Trump's Geographic Landslide

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Donald Trump won the presidency, but Hillary won the Popular Vote by a margin of 206,379 or so.

That fact caused Simon Rosenberg, a veteran Democratic strategist and the president of the NDN think tank to moan about a Democratic Party in Crisis.

“We are the only democracy in the developed world where if you win more votes you don’t control the government and the legislature. There is not a wholesale rejection of the Democratic party and the Democratic brand, that’s not what happened last night despite the fact we now have less power than we’ve had since 1928.”

Let’s investigate Rosenberg’s complaint another way.

Geographic Landslide


Geographically speaking, Trump won at least 80% of the Nation. The only states Hillary carried are Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Trump won every county in Oklahoma and West Virginia. Trump won all but one county in Wyoming, and Kansas. Trump won all but two counties in North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Utah, and Nebraska.

Nearly the entire state of Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, etc., went for Trump.

Geographically speaking, except for big cities and a few isolated areas, the country cannot stand Hillary.

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Build a Wall around the Blue.

Lots of Walls.

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Just deport or reeducate them, as applicable. I'm done giving up soil that is OURS to foreigners. Europe should be, too. And all that that implies.

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Global warming and a decent amount of sea level rise should take care of a lot of the remaining blue parts. Maybe an earthquake or two wouldn't hurt either.

iClaudius's picture

Earthquakes caused by fracking of course. :)

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The best part of living in CA., was listening to these communists freak-the-fuck out, ALL Wednesday. I heard one of them use the word Armageddon...yet somehow, here we all are....still. Gawd I hope these people don't breed.

They love Demockracy, until it works against them. What was the popular vote when only votes of ALIVE, US Citizens was counted. Remove the old people in nursing homes, dead people, illegals, machine "anomalies", and all other fraud, then tell me how the popular vote looks. Hitlery, who is still a criminal BTW, didn't win it.


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Take your average anti-Trumper and your average Remainer...

Notice something?

Now round them up on both sides of the pond and deport them all somewhere their collective cancer is quarantined. Maybe give them all of Antartica to play happy multicultural families in (no wall needed).

Shame for the penguins, but someone has to make a sacrifice.

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These are a lot of people we need to deport. Cucks, Democreeps, post (((1965))) invaders.

yrat's picture

I would like to point out that Hillary didn't even completely carry CT.


As a resident of this state, in the weeks leading up to the election, I saw probably 3-4 DOZEN Trump yard signs... but literally only 1 Clinton sign.

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FreezeThese (not verified) yrat Nov 10, 2016 6:10 AM

Impeach the dumb motherfucker

Beowulf55's picture

Impeach him for what?..............being white?



balolalo's picture

THE REAL QUESTION IS WILL you all and the TYLERS hold Trump accountable ???

WILL HE SELL OUT??? What will you do if he does???

or was this all about emails?

policies and actions now matter, slogans are worthless.  and now Don needs prove it.

----- below is how you know Trump land is desperate -----

"Geographically speaking, Trump won at least 80% of the Nation."

rocks, cows, trees, corn, and sheep don't vote.   WHAT A MORON.  And you are too for thinking it is relevant.


GadExp's picture

"Rocks, cows, trees, corn don't vote."


No they don't.  But if they could, they certainly wouldn't vote for a raving, lunatic, mass-murdering hag!


Right now, I trust the rocks and trees a lot more than the value-leeching Trump protesters.  When considering my personal safety and the welfare of my family, I would sooner make friends with the corn stalks than with the morally corrupt, brain-dead Hillary supporters.  


"Sheep don't vote."  HA HA HA HA HA!!!  What a moron indeed!!  More sheep are voting in the USA right now than free human beings!!!


EDIT:  And by the way.......


No Trump won't sell out.  I don't believe he is on the right team.  If he genuinely were, then the Power People never would have let him get this far.  I've asserted for over a year that he's a double agent poised to shred the Constitution during the greatest economic collapse in human history and during a pre-planned WW 3.  


Now, before I get blasted for being a Trump hater, allow me to clarify... I was ecstatic that he won!  I LOVE the things he says about cleaning up the country and improving freedom.  The rhetoric is awesome!  I am pro-freedom, pro-constitution, and pro-truth!!!


HOWEVER, anyone who is even slightly familiar with the treachery of the Power People over the past 175 years will recognize that their power has only increased over the past two decades.  To assert that suddenly, out of the blue, they have lost their power because a stupified, sleeping public suddenly stood up to them - this assertion is weak at best.  MUCH MORE LIKELY, the Power People are just one step ahead like they have been through all of the 1900's.  MUCK MORE LIKELY, they are manipulating the freedom-loving, 'aware' citizens with a double agent.  


Unfortunately, most of the Trump supporters I know, are just as historically blind as the Hillary supporters.  The only difference is the types of things that make them angry.  Anger is not enough to overthrow the Power People.  ONLY TRUTH WILL DO THAT.  And if there is more truth circulating out there than there was 20 years ago, then the volume of that truth PALES in COMPARISON to the volume of lies that are circulating.  Unfortunately, the Power People still reign over the sleeping sheep in the USA.


EDIT #2:  Oh, and the fact that Trump supporters own more than four times as much land per individual than Hillary supporters IS RELEVANT.  Assets vs. lack of assets - This was most certainly a factor in the election!


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This is the kind of snowflake meltdown I like to see.   Sheep don't vote?  You sure about that?

mvsjcl's picture

Same here in the Detroit area, supposedly an enclave of Hitlery support. Very few Clinton signs; a profusion of Trump ones. Tells you something about the degree of vote rigging that went on.

jcaz's picture

Yep, I don't buy the "she won the popular vote" bit for a minute- there were simply too many pissed off voters this election,  it had the earmarks of a landslide-  hell,  we sat in the line waiting to vote and it was a Trump rally.   I never saw even ONE Hillary yard sign here in cenral Florida.

As much as the vote was rigged in Hillary's favor,  it still wasn't enough.

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You can bet much of the blue is the nucleus of the FSA

DjangoCat's picture

I am amazed and gratified that the riggers failed.

Fizzy Head's picture

Ahhh... I see what you did there, very subtle- yet colorful.

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This Blue/Red business can be deceiving.  Boston is extremely Liberal and the rest of Massachusetts is pretty conservative.  The problem is the population in Boston is greater than the rest of the state combined.  How ever Boston votes determines the outcome of ANY election in that state.  Connecticut is the same way.  Most everyone I know is Conservative, but the vast majority of the population lives along the "Gold Coast", close to NYC.  All those shithead are former NYC residents who fucked up their own state and migrated to CT.  I drove across NH two weeks ago and saw at least 200 Trump signs to every Hillary sign.  Trump signs were everywhere.  Because of Concord and Manchester (Liberal shit-holes cities) Trump lost the State.  It's just one or two cities that screw up the small states, it's not the entire state.  I would be perfectly agreeable to "nuking" just the Cities and leaving the rural areas alone.

DaveA's picture

"... the rest of Massachusetts is pretty conservative."

Not true, the Pioneer Valley and Berkshire County are also extremely liberal. Liberals always say Republicans are the "party of the rich", yet the richest suburbs voted most heavily for Clinton.

You might vote for a liberal establishment RINO, but you don't vote to upset the applecart when you're making six figures, living in a nice house in a town with excellent schools and no crime, and your stock portfolio is growing 10% a year.

Obama's been trying to Section-8 some diversity into these towns, but the projects keep getting bogged down in environmental lawsuits. When affordable housing does get built, it goes to relatives of people who live in the nicer parts of town and sit on the town boards.

yaright's picture

So true, here in Memphis a bastion of Libs I saw very few Hilary signs but I saw several Trump sign.  On a trip to FLA the weekend before the election I saw handmade Trump signs hanging on the overpass on I75.  I knew then he was going to win.

lakecity55's picture

It will be fun to watch the special snowflakes melt.

If I start another business, they won't be working for me.

The youngest daughter takes after her mom, a Broom Rider fan.

The oldest, the Hungarian, is a Trump maniac. She will get a job.


Never One Roach's picture

My small company has a policy to hire people who actually work. That usually excludes certain groups of people who complain, are stupid, lazy or have a chip on their shoulders. Everyone here has things to do and gets along great working together. No one needs that shit.

duo's picture

200,000 "votes"? That was the fraud in Broward CO alone!

Citxmech's picture

Pretty much everybody at my work was working through the 5 stages of grief - I had to bite my f'n tongue.  They had no idea what happened, how it happened, why it happened, etc.  

Sucks when your whole false narrative gets blowed-up.

Amun's picture

The best of it: "gay Americans are still Americans and Trump says he loves all Americans;

and dont forget that the Vice-President thinks that electroshock turns gay people straight; friendly reminder"

Never One Roach's picture

Hillery and Obama and Lowretta telling the fbi to stand down and away from Muslims resulted in the mass slaughter of almost 100 LGBT Americans. The fbi were even following that Muslim until Lowretta ordered them to back off.


There's good reason the LGBT community voted for Trump. They are alot safer for one.

N0TME's picture

WOW, I like her! Pretty and SMART!

Mustafa Kemal's picture

HJ, nice video, thanks. Will send it to my snowflake

BabaLooey's picture


is a geographical ass kicking

lakecity55's picture

The Broom Rider will soon be in Qatar, evading the new head of the FBI, Joe Arpaio.

"Gosh, Bill, summer is hot  here."
"Uhh, Hills, uhh, this is winter time."
"We need moar A/C."
"That damn Trump had AG Giuliano freeze our asses, uhh, assets. You'll have to have Huma use this fan on you."
Rudy for US Attorney General!
Joe for Director of the FBI!

DjangoCat's picture

Bring on the Special Prosecutor!

iClaudius's picture

Build one wall, around Hillary, with no door.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) quasi_verbatim Nov 10, 2016 4:08 AM

"Build a Wall around the Blue".

Why not just say,

Bulid a Wall around the ((( Simon Rosenberg )))_ue.


Kind'a like what the rothschild-zionazis have done to Palestine.

Are you beginning to connect the dots........folks......?

BabaLooey's picture

It all starts with dismantling the current so-called MEDIA.

The last thing these cunts are is OBJECTIVE.

I cannot remember when the media kept BOTH SIDES "honest".



More Ammo's picture

Let all of Austin, San Antonio and Houston burn and purge the wetbacks from the valley.

hannah's picture

pretty much the blue areas are illegals....lots and lots and lots of illegals sucking off the system

Haager's picture

So, I assume that the problem will fix itself once the sealevel rises a few yards...

Tallest Skil's picture

Despite the massive amount of liberal tears at Trump winning, I'm afraid that anthropogenic global warming isn't real.

N0TME's picture

Well accroding to Hank Johnson this should have happened a long time ago ........ lol.



markl's picture

Change the border.

Detroit, NYC, Boston, DC, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, These are all Canada.

Canada west of Ontario and the rest of the US become America. 

Mexico can have El Paso, San Diego, LA.

Illusory logic's picture

Please give Chicago to Canada, too.

Surveyor4Pres's picture

Just let us keep the Cubs, okay?  I mean, after 107 years, the Cubs victory in the 2016 World Series, after being down 3-1, was a miracle.

And now the Trump, miracle, too!  As a lifelong Cubs fan, and a Trump supporter from the very beginning, and as a Constitutional Conservative, these victories are truly miraculous!

Illusory logic's picture

Cubs fan here too. Agreed. Put them in McHenry county (closest red county).

X Yooper's picture

We here in McHenry County graciously accept that offer. I would, personally, like the Blackhawks, as well.

cossack55's picture

Bears too. Gotta keep the Bears.