10-Year Treasury Yield Tops 2.00% For First Time Since January

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The 10 year Treasury yield has exploded a stunning 29bps off overnight lows to break above 2.00% for the first time since January...


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Trump's borrowing and roll-over costs just went up.


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well, it makes Cost Cutting and Restructuring look more attractive....(you listening mr. koskinen??)



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Theres always a surprise - even when there's a surprise, there's another surprise!

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The status quo won with Trump. He will give this market a dopey shot of Regan lite. But by no means will he change any fucing thing

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Unless he can get the Fed to print even more, he is still going to have to get the treasury to issue bonds to support all that spending...


tick tock (even louder now)

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Gold is going to be RED any moment. Unfuckingbelievable !!!!

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Deflation's back in style. You ain't seen nothing yet. See 2008 for what's probably coming by inauguration day.

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F off with your deflation nonsense. The USD is the only currency yet to roll over. it will

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It already is, hence, the Fed is becoming irrelevant...

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Yeah, like no matter what the Donald does, it ain't gonna turn the economy around on a dime and the Fed ain't gonna raise rates because it Still Stinks Out There.
I'm still an owner of ling duration high quality bonds.
Once we're jolted back to reality, it's gonna hurt bad.
Don't forget, whom ever won, half the country was going to adjudge it an illegitimate government.
The special snowflakes were devastated whom I spoke with this morning.  About 30 different folks all having coffee.  We know one another as a small area.
They were devastated.
The Hdgers might be happy, but there's the other half who are in catatonic shock. 

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Got that right.....the snowflakes are near hysterical....thanks to the MSM and the pundits, they apparently never saw it coming,

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) knukles Nov 9, 2016 1:05 PM

Good! Let them cry. Now they know how some of us felt after the last election. It was crushing to wake up and have to deal with the thought of Obama for another 4 years.

I am happy that the Second Amendment will remain safe now. I love my guns and ammo. I certainly didn't want the fucking communists going house-to-house to make sure everyone is fucking safe from their insanity. Most people don't even know I own a gun. Good. It isn't any of their fucking business. I keep it for the low-life criminal or thug that thinks that the locks on the front door don't apply to them. Anyone that makes that mistake will realize the critical error in their thinking when they hear Mr. Mossberg go click-click, boom, in the dark.

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So the bond vigilantes have been waiting for Mr. Trump to show up I see.  If you want to cut him off at the knees with his plans to spend on infrascture while cutting taxes, this would do it.

adr's picture

The nightmare just won't end.

Do I just say fuck it and increase my 401k contribution from zero to 5%.

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Let's see.  Tax cuts = bigger deficits.  Infrstructure spending = bigger deficits.  Protectionism = less foreign investment in our bond markets.


And it's clearly the fault of those damn bond vigilantes who were just waiting for Trump.  Yeah, that's it...

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And this is somehow GREAT for stocks?


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So far... for the first 4 hours.

Lets see what happens in the next 4 weeks.

nothing has changed in the global financial markets. 

the debt is still there still growing.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Once again, The Fed is quickly becoming irrelevant...