The Establishment Will Get Its "F**K You" No Matter Who Wins

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Submitted by Howard Kunstler via,

A mighty nausea wells up across the land as the awful day cometh. Who will receive the black spot of fate on Tuesday? I wouldn’t want to be him or her on that dreadful day. The flagship of Modernity has lost its vaunted mojo and nobody knows what to do about it as the USS-USA pitches and yaws into the maelstrom.

Much opinion “out there” contends that we will have to suffer an election overtime, with the results contested on every hill and molehill from sea to shining sea. That scenario suggests various outcomes, all of them pretty bad:

1) the election is once again relegated to a Supreme Court case, only this time it ends up a 4-4 tie. Constitutional crisis time.


2) Perhaps as a function of No. 1, it ends up in the US House of Representatives. The catch is: members aren’t limited to Trump or HRC. They can vote for whoever they like.


3) A lot of web chatter has President Obama invoking some sort of emergency with the election postponed until some conclave of political viziers can figure a way out of it. Unlikely, but possible.

FBI Director James Comey’s eleventh hour reprieve of Hillary in the email server case sent an odor of rotting carp wafting across the political landscape. Like, his peeps actually vetted 650,000 emails in a week? I’m sure. Of course, the FBI does not issue indictments; that’s AG Loretta Lynch’s job over at the Department of Justice. The FBI only makes criminal referrals to such. But this puts too fine a point on the matter because the much more serious issue is the Clinton Foundation case, and the arrant sale of influence while HRC ran the State Department.

That currently overshadowed case is not closed. It sends up the odor not of a single rotting carp but of an entire whale pod dead on the beach. Half the emirs in Arabia dropped millions on the foundation to facilitate arms deals or to influence policy at State, and that was only part of what looks exactly like a classic racketeering operation. The Clinton Foundation story is not going away anytime soon and it will suck all the air out of the public arena for as far ahead as anyone can see when Hillary is in the oval office.

All of that obscures the gathering calamity in banking and finance that drives the waiting, whirling maelstrom. Thanks to eight years of central bank experiments, the engines of capital are hopelessly gunked up with political additives like QE and ZIRP™. Nothing is priced correctly, especially money. It’s all kept running on an ether of accounting fraud. We can’t come to grips with the resource realities behind the fraud, especially the end of cheap oil. And the bottom line is the already-manifest slowdown of global business. The poobahs of banking pretend to be confounded by all this because everything — their reputations, their jobs, their fortunes — depends on the Potemkin narrative that ever-greater economic expansion lies just around the corner.

Not so. What waits around the corner is a global scramble for the table scraps of the late techno-industrial banquet. Scrambles like that are liable to foment kinetic conflict. Neither Hillary or Trump appear to have a clue what this means and so they are likely to misinterpret the true signals amid all the noise and start an unnecessary war. Hillary is already hard at it with her cawing over supposed “Russian hackers” in the election.

The tragedy of Trump is that he represented a roster of legitimate grievances but argued them so poorly and then betrayed them with behavior so oafish and crude that he often looked not sane enough to hold high office. His partisans brushed that aside, saying it was good enough that he personified a giant “fuck you” to the political establishment. No, that wasn’t good enough because in the process he de-legitimized the issues.

For instance, There are excellent arguments for a “time-out” from immigration. Congress acted on that in 1925, after a half-century flood of immigration needed to man the factories of the early 20th century. The consensus on that policy change was arrived at with minimal rancor — and just in time, by the way, for the Great Depression, when manufacturing employment crashed. We’re also in for a collapse of activity, only this time it won’t be the few remaining factory workers. It’ll be everyone from the McDonalds counter jockeys to the bond packagers of Goldman Sachs.

The establishment will get its “fuck you” anyway. I do go along with the argument advanced by others that it would probably be better for Hillary to win, because that way the right people (the gang already in power) will be blamed for the descent into the maelstrom and will be expeditiously swept away.

Just about anything may rise up across America after that — the true corn-pone Nazi who succeeds Trump in the meshuggeneh branch of conservative politics… a second civil war… or a World Made By Hand. I detect a general awareness that the country must pass through some epic ordeal to straighten itself out. Well, here it is, just in time or the holidays.

Me? I’m going to write-in my vote for Homey D. Clown, because he don’t mess around.

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Gets people thinking. You can't un see it

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They always wanted a banana republic. Looks like they are getting one.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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What is Homey's policy on Syria?

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nyc news media credibility destroyed

this was a good election

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At first I bought the argument that Trump was the wrong person, but can you imagine any of the others he beat actually calling her on the carpet for anything.  Me neither.

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one (singular and only) good thing about a Clinton presidency is it will demonstrate clearly to the world that Political Correctness is almost completely divorced from the Humanist movement it sprang from - and thus it will be the apogee, the commencement of demise, of PC as a sociological historical movement


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Mr Kunstler, points taken. But your conclusion is mind boggling. You refuse to take any responsibility and instead you hide in a cave together with a Clown. WTF? We could talk about Trump's flaws, mistakes and missteps all day long but nobody can deny that he is a real man standing up to the challenge. Whereas you write some story about it from inside your cozy warm cave while Homey sucks your dick. Why did you bother to telly anyone what you are going to do? Will it inspire anyone, change anything, make anyone feel better or worse? No. it will just expose you. As being - a clown.

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Here's the bottom line:

If the Republicans who are throwing a tantrum and have polled for Gary Johnson come home (minus one percent for principled Libertarians) Trump wins NM, CO, NV, AZ, NH, NC, MI and FL.

And 300 electoral votes.

The Supreme Court, the Republican party and America are at stake.

If Trump loses, don't bother trying to nominate a Bushite or Romneyite in the future.

Because America will be dead and we won't forget who killed it.

Those candidacies will be DOA.

So be good children and stop your tantrum.

BTW, where's Ron Paul's endorsement?

MalteseFalcon's picture

If you children mend your ways, you may get a Republican more to your liking in 2024, otherwise not in your lifetime.

Moe Howard's picture

Principled Libertarians quit the party and stopped paying dues when Republicans Johnson and RINO Weld were nominated.

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If Hillary steals this and we go full, smear shit on the walls communist retard, you won't see any type of genuine of conservative presence in the power structure for decades. The millions of illegal alien spics and carpet kneelers will fuck the demogaphic so hard we may never recover.



Well we may recover, but it'll take a  serious cuilling of the herd.


MalteseFalcon's picture

We won't see a RINO president or congress, either.

This is the precipice for the entire party and the current generation of national Republican politicians.

The Republican party will be a powerless rump party for decades.

The Republican party did not have a majority in the house from 1952 to 1994.

Don't think it can happen again and include the president and the senate?

Think again.

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Joe Davola Nov 7, 2016 2:53 PM

F**K you Kuntsler, you play both sides.


You're the fucking carpetbagging jew down in Atlanta in 1864 selling blankets to the homeless.

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I've heard arguments similar to Kunstler's before elsewhere.  They strike me as passive and defeatist.  I understand the principle but it's just not my style, I guess.

When you're handed two imperfect choices you choose what you think is the better of the two.  You don't choose who you think is worse in some bizarre scheme to drop the china cabinet on their head later for being such a bad choice.

And, frankly, nobody in the MSM is blaming Obama and the Dems for fucking everything up.  Why would you think that Hillary and the Dems would get the blame for doing same or worse fuck ups?

The whole argument just doesn't hold water with me.


August's picture

The House can only select the new Presidente from the top three electoral vote recipients. 

Which, for Mr. Kunstler's benefit, is not the same as "anyone".  We are, at least, safe from a Presidente Jeb!

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When there is no longer a media ( do you think after the collaspe any one will pay for their biased BS?)  people will have to start to think for themselves. Those who don't won't matter much , as most will die - unable to make the decisions that actually result in survival.  And then te people left will form thier own judgement about why things went wrong, and that judgement will have to be tempered by the everyday reality of survival. Worrying about pronouns and Gay Wedding cakes will be luxuries no one can afford.

I don't think Trump can save America.  I don't think anyone can at this point.  Anargument can be made that President Trump wouldbe the better to have inoffice during the collpase because he will make better choices instead of doubleing down  on what already didn't work  as leftists are prone to do. But a Trump could also delay  the invietable civil war to a point where technology allows mass domination much more easily. Speak out against te state and a mosquito sized drone sneaks into your house, identifies you and  injects you with poison. A true cashless society.  A NSA that can actyually sift thorugh all ofthat Data and starts arresting people for pre-crime.

Who can tell?  Just keep in mind tat if Trump doesn't win, Hillary's overbearing zeal may ensure a civil war and econmic collapse  far sooner, and with a far greater chance that people will realize why without a lot of BS to wade through.


Hapa's picture

This is my fallback position too.  Let it all fall soon and around her cankles. Allow the criminals responsible to be revealed on the spot.  If Trump gets in, blame will be heaped on him for the collapse

Decay is Constant's picture

Agreed.  If she gets in and things go south, you better believe that someone else will take the blame.

WorkingClassMan's picture

Don't mention carpet around Shrillary. 


No woman under 60 would be safe if she makes the presidency (lower-case).

Perimetr's picture

The Maelstrom Hillary is likely to create

is one which few will survive.

centerline's picture

Homey don't play that...

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Fuck that, a ton of Americans are not critical thinkers anymore, they worship satan and will NEVER blame the ones in charge for the downfall. They will continue to blame Christians and Conservatives, and try to kill us all. It's much much better for Trump to be elected because we will be blamed no matter the outcome. You better not think it's ok for Hillary to win, unless you don't value your life that is. 

crossroaddemon's picture

Unless you value your lives... who do you think is going to kill anybody? They're not going to send out swat teams to storm random houses; if you're keeping you r mouth shut and paying your taxes nobody is going to be shot. She's not going to make things any better or worse (neither is Trump if elected), but I don't see where this "if you value your lives" bullshit is coming from.

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Guess you have not been paying attention to the NWO doctrine....I guess you have not been following the big trend of targeted violence against whites, trump supporters, Christians and Conservatives?

HopefulCynical's picture

Marxism has had Christianity in its crosshairs from Day 1.

I'm not a Christian, I simply have a preference for the truth.

Things that go bump's picture

We'll be well rid of it along with all those other idiotic religiious superstitions. 

Weisshaupt's picture

If you think the world with religion trying to teach people moral behavior try the world without it.. 

Oh right,  Trump vs. Hillary. Its Already underway.

crossroaddemon's picture

Except it's just not really that much. If you're alive today in the US, odds are extremely high you'll be alive next week unless you're very old or terminally ill. I hate the NWO as much as anyone, but I don't see a mass murder rampage springing up out of nowhere. That's paranoia. What I expect no matter who wins is a slow steady grind downward. Basically what we've been living through for decades.

MalteseFalcon's picture

You know Europeans said that 2 years ago.

Look at them now.

Hillary appoints Garland to the SC and the US has a far left majority for the first time ever.

A discrete change.

How long before the constitution is officially Swiss cheese?

When Hillary starts a shooting war, she'll need to kidnap America's children to feed into the machine.

In 1963 America did not see the Viet Nam war coming.

BLM is just a bunch of energetic Blacks kids, right?

Wake the fuck up.

crossroaddemon's picture

If it's going to happen it'll happen no matter who is POTUS. Trump victory or CLinton... Rothchilds still in charge. You wake the fuck up... there is NO hope in politics. 

MalteseFalcon's picture

There is despair in politics. 

Hillary is just offering much more despair.

Rothschild wants his vig.

He doesn't care how his minions get it.

Trump wants to work with you, and Hillary wants to bleed you.

Nearly all your posts get thumbs down, because you are dumber than a box of rocks.

Stay home on election day.

There will be enough stupid votes without you.

crossroaddemon's picture

They're all stupid votes because anybody who sees any hope within the system is FUCKING STUPID. 

Positive change never, ever comes from the top down.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Negative change does however.

Just stay home tomorrow.

There's a good lad.

Moe Howard's picture

Sorry, the Constition has been Swiss Cheese for quite a while now.

MalteseFalcon's picture

So you turned in your guns?

New World Chaos's picture

If Hillary wins and manages to last more than one year without a revolution, we can expect a flood of third world immigrants and/or nuclear war, after which the satan-worshipping pedophiles will establish their world government.  Compared to that, I don't care if we get blamed for the financial collapse.

BTW, I just stumbled into some pure evil shit.  Don't believe for a second that Merkel intends to stem the tide- she is trying to get re-elected.  Germany is slated for total destruction at the hands of the Muslims.  Revenge of the Jews.  Genocide of white Christians who might oppose the NWO.  They have been building underground bases to hold armies of jihadis ready to take over after next year's economic collapse.

Suited candidates ideally had to be
    20-30 years of age,
    procreative (was tested!)
    have an IQ of 90 at max,
    as uneducated as possible, (more violent and more easy to conduct)
    be Wahabit or Salafi and ideally disdain christians
Nice to have:
    especially welcome were men peaking out by abnormal sexual behaviour,
    like pedophiliac or homosexual, and whose tendency to violence against women was noticable.


The GROUPS are being selected, given smartphones and 2500 Euros, and sorted into 5 waves:

    Wave 1
    harmless people and children
    Wave 2
    sick children and elder people
    Wave 3
    people with infectious diseases, infertile women, widows
    Wave 4
    highly agressive teens and psychopaths
    Wave 5
    Rebels and army members, able to handle weapons and indoctrinated.
    This latter group is the one residing in our bunkers by thousands already.

We are up to 30 % at present, by mid of 2017 the remaining 70% will arrive by night-flights at the airports of



Speaking of incredibly evil plans, check out the Kalergi Plan to shit in Europe's gene pool and make them easier to rule.

The whole system is down with it.  Europe is already running kangaroo courts for blasphemy.  The new religion is to be a combination of Islam + political correctness.

You might also want to check out Albert Pike's plan for WWIII to pave the way for lucifer.  For a hoax, it is strangely prophetic.  Much like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Just yesterday, I was trying to figure out where the puppetmasters will go if America rebels against them.  Canada would be too close to angry Americans.  Europe is on the verge of collapse (engineered by them).  Russia would kill them.  China was being groomed as the next host but they seem to have gotten wise.  New Zealand is perfect for riding out a nuclear war but its economy is too small to service the parasites' exquisite tastes.  Australia?  Mmmmaybe.  Then it hit me:  Their next host will be the Middle East, mainly Sunni gulf states.  They will make fake conversions to islam while remaining satanists.  Think about it:

-A culture of stratified decadence in which the elite get to do whatever they want

-They have plenty of friends there already

-Wahhabism is a creation of the puppetmasters.  Same with ISIS.

-Totalitarian ideology.  Political Islam is pretty much a rival NWO already, so subsume it.

-A dumb, easily manipulated proletariat with particular hatred of Christians

-A huge Free Shit Army.  It's actually an army.

-Makes a perfect base from which to direct the Islamic invasion of the West

-Doublethink attitudes towards degeneracy.  Tolerance of pedophilia and incest.

-Plenty of degenerate imams who will issue any fatwa in exchange for cash, little boys, etc.

-Tolerance of slavery (sexual and otherwise)

-Will be close to Jerusalem, where they will install the Antichrist (will get ISIS to sack it first?)

-Babylon, Pyramids, Moloch temples etc.  would all be within their terrirory.  Great for rituals.

-Polygamy + 72 virgins ensures an endless horde of rampaging orcs.

-In the Bible, the pale horse could be translated as green (chloros).  Green is the color of Islam.


General Titus's picture

Green is the color of the Islamic Revolution while being the new "Red" of the marxist liberals.  The Fabian Socialists discussed in the 19th century useing Islam against the West.  I always believed that Islam was purposely created to destroy Christianity and bring in Pike's Zio-Masonic "Super Government"

It should be noted throughout history the 13th tribe as well as the Sephardics have worked with the muslims against the Christians.  Just take note friend, history is full of surprises like the Battles of Tours & Kosovo.  Little Rhodesia stood almost completly by itself for 14 years against these globalist/cultural marxist/limousine liberals/communist terrorists.  They should be an inspiration for us to use an example and that "resistance is not futile"

New World Chaos's picture

Christians are being genocided in Syria while America lets in last-minute surge of Muslims

They are preparing to give us one last surge of Muslims before Trump gets in.  Detroit will be the top destination.  There is also a camp of North Africans along the Mexican border, ready to go.  What the hell?  Who brought them there?  Did some Bond villain (i.e. George Soros) buy them plane tickets?

The Azeri are Christians.  They are 10% of Syria's population.  This figure is dwindling rapidly at the hands of ISIS.  ISIS is our pet terrorist group, just like Al Qaeda before them.  Only 0.5% of the Syrian refugees admitted to America are Azeris.  One might naively think that the figure would be well over 10%, because Christians are under greater threat and they will integrate easier in America.


Here's a scary article about how the DHS and the Clintons are in on the whole thing, and the reign of chaos they have planned for America: Basically, the puppetmasters want to do to America what they are doing to Europe.  Gangs like MS-13 will be the main element but there will be Muslim terrorists thrown in for good measure.


From Wikileaks:

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta plotted with SuperPAC Fund for America in 2008 to disenfranchise White Americans by burying their vote (and thus their ability to influence the leadership and direction of the country that their ancestors created and built) under a tsunami of third world ingrate trash.  Demographics is destiny.

WorkingClassMan's picture

The answer--the only answer--is the USA is our version of PA-Golden Dawn.


When the members of Golden Dawn are threatened, they fight back--and hard.  When members of Golden Dawn are assaulted, they strike back--hard.  When allies of Golden Dawn are harassed, Golden Dawn takes care of the situation as required--from the ballot box to the billy club.


When "conservatives," are spit upon, attacked and brutalized in the streets for being Trump supporters, or simply for being White--we do nothing but cower and bleed.


It will come in time where we'll have our fill and make our enemies bleed.  Until such time, until we get a Golden Dawn, we won't go anywhere.

Countrybunkererd's picture

WHAT, exactly, do you think socialism is?

new game's picture

a world made by hand(finishing the howard mantra) to hand combat for the principles he has espoused for decades.

thanks for your unwaivering support. now go to hollywood and preach your shit to your peers. maybe you can talk a few into joining the armed force to fight al kool aida...

Countrybunkererd's picture

Clearly you have no idea what my beliefs are.  Or, you can go sit on a big hitlery NWO dildo.  Or your sarcasm was not understood.

America is (was) freedom of choice so you get to choose what you like.  Do you like NWO dildo? 

crossroaddemon's picture

You want freedom, but you also want rulers. Don't be a fool. Government is tyranny. there has never been and never will be an exception to the rule.

Bryan's picture

Either person in the WH will not change the direction we are headed.  Unfortunately, there is too much ignorance that has been indoctrinated into the next couple generations to come into power.  It's all downhill from here, but no one knows where the bottom is.

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Can't say I disagree, Trump could be in on it for all I know.  I have my suspicions....Of course America is screwed in the med-long term because morals have been thrown out the window a long time ago. I do believe Hitlary could start ww3 or use the UN  to kill Americans, she's pretty evil. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


no one knows where the bottom is.



roadhazard's picture

With Trump as POTUS he would be golden no matter what on ZH.  With Hitlery as POTUS the ZH rage would be never ending. They just thought they hated Obama.

  oh, don't forget to vote your career politicians back in to Congress.

StagStopa's picture

Hey fuckface, hitlery4dictator.

Guess you will get your wish.

I'm a "satanist", and I'm critical of your thinking. 

You are using a child's argument, the meanies in gubmint caused all my problems.

Own it, bitch. We're getting exactly what we deserve. We did it to ourselves, and the world is laughing their asses off.


War Machine's picture

This man Kuntsler, I don't know him, but I believe him to be a fucking idiot.

Only because you need to be to have internet access and not understand that Hillary is the most dangerous puppet ever to be advanced by a Deep State that is, in a word, megalomaniacal, in nature.