Brexit Vs US Election - Deja Vu All Over Again

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Remember this...


"Never gonna happen... all the experts said..."

Well it did!!


So now we get the bounce?

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When do the central banks meet tomorrow?

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Gee, looks like people didn't plan accordingly...hahahahah

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This is just the first step, if he doesn't do what he has promised (the Wall, illegal immigrants deported) America will collapse. The republic will die. America will become a one party state. A south american banana republic.

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King Tut (not verified) Infocat Nov 9, 2016 3:25 AM

Agreed- there are known unknowns 

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The Russians are clearly much more influential than Hillary thought, or maybe she was just shit warmed up.

I bet Putin was one of the first on the phone.

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I would be if I was in his shoes.

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I am in absolute shock. Every accredited poll predicted a Hillary landslide. How could this happen?

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will you finally Shut The Fuck Up now?


the people has chosen.

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Wow. I just woke up and Trump did it. Not entirely shocked because the American liberal class failed the American working class and also during stress the general public have a tendency to move right, nationalism.

Now we have to wait and see what Donald does. Good luck to the new President.


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I am proud to be a rayciss, misogynistic, Islamophobic, xenophobic trans-testicle hater!  It doesn't fucking matter what you call us now, bitch.

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That's the only reasonable thing to come out of your troll mouth yet.


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I was a BRXITer and they used the same tactics, calling me a racists and xenophobe. Which I never understood because I am married to an Eastern European, I was previously married to an Austrian, my first girlfriend was black and I lived with a Dutch Girl for five years.


If BS was bitumen your mouth would be a highway.

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I'm sure glad to see you up so early. ZH wouldn't be the same without you! Have a great day!

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Will we finally put these polls and pundits to bed?

Say good night gracey!

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Aren't we already a South American Banana Republic?

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Brilliant. Thank you US voters. IMHO you have done the right thing for the world.

Now we will see if Trump is his own man or a tool of TPTB. If the former I hope he has better security and luck than others before him.

Off to the bookies to collect my winnings later.

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see if Trump is his own man or a tool of TPTB

Three challenges that can (will) undo Trump:


Retain the global reserve currency (US hegemonic power over the global oil)


Wrote this before, if Trump wins it’s bad news for the dollar, bad news to US exporters/importers, but good news for gold. Good news for the very wealth. Interest rates will go up in December bringing the inflated stock market bubble to a end for a awhile, in my opinion.

Then, the we go from there, because all will depend how Trump directs the new money. Will Trump direct the money into manufacturing? If so, what kind of manufacturing. And sell to whom?

Then, if he fails, will Trump switch to a war-economy.

Anyway, for right now Obama is not a happy camper, because his legacy will be challenged even before he leaves office.

And one would though that the birth certificate was as bad as it would get.

Interesting (awkward) transition coming up.



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'Clanton' gang finished!

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'Clanton' gang finished!

That’s an understatement. Not only finished, but humiliated and with lots of its dirty laundry in the open. They will regret have run a second time.


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Congratulations to the American people, the rest of us can sleep at night knowing there won't now be a nuclear war. 

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Just listened to Trump's acceptance speech from New York. He very explicitly emphasised putting America first BUT cooperating with other countries and working to avoid conflict. None of the usual bullshit about how we have to strrengthen our military, everyone is out to get us, must have better weapons. It was so damn nice to hear an American president not talk about war, but about how America can contribute toward peace in the world.

Every American I know, literally every one, is sick of the endless wars people like Hillary and the corporate and government whores have put us, AND THE WORLD, through.

We're ready to burn down Washington and start over.

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If he can achieve the highest office in the world against all the forces lined up against him then he has got a good shot of bringing jobs back to the U.S. A big thank you has to go to Wikileaks,Assange, Zerohedge and all those who fought to bring the truth to the world. The main stream media are a disgrace. 

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I am glad Trump won and gave big FU to the establishment.
However... to think this changes anything is plain silly. Perhaps Obamacare, Supreme court justice balance and a bit of taxation, some trade saber rattling and bigger deficits. There ain't gonna be any wall on the border of Mexico, that's for sure.

All the important bits: wars, deep state, MIC, oil wars, etc.... they will continue. US youngesters in uniform will die in foreign nations due to illegal wars and politicians will stay as corrupt as ever. Insder dealing Wall St will keep on chugging along, extracting rentier-vampire profits out of the productive economy.

It takes more than one man to change completely and systemically corrupt system, where money laundering, lying and cutting sweet back room deals is the norm, not the exception.

Still, let us gloat at least for one day!


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I wish that were not true.

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Did I fall asleep at 6:00 and dream this?

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Go back to sleep and don't disturb our celebration.

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Trump!!!proud to be a deplorable!

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I gotta go to fucking bed

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HELL YEAH!! Maybe the snowflakes will hold a job and know what America is about.  #eliminateglobalists

I might actually be proud of America again.  stolen from Hitlery4Dictator... America Bless God not the other way around!

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Fuck yeah from expat living down under :)

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Fuck yeah from an expat living in the Baltics :)

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Congratulatins to all Zero Hedge posters. For a change, the people have won against tyranny! You all have done your part. Thank you for all of your posts and comments!


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I'll take a Klingon over a Clingon any day.


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Some people at the clinton foundation must be deleting emails like crazy!

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the great shredding has begun...

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Luckily the people have moral hackers, who find any shit for us.

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Did Comey back off the second time knowing that if she got charged with good proof of multiple crimes, that the AG would make a plea deal and Oboma would pardon her?

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-That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach-


Aldous Huxley

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Congratulations to the people of America from billy bullshit in the UK.

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VERY happy to be short equities and long gold now! Only had 3% exposure... anything more would just be insane... I am not psychic :)

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No $100 pop on Gold like the Brexit. Actually dropped $40 since Trump won.

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For once Trump isn't the only person up at this time of day.

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Amen!  Crash the casino!