This Is No "New Cold War"; It's Far Worse Than That

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Submitted by investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

Here is the reason why we are currently even closer to a civilization-ending nuclear war than was the case during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962:

During the Cold War, the two sides agreed that any war between the capitalist side and the communist side would escalate to nuclear war between the US and the USSR and constitute Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.). Therefore, because of this mutual acceptance of M.A.D., hot war did not develop during that entire period, from 1945 till the Soviet Union dissolved and ended its military alliance the Warsaw Pact, both of which ended in 1991. Throughout that 45-year period, called «the Cold War», there was no hot war between the two nuclear superpowers, because both sides believed that any hot war would end in M.A.D. — mutual annihilation, and the end of civilization.

It would end that way because any hot war between the two sides would terminate either in one side surrendering to the other, or else in at least one of the two sides (presumably to be started by the one that’s on the brink of defeat in the traditional hot war) nuclear-attacking the other (as being its only alternative to defeat). In other words, M.A.D. recognized and accepted the fact that for a nuclear power to attack a nuclear power with non-nuclear weaponry will almost certainly provoke a nuclear war at the moment when one of the two is losing (or about to lose) the conventional conflict to the other. Nuclear weapons are weapons of last resort, but they exist in order to prevent defeat. That is what they exist for. If Japan had had deliverable nuclear weapons, then the end of World War II would have been considerably delayed. Japan would have lost because it had no allies, but the end of WW II would have been very different than it was.

Only M.A.D. avoided the Cold War becoming a hot war. 

But M.A.D. is not just a physical reality but equally importantly a mutually-shared belief-system, a belief-system that becomes no longer operative if one of the two sides switches to believe that a way exists actually to win a nuclear war - in other words, to believe that conquest of a nuclear power by another nuclear power is a real possibility. During the years prior to 2006, there was an increasing though unspoken belief at the top of the US aristocracy (the people who control the US government — or at least have controlled it since 1981), that the United States would be able to win a nuclear war against Russia; and, suddenly, in 2006, the belief was published, and virtually no one who possessed power or influence challenged it; and, from that time forward, M.A.D. was ended on the American side, and nuclear weapons became, in the US, strategized within a new framework (called «nuclear primacy»,) — the framework of nuclear weapons as constituting the ultimate weapons of conquest by the US government.

After 1991, when the Warsaw Pact no longer existed, the US military alliance NATO invited into its membership all of the former states of the USSR except Russia (thereby indicating NATO’s continuing hostility toward that particular nation and the fraudulence of NATO’s peace with it), and also invited in all of the USSR's former Warsaw Pact allies, and so NATO (a now clearly anti-Russian, no longer at all anti-communist, alliance) has come to extend right up to Russia’s own borders — something that the US had refused to allow the USSR to do to the US in 1962, when the Soviet dictator Khrushchev wanted to place nuclear missiles in Cuba just 90 miles from America’s border. 

In the new era during which the US government and its allies believe that nuclear primacy is about to be achieved, the framework in which the use of ‘nuclear primacy’ would be ‘justified’ is that, as soon as such ‘primacy’ is believed to have been obtained (such as by means of anti-ballistic missiles having been installed that would supposedly annihilate Russia’s nuclear arsenal before their warheads could even be released to retaliate against the US-and-allied nuclear invasion), the US side’s ‘defensive’ traditional-weapons invasion of Russia is being defeated by the Russians, and so the only way available to prevent the defeat of the US-and-allied forces is by the use of nuclear weapons (the ‘taking-advantage’ of America’s ‘nuclear primacy’). That’s how the nuclear attack would be ’justified’, as a ‘necessary defensive response’ against Russia. 

Consequently, in the current US-NATO operation on and near Russia’s borders, the Alliance is starting the buildup of its traditional invasion forces. This includes even some US allies that are not in NATO. The supposed ‘justification’ for this amassing of invasion-forces on Russia’s borders is to ‘defend’ against ‘Russia’s aggression’ when (in March 2014 just weeks after the bloody US coup in UkraineRussia enabled the residents of Crimea to rejoin Crimea as part of Russia, of which Crimea had been until the Soviet dictator Khrushchev arbitrarily transferred Crimea to Ukraine in 1954. That disagreement about Crimea is the supposed root-cause for NATO’s involvement, even though Ukraine still is not (and previously did not want to be) a member of the NATO alliance. Anyway: this is the rationalization for NATO’s buildup toward what could become WW III.

Ever since 19 February 2016, the US has been storing tanks and artillery, sufficient «to support 15,000 Marines», in undisclosed «confidential», Norwegian caves. Norway has a 200-mile border with Russia. CNN’s news-report on that was accompanied by a video headlined «Russia Reveals Aggressive Military Plans». It reported that Russia’s (democratically elected, though not mentioned as such) President, Vladimir Putin, was moving troops and weapons toward Norway’s border. (How would the US respond if Russia were to be storing invasion-equipment and troops in Mexico near the US border? Would the US be moving troops and weapons near the Mexican border to protect against an invasion of America; and, if so, then how accurate would it be if Russia’s media then headlined «America Reveals Aggressive Military Plans»? Hitler’s Germany used those sorts of media-tactics, but this time Obama’s America is doing that.) Marine Corps Times headlined on October 24th«More than 300 Marines heading to Norway in January»

US President Barack Obama means business: he’s getting things set up for Hillary Clinton to finish as his successor. This kind of boldness exceeds anything during the Cold War.

America, and its greatly expanded NATO, thus now surrounds Russia not just with its tanks etc., but with its missiles and bombers, on and near Russia’s borders, and so the flight-time from launch to the nuclear-bombing (if the ground-invasion of Russia encounters defeat) will be less than ten minutes, sometimes even less than the time for Russia to get its own missiles launched in retaliation against ours; and so a US blitz nuclear attack against Russia could conceivably be an entirely one-sided war. Here is how that scenario — the end of physical M.A.D. — has actually become the objective sought by the US government (and the necessary backstory for America’s war-drills on Russia’s borders):

In 2006, the US aristocracy published in the journal Foreign Affairs, from their Council on Foreign Relations, the first article which said that the US goal should no longer be a continuation of M.A.D., but instead «The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy», by which the US aristocracy meant the rise of America’s ability to win a nuclear war against Russia. It established this stunning goal merely by saying that such an objective could be achieved and that it should be achieved, and by the article's being published by the US aristocracy itself (the people who control this country), and by furthermore the US aristocracy not condemning and rejecting and repudiating it but simply letting that article stand with little to no public discussion (and no public debate) about it, much less with the chorus of public condemnations of it in the US press, such as would have happened if America were a democracy — but this nation no longer is a democracy, it has become an aristocracy, and this aristocracy had now published the «Nuclear Primacy», article. (By contrast, in the obscure journal China Security was published in the Autumn 2006 issue the main critique against it, «The Fallacy of Nuclear Primacy». That article had no impact.)

The Foreign Affairs article even was so bold as to assert that «US leaders have always aspired to this goal», (nuclear primacy) — a wild and unsupported allegation that’s not much different from alleging that not only George W. Bush but all US Presidents after World War II were aspiring to have the ability to conquer Russia (and the authors were asserting that only now was this supposedly terrific ability coming within reach). It was explicit about G.W. Bush’s having this desire: «The intentional pursuit of nuclear primacy is, moreover, entirely consistent with the United States' declared policy of expanding its global dominance. The Bush administration's 2002 National Security Strategy explicitly states that the United States aims to establish military primacy.» That allegation was tragically true, which is one of the reasons why Bush (like his father, who actually started the determined policy to achieve nuclear primacy) was so dangerous and harmful a President. His invasion of Iraq was merely a sympton of that deeper disease. 

And, so, this article about «The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy», and «The End of», M.A.D., was now — since it was published by the CFR and not rejected by any influential group — accepted within the US as a goal, «Nuclear Primacy», which the US government could and should strive for. That idea, of a winnable nuclear war (winnable by the US, of course), was no longer heretical, no longer viewed as repugnant. In fact, this article had been introduced and accepted by Harvard University simultaneously in its longer form and simultaneously published by their scholarly journal International Security, which is the leading (it’s the world’s most influential) scholarly journal dealing with that subject, and its title there was «The End of MAD?». (The periods are customarily removed from the acronym «M.A.D.», perhaps in order to associate the M.A.D. concept with the pejorative term, insanity.

So — at least in the United States — the termination of M.A.D. has always had a favorable ring to it, even before that goal became effectively US policy, which it has been at least ever since 2006.) And no one was saying that Harvard and its journal and the CFR were the ones who were at all «mad», or anything similar, such as «insane.» The aristocracy’s stamp of approval upon the concept of nuclear primacy was clear, from at least 2006 on. Although M.A.D. continued as regards Russia’s side, it no longer remained operative thinking on America’s side. That’s now clear, and this is Russia’s predicament — and the world’s (because a nuclear war involving even just one of the two nuclear superpowers would destroy the world).

US President Barack Obama is putting the goal of nuclear primacy into place, starting with implementation of Ronald Reagan’s proposed «Star Wars», Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defense system, now called the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system, and technically called by the name of its current embodiment: Lockheed Martin’s, Boeing’s, and Raytheon’s, Aegis Ashore system, which Obama first made operational in Romania on 12 May 2016It’s designed so as to enable a surprise nuclear attack against Russia in which any missiles that Russia might be able to launch in retaliation will supposedly (if the system works 100%) be annihilated during their launch-phase. Officially, however, its purpose is to defend Europe from being attacked by Iranian missiles. Any public US admission that this ‘defensive’ system is actually preparation for a blitz US nuclear assault on Russia is obviously out of the question. And, obviously, Russians know that Obama is lying and that this is preparation by the US for a blitz nuclear attack against Russia. The West’s ‘news’ media might be such ‘fools’ as not to be aware of that fact, but Putin has made quite clear that he is not, and he is preparing Russia to deal with it. 

Obama’s action here was made possible by US President George W. Bush’s 2002 unilateral termination of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic-Missile Treaty with Russia’s predecessor, the Soviet Union. Bush rushed forward with Reagan’s «Star Wars», program even despite there having been no successful tests of the necessary technology: the existing technology consistently failed but Bush decided to invest $53 billion of US taxpayers’ money in it. Bush in 2004 received British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s participation and provisioning of locations and facilities to implement the plan, and Bush was also pressing both Poland and the Czech Republic to allow the US to position ABMs there.

Obama came into office criticizing the ABM plan and pretending not to be hostile toward Russia. He deceived Vladimir Putin into thinking that Obama sincerely wanted to pursue peace and cooperation with Russia. As soon as Obama became re-elected, his verbal smiling teeth immediately became actual glaring fangs. Then, soon after his regime overthrew in a bloody February 2014 coup the Moscow-friendly democratically elected President of Ukraine, bordering Russia, Russia started in the summer of 2014 to ignore the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, because for Washington the next step (beyond Ukraine) clearly now would be Moscow and so all bets were off. The installation of the Aegis Ashore in Romania likewise violates that Treaty, which is one important reason why Obama lies to say that all of the Aegis Ashore facilities will be targeted against Iran — and maybe also North Korea — but never against Russia.

The full Aegis Ashore system, which will require several such sites, is not yet operational. NATO’s PR-arm the Atlantic Council, has mentioned among the Aegis Ashore’s benefits, that for the next such site, in Poland, «Poland announced in late April that it would buy eight Patriot missile batteries from Virginia-based Raytheon Co. in a deal that could generate at least $2.5 billion in US export content». The US government officials and their friends who have invested in Raytheon and the other ‘defense’ firms did not need to be informed of this by any PR person. They already knew of it from more reliable sources, and perhaps they even have invested in nuclear bunkers for themselves and their friends and their friends’ friends. Lots of money is changing hands during this build-up.

Also in 2006, later in that year, specifically on 18 November 2006, was published at Global Research, which is an independent Canadian online international site dealing with geostrategy, a superb summary of the connection that this plan has to America’s string of invasions in the Middle East. It’s titled «Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a ‘New Middle East’», by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, who explains:

It should be noted that in his book, «The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geo-strategic Imperatives», Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former US National Security Advisor, alluded to the modern Middle East as a control lever of an area he, Brzezinski, calls the Eurasian Balkans. The Eurasian Balkans consists of the Caucasus (Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Armenia) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan) and to some extent both Iran and Turkey. Iran and Turkey both form the northernmost tiers of the Middle East (excluding the Caucasus4) that edge into Europe and the former Soviet Union.


The Map of the «New Middle East»


A relatively unknown map of the Middle East, NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan, and Pakistan has been circulating around strategic, governmental, NATO, policy and military circles since mid-2006. It has been casually allowed to surface in public, maybe in an attempt to build consensus and to slowly prepare the general public for possible, maybe even cataclysmic, changes in the Middle East. This is a map of a redrawn and restructured Middle East identified as the «New Middle East».




Note: The following map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the US National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006).

Although the map does not officially reflect Pentagon doctrine, it has been used in a training program at NATO’s Defense College for senior military officers. This map, as well as other similar maps, has most probably been used at the National War Academy as well as in military planning circles.

Brzezinski’s advocacy of «American Primacy», fits perfectly with the aristocracy’s support of «Nuclear Primacy», and appeared eight years before it. His 1998 book was seminal also in many other ways. And, as that Nazemroaya article made clear, Brzezinski’s plan was already being put into effect by the US government, even before 2006.

However, the person who actually made the seminal decision behind all of this, the decision to conquer Russia, was US President George Herbert Walker Bush, on the night of 24 February 1990, just before the Soviet Union ended. He was the person who decided that after the USSR and its Warsaw Pact terminated, NATO would continue that cold war until Russia has been surrounded by US allies, who are Russia’s enemies, when Russia will ultimately either surrender or else be destroyed by the US and its friends. 

Even if Russia assumes that any such nuclear war would be M.A.D., the government of the US no longer does. That’sRussia’s predicament — and the world’s.

However, military planners in the US and its vassal nations, do not include in their calculations the world: the impacts that such nuclear winter and all the rest will have if their dream of ‘nuclear primacy’ amounts to anything more than merely the vicious hoax that it is. This fact, of their ignoring the world, is scandalous — against our military planners. They are so obsessed with ‘victory’, that they are willing to participate in this false and potentially mega-catastrophic dream, of ‘nuclear primacy’.

Unless and until nuclear weapons are totally eliminated (which might never happen), their constructive function, of preventing WW III, must continue, not end as a result of ‘nuclear primacy’ and other such lies and delusions. However, the ‘news’ media, especially in ‘The West’, are not pointing out those lies and distortions, but instead reinforcing them.

If there is to be a WW III, it will end the world. That is the key fact, which is ignored by ‘The West’s’ military planners.

NATO needs to end now, just as the Warsaw Pact did in 1991 — when an indecent, oligarchic, ‘The West’ continued the Cold War despite the Warsaw Pact’s end, and now is making it hot.

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Don't forget about the existing U.S. "BOOMER" fleet.


Time to Make Another HOLLYWOOD Movie starring "Obama and His Band of DEMOCRATIC WARMONGERS"

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These people are so despicable. Its ridiculous that leftists actually pretend to be anti war, they are the Globalist control freaks.

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Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Infocat Nov 4, 2016 6:34 AM

Crazy Ivans on the Potomac

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To win a nuclear war you would need to be able to locate and destroy enemy subs before they could launch.

In the nineties when I insisted to colleagues that a major war was coming in twenty years or so they responded that such a prognostication was nonsense. War was unthinkable they said, to which I responded 'you say that now, but the day will come when you will say that such a war is thinkable.'

I once had a plan for world peace. Give everyone their own nuclear missile and at the appointed time we could launch them at the part of the world we hated most. Afterwards we would have peace...

I always figured that I would use mine on Paris, France. I don't have a gripe with the people per say... in fact rural French are actually quite pleasant... rather it is more of a historical disdain. On the other hand, now that Paris is filling up with Muslims they are already suffering a fate worse than death... kind of beggars the point.

I had considered Washington or New York as alternatives, but there would be so many missiles raining down on those two it would seem like a waste.

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I'd go with either Harvard or UC Berkley.  Maybe the Hamptons as a third choice.

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Let´s give a Nobel peace prize to every spent fuel pool on every Npp arounf the world...

I don´t mind you think i´m crazy...


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Obama is clearly going for another Nobel peace prize...

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Scrubbing Bubblez (not verified) Neochrome Nov 4, 2016 4:11 AM

I think you mean Nobel PC Prize!

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Obama's Nobel Peace prize was never about Peace nor about Obama

evidence: he got it just at the beginning of his first term

it was, and still is, a way to make a very diplomatic hint about his predecessor. a subtle hint

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Scrubbing Bubblez (not verified) Nov 4, 2016 4:11 AM

It's no new Cold War, it's just a continuation of the usual ZOG/Rothschilds bullshit that has been going on for more than 200 years!

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I WISH that I did NOT have to agree with the article above, however,

I must, mainly due to the reasons you mentioned, Scrubbing Bubblez.

Russia Accuses US Of Threatening Its National Security, "Needs Nuclear Weapons For Protection From US Hostility"

EVERYTHING SIGNIFICANT which has been happening in geopolitics for a few Centuries has been due to the background influence of the international bankers. Those international bankers were able to kick the shit out of Russia during the 20th Century (like they were also able to kick the shit out of China, and almost everywhere else.) However, the Russians (as well as the Chinese, et alia), have learned from those experiences, since they were forced to become assimilated and adopt the methods imposed upon them to respond to the emerging international situations, which were being covertly directed by the international bankers.

It is surely NOT any "co-incidence" that the only figurehead of a national central bank who has been making statements which make some relative sense is at the Russian Central Bank, which has been under effective political pressure by the Russian government to not be as much as of an obsequious and obedient puppet of the international bankers as are the vast majority of the rest of the central banks, under the Bank of International Settlements.



Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria In the Cross-hairs

By Ellen Brown, September 5, 2013.


There are no reasonable doubts about the basic history of
the currently established systems of public governments
enforcing frauds by private banks
as described by Carroll Quigley:

"... powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching goal, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole ... to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements. ... The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. ... It must not be felt that the heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up, and who were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks."

"If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt — above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it’s the victim who’s doing something wrong."

— David Graerber

In various overlapping ways, Russian national interests ARE at stake in Syria, and therefore, Russia has decided to take a stand there. Of course, such a stand becomes increasingly in conflict with the interests of the international bankers. Within that context, since the international bankers already almost totally dominate the government of the USA, and hence, the foreign policies of the USA do NOT serve the American people, but rather serve the interests of the international bankers, and their agents within the deep state shadow government that dominates the government of the USA (such that it could get away with assassination of American Presidents, and mass murders of American citizens, in order to advance the global agenda of the international bankers), it is rather misleading to refer to the foreign policies of the USA government, as if those were somehow still being directed by the majority of the American people. Rather, the power of the USA has been harnessed to serve the agenda of the international bankers, which amounts to upholding a globalized monetary system which is supposed to develop in ways which continue to exert total globalized control over all the world's natural resources, and thus, all the world's people.

Here is an example of how other NATO countries, like Canada, through its government and complicit mass media, are contributing to the runaway criminal insanities of preparing for war against Russia, which is, of course, based upon huge lies about "Russian Agression:"

Liberals commit almost $350 million for Latvia mission to deter Russian aggression

Funding commitment foresees deployment of troops
and armoured vehicles running at least until 2020 ...

By Murray Brewster, November 3, 2016.

If one read and watched nothing but the mainstream "news" media in North America, one would be completely misinformed and misled about everything actually happening in geopolitics, due to those mass media being dominated by the established systems which were made and maintained by the international bankers.


On the surface, what is eventually at stake is control over access to and exploitation of the Russian natural resources, since Russia is one of the few countries left in the world which has enough natural resources to continue to make their strip-mining at an exponential rate possible. Since access to natural resources is controlled through the mediation of the monetary systems, what is at stake is the attempt being made by the international bankers to consolidate their global hegemony over the globalized monetary systems, whereby public governments enforce frauds by private banks.

Although countries like Russia were already assimilated into the globalized systems which were made and maintained by the international bankers, the current Russian government is acting too much on the basis of its national interests, rather than totally subservient to the dictates of the international bankers. That is the SOURCE of all of the significant geopolitical events at the present time, as well as the SOURCE of events for the past several decades, as well as during the more recent Centuries.

Ironically, countries like Russia (and China, etc.,) ALREADY have central banks, which make their public money supplies out of nothing as debts, and therefore, are already mostly integrated into the globalized systems which are doing those things. Therefore, one should not over-emphasize the differences, nor exaggerate the degree to which countries like Russia (and China, etc.,) are NOT actually integrated into the emerging "New World Order," based upon Globalized Neolithic Civilization operating through public governments enforcing frauds by private banks.

However, since Russia tends to put some of its own national interests above the interests of the international bankers, Russia is being demonized. For several decades, the CIA, etc., as effectively the secret police working for the international bankers, have been destroying any national governments, all over the world, which attempted to advance their own national interests, above the interests of the international bankers. Clearly, at the present time, those countries which are already almost totally dominated by the international bankers, such as pretty well all NATO countries, and especially those countries within the core of the most globally dominate Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, are doing whatever they can to demonize Russia, in order to continue to apply pressures to make Russia submit to relegating its own national interests behind the interests of the international bankers.

Russia has a relatively small population, and therefore, a relatively small overall level of economic activity, within which context Russia has nevertheless developed an abundance of advanced weapons of mass destruction. However, whether or not that will actually deter the international bankers, and the puppet politicians that they control, from continuing to act like increasingly psychotic psychopaths remains to be seen … My opinion is that the majority of the people living in NATO countries, and especially those living inside those countries which are towards the core of the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, have been reduced too thoroughly to act like impotent political idiots, and therefore, I see no good grounds to doubt that the international bankers, as the best organized gangsters, or the banksters, will continue to be able to control the actions of NATO and the USA, etc.

Rather, what I continue to believe will actually happen is that the MAD Money As Debt systems, backed up by the MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems, will continue to spin out of any human control, since the international bankers have made and maintained sociopolitical systems which are manifesting runaway criminal insanities, in the form of more and more seriously risking the uses of weapons of mass destruction starting, (perhaps even originally by "accident") and then rapidly spinning out of control.

The tragic trajectory we are on is that Russia (and China, etc.,) are already also manifesting within the overall Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which has become almost completely crazy and corrupt to the core. There are really only slight differences between the degrees to which countries like Russia are reasserting their national interests, in ways which are not totally in line with the interests of the international bankers, but which are still enough to be driving all of the current geopolitical events, towards civilization committing collective suicide.


That has become GLOBALIZED, as electronic frauds, backed by the threat of force from weapons of mass destruction. Within that context, the international bankers are working towards totally consolidating their global dominance, such that no countries will be able to advance their national interests outside of that which is permitted to happen because it also advances the interests of the international bankers. Within that context, in my view, it is not possible to exaggerate the degree to which the best organized gangsters, that have worked long and hard to develop and dominate Globalized Neolithic Civilization, are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths, (while most of the people they rule over match that by becoming increasingly impotent political idiots.)

Given those basic social FACTS, which are becoming worse, faster, most people continue to want to believe that civilization is not manifesting runaway criminal insanities, due to the long history of being made and maintained by the excessive successfulness of the applications of organized crime through the political processes. In my opinion, most people mistakenly want to believe that the world is still being dominated by relatively realistic materialists, who are too rational to commit collective suicide. However, those people, who like to believe that the world will not spin out of control, resulting in escalating uses of weapons of mass destruction, tend to grossly underestimate the degree to which the majority of people in NATO countries, and especially in the USA, ARE acting like increasingly impotent political idiots, who have NO effective ways to prevent "their" governments from being dominated by increasingly psychotic psychopaths.

Moreover, another of the expressions of the misplaced faith in the "rationality" of the human species, manifesting through Globalized Neolithic Civilization, is the degree to which many people still believe that they can become effectively "prepared" for insane wars, which they could not "prevent." In my view, while the more mainstream mass media participates in promoting the insane demonization of Russia, and those who only know what the mass media tell them therefore are utterly clueless about what is really going on, the alternative news Web sites mostly continue to indulge in the irrational hopes that human beings and civilization are NOT manifesting runaway criminal insanities, to degrees which have become trillions of times worse than ever before in human history.

Fundamentally, Russia (and China, etc.,) are ALSO operating through fraudulent financial accounting systems, and therefore, everyday, in every way, those countries ALSO make "economic" decisions which are INSANE, except to the degree to which those decisions are made within adapting to them operating in the GLOBALIZED NEOLITHIC CIVILIZATION CONTEXT, where everything gets done as directed by the abilities to back up huge lies with lots of violence, such that the series of short-term expedients, driven by those imperatives of the death control systems, causes civilization to develop in ways which tend to deliberately ignore the longer term consequences of doing so, since there are NO effective sociopolitical mechanisms to stop that from being what actually happens.

Those systems based on being able to back up lies with violence have become globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs. While those underlying factors are automatically getting worse, faster, and therefore, practically nothing is being done, nor is politically possible to actually be done, to prevent those becoming exponentially increasing collective insanities, it may be amusing, to those with a sufficiently macabre sense of humour, to examine the manifestations of the various ranges of irrational hopes that some people express regarding how they are getting "prepared" for that which they could not prevent.

At the present time, it continues to be politically impossible for enough people to sufficiently understand how and why MONEY IS MEASUREMENT BACKED BY MURDER, and therefore, nothing is effectively being done to either prevent, or prepare for, the ways THAT MANIFESTS AS EXPONENTIALLY INCREASING COLLECTIVE CRIMINAL INSANITIES.

Overall, Russia is attempting to rationally deter the agenda of the international bankers, while those people, and the political puppets that they dominate, are actually becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths. Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to rationally fight insanity. It is NOT possible to rationally deter systems which are manifesting runaway criminal insanities from continuing to manifest those in ways which become worse, faster … For several decades I have been worrying about those issues. Once upon a time, I used to try to prevent those events. Once upon a time, I also used to attempt to prepare for those events. However, since about 2008, I no longer am able to maintain the slightest shred of rational hopes that it is either possible to prevent, nor prepare for, the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization is manifesting runaway criminal insanities. Rather, I have found that the more I learned, the worse it got, because the more I learned, the more convinced I became that the majority of people living inside NATO countries are becoming increasingly impotent political idiots, while the people who dominate NATO countries are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths.

Globalized Neolithic Civilization heads towards


Since the whole world is almost totally "controlled" by being able to back up lies with violence, while that violence never stops those lies from still being false, and while doing so has been amplified trillions of times by advancing technologies to become globalized electronic frauds, backed by the force of the threat of weapons of mass destruction, the deeper issues are that Russia can NOT rationally deter the international bankers, and the NATO countries which they almost totally dominate, from continuing on their tragic trajectory, which will continue to attempt to force every country to submit. Due to the degree that the public "money" supplies control the lives of people who are living inside of NATO countries, and particularly the USA, as well as the degree to which those public "money" supplies have become about 99% privatized, and actually under the control of the international bankers, to that degree the people being ruled over by those means have become such that they about 99% act like incompetent political idiots, which in turn enables the ruling classes to continue to become increasingly psychotic psychopath, who are able to control any publicly significant "opposition," to the degree that there is NO genuine opposition which has any public significance.

In my opinion, it is literally NOT possible to exaggerate the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization has become stark raving MAD, as demonstrated by the ways that the MAD Money As Debt systems are able and willing to cause the breakdown of the delicate equilibria of the MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems, which are the only policies that currently contain the development of weapons of mass destruction, which have collectively become trillions of times more destructive than anything which previously existed in human history. Instead, Globalized Neolithic Civilization IS being dominated by increasingly psychotic psychopaths, who are able and willing to risk world war, wherein the uses of weapons of mass destruction could, and probably would, spin out of control … Overall, the vast majority of people have adapted, for generation after generation, to living inside systems based upon enforcing frauds. Despite those becoming exponentially more fraudulent, the vast majority of people continue to think in those ways which gradually adapted to taking for granted those systems based upon how frauds could be enforced, despite that never stopping those frauds from still being false. To the degree that the existing public "money" controls people, the vicious spirals of political funding using that "money" are also able to dominate the political processes.

To the degree that the public "money" was more and more able to dominate the history of the funding of politics, and thus, all other sociopolitical institutions, for generation after generation, the schools and mass media have been more and more scientifically brainwashing the majority of people to believe in bullshit. The ruling classes within that Globalized Neolithic Civilization have become the most personally successful within those systems by becoming the most criminally insane. There is no publicly significant opposition within NATO countries that the established systems do not already effectively control, because of the degree to which almost everyone continues to take for granted thinking about everything in ways which use the biggest bullies' natural languages, and their presumptions built into the dominate philosophy of science.

It is certainly CORRECT to assert that Russia needs nuclear weapons for "protection" against the US (as the leading country which is being dominated by the international bankers, who insist upon controlling Russia, as well as everyone else.) However, it is NOT CORRECT to presume that Russia's possession of nuclear weapons is going to rationally deter the US (as dominated by the international bankers.) Rather, in general, it is IMPOSSIBLE to exaggerate the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization (and within which countries like Russia, as well as China, etc., are already mostly integrated), is manifesting runaway criminal insanities, in ways which are headed towards committing collective suicide, which can neither be prevented, nor effectively prepared for.

Without some series of technological miracles, surpassed by even greater political miracles, then the MADNESS of globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of the force of nuclear weapons, is necessarily headed towards such technologically advancing civilization annihilating itself. While I believe that it may be possible to achieve some sufficient series of technological miracles in the foreseeable future, I do NOT believe in any sufficient series of greater political miracles, without which even technological miracles would NOT be enough.

For several decades, I have attempted to advance what I regard as the backbone of the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in the perception of political science, which would be theoretically necessary for Globalized Neolithic Civilization to to change enough to adapt to the development of weapons of mass destruction. However, more and more, I have been forced to conclude that such series of political miracles are becoming more and more UNLIKELY, rather than even remotely possible. As far as I can now tell, there are no good grounds to expect that enough people living inside NATO countries are going to stop acting like increasingly impotent political idiots, and therefore, no good grounds exist to expect that the ruling classes that dominate NATO countries are going to stop acting like increasingly psychotic psychopaths.

In my view, countries like Russia (and China, etc.,) are making belated, limited, attempts to advance their national interests, rather than acting strictly according to the interests of the international bankers. Even marginally doing so has generated the increasing demonization of Russia, and the resulting escalating risks of world war spinning out of control, where weapons of mass destruction would have be used, before they were lost …

It was always that case that MONEY IS MEASUREMENT BACKED BY MURDER. However, it was never before that case that electronic money was backed by weapons of mass destruction. At the present time, the only ways that the MAD Money As Debt systems can keep going is being baked up by the precarious MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems. Obviously, those MAD systems are becoming more and more unstable, such that it no longer can be counted upon that rational deterrence is actually going to work to stop runaway criminal insanities. Rather, my current conclusions have become that there are NO ways to either prevent, nor effectively prepare for, the MADNESS of Mutual Assured Destruction from actually doing what is was supposed to stop happening, namely ASSURE THAT THERE IS MUTUAL DESTRUCTION.

The so-called "Wolfowitz doctrine" is an expression of how the USA should advance the agenda of the international bankers, by making sure that no other countries will be able to challenge the dominance of the USA, which is already under the control of the international bankers. Hence, the "Wolfowitz doctrine" is an expression of the international bankers, which was kick-started, and driven into overdrive, by people like Wolfowitz being instrumental in enabling the events on 9/11/2001 to happen, and be taken advantage of, in order to advance the global agenda of the international bankers. Of course, to any relatively rational individual, false flag terror used as an excuse to develop foreign policies that start more genocidal wars, along with domestic policies which prepare to impose democidal martial law, appear to be manifestations of runaway criminal insanities.

Personally, I cope with those conclusions by holding on to transcendental hopes, which sustain irrational hopes for some series of political miracles. However, I no longer am able to maintain any rational hopes with respect to any of that, since I am more and more forced to face the actual social FACTS: the world is dominated by ruling classes who are increasingly psychotic psychopaths, while most of the people they rule over are becoming increasingly impotent political idiots. Since there are no rational evidence and logical arguments, which I am currently aware of, which can disprove that those are the actual FACTS, I find no reasonable ways to either expect that Globalized Neolithic Civilization's runaway criminal insanities can either be prevented, or effectively prepared for.

As far as I can tell, within that overall context, nothing makes much sense to do, other than to indulge in personal amusements, such as I do when I write my comments above. Since it appears to be politically impossible to either prevent, nor effectively prepare for, Globalized Neolithic Civilization becoming a MADHOUSE, which is increasingly dominated by psychotic psychopaths, there are NO "plans" for the future that one can make which appear to be relatively rational, but rather, one can do nothing much more than attempt to hold on to irrational hopes that there will be some sort of survivable finite future for a technologically advanced Globalized Neolithic Civilization, despite that that has become based on continuing to back up huge lies, with lots of violence, by threatening to use weapons of mass destruction which have become trillions of times more powerful than ever before in human history.

HedgeJunkie's picture


Not A Thing Operates


rphb's picture

The problem is that Russia have many mobile nuclear launch trucks hidden all over their country and a horde of nuclear subs that are also caperble of firering, if Russia is invaded and or nuked so too will ALL mayor US cities

kellys_eye's picture

The 'key' to all this is the first strike principle.

In order to both win AND avoid the destruction of the planet, one side or the other will need to strike in a manner that prevents retaliation.  This is why, for those who are concerned, the situation has become so very tense - yet the media have simply either ignored the fact or pepetrated the 'Russia/Putin is evil' meme in order to give justification to an impending USA first strike.

As the article states, the American situation is now such that it CAN strike first and also prevent retaliation (or so they believe).

No wonder Putin is worried!  We all should be.

But the immediate reality is that a Clinton 'win' would almost guaranteee the continuation of the stress whilst a Trump win would open the way for talks and negotiation of a stand-down (assuming, of course, Trump's position affords him the opportunity - I tend to think that the decision will be made before he ever gets the chance to discuss 'cooling off' the situation).

Allegations of sexual misconduct and/or corruption from either side detracts from the REAL issues that the American voters should be discussing.


Diatom's picture

And also in trains and boats...

morongobill's picture

Don't forget the shipping containers!

DuneCreature's picture

This is more of a lukewarm leftovers war, actually.
According to that jackass what's-his-name on FOX and FRANTIC NEWS.

Alert - Red Tide Rising

Speaking of conspiracies, coups and intrigue. The son of a bitch Russians are probing again. ....This shit needs to stop now!

NATO claims Russians are probing air defenses!

As well they should actually. .... With Killary still on the loose being chased around by the FBI you never know when the crazy bitch might crash through the gate of some Top Secret US Air Force base and head right for a B-2 stealth bomber hanger jump in the cockpit and fire that baby up and head for her hideout in Qatar using all the stealth technology at her disposal...... Hell, she might even have the notorious Bimbo Dick riding shotgun and manning the rearward firing heat fleeing missiles I helped design. .... Exciting stuff and too bad for those poor hapless F-35 pilots that will never see them coming.

Knowing Hillary's aggressive nature she may even take a detour over Ukraine or even Syria and drop a few nukes on a few Ivans just to teach Puting a lesson, shrieking, "Probe this, Lad!"

Will Killary make it to her 1.8 billon dollar stash of digital cash in Qatar and disappear wearing a Burka into a swirling crowd of devout Muslims or will FBI Director Comey catch up with her in his heretofore highly classified experimental anti-gravity flying saucer built by the Super Deep DoD with stolen 12 foot Gray technology,....just, before she abducts a Huma look-a-like and has her perverted way with the another under aged child?

We don't know. Stay tuned for the next installment of Election Coverage 2016.

For Early Election Results - (

In the mean time, Lad, keep on probing, bro. We might need an adult on the scene before this election is over or we'll all end up on the registered sex offender list for reading X rated Emails that keep showing up on our computers from WackyLeaks during this twisted political cartoon season. You're going to need to know where those pesky NATO radar sites are on your way to our rescue. We know you can help us Vlad. You tamed Pussy Riot and you can straighten out the mess the girlz have made of this election too, I just know it.

Live Hard, Give The Evil Witch Of The West A S-400 Right Up The Afterburner Orifice, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

CAT FIGHT! ------ (

That was an awful long-winded way to say you're ready to bend over and take it now.

Live Hard, Nothing Gets Fixed Until You Get Good And Pissed Then Bad, Mad And Motivated, Die Free

~ DC v3.0

buzzsaw99's picture

or that the usa ends up with a barking mad brain damaged pos in the white house which at this point is a virtual lock.

homonohumanus's picture

More USA/RUSSIA bull crap. The reall issue of the world are elsewhere. People do not get the level of corruption of european elites. People can't believe what is going on here or they hide the truth behind lies as such as we still have the number. We have nothing if the gorvernmeent get sour and they do.

Hillary and Co do not want war with Russia, they want a complete collapse of the west and the emancipated people that lives within that structure. 

In the context all the nationalism are fight back or contain to their minimal expression. So Russia could face more sanctions (either way Europe markets may crumble by itself affecting Russia as a side effect), it will certainly facce stiffening situtation at all its borders (more and more obvious actions, no colored revolutions) and mayem in some off its inner states. 

That is a warning to Israelians too, jewish nationalism is a nationalism and it does go well with the master plan. 


That leave the Chinese sea. no matter who elected there are to be actions overthere. With Trump I suspect trade deal constraining to China so a soft way to get her in line with the plan. If Hillary wins well I suspect the usual promoted civil wars are to move to chises perripheral countries.

kellys_eye's picture

This all adds nicely to the New World Order schemeing that has been warned about and, generally, ignored for the last decade or so.

Political, financial and humanitarian issues coming to a head at the same time......?  Which one will be the first to 'break'?

And, no, get your OWN tin foil hat - this one's taken.....

Sambo's picture

What a crazy bunch of monsters we have in Washington. America, wake up and imprison these evil war mongers before it is too late. 

Think twice's picture

Vow that's the way to turn things around ! this is article is pure paranoid bullshit.

nobody is really interested in invading Russia (except may be China but not USA or Nato). as soon as energy storage wil develop, Russia will have nothing to leverage anymore.

Moreover, Russia is painted as a victim and has invaded two countries until now...


BarkingCat's picture

Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Serbia,  Cuba,  iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria... and that that is just off the top of my head and ones tgat are well known.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

I've just had the sickening thought that the whole WikiLeaks business could well be a distraction - a smokescreen by the NEOCON SCUMMMMM* infested USSA - to focus our attention elsewhere while THEY get ready to launch >>>>THEIR<<<< WORLD WAR III.

And what better day to get the "party" going than on Nov 5th -the traditional "Fireworks" Day in The UKKK?


chicmagnet's picture

Russia will be the last holdout to save European bloodline and because of this will attract much white talent voluntarily from across the globe.

conraddobler's picture

I think all the underground bases they built that we aren't invited into should tell you all you need to know about their strategies for any comming wars.

The Russians at least built their own people bunkers we have none they are going to stuff our sleezeball elites into ours.


bluez's picture

All normal Americans should try to emigrate to Russia now.

This is not a test.

You will die.


jfb's picture

Click on the link leading to their documentof 2006.

The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy

Keir A. Lieber, the author of War and the Engineers: The Primacy of Politics Over Technology, is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. Daryl G. Press, the author of Calculating Credibility: How Leaders Assess Military Threats, is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

So 2 guys teaching political science, who probably don't know the difference between fission and fusion, are given the task to produce this novel that is a corner stone of the US foreign policy.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

You had me at... it's far worse....

it's a very wordy way of saying, the neocons are bunch of raving lunatics and we're all fucked if these asshats get another 8-years in power.

BritBob's picture

Russia is a member of the UN C24 Committee and gives support to Spain's Gibraltar soverereignty claim ; a worthless sovereignty claim: Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:


Ooops!   Someone's been fed a lemon.

onmail1's picture

<-- InsaneHomObamma has less than 2 months left

in case he (kaballah actually) sees that HoeKillary has lost

He may start the war with Russia on many fronts : Mid east, East Europe & pacific

with the purpose of declaring emergency 

and to hold to power indefinitely

But soon it will escalate to nuclear war

end of USA, west i.e. of the developed world  

undeveloped world : it doesnot matter hah ha (becuz its undeveloped)


and in case HoeKillary wins

she will do the same thing

with the original purpose of making 

the rich richer due to war expenses

but the end will be nuclear war


Just imagine how ur family will burn & die due to radiation

RayKu's picture

Some interesting comments here, some thought provoking, others not so much.

Wheels within wheels, nation against nation, people against people, all these plots assuming one against the other for nefarious purposes. To me, it doesn't matter, the next world war is as inevitable as the sun burning hydrogen. This world has a finite number of resources, and a population that doesn't stop growing and consuming those resources. Humans have a long history of attacking their neighbors when they start feeling claustrophobic or simply covet their neighbors possessions. Every empire in history didn't get to be an empire without putting at least some of their neighbors to the sword.

The only out is a new frontier. Into the sea, into space, or onto Antarctica, there really isn't anything else left. That would require unprecedented cooperation of the world, massive resources, and technologies not yet here, so it's back to square one short of the heavens opening up and raining mana upon our heads.

It's not if, it's when. The bleach is coming for the gene pool.

Youri Carma's picture

 It's not only about a nuclear winter. It's about those last strike weapons, the submarines which will assure M.A.D. and also will wipe the U.S. totally off the map.

If the U.S. 'crazies of the basement' will get their way, which until now they do, the war will start in space. First all satellites will be knocked out as a sign to the world that M.A.D. is starting together with an EMP attack in an attempt to blind the enemy. Then both side have to rely on whatever equipment is left to decide if and when to launch their nukes.

This period will be very dangerous because it also will give the 'crazies of the basement' the opportunity to pull off a false flag and nuke one of their own cities to convince the totally blind populus that they're attacked. This meme is already brought out by people like Joul Skousen who is convinced that Russia will attack first. In order to do that the U.S. have to convince the Russians that they will be attacked which developments we see from the U.S. every day now.

After a real or false flag attack on the U.S. it now can retaliate as a (false) victim is the idea, according to Joul Skousen. But even if the U.S. would be capable of knocking out all of Russia's land nukes, which is highly doubtable because a lot of them are mobile, we still have all those submarines ready for a last strike, like said.

Also notice that all of those billion costing U.S. fancy stealth this and that weapons won't play any role in this. Besides they are not stealth at all since modern radar equipment can detect them just as easily and are just a way to scam the American people out of even more tax payer dollars.

Happy Nuclear Winter Christmas

Lebensphilosoph's picture

It's not just hat.  Who the hell is going to assume that the U.S. will be able to launch an attack on Russia without Russian intelligence being tipped off to it in advance and responding wiht a pre-emptive attack?

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Nov 4, 2016 5:53 AM


<--- Trump deals with the huge shit sandwich he is given and middles through.

<--- Hillary is coronated and her promised no-fly zones in Syria and Ukraine result in 5,000 degree weather in a city near you. 

Wild E Coyote's picture

There is something very similar to all the wars in Libya, Iraq, and also Syria. 

In all three cases, the Army Generals switched sides and led to the collapse of the Government. 

Saddam swore that US will meet Hell in Iraq. Nothing happened. Iraq Generals became leaders of new Sunni Caliphate.

Libyan Gaddafi similarly was abandoned by his Generals who are currently still leading an opposition group.

Syrian Generals betrayed their Government and are now running their own small kingdoms with their own Military Bases. 

When US attack Russia, it is very possible the low paid Russian Generals with not much commission from their Russian MIC, will rebel. 

Or at least this is the basis of US confidence that the Nuclear World War III can be won. 

onmail1's picture

But what if they dont and all u will see , a very bright flash 

& then u looking at ur burnt disfigured body thinking 'who is this person'

Joe A's picture

Interesting point. These people think of their own survival and carreer and at one point they will make a decision where their alliances lay.

That is why Stalin purged his high military ranks. He basically killed them in order to get rid of a threat of them against him. This subsequently led to enormous losses of ordinary soldiers when the Germans invaded the SU.

Btw, Obama also purged high ranking US officers by firing them or sending them into retirement.

Yes, big shot play their games, innocent "general issues" die.

Nobodys Home's picture

I wonder why Obama purged his high military ranks?

conraddobler's picture

Russia is not the same.

They might say they are going to turn, tell you they will then show up and blow you to hell smiling.

Different animal and not saying you are wrong at all but it'd be a dangerous bet to make with a russian general.

smacker's picture

"When US attack Russia, it is very possible the low paid Russian Generals with not much commission from their Russian MIC, will rebel."

Anything is possible in this world. But whereas generals in the countries you list cannot be trusted because Arabs simply cannot be trusted, Russians have a certain integrity and a love for their homeland. I believe they will fight to the bitter end in a war with the US and impose a huge amount of physical damage on US homeland. Things will never be the same afterwards.

This is why the American people need to mount a huge campaign against their to stop the mad political march to WWIII.

Joe A's picture

There is no such thing as a winneable nuclear war. Even if you would take out the fixed missile bases there are still plenty of mobile launching installations and submarines around. These guys have nothing to lose when they find out their homecountry is destroyed.

The reason why MAD never happened was because back then the world was governed by people that actually lived through the horrors of WWII. They know how it feels to lose loved ones. Nowadays not so much and these folks are willing to take a chance, with the lives of others.

jfb's picture

The reason why they changed the MAD doctrine is that they saw a fantastic opportunity after the collapse of USSR and could roughly dictate their policies to the rest of the world. Except that their narrative/bubble was designed in the 1990's and doesn't take in account the fact that Russia has mostly recovered, it's more convenient to fire the people who raise any objection, replace them with "yes sir!"  men and put your pink glasses to see a rosy picture nwhere the Russian army is on the verge of collapse and the average Western soldier believe 100% of the MSM and is excited about liberating Russia. 

Fourmyle's picture

The Japanese military had a similar mind set in 1941. They had the most powerful navy, and any thought of loss was adjusted out of the plans. A few knew what they could be facing, and objected ( Yamamoto ) but only until they had lost the arguement, and then they put all their talent into trying to win with a knockout. Victory by attacking and demoralizing the population hasn't worked out all that well since Gengis Khan, but it seems to be an evergreen theory.

dl106's picture

MAD didn't work.

We got through it by luck and not by judgement.

If the soldiers followed their orders at the time the MAD doctrine would have broken down resulting in a nuclear war.


'MAD' is a propaganda concept.

'MESS' is probably a better description.

It didn't work, 'we' just got LUCKY.

I have enclosed some examples below of the 'fine MESS' that the politicians created

1]  Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov

Arkhipov was a Soviet Navy officer. He may have prevented a nuclear war 

during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Only Arkhipov, as flotilla commander and second-in-command of the nuclear-missile submarine B-59, refused to authorize the captain's use of nuclear torpedoes against the United States Navy, a decision requiring the agreement of all three senior officers aboard. In 2002 Thomas Blanton, who was then director of the US National Security Archive, said that "Vasili Arkhipov saved the world".

2] Operation Able Archer 1983

How a Nato war game took the world to brink of nuclear disaster

Former classified documents show how close the Soviet Union came to launching an attack in 1983

3]   Stanislav Petrov

Petrov was the duty officer at the command center for the Oko nuclear early-warning system when the system reported that a missile had been launched from the United States, followed by up to five more. Petrov judged the reports to be a false alarm, and his decision is credited with having prevented an erroneous retaliatory nuclear attack on the USA

Youri Carma's picture

What you've proven here is exactly the opposite of what you are saying namely that MAD did work and influenced parties to make the right judgement decision not to launch their perceived counter attack. Because if the MAD concept wasn't accepted as such they would have launched their counter attack you see.


ZIRPY's picture

And what's our defense against Russia's nuclear submarines?

No one on the planet can possibly believe that a nuclear war with a nation that has a lot of nukes is winnable. Maybe a Nuke war against Iran or North Korea is winnable because they don;t have that many to launch. But Russia has thousands of nuke warheads and there isn't enough Star Wars BS anywhere that'll save us.