Election Fatigue? We Have Bad News For You

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your buy-the-f##king-dip stock normal life, there are a few more 'events' to worry about...


h/t @BondVigilantes

But hey, the 'polls' all say there is nothing to worry about with regard the anti-establishment parties!

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Gen. Ripper's picture

What's this "we" nonsense? America ain't got shit to worry about for a while.

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Well, other than the bankers destroying the economy and blaming it on ethnonationalism.

rmopf2010's picture

We must thank God for this miracle, Trump and Putin should aly to save the world again from this new form of comunism.

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But did she really delete the speech she was going to deliver to her supporters? Thank god she didn't smash up her phone, the Donald claims she phoned him...

Manthong's picture

I bet George Soros and Warren Buffet are not happy campers right now…

Breaks my heart.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Soros......die scary little man.....DIE!!!

AViewFromDublin's picture

Taxi Driver for Bobby De Niro to the nearest airport..Trump will foot the bill, “you bozo, you clown, you complete embarrassment”

Robinhood's picture

big surprise, Janet shut down the printing press because things didn't go her way. Fuck you janet you cunt

boattrash's picture

Vince, maybe the sealed Docs, and the truth will finally come out and provide you with some postmortem justice.

dogfish's picture

All of Buffet's newspapers couln not save him.

GreatUncle's picture

Newspeak is the new brand of toilet paper and they print scary pictures on it to help you shit yourself.

tuetenueggel's picture

Something to wipe your ass if no muslim availlable.

AViewFromDublin's picture

dog - the MSM is finished..this was a amajor victory for alternative media. The result also shows that a lot of sheeple are waking up. Soros and his ilk must be shitting in his pants right now.

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you are right.  

the leaks from the dnc, hrc's private server, the veritas films, the "thrown into the van on 9-11 followed by the body doubles, etc. provided the content and the analysis by many, many self declared op-ed writers made this one hell of a different election.

that and the utter corruption and bias of the legacy media have changed the information nexus in the world for all time, imo.

let's find out who killed seth rich, set chelsea manning free and not hang edward snowden.  give him protected whistleblower status.

without these heroes and many others, the corruption of the u.s. government, financial and media sectors would be far less known and donald trump would not be president. 

withglee's picture

the leaks from the dnc, hrc's private server, the veritas films, the "thrown into the van on 9-11 followed by the body doubles, etc. provided the content and the analysis by many, many self declared op-ed writers made this one hell of a different election.

The trouble is, 94% of Americans know nothing about any of that ... same as the 94% that know nothing about WTC7. They'll continue to think they're paying attention by tuning into their same sources. How in the world do you change that?

Answer: The same way they did. To deal with the opposition, "be" the opposition.

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

I don't know what the % is, but I don't think it's as high as 94%.

In fact, what about the article posted a while back that more Americans now believe in the JFK and 9/11 "conspiracy theories" than believe in the .gov official story?

withglee's picture

I don't know what the % is, but I don't think it's as high as 94%.

I've been running an ongoing personal poll. When someone wants to engage me in a current events discussion I first ask them to be in my poll. They agree and I ask them to quickly tell me exactly what they are looking at as I show them a video of the WTC7 collapse. Invariably they say "controlled demolition". I say of what exactly? Have you ever seen that picture before? Only 17 out of now 274 (6%) respondents have ever seen that video ... but "all" have seen WTC1&2 fall down hundreds of times ... every year. I ask them why their source of information hasn't told them about that? I ask them how 15 cavemen with box cutters got that to happen? Conversation usually ends there. I've had only one rational response. She said "that changes everything".

Try it yourself. You'll be astounded.

In fact, what about the article posted a while back that more Americans now believe in the JFK and 9/11 "conspiracy theories" than believe in the .gov official story?

Those are all more difficult to debunk than the WTC7 collapse ... and it's taken my whole adult life to get there. WTC7 is especially significant when you show them Silverstein saying "pull it" and you show the BBC announcing the collapse 30 minutes before the fact with the building still standing behind the reporter. You don't have to get into simple facts like you can't melt steel by pouring kerosene on it and lighting it.

They are conditioned to take "me" as a wacko. They invariably ask if I think men went to the moon; are there lizard people; etc.

The WTC7 event is "absolute and obvious and indisputable" proof we are an occupied country.

Tallest Skil's picture

"You know, folks, I grew up in New York City. Bit of a rough and tumble town at that time, and working in construction, you hear a lot of things. I gotta tell you... never before in my life have I heard as many or as varied expletives as I heard on my call with Secretary Clinton. To be honest with you, I had to look a few of them up after she hung up on me. Phew... sad!"

Paul Kersey's picture

Don't feel sorry for Hillary, because now she can go back to enjoying her blissful marriage and her Playboy centerfold modeling career.

HockeyFool's picture

The Playboy Cankles edition is next month? yuck.

savedeposit's picture

Don't feel sorry for Hillary, because now she finaly can go to jail !

There fixed it forya !

jeff montanye's picture

i'm expecting her concession speech via video from qatar, since she "couldn't get a fair trial in trump's america."

have any other presidential candidates told their opponents they were going to jail the opponent if they were victorious?

that's a definition of a tough election.

tuetenueggel's picture

Playboy centerfold modeling career?

As a potatoe bag ?

Arnold's picture

As a regular in the 'Podesta the Molesta' cartoon strip.

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She called Trump from a phone with ANI (caller id), "Huma Abedin".


Were they scissoring as Clinton congratulated Trump? 

Brain Bleach! Get yer brain bleach here!

Squid Viscous's picture

drain the swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intoxicologist's picture

Yes, but all he could hear was coughing and cursing on the other end of the phone.

ZH Snob's picture

seriously.  I'll bet those praying to the true God for a trump victory outnumbered those abortion-happy atheists doing the same for hillary 1,000 to 1.

I know I did...several times.

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Fellow ZH'ers - Can a US president issue an arrest warrant for someone like George Soros or is that only something that only a magistrate or judge can do?

I'm sparring with a troll on another site and he says that the US president has no such power?


Any help would be appreciated.

jme540's picture

thanks to Obama he has right to order a murder which should be sufficient ;-)

tuetenueggel's picture

POTUS hasn´t that power.

A court can do it. or during a period of martial law POTUS also can.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Trump's Attorney General can open an investigation on Soros. But he needs to be extradicted as he will be hiding in another country.

Arnold's picture

They extradited Osama bin Laden.

It's going to be carved on the entrance lintle at the POTUS library.

presterjohn1198's picture

The President doesn't need a warrant.  He can use the Obooboo method.  Have drones follow Soros around until he presents a clear target, then toast him.

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

Just one little nit to pick.* They don't necessarily wait until the target is clear.

* How much of a "nit", I suppose, depends on whether you are the average clueless Amerifat, sitting comfortably at home with your star spangleed sunglasses on, or you are one of the "collaterally damaged" in some faraway foreign land.

Riga's picture

What about until Trump is in office Friday, January 20, 2017.

tuetenueggel's picture

Impeachment for Obimbo !!!

jeff montanye's picture

bullet proof vests, food tasters, secret service vetting and serious stuffing of the "dead man's file" with heavy emphasis on 9-11 and other false flag attacks.  interview department of justice and fbi/dea/cia/nsa/etc. etc. personnel to hit the ground running like a hungry wolf on that date.

don't let them jfk you, president trump, because they, particularly the mossad and the other 9-11 perps, know what's in store for them.

beat them to it and educate the u.s. people.  it's your only defense, imo.


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We here at ZH expect nothing less than this kind of hate from media like the Accredited Times. They are too stupid to realize they actually helped Trump win. They underestimated the American people's tolerance for Corruption and Propaganda. I'm sure they will continue to be the lapdog for the deep state. 

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He had to raise the point, so people could comment on it.

Those comments were priceless.

Arnold's picture

Torches, pitchforks, full auto weapons and sharp tongues are welcome at:


Hopefully that clears the slow traffic rubbernecking that we have here when MDB posts.

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Do you moron believe zerohedge = US?
Get a life.


wesson's picture

Mélenchon in France. It's possible !

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Oui,  vive Marine et le FN !!

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The People are Waking Up.

Merkel caved in to the Rulers but in the end only managed to wake the people up. Clinton's thought The Machine would get them in. Nope, some others in the machine had other ideas and woke the people up.