Wikileaks Releases Part 31 Of Podesta Emails: Total Is Now 50,408

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With just two days until the election, WikiLeaks unveiled Part 31 of Podesta Email party moments ago which revealed another 2,574 emails, bringing the total to 50,408.



At first glance, we get more of the same, with more evidence of conflicts of interest, at the Clinton foundation, a request by Colin Powell not to be involved in the Clinton campaign (it was ignored), more collusion with the media, more scheming how to bring down Bernie Sanders and so on.

As usual we are parsing through the latest release and will bring readers the more notable emails.

*  *  *

The initial highlights include Podesta questioning who is the real populist, and worried about exposing Citi favoritism...


Comms Director Palmieri pointing out that Hillary Clinton's position "has not evolved much since 2008"


Bill Cinton "worried Hillary is not breaking through to Bernie supporters"


And a troubled Podesta proclaiming "I'm down. Our team is all tactics and has no idea how to lift her up... we are luck Sanders will not last"

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Cui Bono's picture

Whew, just left WL and saw at least 600 new emails released today and was wondering WTF

please give us something usable!!!

Infocat's picture

There is so much sick shit coming out of Podestas Emails. Its incredible.

Joe Davola's picture

They keep saying they need to sell her, if anything they have to not make her the focal point. As many of the other emails have detailed, she is at best a two faced liar and more accurately a craven shrew willing to do anything to achieve her goals (the behind closed doors goals).

Automatic Choke's picture

wl has rightly determined the attention span of us voters to be less than 48 hours. look, a squirrel!

the hrc authored emails - w smoking guns - should come out tomorrow and monday.

Expat1's picture

Does it even matter anymore?

We already know a criminal enterprise is running the country. Why continue participating in a broken system? 

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Expat1 Nov 5, 2016 10:24 AM

You're right Expat.  We know what we know.  There isn't any more bomb shells coming.  What we have is it.

I doubt Clinton has anything else on Trump or it would have come out by Friday.

And, the FBI has apparently gone into Quiet Mode.  I don't think we'll hear any revelations from them on Monday either.

Let's hope the momentum carries Trump over the finish line and the undecides break his way.


MANvsMACHINE's picture

No way the next few days go by with the FBI and NYPD sitting on their hands and doing nothing to stop her run for POTUS. They have more leverage now than they'll ever have if she were to get into office. I would imagine that they have evidence against Lynch and Obama which should provide them The needed leverage to get the indictment against HRC.

If this is all we get between now and Tuesday, then we've been had.

wombats's picture

Face it, we've all been had by master cons.  It is looking bleak.

Son of Loki's picture

"Bernie could not be reached at his Cape Cod vacation home."

wombats's picture

So it's all just a smokescreen and a tease?  Nothing the MSM will ever be forced to reveal or that FBI/other law enforcement will actually have to act upon?

The mindless sheep will still most likely "elect" Hillary and she will get away with all her crimes.



Wrong. Diebold and the Democratic Machine will elect Her Cankleness to the throne.

Peasants gonna get thrashed. As usual. Until it is pitchforks and torches, we're fucked.

nightwish's picture

Yes these bullshit libs are all about tactics (scheming), supporting wretched people and willing to pull out all the stops to get their way.

What great people to have running our country.

nmewn's picture

And I've gotta say, the "tactic" of paying mentally ill homeless people to incite riots is particularly...

...deplorable ;-)

1777's picture

Cant put the Genie back in the Bottle on this one! They have played their hand now, there's no DENYING IT!

onewayticket2's picture

follow the money to the real HRC Scandal....."  -ron fournier



"Eric Braverman...or doug or Ira"  - JP

Doom and Dust's picture

Is Eric Braverman still missing?

koaj's picture

No more pizza parties?

Clara Tardis's picture

from 4chan, here's your podester-molester decoder:
* AoA —> age of attraction
* AoC —> age of consent
* Amber alerts —> used to track down escaped child sex slaves
* BL —> boy lover (attracted to boys)
* BM —> boy moment (time spent with a boy; could be a passing glance or a length encounter)
* cheese —> little girl
* cheese pizza —> child pornography
* CL —> child lover (pedophile)
* domino(s) —> domination
* CP —> child pornography
* GL —> girl lover (attracted to girls)
* GM —> girl moment (same as boy moment)
* hot dog —> boy
* ice cream —> make prostitute
* LB —> little boy
* LG —> little girl
* MAC —> minor attracted adult
* map —> semen
* nuts —> person of color
* parents —> law enforcement
pasta —> little boy
* pizza —> girl
* playing cards —> threesome sex act
* sauce —> orgy
* spirit cooking —> See the YouTube video at and
* walnut —> person of color
* YF —> young friend (referring to a victim)

ghengis86's picture

Let's see if the 5th of November delivers; looking at you Kim and Julian...smoke 'Em if you got 'Em.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Let's hope it is more than this, which looks like a list of rehashed shit we already knew.

Here's the actual release FWIW:

Newbie lurker's picture

A bunch of nothing. 4chan inference stuff.
I think we have been had. No smoking gun coming. I hope there is but will be surprisingly shocked if it comes.

Grumpy_nl's picture

same things we have been hearing for days, nothing new there and all much to vague. Pizzas and domino.

DeathingerStar's picture

Unfortunately,  more of the same is not stopping the whore. Julian said in his RT interview that the Qatar situation was the most significant finding.  I'm hoping he has a bigger card up his sleeve. 

Bitch needs to go to jail,  not be elected president.  

Alberich's picture

Assange really talked this up, "Phase 3" election coverage, Hillary getting arrested etc. He has to deliver today, or he will have shot at the Clintons and missed, and they won't miss when they shoot back.

GoldHermit's picture

More hype than substance, I fear.

Jack McGriff's picture

C'mon people, this is just more Russian propaganda!  Hillary says it's the Russians and Obama says it is Russians!  What more proof do we need as intelligent, discerning, American sheople?  /s

newworldorder's picture

A reasoning, thinking brain, - without blind sycophant worshipping thinking. (sarc)

Lumberjack's picture

Robert Gates (Director of Central Intelligence (1991–1993))  Leaks.



John, Well, we didn't quite get to Friday before the "official" leaks. Unless I get different guidance from you, I still plan no comments and no confirmations of anything, including a meeting. I have re-done my schedule for Monday at Minot Air Force Base to accommodate a 9:30 a.m. announcement in Chicago. (I will be flying in from the west coast Sunday night.) Because this has inconvenienced a lot of Air Force folks, I hope that plan stays in place. I thought a good meeting yesterday. Hope you all thought so as well. Bob




_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

Where does this end? Is there going to be a 'best of' version?

de3de8's picture

If she is elected, what she's done to date will seem like first gear.
Can't imagine her shifting to eventual high gear under the veil of her position as "president".
Beyond scary.

Got The Wrong No's picture

She will go full retard with her power knowing that there will be no way to stop her. Obama will look like a boy scout compared to this Satanic Bitch.

Dark star's picture

After being abused and insulted by HRC for the tenth time, her protection detail will draw straws to see who gets to shoot her.

Not an impossible scenario by any means.

SilverRhino's picture

The Praetorians have been known to kill an Emperor or two in their time.  

RawPawg's picture

To Fall At 10:30 am(CST)

Anonymous Announces Release of Da Bomb

Hang On,Folks

GoldHermit's picture

I'll believe it when I see it

Able Ape's picture

I'm calling bullshit on this claim...

cherry picker's picture

Over 50,000 emails and I don't remember seeing HRC or WJC as senders or recipients. What kind of a campaign is that where the bosses and lackeys don't communicate? If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected. Maybe the FBI or NYPD has them, although we aren't hearing anything anymore about the island and pedophiles anymore. Maybe that was BS. Who knows?

One thing is apparent.  They figured out how to cash in on their popularity when she was Secretary of State and I think they are salivatating what they could bring in once she is POTUS>

centerline's picture

They are not stupid.  They are shrewd criminals who know all about plausible deniability.  They have had to have screwed up somewhere big and buried it though.

I wonder about Huma.  And here is why...

HRC is a predator.  Huma is a predator.  Non predators simply wont work in those conditions.  And predators generally know who the other predators are and always watch thier backs.  They know when to ride coattails, kiss ass, and when to attack.

So, Im thinking Huma isn't very stupid either.  Maybe she was building her own "insurance" file against HRC in the event something went south.  I know I would, knowing what "could" happen with Sec of State doing what HRC was doing.  The emails all show the staff was at least concerned.  Hence, I would want my silver bullets for immunity and let the feds take down the top dog while I get a new name somewhere else.

But, perhaps she never thought to encrypt this data.  Most people, even really smart people, aren't necessarily computer saavy.  Computer saavy is a hacker sort of thing as it crosses over into the world of predators.

And of course, Wiener would know all this.

centerline's picture

JA better have a bigger stick in his bag somewhere. Needs some real shock and awe.

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Man.... I have really enjoyed these Wiki releases!  Going to miss them when he runs out of them....   :(


Swamp Yankee's picture

Julian, thank you very much but we are out of time. 

If you could please separate out the really good stuff that has a chance to move the needle, PLEASE DROP IT NOW!

The rest of the stuff can wait.  -SY

Muse minus Time's picture

eerrr, this is your captain speaking...we are flying over "pitch fork populism, usa", passengers should tightenen your seatbelts...extreme turbulence reported ahead...ring your call button for a barf bag, if there's not one in the seat pocket...eerrr, we'll keep you advised as we fly through the shitstorm.

GoldHermit's picture

Just barf on the nearest Democrat

Muse minus Time's picture

eeer..this is your captain again...looks like we have to divert the plane...reported engineered shit storm growing out of the DC area....may have to refuel in Canada

I'm still praying that more good people come forward to crush this evil plot!!!  For US citizens we don't want Sataness HRC with her demented evil nor Elon Musk dictating our futures...