Multiple Jobholders Hits 21st Century High, As Full-Time Jobs Tumble

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While today's headline jobs print was somewhat disappointing, with the Establishment Survey missing the expected print of 173K, rising by 161K, it was offset by upward revisions to previous months. But while the quantitative headline aspect is open to interpretation, the qualitative component of the October jobs print was - just like in the case of September - all too clear: it was ugly, again.

Recall that in September, the Household Survey revealed that the number of part-time workers soared by 430,000 as full-time workers actually declined by 5,000. The trend continued in October, when another 103,000 full-time jobs were lost, which was offset by a 90,000 increase in part-time jobs. In other words, the transition to a part-time worker society appears to have resumed after a hiatus.

The same series on a historical basis, shows that full-time jobs have been giving way to part-time jobs in recent months as Obamacare starts to bite, and as retail hiring picks up a the expense of all else.

But perhaps even more troubling than the breakdown in September job quality, was another seldom-touted series: the number of Multiple jobholders, or people who are forced to hold more than one job due to insufficient wages or for other reasons. It was here that the red flashing light came on because when looked on an actual, unadjusted basis, the number of multiple jobholders rose to 8.050 million, the highest number this century.

The begs the question how many of the 161K jobs "added" were double counted as a result of the ongoing rise in the number of multiple jobholders.

So yes: overall job growth continues to chug along - and paradoxically wages continue to grow - if at a modestly disappointing pace at least in October, but the quality of the added jobs remains woeful.

Source: BLS

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jethro bodine brain surgeon, fry cook, & double naught spy

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What are the mandatory overtime numbers? A family members workplace has 12 hour days "expected" of all employees until Thanksgiving....and of course that is stressing the fuck out of people...and, as you would imagine, the best employees, those with the best resumes, leave the company.

Shit never entire life...standard Modus Operandi for businesses...treat your employees like shit, which drives out your best employees, leaving you with low self esteem, "no other options" employees that end up in management.

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This is not a recovery, Replacing Good Paying Full Time Jobs, with Low Pay , No Benefits Part Time Jobs

Layoff List:

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It is tough holding down a job at Bank of America, Publix and landscaping at the same time.  But gotta pay my Obamacare. 

mary mary's picture

I like Publix.  It is said that there is at least one millionaire Publix employee working at every Publix store.  Publix is self-owned, not Wall Street-owned.  Find a company like that to work for.

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Let them eat cake............if they can


At this point i yell the same!   After seeing the "Race" as close as it is, after watching the Berny Sanders supports and now the Corruption from the PREZ to the DOJ, to the FBI,   LET THEM EAT ALL THE FKN CAKE THEY CAN!  FK'm.  The American Parasite deserves what he/she gets over the next 10 years.  Those True American's who are awake to all this will be fine and survive.  Those "New Americans' and Zombie Land folks.....Walmart will be their only Hope.

Bill of Rights's picture

Ah yes the Democrat economy, keep them struggling keep them fearful....keep voting stupid you assholes..

FireBrander's picture

How long have the Republicans controlled Congress?

EVERY LAST DOLLAR "Obama" has added to the decifit, HAS BEEN PROVIDED by, and APPROVED by, the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Yeah, they tell you different, and you believe it's those evil "Democrats" know you're in a cult, when you don't think you're in a cult...


Bill of Rights's picture

Fuck off with that shit....we haven't had a REAL republican in 50 years asshole....

FireBrander's picture

Blaming "Democrats" is what "Real Republican" assholes do...

mary mary's picture

The plague of Centralbanksterus Neokeynesia spp. Rothschildiosa has infected all of Washington D.C.

Seasmoke's picture

3 part time jobs Good. 1 full time job Bad.

yogibear's picture

Welcome to Obamaville where you are required to be politically correct, loaded down with school debt, basement dweller, have several part-time jobs and don't have worry about which bathroom to use because they have you convinced that you may not be born the correct gender.

mary mary's picture

It takes an Obamavillage.

NumberNone's picture

This is the result of Obamacare. Employers cutting staff hours so that they can dump healthcare cost on taxpayers. Worse and more of it coming under Hillary.

FireBrander's picture

Why business owners I know don't want to hire "Full Time".

#1: Employee "flakiness"

A>People quit at the drop of a hat; literally just never show up again.

B>People don't quit, but they show up for work when they feel like it.

C>So, instead of 10 full time people, you're better off with 25 part timers that provide "spares" to fill holes that suddenly appear in the schedule.


#2: People don't want to work full time

>Making sub sandwhiches 40hrs a week really sucks.

>Better to make subs 15hrs, pizzas 15hrs and then stop working to make sure you don't make too much and lose your government "benefits". 

mary mary's picture

#3: New machines that can replace employees who don't really want to work.  And the machines don't require Obamacare, etc., etc.

rosiescenario's picture

I figure that I'll need to make $24,000 per year before state and federal taxes to have the cash to pay for my wife's policy under Obummer care.....affordable?

FireBrander's picture

Sounds stupid to me.

Unless you're making $100,000+ per year, it's idiotic to work to pay for health insurance that consumes ~40%+ of your income.

Get Smart:

1. Stop working so much and let the ObamaCare subsidies pick up the bulk of the cost of your insurance.

2. Really scale back your income and qaulify for Medicaid.

You won't be alone, trust me on that...uber Rightwingnut Karl Denninger went with option 1...if I remember right, ObamaCare is covering 100% of his premium costs.

vegas's picture

It's not an accident, it's the plan of Libtards everywhere; dumb down the populace, make sure you need government help with housing, food stamps, and above all health care, and then make sure they have no way of paying for all of these life's necessities by making meaningful full time employment nothing but a dream. Blame capitalists, then step in and be the "solution" to insure political power ad infinirum nauseum into the future. In Obama's eyes he's been wildly successful.

FireBrander's picture

It's also the "plan" of the "Republitards" to con you into believing it's those "Libtards" that are responsible for all the problems the "Republitards" will "fix" if you'll just elect them to office.

Eight years of Bush with a Republican Congress to boot, and you still "believe"...WOW!











mary mary's picture

The Clintons are "new money" crooks.  The Bushes are "old money" crooks. 

Clintons killed their thousands, and Bushes their tens of thousands.

numapepi's picture

Not quite right...

In 2006 democrats swept the House because of the Mark Foley scandal. Remember, he sent salacious emails to a 21 year old female aid, and the entire republican party was smeared by the unbiased media as perverts.

Once in control of the House the Democrats aggressively stopped Bush's attempt to reinstate Glass Steagal or a similar legislation. Had that legislation passed we might be in a very different time now...

FireBrander's picture

Not "quite right" to the last calander day, but during those years, the Republicans had all the power they needed to do what they promised THEN and STILL PROMISE TODAY... 

user2011's picture

Does "Multiple job holder" means someone who got to do everything and only getting one pay ?    Job title like "misc"

Omen IV's picture

Barack Peddling Fiction Obama promotes his BS at the B.L.S. - with jobs as low as 10 hours a week as a ............ job addition that use to be only recorded at 40 hours once appon a time

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 Being an old fart I have gotten to witness the steady decline in our standard of living. While I was growing up, 1 job supported a family, doctors actually made house calls, no one had heard of health insurance, Camels weree $0.25 a pack, and everyone smoked and drank hard liquor.


The "corruption" in DC was on an innocent scale....Ike's advisor Sherman Adams was forced to resign because he accepted a vicuna coat in return for helping out Bernard Goldfine who had been charged with mislabeling the content of fabrics. A TV quiz show was found to be rigged...the public was outraged.


Ampex was one of the early, yet to be named Silicon Valley, companies offering "hi tech" stereo systems. I built my own electonics using Heath Kits, shot trap with my dad, and worked summers for a cattle ranch in Wyoming where I learned self reliance and disdain for the federal government.


Too bad comparing then to now, but I do feel lucky to have grown up during a good period of time in  the US. We seem to have come a long way, but in the wrong direction. For those unfortunates growing up now, the future looks not too rosie.....



mary mary's picture

Dynaco here.  Apparently there is a law to the effect that "Fiat money drives out honesty".  I remember when milk was $0.25 a gallon.

FireBrander's picture

I remember waking up really early to catch a glimpse of the mythical "Milk-man" that only appeared in the wee hours of the morning to leave fresh milk, in glass bottles, in the "milk box" on our back deck.

rejected's picture

WOW,,, Most I can remember is 0.39 per 1/2 gallon,,, hamburger was 3lbs per buck,  and that was in the 1960's. What years are you referring to.... 1940's?

mary mary's picture

Dang!  I remember that so strongly, but maybe I am wrong.  Too old to remember?  What do they call it - CRS syndrome?  Scary.  I need to dig up some old newspaper ads.  Now I REALLY WANT to dig up some old newspaper ads.

But here!  I also remember buying Hershey bars for 5-cents in the late 1950s.  I hope that's not also incorrect.

Building the Dynaco liked to kill me.  Better sautering equipment today.  Burned myself so many times.

FireBrander's picture

Milkmen were still working around here into the early 1970's.

I don't know how much the milk was, but I do remember my dad buying 46 cent gasoline and my mom griping about the "high cost" of raw hamburger when it "spiked" to 89 cents a

My dad got a better job and bought a brand new Audi...$5000 if I remember right...he WAS "the Joneses" of his day.

Goldennutz's picture

The eCONomy definetely on the road to a great recovery.


Time to BTFD!!!

Darktarra's picture

EXACTLY as expected.   Obama-care causes employers to reduce full-time jobs to less than 51 , then make up what ever difference is required by hiring part-time/temp workers.   

I love it!  I work 1099/Corp-to-corp and pay hardly anythng in taxes and find that in the IT world this is becomming more and more common.   

I don't feel sorry for Americans.   Most are stupid and at the level of thralls and therefore should and [MUST] be punished for their myopic political thinking! 

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Nancy Pelosi said part time jobs and food stamps are wonderful so I am wondering why isn't she go out and work part time n get food stamps.

BustainMovealota's picture

You actually listened to that stupid skank???

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 The Obama rally brought the house down....

If Barry were a fish,,,.. he would drown.....

 A political joke.......

On the jobless and broke 

To think he could turn this around.....

************Send him a message******VOTE************

TRUMP + Pence = Common Sense


ajkreider's picture

Part time for economic reasons fell.