The Source Of Our Rage: The Ruling Elite Is Protected For The Consequences Of Its Dominance

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Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

ELECTION NOTE: As I write this Tuesday evening, it appears Donald Trump may win the presidency. For those who cannot understand how anyone could possibly vote for Trump, please read the above essay again and ponder what people were voting against by voting for Trump.


They may well have been voting against the corrupt, self-serving status quo rather than voting for the individual Donald Trump.


There are very few opportunities for powerless non-elites to register their disapproval of the nation's Ruling Elite and the corrupt status quo. Voting for an outsider in a national election is one such rare opportunity.


As I noted in October, The Ruling Elite Has Lost the Consent of the Governed (October 20, 2016).


If you still don't understand how Trump could win, please read the below essay as many times as is necessary for you to get it: the status quo of corrupt self-serving insiders generates injustice and inequality as its only possible output.

There are many sources of rage: injustice, the destruction of truth, powerlessness. But if we had to identify the one key source of non-elite rage that cuts across all age, ethnicity, gender and regional boundaries, it is this: The Ruling Elite is protected from the destructive consequences of its predatory dominance.

We see this reality across the entire political, social and economic landscape.

If I had to pick one chart that illustrates the widening divide between the Ruling Elite and the non-elites, it is this chart of wages as a share of the nation's output (GDP): 46 years of relentless decline, interrupted by gushing fountains of credit and asset bubbles that enriched the few while leaving the economic landscape of the many in ruins.

The Ruling Elite once had an obligation to uphold the social contract as a responsibility that came with their vast privilege, power and wealth (i.e. noblesse oblige).

America's Ruling Elite has transmogrified into an incestuous self-serving few unapologetically plundering the many. In their hubris-soaked arrogance, their right to rule is unquestioningly based on their moral and intellectual superiority to "the little people" they loot with abandon.

Rather than feel a responsibility to the nation, America's Elite views the status quo as a free pass to self-aggrandizement.

Much has changed in America in the past 46 years. Not only have wages and salaries declined as a share of "economic growth," but the wealth that has been generated has flowed to the top of the wealth/power pyramid (see chart below).

Social mobility has also declined drastically: Restoring America’s Economic Mobility, as has trust in government and key institutions.

As Frank Buckley, the author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America observed:

"In a corrupt country, trust is a rare commodity. That’s America today. Only 19 percent of Americans say they trust the government most of the time, down from 73 percent in 1958 according to the Pew Research Center."

The top .01% has seen its share of the household wealth triple from 7% to 22% in the past four decades, while the share of the nation's wealth owned by the bottom 90% has plummeted from 36% to 23%.

As I described in America's Ruling Elite Has Failed and Deserves to Be Fired and Now That the Presidential-Election Side Show Is Finally Ending...., the economy is rapidly undergoing structural changes that tend to reward the top 5% class of technocrats and managers and the top .1% with millions in mobile capital, while leaving the bottom 95% in the dust.

Rather than address this rising inequality directly and honestly, the Ruling Elite has parroted propaganda and policies that protect their gains while obfuscating the reality that most American households have been losing ground for decades, a decline that has been masked by replacing real income with rising debt.

The ceaseless parroting of the Ruling Elite and the Mainstream Media that prosperity has been rising for everyone is nothing less than the destruction of truth. This propaganda has one purpose: to mask the inequality and injustice built into the American status quo.

The rapid concentration of wealth has also concentrated political power in the hands of a few who seamlessly combine public and private modes of power.

This wealth and power protects the Ruling Elite from the perverse consequences of their dominance. Their precious offspring rarely serve at the point of the American military's spear, they never lose their jobs or income when corporations shift production (and R&D, etc.) overseas, and they are never replaced with illegal immigrants paid under the table.

Rather, the Ruling Elite is pleased to pay immigrants a pittance to care for their children, clean their luxe homes, walk their dogs, etc.

This is why we're enraged: we bear the consequences of the Ruling Elite's dominance. The system is rigged to benefit the few, who use their wealth and power to protect themselves from the destructive consequences of their self-serving dominance.

This rage is as yet inchoate, sensed but not yet understood as the inevitable result of a broken system and a predatory Elite that exploits the system to maximize their private gain by any means available.

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williambanzai7's picture

They can all move to the Saudi burbs...

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A nice 2 acre sand lot with camel tie offs and goat watering facilities is within your reach! Beautiful skylines as you watch the duststorms close in. The neighbors all value the same things you do. A wonderful community that will stone your wife if you say so.

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The only thing missing from this article is the author calling us comrade.

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To all those celebrities/elites that want to move to Canada. You are racists! You  claim to support Hispanics, don't want the wall, and do want amnesty, etc.  Why did none of you select Mexico???  Mexico has nice weather like Hawaii, vs cold Canadian weather.  Canada is less diverse than America.  Mexico is closer to your work in Hollywood. You should prefer Mexico. Why don't you???

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And to all you people who just can't bare to send back the 40 million illegals who are here because it will BREAK UP FAMILIES.  ......... I say, no need to break up any families................... we will send the whole family back with you so that you can all be together wherever it is you came from Illegally.

Atomic Nixon's picture

Unrealistic, ignorant, stupid. You'd tank the economy.  Um... I assume you do know that there is an actual physical process to these sorts of things, right?  Like, you pick something up from here and move it over there, stack a whole pile of them and you might have built a bit of wall?  I await your fine-tuned logistics.


zorba THE GREEK's picture

We all need to come together and let The Donald know that we want to
restore the American value system. I pray that this is real and America is
Turning back to its roots.

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Lets hope Trump is not going to do an Obama

Golden Showers's picture

What isn't to like?

It's called tyrrany.

Nobodys Home's picture

I was born right about the time America began to self-destruct. What was so bad back in those days? You could leave the back
door unlocked, the kids could play out in the back yard, they got a good
education at the local public school, dads were abundant and worked
hard in factories that were the envy of the world, moms were proud to do
the most important job on Earth - raising kids, Ike saw the folly of
the Korean war and ended it in six months - and warned us about the
danger of the military rackets, Americans were proud of their evolved
Christian heritage. People who came to America were proud and thankful to be here and
only wanted to contribute and be a part of it all.
No sex on tv. Bathrooms were only for brushing teeth on tv. Vaginas? Penises? None in the media back then :)
Now? We hear ridiculous drivel like the crap on tv! I hope we have now started to get beyond this!

Curiously_Crazy's picture

"No sex on tv."

That's something that's always facinated me about the US.

They're happy to show tremendously violent acts on free to air tv but god forbit a nipple appears or the world is going to end. And swearing.. you beep out the smallest of swear words.

It's not really the best approach for a balanced society.

Atomic Nixon's picture

Awesome!  Just so long as we get great artists like Klimt, Otto Dix and Georg Grotz as well!  


antidisestablishmentarianismishness's picture

Sorry, no interest in returning to your imaginary Leave It To Beaver / Wonder Bread World.  Millennials would become dangerously unhinged without their electronic devices.

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They'd have no idea about how to survive....sorta like they will soon have to concede to. Other people know how to use iron sights. BLM....MuaHahaHaaHHahhaHAAH....I upvoted you just for fun

edit: Now that I've taken time to think....I don't get your argument...I agree. We have no argument.

Arguments can be fun between guys...don't argue with women....they think arguments are fights.

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All you ZH Bitchezzz should upvote me on this one! Cause you know it's true!....Like I give a shit! ,,, I'm like Killary! We all need a new demon!

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I'll be fine because I put everything into women and goats.


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French Revolution deja-vu all over again.

No one wants to be a serf.

We won't be serfs.

Now, or later.

It will come.

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The internet is the modern Gutenberg press.

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the economic destruction was engineered by jewish banksters and their toadies like the bush/clinton crime syndicate
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And now that Trump will be captain of the Titanic, they can blame everything on him.  Then they will say we should have gone with the NWO.  They are already starting the narrative:

Nobodys Home's picture

I wish I was a jewish bankster toadie. I'll be retiring soon with nothing.  Really...nothing. I hadn't the chance to do better. It is what it is.   I wake up and wish I didn't some days. But....Trump!!!!!!!!!

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ZeroHedge Deleted all my comments in the last 10 days. ZH, You deleted all my accounts... thinair*

Very nice ZH... This was the fourth time I created account at ZH. But, your greed for money and glory is so great that you have gone really out of your mind. Did you still not understand the moral of the story? This was very mean of you. Nevertheless, I consider that a white flag from your side. 

ZH: I promised you that I will one day dedicate a post to you. Keep up the good work. You still have no idea why I came to your blog. And, You are not the only blog that I visited.

Dedicated to ZH and their friends. : You are a diamond.

Will see you some other time, when there will be a call "of" duty!

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It took me a year after signing up to finally become a member. You did it in ten days. I am wondering what your complaint is. You also sound like a sniveling rat that no one wishes to communicate with anyway. Fuck you pussy! You are not welcome to fight club. Get some balls! You're off your meds aren't you? I read your blog.

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It seems to be getting much easier for new people in here.  I was straight ignored for like six months and then got my ass kicked regularly for a year.  Some people just jump in and are fine.  I guess people aren't as fiesty when people are new anymore.  Everybody used to point it out immediately when somebody was new and then they would jump on them.

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They still do...Noobie...I just gave someone shit about that the other day. I've only been here a couple years and respect what I am allowed to learn other than what I research myself. and I do. I research everything...even the spelling of a word if I'm not sure. my computer sucks though after spitting my alcohol on it from laughing hysterically what I read here.....ZH ..It has degraded though. I used to learn a lot more here. I'm glad the elections are over. Although I'm an amateur and can speak about politics more than finances...but I'm learning fast Bitchezz!!! Thanks for a real comment Ms No....not many here make real comments other than quick funny useless shit. Myself included.

I ventured into chat and got my ass kicked...although after beating the shit out of me a couple guys apologized when they felt I wasn't a total asshole :)

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Yeah, no joke about the elections.  It was OK in 2008, when the site was just getting established.  In 2012 it got pretty bad for a while.  But this election has been going on for damn near 2 full years.  By now ZH is well-established and quite the target for spammers, trolls, partisans, creeps, and all the various creatures who have ruined almost every other online comment section.  Hopefully most of them lose interest and drift away.  ZH is one of the only sites around where people can have an intelligent, spirited, informed conversation.  That's really valuable and rare.

I lurked here for well over a year (might have been almost 2 years) before I gathered the courage to make an account and actually post a comment or two.  I made damn sure it was something I knew something about, too.

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I'll bet it's an ass worth kicking Missy, not one of those boney structures that you end up getting splinters in your foot or shin.

Decided to visit a Hypnotist every day for a week, he'll take me back to Election Night, every Night. Taped 7 hours of CNN coverage ( reliving their angst is a little OTT but hey , money can't buy this freak-sideshow of horror; maybe the realisation that they're gonna lose all that MIC/CIA/PUBLIC advertising money ) and now everyday feels like my birthday/christmas/hot shenanigans . . . and my football team Liverpool FC scoring 6 goals every week, like they did last week, rolled into ONE GIANT GLASS of Indulgence.

Allahu Akbar Descendants of Reason , may you and your Loved One's Bask in the Glory of the Newly Elected President's Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Victory.

PS. Vlad say's he's being cautiously optimistic and we should pay heed too, i suppose, watching DT's Inner Circle Materialise.

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I'm thinking my irresistable handle fast-tracked things.  

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Um, dumbass, maybe the reason your account keeps getting deleted is because of your relentless blog spamming links.  Take a hint, and piss off.

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Might be due to spamming but I think there is a problem with the comments server.  Every comment from before the election is gone.  Not just your stuff, but mine and everyone else's.

I hope they fix it soon because ZH is known around the Web for the quality of the comments sections.  Normal people also get passively redpilled through Google hits on old comments.  If those old pages have no comments, Google will update those pages to their new, significantly less useful state.

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The servers were overwhelmed starting last night.  They said they would put them back later.  At least the ones they had to remove last night.

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"..ZH is known around the Web for the quality of the comments sections."


R U kidding me?   

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My $ says it continues for the rest of the Obama administration as the outgoing President pardons The Clintons for their high crimes and misdemeanors....just watch!

wacky47's picture

My $ says it continues for the rest of the Obama administration as the outgoing President pardons The Clintons for their high crimes and misdemeanors....just watch!

GoldenDonuts's picture

Hopefully that is the beauty of Cuntlery not being charged until Barry is gone.  No pardon.  But Trump will probably be trying to unit the country blah blah blah and she will skate.

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As the fortune teller that i am not... The stars say... Stiring the pot from the spirit cookers will end up on the pile called dung and their lord of the flies( beelzebub.. Means lord of flies) will watch with delight. It's gonna be a real poop feast till January... That's what the stars tell me ( not the ones leaving the country hopefully ... They just talk s**t).

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Can we start with the Clintons and work our way upwards?

Nobodys Home's picture

Can't get any lower than that..... upwards from cankles is need sequential compression devices.....scd's

edit: I didn't realize that was your comment doc. I'm not stalking

So you better not die! I had nothing to do with that!

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Any of you nuts jobs out there thinking its ok to burn shit and yell in peoples faces, take note, you so much as bump into me im claiming self defense and take your sheep dumb ass out, with no hesitation.

Lets see how dumb you fucks truly are..some of us out here really don't give a shit, and Im one of them.

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Me too! Lets beat the shit out of each other and have a beer!

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Nov 9, 2016 10:28 PM

If you want to understand how the elite became the problem this article claims, look no further than this article.

Son of Sammie's picture

Was the title intended to read:

"The Ruling Elite Is Protected FOR The Consequences Of Its Dominance"


"The Ruling Elite Is Protected FROM The Consequences Of Its Dominance"


It does make a difference.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Nov 9, 2016 11:06 PM

"The Ruling Elite once had an obligation to uphold the social contract as a responsibility that came with their vast privilege, power and wealth (i.e. noblesse oblige)."

This is a dangerous fantasy.  It's the core lie at the center of "authority".  There is no authority; only slavery.

Nobodys Home's picture

So..did you listen to the Poast Toasties song? It fits...and the bass player is amazing. There is only what you believe. ... and that is only yours.

forexskin's picture

noblesse oblige

a term from the french - who revolted against the enemy inside the gates, who had used that term to justify their priveledge. we should take a lesson on how that worked out. this country can no longer be neatly split on the mason - dixon line. we are no longer one country, and the divisions are much like those of 1789 - and for the life of me, i cannot imagine how we avoid tearing each other apart the same way.

LOL123's picture

Ahh if you have slavery, you have authority/ masters... Otherwise we would be equals. Which we are supposed to be under the law, but as we saw with Hitlery... It's a "broken system with preditory elites at the helm. But i do understand what you are trying to say.