A 'Deplorable' Speaks Out: "Sorry Snowflake, But It's Not Over"

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Submitted by Francis Mario via The Burning Platform blog,

It’s Nov 10th and it’s time to face the music.

For those of you on the left I know it is hard. You are confused, bewildered and deeply, deeply saddened. Maybe even triggered. You probably missed work or school yesterday, called in sick or simply didn’t get out of bed. That’s ok though because your Indigenous Women’s Studies prof said it was ok to skip the exam today. Everyone is getting an A as a morale builder. So cheer up.

But unfortunately that doesn’t really explain anything. How did this happen? It wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did. How could the polls be so wrong? What about the entire media? How?

Well, here are a few theories that might help you see where some of your mistakes were made. First, and probably foremost, is just good old fashioned hubris. The idea that “we can’t be beat”. Arrogance mixed with confirmation bias is a dangerous thing in any type of conflict; physical or otherwise. Just ask General Custer. Things didn’t work out real well for him and for the same reasons.

This leads directly into another problem that often arises from hubris. That is: failing to understand your enemy.

It would interest you to know that I, the author of this piece, am not an American. That’s right. I’m not a Yank. I don’t reside in the USA and have no interest in doing so. That means, unlike my illegal immigrant counterparts currently residing in your nation, I didn’t vote.

But like many who fall into the ‘basket of deplorables’ residing in the US I realized early on that the battle between Trump and Clinton was much more than simply a contest between two politicians for the presidency. At its core it was an ideological conflict between light and dark, truth and lies. It was a struggle for the heart of western civilization in general.

And while I’ve never considered myself much of a right winger, being more of a libertarian bent, I have found myself increasingly pushed and marginalized by the “enlightened and progressive” amongst you into the same camp with all sorts of deplorables, regardless of where they lived and what they called themselves. Nationalists, alt righters, anarchists, constitutionalists and so on and so forth all made for strange bedfellows but an effective team. Working on the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend we have all found common ground. We have you to thank for that. By pushing, badgering, harassing, marginalizing and insulting us on a regular basis you created something new. And it crushed you at the ballot box.

There were other factors as well. The pesky internet for example. It allowed those of us who could not vote to contribute in other ways. Through memes, leaks and general trolling we cheered and supported our freedom loving brothers and sisters in your country and encouraged them to have heart and stay the course. Of course, our part was small, minisucle really, compared to what our American brothers and sisters had to endure, but you get the picture.

Elections, especially ones mired in icky things like ideology and principle, now cross national boundaries. It sucks I know, but a lack of imagination on your part does not equal or represent a foul on ours. We did nothing illegal or immoral. We simply beat you because, well, we’re smarter than you are.

But not to worry. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn from your mistakes. You see, the battle that took place in your polling stations on the 8th of November was just that. A battle. We, the freedom loving peoples of the western world, well, we’re just getting warmed up. To quote the man: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet“.

So retreat to your safe spaces, grab your adult colouring books and put on a happy face my special snow flakes because regardless of whoever/whatever you are and regardless of what nation it is you reside in, we, the deplorables, are coming for you.


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Melt away you dumb fucks

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Bad example with custer.  He was betrayed by two platoon commanders that disobeyed orders.  He was silenced for disclosing the grant adminstration arming the rebellious natives.  It was a twofer for the state.  Got rid of the one exposing their treason and got the green light to smash the injuns

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Please Mr. Custer

I don't wanna go.

Forward Ho

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Another Snowflakes take:

"If you voted for Donald Trump, you may not feel welcomed at Grubhub.

The CEO of Grubhub, an online food delivery service, sent a company wide email Wednesday suggesting employees who agree with President-elect Donald Trump’s behaviors and his campaign rhetoric should resign.

“If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here,” wrote Matt Maloney, Co-Founder of Grubhub. “We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.""

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Sanctuary city (illegal) voting patterns.
100% correlation with Democratic voting:


BuddyEffed's picture

When I see data like this, 


It makes me wonder if diebold like tactics were used to skew/screw the vote.

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... uuuuooooohhhh !! ...

        Japanese react to Trump's victory ... They're pretty clear-headed ... view it here >>> http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1f2_1478801388

... when ordinary people on the streets of Japan were interviewed, they apparently showed their true "deprorabre" colors ... :D

... 0:44 >>> "... they didn't punish Clinton for her fraud ..."

... 0:56 >>> "... Trump's victory might cause the cancellation of Japan-US Security Treaty and abolition of the US bases in Japan. ..."

... 1:31 >>> " ... I already knew that people were unhappy about the elite so it wasn't unexpected. ..."

... 2:02 >>> "... I was thinking that Trump would change things more drastically. ... I would be less interested in how Japan will deal with it if Clinton had been elected."

... 2:25 >>> "... he had a certain number of strong supporters and they continued supporting him. ..."

... 2:33 >>> "... Hillary dug her own grave because of her fraud and I also thought that Trump said more things that would be beneficial for the US. ..."

... 3:01 >>> "... Trump would change something because he was a businessman ... @3:26 ... so I think there were people who thought that a successful businessman like him would do something for them and improve their lives. ..."

... 3:38 >>> "... Because of Clinton's corruption throughout her long political career, they thought Clinton couldn't change things. I think American people thought only Trump could bring changes."

... 4:17 >>> "... Currently, Japan's national security relies on the US so if the uS withdraws from the treaty, it will affect Japan a lot because Japan will have to think about how to defend itself. ..."

... 4:43 >>> "... Trump says he will never sign the TPP but Japan is trying to approve it ... @4:56 ... but we will have to rethink if a TPP without the US is possible and in terms of national security, I do think it's not good that we've been relying on the US ..."

... 6:14 >>> "... so I think the world wants someone like him ... he doesn't know politics but in terms of economy, since he has built such things, I think he knows how the economy works because he is a business manager."

... 6:40 >>> (on TPP) ... so I think there are many people in Japan who are happy because the next President [Trump] doesn't agree with it ...

... well, there you go fellow ZH'rs ... even the Japanese agreed that Trump IS the only choice ...


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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) PrayingMantis Nov 10, 2016 4:22 PM

The FREE $HIT FOR EVERYBODY is especially appealing to snowflakes in their safe space basements who have never bothered to work for a living. Yes, it's going to be a long, difficult, battle. Especially when the education system is the government.

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I find it amusing, and awesome, that my SJW neices are sputtering psychopaths at the present.  They've stopped just short of directly threatening me and their grandparents.


We really fucked these kids up since the 'everyone's a winner' 80's.  Glad I won't survive to have to live in the world they'll be creating.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) HedgeJunkie Nov 10, 2016 5:02 PM

Yeah, I'm hearing multiple very similar stories. "Kids," just out of college, in their early twenties, not motivated to get real jobs, ripping into their parents for voting for Trump. They have NO clue about the realities of the real world.

One friend had to threaten to cut off her (adult) daughter's VISA card if she didn't act civil towards her. Of course, why does her daughter - was a straight A student - in her twenties have a credit card from her mother in the first place?

beemasters's picture

Suggesting it was evil (democrats) vs good (republicans) doesn't help. Articles like this only fuel to the anger. Nobody likes to be kicked when he's down; don't mock them, but empathize with their loss.

Until people from both sides grow up, protests will continue....and DOW is set to breaking highs.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) beemasters Nov 10, 2016 5:55 PM

I understand your point and in many respects agree.

But... We also have a grievance industry (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, ILLEGAL aliens, et al) in the U.S that profit highly by falsely accusing, name calling, etc. It makes things worse when one empathizes with grievance for profit. Sometimes you just have to tell the SJW to grow up and be a responsible adult.

You should NEVER let someone have their way becasue they are throwing a tantrum. It just encourages more of that behavior. If the SJW wants to rationally talk to me about me why I must give what I work for to LaToucha, who "don't feel lak work'n," lets talk about it. But to throw a tantrum - get the fuck out.

The DOW is pumped up by the Fed, BTW. Who cares that it's going up based on inflation (increased money supply).

And, BTW - I have no party affiliation and don't care if anyone else does. I vote for the person who wants to go back to a government that lives under the U.S. Constitution. If that person only has 1 or 2 percent of the vote I'll vote for the one who might be able to win who best meets my criteria.

beemasters's picture

For kids, always try to distract them, if they throw tantrums. If you haven't yet learned from Hillary and TPTB, it's also the best way to diffuse a situation with adults. Haven't you tried changing the topic of a conversation before??

Focusing on their tantrum only aggravates it more.

Carpe Tutti Bastardi's picture

Boy, you are one persistant misinformed, maladjusted pain in the ass! 

WordSmith2013's picture

This screed nails it.




Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
WOAR's picture

But if you ignore the problems that cause symptoms, you will never treat the symptoms.

When SJW's have tantrums, changing the topic to talk about the weather doesn't help anything. In fact, it's a technique used by Scientologists all the time so that they don't have to defend their beliefs. CONFLICT AVOIDANCE DOES NOT STOP THE CONFLICT. It only suppresses it, and hides it.

If you can't defend your beliefs in a one on one match up, then your beliefs should (rightly) be declared invalid. Claiming your right to say you're right, even when you're wrong, is absolute insanity. Like this Life of Brian sketch:


keep the bastards honest's picture

Nassim Taleb is onto this with Skin in th eGame. And the Ch on  Domination by the Intolerant minority.  its free read on his site.

The strongest image I have of the elction is of the homeless woman  in the wheelchair protecting Trump's star in the footpath. Then assaulted kicked and spat on. by snowflakes. Being tolerant to the intolerant snowflakes is a losers positon, they end up running the world.

jeff montanye's picture

"Focusing on their tantrum only aggravates it more."

imo, very good advice.  

i think your first sentence has wider application.

Archibald Buttle's picture

lol. i hope you are auditioning for a gig at the accredied times.

Weisshaupt's picture

Yes. It does. And I want everyone to see their true nature and character. I want THEM to see it

I want them to acknoledge that they are incivil , savage , racist, hating, bigots and after they see it I am going to remind them of it every single time they step out of line in the future.

So It Goes's picture

Hey Bee - let me practice.  OK - here goes.

"I'm so sorry for you that your candidate Hillary lost.

I hope that you can go forward with your life - maybe this election provides a a valuable life lesson from which you can learn.

On the other hand, (my voice raised an octave) NYA, NYA, NYA, NYA."

Is this what you had in mind?

beemasters's picture

How about..."Sorry that Democrat lost. DNC did a terrible job. They rigged for Hillary and got caught. I would have voted for Bernie as many would. He would have won EASILY since many Trump voters had no real sane choice. We should do something to ensure DNC is cleaner next time."

That's just an example. I'm sure you could think of a better one ...maybe with Soros or "the Clinton Foundation" as the cause of Democrats' defeat.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) beemasters Nov 10, 2016 7:14 PM

Some might feel pity for the snowflakes, but I DON'T. Pity IS a Weakness, as Nietzche taught us.

The alfa males and females can't really afford to feel pity for the cancer ridden lesser individuals, that would destroy the very fabric QUALITY of a society.

In all fairness, they had a chance to fight, but hey, when you dodged training all your life through affirmative actions, participating rewards, other freeloading BS thrown at you to feel like a winner you can't really stand a chance.

And as the writer put it, WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, WHEREVER YOU ARE. 

So just be ready to be triggered by "Make Europe Great Again".


Kobe Beef's picture


Good. The weak should fear the strong.

shovelhead's picture

Fire is a wonderful purifier.

toady's picture

Pain is the cleanser. 

ZH Snob's picture

or, better yet, simply avoid the topic and the baiting.

we won.  who cares how they feel about that?

robobbob's picture

sorry buddy. we moved past civility when we were told "you lost. sit down and shut up" "cling to your guns and Bibles" and every plea for compromise met with being labeled racists. and when words didnt suffice, the enemy resorted to fists

just look at the protests and violence DURING THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN almost ENTIRELY INSTIGATED BY THE LEFT.

when offered a bottle of poison to drink, there is no compromise. there can be no compromise with marxists, or the elitist masters.

TerraHertz's picture

We moved past civility when the Deep State, Neocons, Cheney, Zakheim etc staged the 911 'terrorist attacks' and killed thousands. We passed civility when Bush Snr, CIA and Federal Reserve had president Kennedy assassinated. We passed civility somewhere in the tens of thousand US troops killed in the Middle East for nothing, not to mention the millions killed there and elsewhere in US wars manufactured for MIC profits. We passed civility when virtually all US manufacturing was deliberately destroyed by offshoring. We passed civility when science itself was corrupted for profit and politics, with AGW, GM foods and lethal vaccines as examples. This is far from the end of the list.

It's time to roll some heads down the home streets.

beemasters's picture

You guys have lost focus of who the real enemies are. They are probably the ones who control Trump too. Just look at why Trump is now planning to spend more on the military. It's so obvious it's becoming ridiculous!

All_Your_Base's picture

rabbit hole is deep, my friend

some of us need a few moar days of emotional release, just a few 

before your insight can be considered

and our work continues

Weisshaupt's picture

Trump is a brick through their Window.  He was a Democrat before, and will very likely become controlled opposition 2.0

This wasn't a politcal victory.  It was a CULTURAL one.

You are correct Lord Sauron and company are  still entrenchedbeind the gate in Mordor.  But the orcs on this side of the gate are STILL our enemy, and until they "get it" they will continue to be.  Making nice with them will only give the ring holders  more power. If they don't accept I am a human being with Rights, then  then they have no claim to rights of thier own.  

Golden Phoenix's picture

They're dragging people out of cars, beating them, and dragging them behind their stolen cars because they voted for Trump. If you want to emphasize with that fuck you.

jeff montanye's picture

i'm excited.  now we're heroes storming omaha. 

however, beemaster (controlling the thread, but now also as leslie knope, see http://screenrant.com/parks-and-recreation-leslie-knope-election-2016-tr...):

nice post.  so true, most of it. and yet this is the better result.  imo the original republican party is being reborn, ironically, as the party trying to liberate white people.  something told me that when barack obama turned into the second administration of george bush, it would allow white racists to hate the, you know it, i know it, the american people are starting to know it, bipartisan neo-con, neo-liberal, agreement to violate the heritage of ike and jfk and ww2.  

if the nuremberg trials and the founding of the united nations mean anything, aggressive war is prohibited.  we must stop.  

as i mentioned to my granddaughter and her friend, it really isn't who you would want to hang out with.

it's who you want to get along with other nations, to our advantage, if possible (last optional).


slobbermut's picture

We FINALLY win one....A Very Very Important and Crucial 'One' at that....and we are not supposed to gloat a bit at the childish petulent tantrums of the poor losers?  That is one tall order mate...you go ahead and sympathize with them, feel their pain for us all - I need to revel in victory and enjoy the spectacle just a wee bit longer.

jeff montanye's picture

you make me wonder if beemasters is actually female. i can't really say why.

DjangoCat's picture

Just like MDB, can it really be?

PTR's picture

The fact that your comment was so downvoted was proof that people don't get it yet.  Unfoturnately, it seems that only when they've reached their threshold of pain do humans make the necessary adjustments.  The sad thing is that it doesn't have to go to that length to become a better person.


Unfortunately, though. skulls are going to get cracked. 


Long George Taylor.

Weisshaupt's picture

If you are helping evil, someone point out to you what you are doing and you continue doing it anyway -  then you are evil.  What is to get?

If you think these leftists are "just misguided" - they aren't. They were raised and indoctrinated in such a way that they are diseased - they have a narcssitic complex that simply will not allow them to have any empathy for anyone else.  They won't even have a rational discussion.  Tey are bigoted against Bigots - and anyone who doesn't fall lockstep with thier thinking is a Bigot. They have given themselves permssion to be as awful to anyone they disagree with as they like - because simply disagreeing with them makes you evil - a person undeserving of respect . And they feed off of each other.  Yes I fully understand they were made by other powers - just as Orcs and Goblins were races corrupted by evil wizards in Lord of the Rings. Their very  natures are corrupted, and there isn't a dang thing ANYONE can do about it.


ATM's picture

Liberty v. Slavery can always be broken down into Good v. Evil. 

That the useful idiots have no idea that they protest for slavery is besides the point. I will gladly slap them in the face and thell them to fuck off when what they are trying to do is enslave me. I will rub their face in it over and over and over.

DjangoCat's picture

Your problem here, Bee, is that there appears to be lots and lots of solid evidence the dems are, in fact, evil.  Until we have trustworthy investigations and prosecutorial follow through, the idiots will continue to believe they have been ill done by.

Weisshaupt's picture

Um, yeah we are way past that. They kicked and kicked at us for 8 years when we were down. Unrelentingly. Breaking the law. Perseucting via the IRS. And not one of them thinks that was worng. Not one of them is sorry. And I don't forgive unrepentant people. . We are going to kick back. Being civil to someone who is too savage to understand the concept is not going to work, and yes they are savages. Civil people who share American values don't riot and beat up teenage girls and little boys because they loose.

If that means I am not "Grown up" that that is fine. After the last 8 years I have been called much, much worse. The only way to change a liberal's mind is with a rock. That isn't how I would prefer to do it, but not one of them is looking at this loss, navel gazing and coming to the conclusion that they did anything wrong. No its those racist white people!  And as long as they keep saying it - I am going to keep kicking them.



BigJim's picture

Because she majored in  Wimmin's Studies?



Oldwood's picture

Because EVERYBODY has been indoctrinated to believe we are SUPPOSED to sacrifice for others, and NONE of them understand how destructive that is for both those sacrificing and those receiving. Our lives cannot be defined simply by what we buy, but by what we EARN. When conspicuous consumption was an indicator of EARNED wealth, it had meaning, but now that everyone is simply entitled to wealth, it has lost any positive meaning and is now simply a symptom of our decline.

My experience has been that those who do sacrifice are ultimately hated and resented more that those who do not. There seems to be a certain level of contempt for those who give, I think partly out of resentment of that wealth, and partly because the receivers know in their hearts it is unearned. There used to be an actual negative connotation associated with accepting welfare, but now it is entitled, demanded AND resented.

undertow1141's picture

Most parasites(takers) kill the hosts(givers) it is an unhealth relationship in most of nature. I know there are exceptions, but in general the welfare class will devour the host unless the host can shake off the parasites. Trump is the first shake to clear the parasites. Clean the leeches  out of the swamp of DC, first.

CaptainObvious's picture

It's the same sort of shit we read about after Brexit.  Adult children were threatening to never speak to their parents again for voting Brexit.  "Because this is OUR future!", etc. etc. ad naseum.  Well, yeah, you dumb fucks, it IS your future, and your parents were trying to save it for you, because you're too short-sighted and brainwashed to save it for yourselves.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Snowflakes is not the right term. They are "collaborators" with the deep state. For the last twenty years they had total power over others via undefendable accustations and name calling (misogynist, racist, etc). They abused this power and have ruined many lives. Collaborators need to be treated the way the French treated collaborators after the war.