Major Quake Strikes Cushing, Oklahoma - Near US' Largest Oil Storage Facility

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Shortly after 1945 local time, a strong 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck some 50 mile northeast of Oklahmoa City. The nearby town of Cushing, home of America's largest oil storage facility, experienced structural damage and lost power.

This was Oklahoma's 5th largest quake..

No injuries have been reported.


As Bloomberg reports, the quake struck 2km west of Cushing, Oklahoma, according to USGS.

Cushing is location of largest oil storage site in U.S. where benchmark WTI crude futures are delivered.

Quake at depth of 5km.

Cushing fire officials haven’t yet received any calls for damage at the oil tank yard, and no injuries have been reported, News9 Oklahoma’s Justin Dougherty says in posting on Twitter.

Oklahoma registered 5.6 magnitude earthquake in September, tying state record set in 2011; number of earthquakes measuring 3.0 or higher reached 890 last year.

FOX23 reports that Payne County Emergency Management officials confirm power was cut off to Cushing following the earthquake, and The Cimarron Tower Apartments in Cushing were evacuated.


For now there i sno reaction in WTI Crude...

As a reminder, several energy producers, and also the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, are facing lawsuits because of seismic activity allegedly linked to oilfield wastewater disposal in Oklahoma and other states

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Fracking earthquakes!

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Chris Dakota (not verified) navy62802 Nov 6, 2016 10:24 PM

Obama HARP

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Oklahoma is not far from the New Madrid set of faults.  There were two earthquakes in the early 1800s there that would measure in at about 8.0.


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The Podestas and that Abramovic woman will be cooking tonight!


"Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk / Drink on earthquake nights.”

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they bring Krugman in on quake nights to do the toast

btw, Kruggy was Bloomberg the other day, not really looking particularly healthy ...

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Let it bleed! Maybe people will get it when they have no water.

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Yep...Bigger Cushin'...Better Pushin'...

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"I would keep fracking"

"I don't think the hard stuff is going to come down for quite a while"

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Upgrade.... This is Chrissy, she's got sonar, all the latest features....

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Those fucking crones are gonna have to settle for cottage cheese and blenderized Viagra.

Kind of reminds me of the plot of Weekend at Bernie's 2, which I just got as part of my archive project.

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Some how Russia is involved with this, I just know it.

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 eathquake watch.

click videos in the toolbar to update. 


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Has nothing to do with drilling huge holes in the ground, pumping in saline, sucking out oil, undermining the sub-strata and ruining the aquifers, nothing I tell you! 

Humanity is omniscient!  We control the Galaxy!

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A 5.2 earthquake that the government quicly reduced to a false 5.0 reading.  Don't scare the peasants before Election Day!

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Two of the top 6 strongest earthquakes occurred before fracking was invented.  Lo and behold, the dim bulbs are going to maintain the agenda that all of this activity is caused by fracking.  

Meanwhile ground water is being pumped out like crazy as well.  

But hey the liberal agenda has determined that fracking is the cause and once the cheer has been taken up, the cause is set in concrete.  Majority Rules.  Whether you're right or wrong, the majority rules.  Want proof?  Obama got reelected. 

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And all the oil seeps into the earth.

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Dinosaurs....everyone knows that..............


That's why we drill down 40,000 feet.........those buggers are dug in like Alabama ticks.

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Why couldn't have been in DC?


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I live 5 miles from the san andreas fault. I prey for an 8.0 everyday. Just because i hate this state so much.

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5.3? Pffffffttt. That's nothing. Keep fracking to 8.5 bitchez.


Drain the Cushing swamp, fill it back up again.....creates jobs and is great for the eCONomy. //

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Covered By FEMA/Taxpayers...Socialism alive and well in Sooner State...Oklahoma Is O.K.

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Too much spirtcooking 

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I guess the Devil didn't particularly like the offering. 

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Ironic....that oil country is being racked by earthquakes due to fracking of oil.

Karma bitchezz

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Would this happen to be one bug fucking "Thump" like Fukishima?  Or..... were there actual pre tremors like a "real" EQ?

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that's all we have are pre-tremors.  if they said that, it wouldn't make for very good headlines.  yesterday they had about three magnitude 3 or less.  the day before about four magnitude 3 or less.  i'm about 80 miles south and didn't feel a thing.  i felt one from this same area last week that was 4.5.

when i was working in the oilfield and told people from california we had a 3.0 earthquake, they would laugh and say that wasn't an earthquake.  but because of fracking, NOW, they are earthquakes.  they will have about three or four more in this area tomorrow.

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Looks like all is well. 

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Putin and Russia up to their dirty tricks again.  (sarc)


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felt it here... zip 67212... sharp jolt... no wavy action, just jolt... had one a few nights ago, from Perry OK, seemed sharper than the one tonight, but was closer also

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 Meh, Just looks like a typical Saturday night in our bars here in SE OK.

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Mid west earthquakes are not like SF earthquakes.

Here in the northeast a 5.3 would bring down a lot of buildings.

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the Algos are going to read that one wrong in the Morning, is my bet..

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Hell spewing forth demons to aid Hitlary the Broom Rider!

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Mother Earth tossing her cookies

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not fracking. waste water disposal wells.

they have so many there that they can't even find them all. much less regulate them. when drilling a new well in OK, it is common to need a person to go and physically review the area for injection wells which might seriously impact drilling operations.

Fracking = 1-3 million gallons of fluid one time + 10 million pounds of sand (give or take)
Water Injection = millions of gallons daily

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Also, stay tuned for the arrival of a CME, due election day, when earthquake risk increases.

Coronal Mass Ejection - moderate size explosion debris from our Sun, erupted late Nov. 5.

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Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed !!

//mad magazine bumper sticker from the 70's

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Bullshit. Your memory is faulty.


That was a Public Service Announcement Advertisement placed in Larry Flynt's Hustler Magazine in order to satisfy the Court's requirement that his publication was not to be obscene smut but was to serve the public good.


It is a highly sought after collectable ad as it was snark done in protest of the Government's infringement of Flynt's First Amendment RIGHT to the Freedom of the Press.


So is your memory selectively faulty as we all now know what you were "reading" ???

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I felt it here in Arkansas walmart area.  Was fairly intense.   Am hearing old roughneck buddies talking about pipeline and rig damage.  It was directly under Cushing, a town of 2000 people.. about 3 miles deep.     with the largest oil storage camp in the world.  They say no damage has been assesed yet, though power has been cut.  They are evacuating downtown because of possible gas leaks..

update.  magellan going on shutdown

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Vatican retaliation for the Italian quakes recently


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Putin did it.