Yale Professor Makes Exam Optional Due To Student Shock Over Presidential Election

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Students are being triggered across the nation tonight and so one Yale Economics professor has taken a stand to protect the special snowflakes are they wrote him expressing shock over the outcome of the presidential election... by making their exams optional.


h/t @Jon_Victor_

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Figured it would be an Economics professor.

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in your face! Now back to your safe space!

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And you yanks think you can take on the Russians...

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Safe spaces?

What were they?

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Sure, they don't have to show up for tests, but guess what? Their "diplomas" shouldn't count either.

Every grade inflating SJW ruled institution should no longer be allowed to issue valid diplomas.

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Their diplomas only count as debt...a liability not an asset.

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certainly true of many of them.

the one thing that would be a game changer vis a vis those that opposed trump, particularly the national political party organizations, the zionist groups (aipac, etc.), the legacy media, the banksters, the crony corporatists, at least parts of the intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex (serious overlap among these groups) is to bust 9-11.  

this one thing, more than any other, would change the mood of the world, nearly as much as, or maybe more than, the original event.

please president trump, stay safe and consider this proposal.

if we are ever left with mike pence it will seem like hillary won.

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Here's how to put an end to this crap:  repeal the law that exempts student debt from bankrupcy--this was put in by Clinton and led to a huge inflation in university costs, non-economic programs, attendance etc.  Pull the plug.  Let the market decide what education is likely to result in a revenue stream that can pay back the loan. How about that?  College industry is over capitalized, bloated and dysfunctional.  Pull the plug on the easy money and watch it lean down.

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I hoped these little Bitches feel they're getting their money's worth @ $64,000/year for this Adult Daycare Facility.  These people must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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These idiot PC institutions are creating a generation of whining, thumb-sucking, adult-sized infants.

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Wrong, the market has spoken that's why tuition keeps going up. Over half the kids graduating have no debt as the family has paid for their little snowflakes to attend college. Last I saw it's the boomers that held most of the college debt, dumb enough to cosign, as they helped their kids and grandkids through college. It's not the so called easy money that keeps kids going it's the decades of programming that's been telling us go to college or be a loser. The biggest lie was get a degree and earn over a million bucks more in your lifetime instead of being Joe Schmoe the loser living meager paycheck to meager paycheck toiling away at the pump factory and dying an early death. In the meantime colleges are on building programs so they can cram even more snowflakes on their campus. If the education industry had it's way, and they've said it many times in the past, they will expect you to be in their seats your whole life as they think you are to stupid to learn outside the classroom.


The reason loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy is because kids got wise and took out all the loans they could, and partied on the excess, and filed for bankruptcy right after graduation. This isn't the good old days where bankruptcy carried a stigma and most people scrimped to pay their debts. Today is a whole new ballgame and attitude. Make student loans available for bankruptcy and on graduation day right after the guy hands you your degree there will be another guy accepting your application for bankruptcy. Even the rich kids would do it and anyone that didn't file would be held up to ridicule. I'd bet 99% would file. Go ahead with your plan and the kids going to college would skyrocket and the taxpayers would be on the hook. Bernie promised them a free education and your way would give it to them.

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Speaking for myself and my family (we've been thru the whole process) I have to say that you couldn't be more wrong.  The fact is that regardless of ability to repay these loans are handed out like bubble gum at the barber shop.  It's 100% identical to what was happening with subprime.

So when your elected representative (pronouned 'criminal) keeps repeating EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION, don't forget that the bill comes due and your on the hook and your credit rating and everything else is at stake.

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+ 120K  (SZize of my kids combined SL)

Spot on.

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How about we get the federal gov't out of the student loan business first.

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Countdown until Obama says the Russians interfered and sets aside the results: 10, 9, 8...

After all that was the reason for all those fantasy polls.

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he does like him some executive orders.

we exècuted some folks.

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And you yanks think you can take on the Russians...


LoL!  No, actually all I ever wanted was an Obama / Putin cage match.

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They will need some spirit cooking too.  The ingredients are:  semen belonging to Billy boy, some human blood and lots of breast milk.  They will feel so much better after a nice drink of this magic elixir that the Podesta brother love so much.

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Trump supporters are trying to help America reverse decades of liberal fallacies, and help America in general.

hillary supporters want something FROM America.

Fuck every one that voted for that evil bitch and for what they could get.

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You should feel comfortable around him then, being a xenophobe, cuz most people I know are Xenokillers!

Send a sick f@ck gender changing child molestor into my kids bathroom and youll be mopping up brain off the floor!

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Niedermeyer: You're all worthless and weak. Now drop and give me twenty!

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THANK YOU GOD!!! No Nuclear war we hope and 2nd amendment stands. We can live with the economy reset coming anyway. GOD we thank you for a victory even though the whole thing was rigged against Trump. Father and Jesus we ask you can revive this country and bring the criminals to justice that have ran our country as an evil cabal.

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Listening to NBC whine how they are hated by us. Yeppers. They call us stupid, ignorant, etc, etc. Now we don't need the militia anymore for the polls. Let it be known if anything happens to our man Trump. If he even sneezes we're going to again come in kick the crap out of the establishment. No JFKing or Soros is our first target.

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The original "safe space"
A George Bush townhall meeting
nothing but softballs from the so-called "liberal media"

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social justice whiners haha

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One thing is certain: there's gonna be a fuckload of overcrowded safe spaces on campuses across the country tomorrow.

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The dog ate my candidate.

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Good one!
The schools are a swamp in need of draining perhaps moreso than D.C.

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Predictable boo-hooing from the snowflakes.

What jokes they are.


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Please explain, I am English, What is a snowflake please?

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People that cannot survive in the "real" world. They need special care and handling because they are unable to take care of themselves. Usually used to refer to younger people.

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Harvard must be giving out diploma's today!


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Yep.  Optional exams, huh?  No problem, says the Regents- let's combine that with optional salaries for Econ profs......

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We're not out of the woods yet...

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Yes, the modern alchemists, turning paper into lead!

Economist's of the Ivory Tower have no clue, flippin' flying monkey's.

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The Ivory Towers must fall.  Their complete lack of understanding of human and mother nature is becoming more and more evident.  Let the lot of them fall and our children be spared any further indoctrination of their poison ideas.

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This is the school, is it not, whose students happily signed petitions to revoke the First Amendment?

Fuck 'em.

As for 'fearing for safety' - it is THE FUCKING LEFT that has engaged in violence and disruptions and racist safe spaces.

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Just write "John Maynard Keynes" on a piece of paper and you get 100% on your economics exam

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I'd write in the "Laffer Curve"

Dave Thomas's picture

I'd write in the "Laffer Curve"

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I woudl like to cancel many things I do not like--

school has changed quite a bit over the years--we need to toughen up the kids.


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Those little bitches are in for a lot more surprises.

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Now be specific please, it is probably a Post Keynesian Economics Prof.

Here in the UK we have a brilliant economics Prof at Kingston Uni. Prof Steve Keen, brilliant mathematician, used calculus for Minsky theory. His students are tough, clever and live in the real world of economics.



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If they cannot handle the stress of one exam, HTF are they going to handle the stress of being one of the Boards of Governers who "manage" our economy, guaranteeing a never ending series of WS bailouts and stealing from the future....

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Aww, snowflake has a SAD.

Ha ha ha ha HA!

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I hope they get to see the picture of him holding up a copy of newsweak's 'Madam President'.

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The "Loser"  New York Magazine cover will be better.