Peasant Revolt Trumps Globalist Establishment

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The following article by David Haggith was published first on The Great Recession Blog:

Trump's corporate tax cut is a gift to himself like his corporate jet.

They awakened the sleeping giant, the great middle class of America. On this historic night, the average citizens of the United States roared and joined Brexit in voting against globalism and in favor of nationalism. To empower Trump, the middle class also handed him a completely Republican-controlled congress.

They tore down President Barrack Obama’s legacy. Obamacare will be repealed. The Iran nuclear agreement, which was established only by executive order, can be easily ended by executive order. Numerous legacy achievements that Obama thought he could do unilaterally by executive order can now all be undone in a day. (Though I’m sure Trump will give them much more careful thought that that, but such are the possibilities when you ignore the people’s house and act on your own.)

For liberals and globalists, for the establishment on Wall Street, the world is a different place at the end of the day than it was at the dawn. Many liberals scoffed derisively at the notion that Trump could win. Democratic talking heads like Alan Colmes brazenly told Trump supporters to call him after the election because Hillary was going to win for certain, and they could eat their words; but Trump destroyed the Democratic establishment, giving the entire GOP a victory that even the GOP didn’t believe was coming its way. It wound up being a good thing for them that Trump was on their side.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats alike failed to perceive the rage of the forgotten middle class as certainly as they failed to see the Great Recession coming. This was not a vote for the man. It was a vote for revolution. Many of the swing voters who proved essential to Trump’s victory could barely stomach voting for Trump because of his arrogance, his trickle-down tax plan, his often expressed attitudes to women, the fact that he is the one percent and always has been. I’m not saying most Trump supporters had those concerns about Trump. Not at all, but the swing voters who made this victory possible in polls that were tight in much of the country. The one thing they all saw in Trump is that he was their only hope for a candidate who could grab the establishment by the shoulders and shake it up.

It is the people who were concerned that Trump is too much of a loose cannon and to reckless in speech who did have those concerns who came out of the closet and voted for him at the last moment — supporters in the end the even the Trump campaign didn’t know about. And it is those voters that I’ve been saying are the likely hidden voters that pollsters were not seeing — people who were not willing to say to anyone they would vote for Trump because there was so much they disliked about him, but who would vote for him at the end of the day because they are so thoroughly disgusted with the establishment. These sleeper votes turned a questionable win into a strong win.

Whether their hope will be well invested, I don’t know. I certainly hope it will. Trump has so far, picked purely establishment people to be his team (Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore for his tax team, a Goldman Sachs VP as his likely Treasurer, and Pence and his VP), but he hasn’t chosen many yet, so I can hope that doesn’t represent the course he will take.  Or maybe he has some miraculous ability to work with the establishment in order to change it, rather than throw it out. I don’t know.

If you look at a map of all county’s, colored by which candidate that county voted for, the Unites States is a sea of red, even greater than Reagan had. If you look at the popular vote, it was a thin victory of only about 1.5%.

I can hope the sea of red thatTrump received in support and the knowledge that it was not catering to those establishment leaders and advisors that got him to victory but those millions of Middle Class voters looking to him in hope … I can hope that even humbles the great Trump and crystalizes in his mind that he has been chosen to work for the Middle Class. I think the magnitude of this election could very well do that, and his victory speech showed a man who appeared humbled by the victory — a good thing to see in someone who has spent most of his life telling the world how phenomenally great he is.

Trump also would never have won, except that Hillary was so horrible that numerous Democrats couldn’t stand voting for her. She may hold the record for being the candidate most disliked by her own people. Even her campaign managers wrote about her “unlikability factor.” She was a hard-fighting opponent, but she had to be because she came with so many liabilities.


Stock market dive is certain


The stock market will nosedive in the morning. Futures in the market show that, so it’s not a hard economic prediction to make. There is, in fact, no surprise in that for anyone, as nearly everyone has said it will happen; but will this be the cataclysmic crash I’ve predicted, or will it be like Brexit where the market plunged in shock for a few days and then found its balance?

The stock market was a rickety scaffolding built up to the clouds anyway. So, it was certain to fall soon, regardless of who won. However, a Trump win assured it will drop immediately because Trump’s victory strikes fear in the hearts of Wall Street that his gracious victory speech is not likely to overcome.

The market had priced itself for a Hillary win, particularly in the past two days after Comey backed out of investigating Hillary a second time. So, now it has to correct itself. The problem is that, if it really corrects itself, it has a lot of correcting to do. I can’t say if it will turn out to be like the the Brexit plunge — a brief release of shock realigning to a new reality — or the crash I’ve been predicting for this year.

My conviction has been that the Federal Reserve and others will just let it fall so they can blame the failure of their false recovery on Trump. I’m not sure they will even have a choice , as the market may gain enough momentum when it starts falling that it cannot stop. The first plunge can contribute business collapses that bring more decline. Global stock markets may fall even harder in fear of what they perceive as isolationism and lack of support for allies like NATO. Whether those perceptions are valid is irrelevant, as the markets rise and fall on perceptions.

I am certain the establishment will not get it. They will blame the market’s fall on Trump, saying it is proof that he’s an economic disaster, rather than on the fact that this market was ready to fall at any moment. That’s why the government and Federal Reserve appeared to be barely able to hold the market up. It flatlined for months, even with a huge increase in government spending and with the Federal Reserve repeatedly holding off on it promised interest increases.


The establishment fear factor


I’ve pointed out several times that Trump’s tax plan is the greatest gift Wall Street, corporations and stockholders have ever seen. Those tax savings could easily make up for the losses corporations fear in Trump’s promised renegotiation on free trade. So what is the Wall Street  establishment afraid of?

Change, and lots of it by a loose canon they cannot control

Loss of control over other politicians who gravitate toward Trump’s popularity.


More than anything, the 90%.

If Trump takes this Middle-Class revolution deeply to heart and the Republican Party trembles in fear at the rising of the Middle Class and moves with it, then this night has the power to be a game-changer for the elite. Real power has always rested in the 90% … in the people … if they would wake up and realize they do have the power because they have the numbers to force changes; but until now they didn’t know they had the numbers. I am hoping they have risen to say, “From now on, look out for the Middle Class first … in your tax breaks and everything else you do.”

If Trump disappoints such a high calling, a much bigger  and nastier revolt is likely later, as the Middle Class will not take lightly to being fooled by the establishment again. Trump’s tax plan and chosen associates caused me to ask earlier in the season if Trump was just the establishment’s Trojan horse. The plan assures we will continue to dive at the same rate deeper into debt, though such ramped-up debt spending by government will stimulate the economy some in the short term, but it is more of the same thing … on steroids — buying ourselves some comfort and security at someone else’s expense down the road — not paying for what we gain.

I don’t think Trump ever expected a win like this. If he makes himself the champion of the Middle Class and not his own class and his own interests, his presidency could be extraordinary. If, in the end, he focuses on serving Trump, his presidency will be a disastrous loss of hope and rise of rage.

But this is the time when economic denial begins to break. Markets will fall around the world because all globalists have reason to tremble if Trump is the real deal — not because of Trump’s innate power or wisdom but because he has tapped into the rage of the silent majority, and they are silent no longer. He has catalyzed them, and that means he has their power behind him if he rises to the call. If he truly focuses on empowering that electorate, they will empower him, and he can change the nation even more than Reagan did. But he has to rise to that.


Hell Week still on the calendar


At least as strong possibility. Globalists don’t just give up on half a century or more of scheming. Those in power don’t hand it over. There is much opportunity here for the establishment to make Trump the scapegoat for their own failure for weeks and months to come because most people do not believe economic collapse is imminent as I do (and as I suspect most of my readers do, though I can’t speak for others).

Many people don’t think things will certainly fall apart now economically. That makes the clear economic problems that rise from this point forward easy to blame on Trump because a sleepwalking populace has believed the recovery illusion. While consumer confidence has been falling of late, the number of people who believe the economy was doing OK was greater than the minority like readers of this blog who highly doubted that it was.

Trump gave a heartfelt and gracious victory message to calm people by helping them believe a sharply divided nation can be healed; but I am concerned the fears and wounds from a divisive and campaign and the ideological differences mean that a second miracle is needed in one night for divisiveness to end, and two miracles in one night are a lot to hope for.

In the remainder of the week, I wonder if the outcome of the election will be challenged by Clinton. So far, it looks like it won’t. There could be recounts. Then arguments over the recounts. There could be charges by the Hillary campaign of election fraud and maybe a Supreme Court challenge like we saw with Al Gore. As Podesta said at the end of the Hillary party, “We’ll have more to say tomorrow.” That sounded to me like the fight was still on; but then Hillary called Trump to graciously concede. That gives a little hope for healing.

You see, while the Trumpettes are blowing their horns in celebration (and I’m glad they are and just hope they get what they are hoping for), almost half of the population is completely disillusioned tonight. To their way of thinking, the United States is filled with fools who elected a clown as president. They are in shock at a world that they think has gone mad. I don’t think we’ve ever had an election where half the populace so hated a president, other than when Obama was elected and the other half hated the president.

I hope we can stand our grand in insisting everyone focus on rebuilding the Middle Class, as being essential to everyone’s good, for without a Middle Class there is no market for the wealthy. This may, however, be an impossible divide to bridge. Remember, in terms of the popular vote, almost half of all those who voted supported Hillary. Most have been quite passionate in their support. They see a world they believe chose Trump out of racial hatred (and perception is reality with that kind of thing), and his way of saying things tends to be easily perceived in the worst way as people listen with their fears and their prejudices.

So, can Trump be enough of a true uniter to get his needed legislation passed without caving in to the establishment. Can you put Hillary in jail and not crystalize the ire of her supporters? It doesn’t seem possible.

Paul Ryan may lose his leadership over the House for his rejection of Trump, followed by support that may have been too late to save his hide. I expect Democrats to demand FBI Director Comey’s head, and I can’t image Trump will give Comey a lot of support, given his last-minute repeat capitulation to Clinton. Trump has reputation of getting even. Expect to see the Justice Department turned inside out. Expect to see a shake-up at the Federal Reserve. If he’s going to be what he’s said he will be, there are many things to take apart, and it’s hard to believe that can be done without stirring up a lot of wrath.

Last night we had a shooting with one killing and three wounded at a polling station in Azusa, California. Let’s hope it’s a one-off.

I hope I’ll be wrong about Hell Week. The size of Trump’s victor give me some hope. If it were a tiny or indecisive victory, I’m certain all Hell would break loose, fighting for the scraps of territory that remained; but the victory may be strong enough that it’s hard to contend, and Trumps speech was a step in the right direction.


Finally, with the US and Britain having both been brave enough to risk voting for an exit from the rule of the globalist establishment, think what the big victory of Trump and his supporters might do to encourage the eagerness of other nations to make similar exits. This adds more likelihood to some breakup happening in the Eurozone. So, change is going to happen; but change usually creates turbulence and doesn’t come easily.

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Knave Dave's picture

I know. It felt wonderful. Like you say, it's all on his shoulders now because his party runs the entire government. So, lets go back to cracking open the champaign. And we'll see what happens.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Nov 9, 2016 11:29 AM



Trump Wins the Presidency, GOP Hardest Hit



monad's picture

Obama's legacy is to be convicted of treason with the Clintons. So many cronies to throw under the bus.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Nov 9, 2016 9:50 AM

Lots of calls for temperance and generosity from the Republican Establishment mouthpeices today. It's funny because they act as if The President obeys them. Even now they don't understand that their time is over.

It's not time for reconciliation, but I think that's where Trump is headed and if so things aren't going to change very much at all. Then again, they could piss him off repeatedly and that could encourage him to have rounds of mass firings. He needs to start with the generals in charge of the nuclear weapons.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Nov 9, 2016 9:44 AM

Knave Dave should know better than to accept the MSM's false proposition that "half of Americans" voted for Hillary. Half of Americans didn't even vote, and those who did voted against Hillary. He also ignores the obvious fact that Hillary's vote count, like her "popularity" was fraudulent. Her so-called popularity was an MSM invention, and it was so threadbare by the middle of summer that it was barely believed even that far back.

Her vote tally was fraudulent as well. For a pretty smart blogger, Dave is buying into some pretty big lies if he really believes that voters are the ones who are disappointed with the Clinton defeat. I think he's right in saying that most Americans think that the economic situation is much better than it actually is, but:

"but then Hillary called Trump to graciously concede. "

When did this happen? Is Dave watching CNN?

Knave Dave's picture

I didn't say half of Americans voted for Hillary. Far from it. I said half of those who voted, voted for Hillary. Nor have I ever said Hillary was popular. I've written several articles here saying how horrible she is and said before the election that I thought Trump had the better chance of winning because he was far more likely to have closet voters that the polls couldn't get a count on than Hillary was. Nor did I say that voters, as in all voters are unhappy with her defeat. On the contrary, I said Trumps supporters are happy and celebrating, and I'm glad they are.

But I know so many HIllary supporters and Trump haters, that my own experience says the popular vote count is not a fabrication of the media. Easily, half the people I know are arden Hillary supporters who have said they will move to Canada if Trump wins. And I don't particularly hang out in a mostly liberal crowd. (Not that I think there was no fraud, but I think the count matches up with my own observations, so I think the fraud was probably relatively minor; but who knows.)

Trump is the one who said in his victory speech that HIllary called him and conceded very graciously. So, you'll have to ask Trump when that was.


Kagemusho's picture

With all the email revelations, there's only one place for Hillary, and that's prison. To be joined by all the other spirit dinner eating sickos.

Trump represents a broom; the people who elected him have to use him, not just let it stand up in the corner, gathering dust. A House (and of course, Senate) cleaning is long overdue. And there's quite a few bureaucracies that ought to go into the dust-bin. This is only the end of the beginning; the real work is only just starting.

Knave Dave's picture

That's right. There is a lot of house cleaning that needs to happen, and while Trump was gracious about Hillary, she still needs to be prosecuted. I'm not so sure he's going to follow through on his word and put her in jail, though.

Iamanisland's picture

Ok - First Executive Order ....make GM bring back the (middle class) OLDSMOBILE!

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Iamanisland Nov 9, 2016 9:47 AM

The Oldsmobile will have to wait until there's a middle class to buy it.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Nov 9, 2016 9:04 AM

The first thing Trump needs to do is ride roughshod through the Republican Party and finish off the globalists there. And he needs to be magnanimous while he does it so he looks like a nice guy.

Knave Dave's picture

Yes. Tone the rhetoric way, way down and go about cleaning house. Like Teddy Roosevelt said, time to speak softly but carry a big stick. Otherwise, the opportunity to throw the establishment out is lost by just trying to please everyone, which isn't going to happen anyway. But there are many ways that he can be very civilised about how he goes about doing things.

oncemore's picture

If he will screw banks, necons and 17 spy agencies, then he will prevail as the winner.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

KRUGMAN is now setting up Trump as the fall guy for the coming recession.  Of course, being a globalist and a Fed fanboi, he never blames the central bankers.

And this is how they are going to attack him after he takes office.  Mark my words.

Knave Dave's picture

Yep. Just as I've been predicting, I'm already hearing the liberal left blame today's stock market crash on Trump. In one sense, it is him. He's the trigger because his victory causes massive fear. But the smart readers here know it was coming down soon anyway. I've said the one silver lining on a Hillary victory would be that the establishment couldn't shed the blame for the economic collapse on any scapegoat; but that, if Trump wins, the blame will all fall on him. You could see them prepping the way to do this by talking about how the market will fall. And now they are all over it like flies. They will constantl say the entire economic crisis is his fault and the fault of those they will say are foolish Americans who "threw away the recovery," and, thus, their denial won't be broken, and we won't be any closer to a real rebuild of the economic structures that need to be changed because even Trump isn't talking about those. The crash of the market is going to be heaped (undeservedly) on his head and on all Republicans since they will soon hold all the reins of power. People would rather feel right than learn anything.

oncemore's picture

I do not worry about Trump's economic policy. Reagan, an actor, was able to move it. Trump should do as good if not better as Reagan.

This jewish expert from jewish NYT runs against a wall&is turning histerical.

Knave Dave's picture

I hope you're right, but I agree with the architect of Reagan's plan, David Stockman, that the plan did not go as intended and started us on the course we have been on because of the enormous deficits that began under Reagan because the tax breaks to the top did not produce the kind of tax revenue increase they had promised. In fact, Stockman says the deficits would have been massively worse, had Reagan not immediately backtracked on some of his tax cuts to a more stable position; but the debt still went up faster than anytime in history prior to that. Stockman doesn't believe Trump has a plan that will save the economy now either, and neither do I for reasons I've pointed out in other articles. It's just trippling down on trickle-down economics, and doubling down certainly didn't make anything better during George W. Bush's reign. So, trippling down will only make things worse, though there may be an economic stimulus effect from it in the near term. Note, however, that there was no sustainable economic stimulus effect from the Bush tax cuts.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I would also like to follow up by saying I haven't been this proud of my American brethren south of the border in a long, long time.

Grats !!

I never thought I would say this, but it would appear that the USA saved the world last night.

Go populism !!

Next stop, dissolve the EU, dismantle NATO, and screw the globalists in Brussels, and all who would join them.

Knave Dave's picture

Indeed, congrats. The country pulled a Brexit in spite of the experts. The globalists will be confounded so long as Trump follows through, and it's the task of everyone who supporter him to watch closely to see that he does. I hope that somehow he will start to recognize the kind of major overhaul the economy needs and not just depend on another borrow-and-spend stimulus plan, as he has said he will. It's time to stop buying on debt and start changing the entire underlying structure of the monetary system and economy and time to change corporate laws to make it easier to prosecute the top brass who brought this whole mess on the first time. Time to break big banks down into much smaller components that are completely seperate corporations, as was done with Ma Bell. Time to put barriers back in place that pevented banks from gambling in the stock market. Lots of really tough challenges that I haven't heard anyone in either campaign talking about.

Don Treadonme's picture

Feeling magnanimous this morning! I'd like to thank our Banks for donating so generously to the corrupt clinton foundation/campaign, lavishing riches upon her --- for nought!

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Peasant Revolt Trumps Globalist Establishment"

Best headline!

There's only one word to describe what happened last night: "Phee-ew".

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

... almost half of the population is completely disillusioned tonight. To their way of thinking, the United States is filled with fools who elected a clown as president. They are in shock at a world that they think has gone mad.

Yeah, well, "almost half of the population" thought the same thing when Obummer was elected president - except he was (and IS) a Manchurian candidate for TPTB.

Mike Masr's picture

Where is Million Dollar Bonus? LoL

Lordflin's picture

You folks are too hard on the poor fellow. In the midst of serious debate the occasioned comic relief is welcome...

JailBanksters's picture

While I'm happy Satan's Love Childs did not get the Job.

Why did he praise her, is he going to give her, her old Job back ?

All I can see happening is, kick out one pack of Jews in the White House, and install another set of Jews in the Trump House.



gmak's picture

We've all lived beyond our means as the establishment took our money, borrowed in our name and gave it to the least productive members of society. The bill is coming due and it doesn't matter who is in charge. 


I really hope that Trump has the advisors and the willingness to listen to the people that elected him and to do something for the so-called "middle class" which is really all of us who work to support this continent.


I fear that it doesn't matter whom is in charge when the SHTF. I only hope that the new administration moves quickly and surely to get us ready for the storm.

Knave Dave's picture

That is EXACTLY right. Until we get serious about the real elephant in the room that neither Republicans (including Trump) nor Democrats have said anything much about -- the national debt -- nothing else they do is going to be a long-term answer. Trump has talked a little about restructuring the debt, but he has also put foward a plan that will certainly increase the debt. That doesn't work. Restructuring it so that you have a little room to pile more on top only buys time; but it doesn't take us any closer to an answer, and we have all seen that buying more time (kicking the can down the road) has never done a thing to get congress to start creating the kinds of underlying changes that need to happen. We appear to be far, far from that realization.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) gmak Nov 9, 2016 9:53 AM


Secret Weapon's picture

Once you factor in how many of Clinton's votes were stolen/rigged/fake, the Trump popular vote was actually quite big. 

SheepDog-One's picture

'Almost half the population is disillusioned tonite'.....well sure they'll find the ObaMao Phones will be turned off, but maybe they can head back to Guatemala and see if their Prez is offering a free living for their vote? Reality, bitches.

Knave Dave's picture

And just to be clear, I'm not saying "feel sorry for them." I'm just saying it assures a very rocky road ahead because you cannot really do much to change course with half the populous dead-set against. You can win an election due to the way he electoral college works. Thus, Trump won, in spite of Hillary getting more in the popular vote. It makes now difference whether her popular vote was real or rigged; she had the higher numbers in the actual, but he still won big. However, in the real world, you don't get that kind of boost that amplifies your wins that the electoral college gives. So, now it's going to take some great diplomatic skill and leadership to get enough votes in congress to pass legislations; BUT he does have a much bigger win than the establishment thought he would, and that could serve as a pretty big mandate to get Republicans to pay attention unless they want the next anti-estblishment candidate to have even more support. I think that starting out in a magnanimous way and clearl non-racist way -- so long as he doesn't cave in on his promises just to seem magnanimous -- has to be the only path going forward that stands any chance of accomplishing anything. But that will take a second miracle with so much resentment against him. I hope he finds a path to make it work, but I'm more inclined to think economic ruin still lies straight ahead.

Memedada's picture

Hillary and Trump were both the most disliked candidates in US history.

The majority of US voters did not vote for the candidate they liked the best, but for the candidate they disliked the least. US is not “divided” more than before – US is ruled by the banks before the election and will be after the election. Corporate US was the only winner. The banks and the FIRE-sector in general have lost 0 % of their power. They still own USA and the political system. Now they have one of their own as president (would have had no matter who won).

Change is not coming via the voting-booth – never has and never will (“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal”).  

Next is disillusionment (the same the Obame-crowd have felt during his reign on behalf of his real constituents - the owners/the 0,01%).

Hillary would have been a guaranteed continuation of technocratic fascism, but Trump is more dangerous in a way: he represents fascism with a passion/hate. Trump will bring no change (for the better). My prediction – time will tell.

Knave Dave's picture

I generally agree. In one of my articles I pointed out reasons that I wonder if Trump is a Trojan horse. I certainly hope he isn't, and the passion of hate certainly cannot possible create a nation that has enough unity to move anywhere. So, further chaos seems much more likely to be; but I want do and say all I can to encourage a populist movement that, at least, had what it took to vote for real change, not fake change. Rage can certainly create victory in an election (like almost nothing else), but it takes wisdom to lead and compassion to gain the hearts of the people in order to lead really well. Trump masterfully tapped into the rage as I have hoped someone finally would. Now, as you say, only time will tell whether this person who has seemed more like a bragging baffoon has the wisdom and heart to lead and inspire. The victory, itself, could change him and help him want to be that man, and I hope it does. I'm glad for the victory; but it will take great wisdom to lead a nation out of this mess.

Galieo's picture

Thank God -  The end of niggerization of America.

dizzyfingers's picture

Thank heaven there's cause for hope again.

divingengineer's picture

Hope springs eternal, it saddens me that half of america feels like the end is nigh. 

No matter how he performs, this will be a better course for us all. 

divingengineer's picture

Although time will tell whether this slowed the globalist agenda, it felt good to deliver a good solid kick to their collective gonads. 

Now, we will see if our support was misplaced or not. I have a lurking fear that he has promised alot, just like Obama did in 2008. 

Now he can show us what he's got, no excuses, no whinning about congress obstructing him, no shuck and jive with EO and other illegal, unilateral moves. 

He's in, now show us something.