Who Said "Assad Must Go" And Where Are They Now?

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Oh the irony of it all.

Who is still President of his country…


Who is next on the neo-liberal warmonger regime change list...


Time for forces to unite to beat a common enemy...


Source: TheDuran's Alex Christoforou

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I dont trust Trump one bit (Clinton either) with him being very pro Israel (problem of the world). Trump is visiting Israel first (not a shocker)

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Trump is jew wise. He wants to accomplish great things and does not want to get mired in fighting with jews. He like Putin is going to engage them to his advantage. But that implies give and take.

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Excellent point - I can see Trump pushing for some sort of peace deal too. Lets hope so.

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Ah, another Middle East peace deal. Let me take off my shoes and socks so I can count the number in my lifetime.
Gimme the numbers, who are we giving money to, and how much.

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Trump has to get the Nobel Peace Prize first! /s

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They can't do that until he's either started a war or continued with one or more...


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Cankles the Clown must go!

Obama must go, and take yer sasquatch too!

There, that worked.

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Last time they tried a peace deal with the indigenous semite Palestinians,the zio-masons had Rabin assinated, and sent a modern day Esther agent to take out Clinton and destroy the peace deal they were working on

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I can see Trump pushing for some sort of peace deal too. Lets hope so.

Not! Let's make America great again. The ME is a waste of time and resources.
Did you forget all the shuttle diplomacy Kerry did when he replaced the Wicked Witch at the State Dept? Kerry made a lot of trips and nothing, NOTHING useful resulted. Waste of time. Let them live in their own refuse.
The USSA needs to clean up its own mess. Let's keep focused on making America great again.

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Trump has 3 children married to Jews, one even converted to Orthodox Judaism, he will defend Israel. Don't trust him mindlessly, he is just a tool, nothing more. We have been betrayed too often to trust anybody completely. http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/so-much-for-promises-quotes-re-1965...

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Trump has 3 children married to Jews, one even converted to Orthodox Judaism

...which undoubtedly means he can discern between issues involving Jews and issues involving the Israeli government.

The biggest hindrance to establishing fair and just US policies involving Israel and its neighbors has been the inability or unwillingness of US policymakers to overcome the conflation of Jews and the government of Israel. These are two distinct entities whose interests are not necessarily aligned.

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Exactly! Political Zionism is NOT the same as Messianic Zionism. The latter is peaceful and of which many dont even believe the true Jews, Torah following, belong in Israel.

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And a nice juice perspective: almost Carlinesque.



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If you are right, then prepare for civil war.

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jesse ventura syndrome...something new will be different. yeah fucking right. s/

dont ever put any hope with a politician. in fact if angles existed, i wouldn't trust them to get the job done.

trust the image and person in the mirror. then trust in a downhill way from there.

everybody lies. yup, i do too...

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I always tell the truth...even when I lie.

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Is there anything you don't blame the jews for?


Milk went bad a day early?  Jews did it.


Stubbed your toe on the way to the bathroom?  Mossad broke in and moved your furniture during the night.


It rained?  Jews seeded the clouds.


Hint, if you want to be taken seriously and not dismissed as a bigoted dipshit, knock that off.


white horse's picture

Jealous of Jews? Jealousy is a sin.

RTP's picture

A Sin?  Read the second commandment: JAHWE: I am a jealous god.

" Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am o jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of then that hate me;"

I would call this hate speach!

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Nobody should be trusted mindlessly.


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Something the morons calling him an anti Semite failed to notice

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Which supports Belrev's analysis of division.

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He needs to let them make a buck now and then to keep them at bay.

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Anyone who grows up in New York HAS to be Jew wise. The secret is to respect them, but to be very firm with your own interests (Jews will actually respect you more for that) ...otherwise they will walk all over you and stab you in the back just for fun...

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You are smart very smart. In the Jungle, try and make friends with the Lion, but carry an assault rifle just in case, because if the friendship with the Lion sours and he attacks, the attack has to be fended off quickly and definitive. A shotgun will not do, a pistol will not do. If you have time to raise the assault rifle and squeeze the trigger you can hunt another day.

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Wonder if that's why DWS had it in for Bernie (pro two state solution).

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The point in time when she decides she doesn't like you anymore.

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That is why ZHs need to get the names and addresses of the EC voters of big, controversal states like Florida out on the web so they can't flop to Hitlary. 

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RadioFlyer (not verified) ZeroSense Nov 11, 2016 6:14 AM

I had a nightmare about exactly this last night.

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The electoral spread is too big for them to pull it off.

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Hillary has enough Soros money to pull it off. 

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They try that and WATCH the heavily armed, smart ADULTS of this nation take over.

It will make the current piss-party of kiddos and dindus look like a Weblo scout campfire.


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I wonder if he will put on the little beanie, and stand at the Wailing Wall looking reverent with the chief Rabbi of Israel, which all of our presidents and serious candidates have done since George HW Bush. This is the ultimate symbol of American subjugation to Zionist power. Look for that photo and you will know who rules.

General Titus's picture

Brother Nathaniel says that is an old roman fort wall in his video "Satan at the Wailing Wall"

mkhs's picture

Of course it is.  Why do you think they were wailing?



Or they were Norwegian whalers?


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Beware of new blood on this site. The Libs know they lost the election because of the alternative media. I have noticed an influx of Trojan Horses on the sites I frequent. They are all trying to make you cast doubt on choosing Trump. 

I believe the riots will increase and there is a possibility of the assignation of Trump. If that happened, it could be the spark that triggers anarchy and the reason to institute Marshal Law. The Oligarchs will not go peacefully. 

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ISIS is just the symptom of the disease.  The cause includes US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar - the 5 I's of Terrorism.

land_of_the_few's picture

They paid Hollande and Sarkozy before him, too. Explains a lot, right? 

land_of_the_few's picture

Wouldn't Qatar "light up" quite well, in general? :P

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I suspect the Clinton foundation is going to owe a lot of refunds for services not delivered.

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How about we pick the source of this funding?

Sorros and the Clintons?

Both guilty of multiple crimes against the country and humanity.