"The People Made Their Choice" - Theresa May Vows To Deliver "Full" EU Exit Despite Court Challenge

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In the aftermath of last week's surprising decision by a UK High Court to force a parliamentary vote on Article 50, a hard - or even soft - Brexit suddenly has been put in question, having thrown the government's plans to launch a two-year divorce process by the end of March into disarray, and sending the Pound soaring. So in her first public statement since the vote, British Prime Minister Theresa May, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, said she is confident of overturning the ruling and vowed that she would deliver a full exit from the European Union, hitting back at critics of her Brexit strategy who have threatened to try to block the process in parliament.

In her op-ed, May signaled she would resist any attempt to force her to change her approach to leaving the EU:

"The people made their choice, and did so decisively. It is the responsibility of the government to get on with the job and to carry out their instruction in full," May wrote. She said members of parliament who regretted the referendum result "need to accept what the people decided".

May's government, which has provided little detail about its plans for Britain's future relationship with the EU, has said that having to set out a detailed negotiating strategy to parliament would put it at a disadvantage in the talks. "While others seek to tie our negotiating hands, the Government will get on with the job of delivering the decision of the British people," May said in a separate statement ahead of a trade visit to India on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the head of Britain's opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said in a newspaper interview that he would try to block the commencement of divorce talks with the EU if the government does not agree to his Brexit demands.

Adding to the confusion, arch-eurosceptic and the man who led the UKIP's successful Brexit campaign, Nigel Farage said there was a growing movement to keep Britain within the EU's tariff-free single market - a scenario he called a "half-Brexit" that went against the referendum result.

"If the people in this country think that they're going to be cheated, they're going to be betrayed, then we will see political anger the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed in this country," he told the BBC.  Echoing commentary from Deutsche Bank, Farage also told ITV that Theresa May should call an early general election to avoid a "betrayal" of the public over Brexit, Nigel Farage has told Good Morning Britain.

According to Reuters, parliament could in theory block Brexit because most members supported staying in the EU in June's referendum. But many lawmakers have signalled they would be willing to reverse their position to reflect the referendum result. "I think it is highly unlikely that parliament would not, in the end, back a decision to trigger Article 50," health minister Jeremy Hunt told the BBC, referring to the EU treaty mechanism for launching divorce proceedings.

However, in welcome news for pound bulls, last week's court ruling could allow lawmakers to temper the government's approach, however, making a "hard Brexit" - where tight controls on immigration are prioritised over remaining in the single market - less likely.

Corbyn also told the Sunday Mirror that Labour's "Brexit bottom line" would require guarantees for access to the single market for exporters, continued protection of workers' rights, safeguards for consumers and the environment, and pledges that Britain would make up any loss of EU capital investment. He said he would welcome an early national election if May refused to meet his demands. But the next one is not due until 2020, and the government has so far resisted pressure to dissolve parliament and seek a stronger mandate.

"I think a general election is frankly the last thing that the government wants .. It's the last thing that the British people want," Hunt said.

A government appeal against the High Court ruling is expected to be considered by Britain's Supreme Court early next month. May has said she still plans to invoke Article 50 by the end of March.

"We need to turn our minds to how we get the best outcome for our country," she said in the statement issued by her office. "That means sticking to our plan and timetable, getting on with the work of developing our negotiating strategy and not putting all our cards on the table – that is not in our national interest and it won’t help us get the best deal for Britain."

And as the UK political chaos has returned, adding another variable for investors to contemplate in the coming months, the next big risk event on Europe's horizon is the December 4 Italian referendum on amending the Italian Constitution, which according to journalist Alessandra Quattrocchi, will be primarily a moment of truth for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

She said that the referendum would be more about revealing the level of public support for Renzi, than about the constitutional reform itself. Many people will vote “No” because “they hope to oust Renzi from our government,” she said, adding that sending a message to Renzi is “the main reason why they are against it.”

So as a major page of political uncertainty closes in the US with Tuesday's presidential election, it is set to once again reopen in Europe.

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Mass_hysteria's picture
Mass_hysteria (not verified) Nov 6, 2016 8:56 AM



they are playing with you slave...


Unless you stand up, they will continue to play with you..


you are noting, you are worthless, slave. The politburo decides who enters and exits EU, what did you think in a democracy? You don't have any rights, it's the biggest lie in democratic soceities

Looney's picture


George Soros’ eyebags must’ve exploded when he heard May’s disobeying him.   ;-)


CuttingEdge's picture

Trump = Brexit (same agenda on immigration and taking the country back).

Clinton = Remain (or at least make it as hard as possible).


And you only have to look at who funded the Remain campaign for the tie-up.

Looney's picture

Did you see Hillary screeching in the rain?

A few drops of rain and… the bitch is coming apart.

Whoever assembled Hillary shouldn’t have used Rubber Cement instead of Elmer’s Glue.   ;-)


bamawatson's picture

there will be NO EXIT !

HowdyDoody's picture

The UK has to exit the EU before WW III can be started.

Good luck with your gas supply once that happens. Still I guess if you wait long enough, the US will have its LNG plants up and running, and providing the tankers aren't sunk en route, everything should be fine, right?


eforce's picture

US+EU vs Russia/China?

UK has a pretty big anti-war movement now so I wouldn't see that happening.

macholatte's picture


I do not trust Theresa May.   She sounds a lot like a dentist when he inserts that long needle into you mouth and says “This is going to sting a little bit.”    

My guess is that she will appear to fight the Brexit fight until she is out of time and then capitulate to the forces of evil and morphs into one of those clowns terrorizing the neighborhood.  The Sheeple won’t know what hit them.

And then there's Nigel.  If he does get his election the Establishment won't make the same mistake again.  Smartmatic vote machines to the rescue.



philipat's picture

You forgot the legend of the Evil Witch and water?

GreatUncle's picture

And why I want Trump to win.

I want the criminal lawmakers in the UK parliament hanged for 1.) ceding sovereignty, that's the Lisbon Treaty and 2.) binding a future government as in article 50 - but that's a personal choice.

Tommy Mair, hey Clinton commits murder, but this guy if you worded it defended the constitution even though he is a nutter. No crime to see here ... because the criminality was the lawmaker.

Then the law lords have run with the criminal lawmakers, so onto the bonfire with those also.

The reality is on the result Cameron the chicken shit should have immediately issued article 50 because technically


Think that about sums up where this all is at.

Kayman's picture


  Saw a recent picture of Soros- looked like he had a major skin adjustment.  Word on the street is he had those eyebags made into handbags for HiLLary.


restelle's picture

Not skin. Scales.  He moulted.  All lizards do.

Son of Loki's picture

Soros is busy forcing his DA choices into local elections in Denver, Houston, etc so he'll have several local Lowrenta Lynch-type DA's around the nation who will refuse to enforce the law against Soros criminals.


Soros puppet liberal Dem Ogg in Houston is neck and neck with the tough-on-crime Republican Devon Anderson. Soros hates prosecutors who enforce the law. Soros fed over $500,000 to local media in Houston to buy their 24/7 ads endorsing the sock puppet democrat.

London..unfortunately's picture

Labia extensions more liike...

Kayman's picture

The more people join the "don't vote, it doesn't have any effect" wagon, the more they get sucked in by the Dirty Deep State.  

Voting is "Death by a million cuts" to our self-appointed Dirty Elite.

Vote. Or continue to eat shit.

Skeero's picture

And my dumbass sold my SPY puts Friday... I'd like to have them back now..

dimwitted economist's picture

Better Honor that vote MotherFuckers....

south40_dreams's picture

"It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told. "

cuzzinjak318's picture

its all smoke and mirrors a dog and pony show call it what you want we will never be allowed to leave the EU,its all crap

1777's picture

That's great! May is not going to allow the judiciary to hi-jack the vote that people have already VOICED as they do here in this country.

bamawatson's picture

there will be NO EXIT !

Sandmann's picture

You are a figment of your imagination

smacker's picture

If the UK Supreme Court upholds the High Court ruling, it's quite possible that May will plan to hold a general election on the issue and hope to get a solid mandate for Brexit.

If she doesn't do that, the names of every MP who votes against Brexit in a Parliamentary debate should be published across the country, so their constituents know who they are. Many of these MPs live in constituencies who actually voted for Brexit and they might need to look for a new gravytrain to climb aboard ,,,

Sandmann's picture

The Supreme Court will uphold the ratio decidendi of the High Court: it has no choice because the ECA 1972 has no Henry VIII Clause.

There has to be an election to ratify the Referendum Result. It will be like the two Elections in 1910 when Llloyd George's Budget was blocked by the Lords and they went to the country and threatened to flood the Lords with 1000 peers. They passed 1911 Parliament Act after the election making the House of Lords one of the very few Upper Houses in the world that can have no say over budgets and money bills.

May will win a majority to give her a clean sweep and scare the EU witless. She can add a Manifesto Pledge to reduce the Lords to 150 members and present an elected Upper House to referendum in accordance with the Preface to the 1911 Parliament Act

smacker's picture

"There has to be an election to ratify the Referendum Result"

Arguably she would get a solid majority and then go ahead with Brexit. But with The City playing havoc with sterling and markets to scare people and big money and armies of EU beneficiaries doing their BRemain tricks all over, the outcome is not certain. And as we already see, many MPs are not following the voting outcome of their own constituents. I call that betrayal.

I still believe there's a possibility the Supreme Court will modify the current H/C ruling and only insist that the "terms of exit" are agreed by Parliament. That would make it rather difficult for Parliament because the EU has no way of withdrawing an Article 50 once it's been activated.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

And throughout all this dithering the wogs continue to arrive with their hands out.

GreatUncle's picture

"May is not going to allow the judiciary to hi-jack the vote"

UK parliament is the king and creates the laws - jusiciary are just 2nd rate legal people.

If you go an look at the function of the Supreme court detail (only formed in 2009 as a trick to pretend our legal system is like the rest of europe) it is designed differently it cannot overrule parliament.


shimmy's picture

Nothing says democracy like going against what the people are ask/voted for. 

I hope they block this so I can watch all the drama there unfold and laugh at yet another banana republic. 


HowdyDoody's picture

I'm greatly relieved to hear that if the people voted to leave the North American Terrorist Organisation, May would be fully behind them, because - The People.


silverer's picture

For your enjoyment, I present this:

I have absolutely no sympathy for human beings whatsoever. None. And no matter what kind of problem humans are facing, whether it’s natural or man-made, I always hope it gets worse.

George Carlin

Stan522's picture

If Trump wins on Tuesday, the people WON'T get the same treatment from government heads.

While Trump would not promise to "kiss the ring" of a hillary win, I can guarantee you that the fix has been well established for hildabeast, she will protest this Trump victory in the courts.....

GreatUncle's picture

"she will protest this Trump victory in the courts"

Can't happen, your evidence for why this result should remain or be contested your honour.

All them 650,000 weiners emails pertaining to Clinton would have to be revealed. Good luck with that, then the Podesta emails your honour, evidence as to why we must challenge all of this. Clinton is going to find it very hard to make a challenge in any legal system and we have not yet touched the Bengahzi or Foundation angle.

Do not throw rocks in glass houses, the glass tends to cut you to shreds.

two hoots's picture

Separation of Powers:   Legisltive,  Executive, Judiciary.  Sounds good on the surface but "the people" should be included as the trump card (pun?) and not just every 2/4 years but always like the above.....somehow. 


More accurate:   Separation of Powers:   Democrats, Republicans with advantage to the party of the President and even more if they appoint the Judiciary.  The people are only considered as pesky troublemakers every 2/4 years.

Sandmann's picture

UK does NOT have separation of powers. The clown that resigned as MP yesterday - Stephen Phillips - he is a Member of the Legislature; a Barrister, and a Judge. Try that for separation.


Publicus's picture


Inthemix96's picture

Your very first mistake was believing that this 'Thing', is a woman.

Your second was believing a fucking single word owt of 'Its' vile mouth.

Fuck it, I'm off for a pint before I have an anurism.



the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Nov 6, 2016 9:19 AM

I've been asking for proof that BREXIT isn't just another feel-good, non-binding, referendum.


Still don't have anything solid.


Tuesday is the vote for CLINTONEXIT.

Evil Peanut's picture

wow a politician with a backbone - surprising

Factsruletheworld's picture

I am beginning to think Zero Hedge should have a new rule - only people living in the UK can comment on stuff about Brexit - because it seems way WAAY too many people in the USA - apart from the lady above here who's comment I am replying to - actually grasp the reality of what's goig on in the UK.  So.  Let me put this plain and simple for you - and try to listen (and yes May does have a backbone she is a good woman ignore any contrary ideas you may have heard).  We are leaving the EU.  No court is going to stop us.  They may delay it a bit - but I doubt even that.  We are getting out.  We have waited over 40 years for this.  It is going to happen.  There will be blood on the streets and trust me millions (and I mean MILLIONS) marching on London if there is any attempt to stop this.  Thersa May knows this - she is no fool.  She is going to get this thing done.

London..unfortunately's picture

Whilst I hate her guts, I have to hand it to Theresa May - she's one tough cookie. Whilst Home Secretary she was a figure of hate for all the public sector workers over here in the UK (pay freezes, pension demolitions) and she has breezed through it without a care. If she is genuinely going to defend the BREXIT then she's the right person for the job. Personally, I don't care if our American cousins want to comment on all things UK - god knows I have enough comments on the US system!

adonisdemilo's picture

There are three sides to this question.

1-- those who are benefitting from Europe's largesse.

2-- those sho think they are benefitting from Europe's largesse.

3-- those who know damn well who's having to pay for it.

Unfortunately for the misguided and misled there are more of us who want to be rid of the European nightmare for ever.

Bureaucrats, civil servants and nefarious others who think that they control our lives do not need to know what the plans are as they will surely let the "other side"know.

Teresa May should use the"Mushroom Priciple" KEEP THEM IN THE DARK, AND FEED THEM BULLSHIT, until it's time to tell them how it's going to be.


Squidbilly's picture
Squidbilly (not verified) Nov 6, 2016 9:32 AM

Let's see how long she can manage to drag her big fat ASS on this. 

Allen_H's picture

Fucking do it! Stop talking about it.

I hear there were huge/massive fights yesterday in Florence, Italy. The people against the police and the system. This should of been reported Tylers.

Looks like it got quite violent.


johnwburns's picture

The usual question, real or theater. The folks running the show don't fear "free speech" all that much because its so easy to twist and most people aren't even listening. My first dawning on this came when I realized that the Jefferon Airplane "Volunteers" album was produced by RCA. They can absob almost anything. 

Anyway, I still have a glimmer of hope that its real because believeing entirely that its not is too depressing. 

shovelhead's picture


They don't give a fuck what's on a record as long as it sells and they can't get sued.

Those little lable Gangsta 'Cop Killer/ slap-a-hoe' stuff is a cut out for the big lables that own them.

johnwburns's picture

Really? No shit? This was 1970.

iClaudius's picture

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

So much insincerity from these people.

Atomizer's picture

Good job, one individual has no right to change a democracy vote. Theresa May's, shove Article 50 up your asshole and set it on fire. 

Stupid cunt.