking event.


We thought it would be helpful and you turned it into another hit piece on how our campaign interacts with the press.


Seemed like a cheap shot. And odd coming from you."

Which clearly shocked Harwood, who rapidly penned the following apology letter...

"I don't take cheap shots at Hillary Clinton or anybody else.


But this wasn't a shot of any kind. It was humor. I was poking fun at a campaign ritual.


I didn't expect big news either. Did you notice I didn't ask a single question in the briefing? I don't really care where her announcement will take or whether Charlotte will be onstage or when she'll take her vacation or how many rallies she'll have.


I knew that the stuff I care about - most importantly what she plans to do on the economy - was not going to yield answers now. You've told me that and I believe you.


I just thought it was funny to go through the ground rules jazz and have all these reporters firing questions and scribbling notes with Fox live truck parked outside with few definitive answers about anything.


Did it matter? No. Have you heard me complaining on any media about how Hillary is campaigning or interacting with the press? No. Do I participate in the whole Politico-style meme/narrative bullshit conversation along these lines? No.


But when my bosses asked me to write what I learned, humor seemed more honest and appropriate than anything else.


The value of the event, to me, was seeing you guys."

And that, dear American average joes, is how your independent media works.

While Donna Brazile was fired by CNN for what some leaked/unofficial/Russian-propaganda emails said, one wonders how long CNBC can defend their own staff's clear lack of independence.

Is it any wonder, Trump calls this election a "last stand" against the media's omnipotence and control (fwd to 2:47)

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Squid Viscous's picture

what a circle jerk, hang them all starting with "doe eyes" Harwood

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

OK, here is my final unsolicited, unapproved, unprofessional, unaccredited and unrigged projection of next Tuesday's POTUS election, based on today's Rasmussen Reports national polling data, which follows:


Thursday, November 03, 2016

Republican Donald Trump has a three-point lead in Rasmussen Reports’ White House Watch survey. Among voters who are certain how they will vote, Trump now has over 50% support.

The latest national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows Trump leading Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton 45% to 42%. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has four percent (4%) support, and Green Party hopeful Jill Stein picks up just one percent (1%). Two percent (2%) like another candidate, and four percent (4%) are still undecided.

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of voters say they are now certain how they will vote. Among these voters, Trump has a 10-point lead over Clinton – 53% to 43%. Johnson gets two percent (2%) and Stein one percent (1%). This is the first time any candidate has crossed the 50% mark. Among those who still could change their minds, it’s Clinton 36%, Trump 36%, Johnson 22% and Stein six percent (6%).


So, Trump is up 45-42, but more significantly, a large majority (88%) of voters are certain how they will vote and among those Trump is up 53-43.  Among the 12% of voters still undecided, Trump and Clinton are tied.

So, today's projected results are easy to arrive at:

Trump 53%, Clinton 43%, Johnson 2%, Stein 1%, Other 1%.

All the news of scandal is trending against Clinton, so tough to see her picking up any new support in next four days.

So, Trump by a healthy 10% in the pop. vote (barring a last minute bombshell), which, barring massive election fraud, would carry over into sufficient electoral votes to produce a President Elect Donald J Trump.

y3maxx's picture

Be careful "Yes we can, but",

you may be bought out or suicided for your posting.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

I select the buyout option.

macholatte's picture


So, Trump by a healthy 10% in the pop. vote (barring a last minute bombshell), which, barring massive election fraud, would carry over into sufficient electoral votes to produce a President Elect Donald J Trump.

Election Fraud Factor:
Total Registered voters 146,311,000
Total votes cast 147,000,000

Hitlary Wins!

robertsgt40's picture

Welp, the cat's outta the bag now. Harwood swallows . 

jcaz's picture

Ah,  Jennifer the fluffer- Bill will miss her most of all.....

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Yes We Can. But Lets Not. Nov 3, 2016 1:47 PM

Hey Podesta ~


Try getting 'PISSED ON' instead...


Based on the company you keep, odds are you'd probably rather enjoy it.

ducksinarow's picture

Do these stats take into account fraudulent voting? or, improperly filled out ballots, or "lost ballots" or electronic failures at the poll sites?

Croesus's picture

Poor Podesta...he's got a similar 'pedo-smile' to Tim Kaine. No wonder he's unhappy.

froze25's picture

It is really messed up how much these dirt-bags like abusing kids. They really should be hanging from the lamp post.

Blankenstein's picture

Project Veritas video showing Media Matters on tape bragging about how they try to silence the opposition.   They're neobolsheviks funded by George Soros. 





GreatUncle's picture

Oh how this could be so amusing in the end if this was a plot from beginning to end.


If so then they also took out the whole MSM propoganda machine at the same time. Eat humble time CNN if you had been paying attention you might not have been pulled so deep into the wood chipper.

1980XLS's picture

Harwood honest?


Is this a joke? The Onion?

Son of Loki's picture

"Harwood could not be reached for comment."


He's probably checking his secret Swiss bank account.

bankbob's picture

And hiring a food taster.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Honesty is saying what your told to say, and nothing more.....

Budd aka Sidewinder's picture

The value of the event, to me, was seeing you guys."

Did a member of the media really write that to some campaign staffers???

What a fag

terpsfan2001's picture

Watch the new Trump commercial.

I laughed "PERVERT ANTHONY WIENE".......lol


Admiral Stubing's picture

Only a robot could watch that without LOLing.

SHADEWELL's picture


See You Next Tuesday, November 08, 2016, then lets see how "upset" you msm bitches,are

Squid Viscous's picture

instead of saying fuck off Podesta,

he writes a 300 word cover my ass/ apology?

what a fucking pussy!

DeadFinks's picture

No matter how much time Harwood spends on his knees, he's never going to be part of the Club.

Killdo's picture

being a spineless brown nosing pussy is often rewearded in corporate US, even more so in DC

SHADEWELL's picture

In her "protection" of women, did Hillary ever comment on the backward camel dick in the ass Saudi opinion of women, such as this recent article?



Hate to spoil the ending, but that shit would never get questioned by that bought and sold piece of blood clot cunt trash

froze25's picture

One thing you will notice is there is a rule in the Main Stream Media, they will never, ever cover the Saudi nation or its scumbag "Royals" in a negative light.

gregga777's picture

Pedophile-loving LÜGENPRESSE so-called journalists on Hillary Clinton's payroll:


* ABC – Liz Kreutz
* ABC – Cecilia Vega
* ABC – David Muir
* ABC – Diane Sawyer
* ABC – George Stephanoplous
* ABC – John Karl
* AP – Julie Pace
* AP – Ken Thomas
* AP – Lisa Lerer
* AURN – April Ryan
* Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
* Bloomberg – John Heillman
* Bloomberg – Mark Halperin
* Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
* CBS – Steve Chagaris
* CBS – Nora O'Donnell
* CBS – Vicki Gordon
* CNBC – John Harwood
* CNN – Brianna Keiler
* CNN – David Chalian
* CNN – Dan Merica
* CNN – Gloria Borger
* CNN – Jeff Zeleny
* CNN – John Berman
* CNN – Kate Bouldan
* CNN – Mark Preston
* CNN – Sam Feist
* Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich
* GPG – Mike Feldman
* Huffington Post – Amanda Terkel
* NO (Panama)
* LAT – Mike Memoli
* LAT – Evan Handler
* McClatchy – Anita Kumar
* MORE – Betsy Fisher Martin
* MSNBC – Alex Seitz-Wald
* MSNBC – Alex Wagner
* MSNBC – Beth Fouhy
* MSNBC – Phil Griffin
* MSNBC – Rachel Maddow
* MSNBC – Rachel Racusen
* National Journal – Emily Schultheis
* NBC – Mark Murray
* NBC – Savannah Guthrie
* New Yorker – Ryan Liza
* NPR – Tamara Keith
* NYT – Amy Chozik
* NYT – Gail Collins
* NYT – Jonathan Martin
* NYT – Maggie Haberman
* NYT – Pat Healy
* PEOPLE – Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
* Politico – Annie Karni
* Politico – Gabe Debenedetti
* Politico – Glenn Thrush
* Politico – Mike Allen
* Reuters – Amanda Becker
* The Hill – Amie Parnes
* Washington Post – Anne Gearan
* VICE – Alyssa Mastramonoco
* VOX – Jon Allen
* WSJ – Laura Meckler
* WSJ – Peter Nicholas
* WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

Are they all card carrying members of NAMBLA, the pedophiles Union?

cognitive dissident's picture

Har de har har...

go suck a dick CNBS shill and sucker of demon cock

I wish lived NYC so I could troll you in person 

Squid Viscous's picture

doubt he 's nyc, probably some jew hell hole suburb

maybe bethesda or chevy chase, he works in DC

like all the good scum suckers do

cognitive dissident's picture

I grew up in Rockville, MD... I know these hell hole burbs you mentioned quite well... my new home, the Poconos is a depressed region now but is infinitely more peaceful

small axe's picture

a 16-year-old burger flipper contributes twice as much to the public good than these parasites (no offense to hard-working burger flippers intended)

Sofa King's picture

"The value of the event, to me, was seeing you guys."

Wow, he must have been taking off his knee pads and wiping his chin when he typed that.

Fuckin' cum gobbler...go choke on Bawney Fwanks dick.

jmack's picture

Coming this fall to a theatre near you  "Kiss Ass!"  a man, unable to feel shame, uses his deformity to become a journalist and covers for democrats.  He keeps the streets rife with BS as he battles truth, justice, and the American way!

centerline's picture

That is a fantastic video. I have to admit. I hate this whole election, and my gut says the trajectory of the US is not going to change regardless of outcome. But, I will submit this... Perhaps I am wrong about Trump. It is possible. I doubt it. But, there is a chance. With Hillary, we know what we are getting. We know what she is. The evidence is clear. And behavior of the MSM, DC elite, Hollywood, Soros, etc. speaks volumes. The money is talking. The DOJ has been exposed. Etc. The war against the Clintons is in plain sight now and mounting quickly. That tells me we are in fact at a pivotal moment in history.

GreatUncle's picture

Same system ... the shit blocking it up for about 16 years is going to be flushed.

Finally somebody fixed the fucking toilet.

MrBoompi's picture

"Don't piss off the queen."

Killdo's picture

why not? I once put my dick in the (real queen Elisabeth's) hat . When I used to work for her hatmaker many eyars ago. I've been laughing about it ever since

swmnguy's picture

This is a very good illustration of how ridiculous our political culture is.  These are clearly three insiders.  Harwood has an expectation that Clinton's people won't waste his time in a cavalier fashion.  Clinton's people have an expection that Harwood won't mention that the pageantry is a bunch of bullshit.  They waste his time; he makes a joke of it; they're pissed off about that.  Harwood then realizes he may have shot himself in the foot because these people are so insecure they can't take anything less than full reverence from anybody, so he starts blathering to explain himself so they don't retaliate against him, which he's realizing they will do.  Like so many people, Harwood's standard of living depends on the non-stop election cycle with the very frequent news cycle.  He can't afford to get blackballed by these popinjay/martinet types.

The real trouble is that most Americans don't have any idea that this is how things work here in Byzantium, er, the USA.  Once you have that understanding, a lot of this stuff comes clear and actually makes sense.  It's like the old Soviet-era joke; you can get all the accurate information and understanding you need from reading only Pravda; you just have to know how to read Pravda.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Yep, the little pillow-biter forgot himself briefly, but quickly fell back in line when reminded of his tenuous position.

Bill of Rights's picture

After this election marijuana better fucken be legal, were all gonna need some.

swmnguy's picture

That's mighty law-abiding of you, Citizen.  Many of us have long since decided that exigency outweighs legality in this specific area.

Lemmy Caution's picture

When Jennifer was scolding reporter John Harwood about the Clinton article, she included a curious sentence:

"Seemed like a cheap shot. And odd coming from you."

What could she mean, "odd, coming from you"?

Then I remembered that Harwood was among the key reporters who attended the special, invitation-only event at the Clinton campaign kick off. Among the topics: "Framing the HRC message and framing the race." See for yourself:


Poor little Johnny dared to depart from the approved script. Bad John, bad John!

swmnguy's picture

Yeah, that was quite the tell, wasn't it?  "And odd coming from you."  Always embarrassing when you're out with your new girlfriend and you run into a hooker who calls you out by name and asks you how you're liking your new place.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Harwood said: "Did you notice I didn't ask a single question in the briefing? I don't really care where her announcement will take or whether Charlotte will be onstage or when she'll take her vacation or how many rallies she'll have."

Who is Charlotte?

swmnguy's picture

She does all the Clintons' web-spinning.  Has for years.

insanelysane's picture

Grand kid, the one she went to play with after she passed out from infectious pneumonia.

Plata con Carne's picture

Charlotte is the Hillaroid's granddaughter.