Rioting Snowflakes: Hillary Fanatics Burn Flag, Threaten To Kill "Not My President" Trump

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America's pampered snowflakes, attending liberal universities all around the country, were apparently "triggered" by Trump's victory last night which caused them to take to the streets in protest.  "Fuck Donald Trump" and "Not My President" seemed to be the preferred rallying cries of these pampered, entitled youth as they took to the streets and destroyed public property.

Fires were set by protesters in Oakland...


A video posted by Alex Terceros (@alex_terceros) on Nov 9, 2016 at 12:42am PST


While mass protests also took place in Portland...

...and UC Berkley, of course.



Meanwhile, other snowflakes, all of whom we're certain are firm advocates of tougher gun laws, took to twitter begging for someone to assassinate Trump. 




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yo...SS agents...get crackin on these fucks


Jim Sampson's picture

Liberals cry, whine, and destroy to get what they want.

Others see a change coming and plan accordingly.


Start eliminating the problem aka the Liberal scum!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Cognitive Dissonance can be a real bitch to work through.

The deeper the denial, the more it cuts to the bone.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Soros will be firing up Black Lives Matters with extra cash soon, too.  Need more chaos...

J S Bach's picture

We expect nothing less from the lower simians in our midst.  Please, do continue your antics.  It only serves to wake up more white devils to the need for your inevitable deportation.

FatTony7915726's picture

Where are the good ole' Irish cops of New York of the 1950's with their night sticks made of solid thick oak wood.  Crack a few fucking heads and maybe knock some sense into these bums or put them in a vegetative state!

y3maxx's picture

--Why do DNC supporters consistently revert to violence and dirty tricks?
-In fact Hillary, is now proven to have stolen the Democrat nomination from Sanders. 
--Plus after 8 yrs, the Democrats, led by Obama and Hillary have doubled the deficit and near bankrupted America's middle class.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Violence and dirty tricks ? They set a couple of trash cans on fire, yelled some kind of shit about Donald Duck is fucking Goofy and called it a Riot ?

That is the most pathetic 'Riot' I have ever seen.

My contacts tell me they have been thrown out of the Paris and Belfast branches of the rioters union weeks ago.

Whats next ? they will have a food fight at chucky cheese ? Hell in a handbasket is assured when the young revolutionaries only riot in a safe space.

Millenials are really (sadly) fucked by the school system and dont really know what they are fighting or why.

They object to the wind and tides and fantasy creatures.

Well done Commie teacher bastards, you have nut clipped a generation.

NoVa's picture

idiots - their social media will now be used against them as Trump now has the Federal POlice and SS to hunt down these threts.



PT's picture

Nova:  No need.  Just point their own words out to them.
Tell me again, who are the violent and intolerant ones?
Tell me again, who are the violent and intolerant ones?
Tell me again, who are the violent and intolerant ones?
Tell me again, who are the violent and intolerant ones?

Actually, no.  These fuckers are full on double-think.  They'll never get it.  Scribe their own words on all the walls in their homes and see how many years it takes for them to acknowledge - I still can't see it.

PT's picture

Dear Hillbullies*, you want someone else to shoot Trump?  Why don't You shoot Trump?  Oh, that's right.  You're the one who doesn't want guns.  You're all peaceful except when you can't get your way.  What's the name of your party again?  Democrats?  I wonder what that word means.  As the other guy said, the Cog Dis is strong in these ones.

* Hillbullies:  Word coined by Scott Adams.  And they don't miss an opportunity to prove it.

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The Saint (not verified) PT Nov 9, 2016 8:52 PM

I know the perfect safe place for those poor little riotous, life threatening Snowflakes.

A nice cozy Jail Cell.  About a year or two should do nicely.


PT's picture

And decorate the cell with their own words.  Don't let 'em out until they get it.

Creative_Destruct's picture

US Code - Section 879: Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons - See more at:

 Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon - (1) a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President; (2) a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect; (3) a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or (4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056(a)(6);

shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. - See more at:

Enjoy the workfarm yung-uns!

philipat's picture

If they had any clue, they would see that it is Shitlery and the Establishment who are screwing them and would continue to do so left to their own devices. WHy can's students protest in favor of truth and against worthwhile causes like in the 60's?

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These morons better harden up and do it fast. The world doesn't offer safe spaces outside of liberal academia so you better get your head right before you graduate from uni to burgers.

just sayin

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Most of them are just pissed off because they won't have Hillary to forgive their student loans or let them go to college for free, taking various classes until they are old enough to apply for Social Security. 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

They were NEVER going to have their loans forgiven.  It was Obama who said, "Hillery will say anything to get elected."

Lore's picture

You nailed it. Demise of the welfare state is pissing off progressivist psychopaths and entitlement-acculturated snowflakes. The racket has almost run its course for this cycle.

Guilty confession: I've never experienced such intense and satisfying schadenfreude.

I'm reminded of an experience with obvious parallels: walking through the toy section of a department store many years ago, I found someone's child in the midst of the most violent temper tantrum, lying on the floor in a pile of smashed toys, tears streaming down his beet-red face, kicking and pounding his fists, screaming like a banshee and shouting at the top of his lungs: "I WANT SOMETHING!!!" 

But this is a very dangerous time, because we have an inkling of how bad things could get over the next few years. If dependents are angry now, JUST WAIT.  The forces that we see converging have been building for decades, but progressive administrations made the deliberate decision to turn a blind eye, may God or karma bite each and every one of them in the ass. 

Organizations cannot heal while power is held by psychopaths, and crisis is a choice. People of conscience among the intelligence agencies and brain trusts and think tanks would do well to bear this in mind. 

P.S. ZH seems to be running much better. If somebody fixed or patched something, THANKS!

WorkingFool's picture

Exactly! After years of public school indoctrination they have no real productive skills - they only know how to vote DemoRAT.  These fools now are the new Brown Shirts - and Soros has his finger on the button.

Indoctrination has the same effect as low IQ.  It prevents independent critical thought.

shamus001's picture

They murdered 5 and heavily wounded 2 in Seattle.  They can't march on the white house, because they live in their parents basements and have no supplies, or jobs for that matter.  The ones who were murdered were clearly shot by democrat thugs with illegal guns (because Republicans take background checks for theirs)

uzsibox's picture

Yaknow if what we call "intelligence" wasn't just a fucking urban myth, brainwashing to a degree like this shouldn't be possible. If we are trully different from animals and are self aware we should have the ability to question and think things trough no? I mean there is a lot of info freely available about both sides of the coin and if you really wanted to take a stand you could come to a very good conclusion. 

I mean fucking Mao-Ce killed off all the thieves and poachers, yet they fucking popped up again in the population after 10 years time...

So the basic animalistic instincts just keep popping up over and over, and intelligence is a fucking myth. 

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One of the comments I picked up on in Trump's acceptance speech was where he talked about how many Generals were behind his team, and how the military was behind him. 

That was some serious signalling to TPTB that if they start anything at home or abroad, Trump has the military on his side. To me, that was the most important thing he said. A giant signal that there would be no war with Russia between now and January, and any attempt at a civil war would fail. 

SickDollar's picture

just throw one can of gas and they will run like chickens back to their parents basement


BabaLooey's picture




Dispurses this mosh pit of fuckers, AND, gives the pukes a sorely needed bath.


Notice - these cunts only come out at night - and ONLY in crowds.


Get them alone or in small groups, they turn into jello.


Oh, and by the way - Soros - if you are funding this in any way - FUCK YOU



Fuck YOU anyway you prick.

random999's picture

Great that Obama and Hillary created the militarised police. Send in the assault riffles to clean up scum like that "death to trump and all his supporters" dude.

After the cleansing, de-equip the police back to 6-shooters and batoons.

Liberal's picture

as a staunch liberal, i strongly oppose guns and violence unless they're directed at republicans and their sympathizers. we must kill lives to save lives. we must ban all guns unless we on the left need them. we must wage a war to promote peace!

we will not rest until we eradicate racism by offing all Constitution-loving honkeys and crackers!

californiagirl's picture

Deport snowflakes. Perhaps to Sweden

RaceToTheBottom's picture

I am guessing these were the ones that voted for third party candidates but could not make the mental connection of their actions....

chubbar's picture

The sad part is that 99% of these kids couldn't elaborate on exactly why they don't like Trump other than the buzz phrases that they have heard from the media. They can't tell you in detail any specific Trump position and why they don't like it as well as why Hillary had a better way of dealing with that specific issue. It's all these charges of racist, etc., that has these idiots all fired up. All of which were taken out of context and twisted by the media to make a talking point for Hillary's campaign. It's just fucking ridiculous. I can't remember being that stupid and malleable at that age.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Chubbar, it is not their age.  My kids are very much capable of critical thinking and articulating their ideas. 

However, I have several adult friends and acquaintances that fit perfectly with your description:

...couldn't elaborate on exactly why they don't like Trump other than the buzz phrases that they have heard from the media. They can't tell you in detail any specific Trump position and why they don't like it as well as why Hillary had a better way of dealing with that specific issue. It's all these charges of racist, etc.

robnume's picture

Aren't you amazed, HH at all the violent "Bernie" supporters raging in NYC? Putin must've sent 'em all in to wreck Trump's victory. Yep, it's all Bernie and Putin's fault. As a former Bernie-ite myself, almost every Bernie supporter I know of voted Trump yesterday. We all just said, "NO" to Shillary.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"The sad part is that 99% of these kids couldn't elaborate on exactly why they don't like Trump"

Clearly, the shocking reality is causing some Cog Dis. The interesting question is if they will figure out that one of the things they should be pissed off about is that they were lied to by the DEM media. 

Blankman's picture

I was that stupid at their age, I was just smart enough to keep my mouth shut...

PT's picture

By the time I was old enough to vote I had already worked out that the political system was a two-headed beast.

undertow1141's picture

USMC boot camp at 17 kept me from reaching this level of stupid thankfully.

Bryan's picture

I think you are exactly right.  +1

nmewn's picture

I'm just gonna throw this out there (cuz I'm such a fucking dick and just luvvv ramming progressive faces into exactly is Twitters "Trust & Safety Council"?...these tweets seem a little "unsafe".

They all crying in their "collective" pillows...on vacation...wut? ;-)

boattrash's picture

nmewn, You sir, may have just won my "Comment of the Day" vote...and believe me, I've seen some great ones.

nmewn's picture

lol...why, Twitters "trust & safety council" must be superior to all other trust & safety councils!...cuz they haven't locked the accounts down or banned, nothing but completely safe & trustworthy peeps to see here!...or sumpin ;-)

glenlloyd's picture

These are blatant threats and law enforcement needs to treat them as such.

It's especially bad because it's the future POTUS

Go get em boys...

bidaskspread's picture

Go to hell Hipsters and take your smelly organic urban chicken farms with you!!!

SgtShaftoe's picture

Organic chicken farms don't smell unless you're doing it very wrong.  We have just about 100 chickens and they don't smell at all. 

undertow1141's picture

But the feathers are all over the place. Got 29 mini-dinos here.

onewayticket2's picture

Flashback:  "We have to give them enough room to destroy (their own neighborhood)"


....and liberals wonder why they lost.

JRobby's picture

Euthanize them. They are beyond help.