Podesta Email Exposes Ariana Huffington "Using Huffpo To Echo Hillary's Message Without Any Perceived Conflicts"

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A few months ago we wrote about a Huffington Post contributor, David Seaman, who had his publishing rights revoked after he had the audacity to write an article questioning Hillary's health.  Ironically, he was fired on August 30th, less than two weeks before Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service in New York essentially confirming every "conspiracy theory" that Seaman mentioned in his article.  Of course, the whole situation was bizarre and an obvious attempt to censor a journalist for daring to report negative news about the Huffington Post's chosen candidate.

And, while we all know that the Huffington Post is in the tank for the democratic party, the latest Podesta dump from WikiLeaks fully exposes the blatant collusion in black and white.  In the following email chain, when asked whether she would like to join the board of a pro-democrat media consortium, PMUSA, Ariana graciously declines saying that she could be more useful to the Clinton campaign by pushing its agenda through the Huffington Post "without any perceived conflicts"...yes, because no one was previously aware of the Huffpo's agenda.

"She is enthusiastic abt the project but asks if she's more useful to us not being on the Board and, instead, using Huffpo to echo our message without any perceived conflicts. She has a point."



The sender of the email is none other than Susan McCue, the former chief of staff to Harry Reid while the recipients include John Podesta and the ever controversial David Brock whose Super PAC, Correct the Record, has been sued for illegally coordinating with the Clinton campaign. 

* * *

As a reminder below is what we previously wrote about David Seaman who was fired from the Huffington Post.

Over the weekend we posted about how the media's coverage of Trump and Clinton's health had become "outright bizarre" (see "American Electorate Loses As Partisan Media Coverage Of Candidate Health Turns Outright Bizarre").  We also asked whether Google had taken measures to censor searches related to Hillary's health condition (see "Is Google Censoring Search Results To Protect Hillary?").   Turns out that the Huffington Post may have just joined in on the bizarre behavior by censoring a journalist with the audacity to question Hillary's health.

On Sunday night, an obviously shaken Huffington Post contributor, David Seaman, posted a video to YouTube after the HuffPo had taken measures to revoke his publishing access and delete two articles he had previously published on Hillary's health...a move that left him "a little scared" and "spooked out".

According to Seaman, he has a long standing relationship with the Huffington Post which has included "100's of successful articles" that have been published under the banner. 

Seaman reported the move by Huffington Post by live streaming a video of his reactions on YouTube (full video below). 

"Huffington Post, where I was a contributor, they have revoked my publishing access and they've deleted both of my articles that were published earlier over the weekend.  Both of my articles have been pulled without notice of any kind.  Just completely deleted from the internet.  And both of those articles mention Hillary's health which is both a hashtag on Twitter and I linked to a video that a YouTuber, Paul Joseph Watson, had uploaded back on August 4th showing signs that Hillary Clinton's health is quite poor."


"Whenever a video concerning a presidential candidate's health is viewed more that 3.5 million times somebody who is under contract to the Huffington Post and AOL should be able to link out to that."

Seaman goes on to point out that completely removing a published article from the internet is unprecedented and leaves him "a little scared" of being the next person to be "vanished" for criticizing the Clinton campaign. 

"I've honestly never seen anything like this.  This is happening in the United States in 2016.  It's frankly chilling.  I'm a little scared.  I'm doing this video also to say, I'm not suicidal right now; I am not a particularly clumsy person; I don't own a car at the moment.  So if I'm to slip in the shower over the next couple of days or something silly like that you have to really employ probability and statistics here because I'm not a clumsy person, right, and I'm also not a depressed person right now.  I'm a person who is spooked out though."


"For Huffington Post to delete those posts without any notice, that is Orwellian.  That is something I've read about happening in mainland China."


Fortunately, we've discovered a cached version of one of the articles published by Seaman (which can be read here).  In it, Seaman questions whether his readers truly believe Hillary to be healthy noting that he can't express an opinion because he "needs to keep [his] job and platform."  Seaman goes on to point out that "we all know what happens when you speak a little too much truth about the Establishment-beloved Clintons."   


I realize some readers might be wondering after watching Paul Watson’s video... how is she strong, or healthy, after seeing all that?


Look guys, I need to keep my job and platform. A lot of people read the Huffington Post and AOL properties. We all know what happens when you speak a little too much truth about the Establishment-beloved Clintons.


Just ask longtime broadcaster Dr. Drew Pinsky.CNN has canceled Drew Pinsky’s HLN show, Dr. Drew On Call, just eight days after Pinsky made comments on a radio show questioning the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Pinsky’s show, which is six years old, will air for the last time Sept. 22,” The Daily Beast reported.

Unfortunately for Seaman, it turns out that even posing a question about Hillary's health is a little too much for the Huffington Post.  

David Seaman


And, just for good measure, here is Paul Watson's original video posted on August 4, 2016.  Sure enough, the video is up to 3.6mm views and counting. 



Just to confirm his story, we took the opportunity to check out Seaman's "long-standing relationship" with the Huffington Post.  Certainly a quick search reveals that Seaman is a frequent contributor to the website on a variety of topics.   

David Seaman


And sure enough, two of his posts, "Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Health Records Duel" and "Hillary Clinton's Health Is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens)" seem to have been deleted from the website.  Clicking on those two posts redirects readers to the following "Editor's Note" indicating that "This post is no longer available on the Huffington Post."

David Seaman


"Surprisingly", however, the Huffington Post isn't quite as concerned about censoring Seaman's views on Canada legalizing medical marijuana...that post can still be enjoyed in its entirety. 



And the "outright bizarre" behavior continues... 

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clue - worse than Spirit Cooking

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looks like Podesta and freaks own pizza restaurants as kid trafficking fronts hence "pizza parties".

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Assange delivered.

Vote accordingly.

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Still waiting for the double whopper with extra cheese.

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I don't think we needed this email to know that FluffPo was shamelessly pumping the Clinton agenda.


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Hopefully this email get the Huff bitch in jail.

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But there's no liberal media bias. /sarc

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I want a Beanie Baby.......no.......I want a hotdog.


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Mien Fueher, Frau Huffington has zeee Ministry of Propaganda up and runink. 

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The former owner of the HuffPo was smart to sell it. Trust and non-partisanship are the key ingredients to a viable long-term news outlet. I will not cry for the huffPo though. And I could well imagine it will continue to exist - if only as a covert DNC online media outlet, financed by Soros (who personally handed jews over to the Nazis and never regretted that )and his evil gang

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please refer to it as "Huffing Poo" from now on

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The Nanny State has chosen our overlords for us. They obviously have no faith in our ability to choose for ourselves. Their contempt for us is palpable. The ends justify the means for these tyrants.

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Thank God HuffPo and much of the other MSM is protecting us from ourselves.

Anyone who votes for Trump must be crazy and therefore should be locked up.....er....protected from themselves.


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NPR, CNN, CNBC, HuffPo, WaPo, etcv are not "news" outlets they are simply propaganda distribution networks that spew fiction and lies favorbale to their masters, Wall Street, the MIC and now the DNC.


"Assad the Butcher" is a good example or Bush's lies leading us into the Iraq War. All of them advertised those lies as truths.

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If nothing else, Trump put a spotlight on media corruption.  (of course, the media isnt covering it...but some Americans got a wake up call).  Too little, too late, i am afraid. 


I suspect we're well beyond the tipping point already, folks.  



this might be a tip off that we're beyond the point of no return:  Govt workers outnumber Mfg workers by 9,970,000.


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Good start, but you leave too much risk on the table. Imagine we may hurt or kill ourselves while being locked up. Better to terminate us and every deplorable right away. Would also vacate lots of jobs that could then be filled by basement-dwelling Sanders' supporters - for half the former wage.

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The sick fucks need to be hanging.

Here is something as well: Last night, that Luciferian witch Lady Gaga got on stage at the Kuntle Rally, dressed like a nazi(sorta), remember she listed Blood and Semen as ingredients for her perfume, the "Spirit cooking" ingredients. This is a fucking big group. This is an Alister Crowley cult.

I know some of you are hoping that this will all end, but what if this is just the beginning of something?

Remember that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service(RFIS) did ask the CIA through one of its communication channels 'Why the Clinton Foundation has ordered $137 million in weapons (not sure where the order is placed though, but the Russians know), arrival in November. Going to Soros and Clinton Foundation organizations.

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Sometimes I would go to their site for some quick cheap entertainment.   This past year they have gone full tilt Hillary Bananas.

Just like all MSM, never again. 

Tune them out forever America, regardless of who wins.


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AOL Time Warner Huffington MSM

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Duh..not you but really, this a surprise. My shocked face has worn out and I have to depend on blank stare face until a replacement comes in hopefully sometime before the Drone Wars begin.

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David Brock, director of Correct the Record

James Alefantis is the owner of pizza joint Comet Ping Pong, he is the romantic partner of former CTR director David Brock. Here is a link confirming this and showing them caught up with another individual in some kind of blackmail love triangle:


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This goes beyond the President. Is it even possible to take these Demons down. This must have been going on for a long time. 

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Yeah it gets weirder.

Check out this "friendship bracelet" Biden gave to Obama.

Notice anything about it?


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The Clinton crime syndicate are pedophiles also ... divine intervention might be needed to get us out of this bad place! 

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Dumbass worked for Huffpo and questioned ANYTHING about Cankles? :A special kind of dumbass he is: as yoda would say.

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Apparently not. He just got the ZH bump..which means he'll either be A. Killed or B. not hurting for work.

Solid work, David. FUCK HUFFPO

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Another "mouthpiece"

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Infield_Fly (not verified) Nov 8, 2016 7:24 AM

Arianna Cunt - has a nice ring to it.

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She divorced her husband, but kept his name, because "The Stasinopoulou Post" does not have the same ring to it as The Huffington Post.

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Arianna has always been Queen Of The Dingbats – totally vacuous, totally shameless,  without the slightest shred of embarrassment at how transparent her  dumb HuffPost “operation” is and at how ridiculous she looks.

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She was a world class beard.

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IOW... perfect as a BFF of $Hillary's.

She's the right gender for Hillary, but a bit old for her.

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Mindless army of Hidabeast worshipers over at HuffPo?  No F in Way.

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Come on, Ariana's rag is already losing money. Don't want to upset the one way mindless natives with confusing messages.

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Huffpoo is little more than a comic book for delusional morons.

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only a clueless chump or a liar would deny that the Huff-cunt-po is on the Clinton team

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David Seaman has a quite good YouTube Channel.  Here's a new video:



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Now there's a story that should suprise absolutely no one

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Just another Globalist cunt.

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Thanks for posting the latest scandal. Please keep posting each day's scandal(s).

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How do the shareholders feel about this?

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Boycott  Huff Po.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Nov 8, 2016 7:43 AM

If the flushable version next to the toilet where it belongs?

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Truth is Treason at the Huffington Post.


Question - WTF is the Huffington Post going to whine about when Clinton gets booted?

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What the Huff n Puff Post will whine about? Let's see: How racist haters have taken over, how the vote was rigged, how much innocent illegal wetbacks are going to suffer, how privileged white men who are also women haters took away Hiltlery's chance to be the first cunt in the Offal Office and of course; how much the Jews suffered in the Holohoax!

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BEST POST OF THE DAY, you hit every "victim" of the "dominate white male misogynist society"!



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Planetary Books (not verified) Nov 8, 2016 7:43 AM

The newest election day poll by the most accurate 2016 primary polling organization shows Donald Trump winning in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia! http://bit.ly/2fyfBXx

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Does the Huffington Post provide good Pizza and Pasta?

How is their Cooking.

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The pesto sauce molds solidly on muffins, and the crispy nuts inside the hot dogs will make you do back flips. Worth every penny of $65000.