A Few Cold Hard Facts For Snowflakes

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Via The Lonely Libertarian,

It's simple...

1. You are unique, but not particularly special. No one really cares about your feels.


2. Rewards are for merits, not for showing up. You want something, work for it.


3. Success is not guaranteed, to anyone, ever.


4. Chelsea Clinton is not a typical case. Stepping out of college with a ridiculously overpriced degree in a totally worthless discipline does not entitle you to a corner office, a six-figure income, and keys to the Executive Shitter. Chelsea is a Clinton, and Clintons get special treatment.


5. You are allowing yourselves to be pawns of the Left who have been grooming you your whole lives to be their frontline in an uprising. Saul Alinsky called people like you "useful idiots". You are happily following a group of rich, sequestered out-of-touch actors and "singers" who have no intentions of getting in the trenches with you. You are participating in riots funded by George Soros who has his own agenda and doesn't give a shit about your hopes and dreams. He'll cheerfully walk on your corpses to reach his goal.


6. Life is hard. You don't always get to do what you want, when you want. And no one owes you anything. There is satisfaction in hard work and delayed gratification. 

And you'll learn all of this if and when you grow the fuck up.


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And yet, if I were to have them all killed  ... I'd be the one to go to prison!? 

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7) You're all worthless and weak. Now drop and give me twenty!

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OMG!  Microaggressions everywhere!  I NEED MY SAFE PLACE!!!  I NEED MY SAFE PLACE!!!



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Some people lost!

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"Rewards are for merits, not for showing up. You want something, work for it."

Trump showed up. His daddy's fortune became his as did the "loans" that were handed to him. Let's see Trump do the same thing starting with a public education and school debt up to his eyeballs.

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I think you missed a turn somewhere, snowflake.  Head on over to HuffPost.

Jane Sheppard's picture

You're deluded. Hypocrisy much?

He'd be a regular pleb if it weren't for his loaded papa. That's what I don't get in all this. Trump is part of the same tired elite class. His son has an entire floor of Trump tower to himself. He goes to rich people prep schools. How is Trump in any way similar to the decimated country folk that voted him in. I'd love to see Trump work in a manufacturing plant, but his spray tan would probably rub off.

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Wake up blondie. Kinda like the Clinton cabal. Right? All self-made through hard work and delayed gratification. Right...

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Say, anyone seen or heard from Pajamas Boi lately? I certainly "Hope" in a pique of anxiety & depression he hasn't slit his wrists or anything!

PrayingMantis's picture


... > seen or heard from Pajamas Boi lately?

... heard he was pulled over and this is what he said to the cop: ... "I didn't think the speed limit applied after midnight" ... :D


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Many of them are worse than snowflakes. They are collaborators with the fascist state.

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Interesting reading related to that, in linked doc.  Then, search for info on the author of the email - where he works etc. The tentacles are everywhere.

This stuff's gotta stop.



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xythras (not verified) Watch Bird 1 Nov 12, 2016 2:33 AM

Kewl, his useless degree in cunt studies couldn't help him grasp the reality that Trump had effect because he first listened to the masses then preached to them.

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Stepping out of college with a ridiculously overpriced degree in a totally worthless discipline does not entitle you to a corner office, a six-figure income, and keys to the Executive Shitter.

Doesn't even entitle you to clean the regular shitter.

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) VZ58 Nov 11, 2016 10:02 PM


Looks like there might be a Lisa Dunham-Pedo connection here too! All of these people are sick fucks:


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Jane...you ignorant slut!!!!

Stop hating on Trump.

Just because he had a head start - and grew that into a YUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE empire....

Doesn't mean you have to soil your Garanimals...

PLENTY of silver spoon in their arse trust fund bambinos littering the roadsides..........

Sounds to me like you need a good schlonging....

But seriously.

Have YOU worked in a factory? (Probable answer - NO)

NO one has Trump's back if he fucks up.

Flippin the fucking script..............

Did Canks or Soetero ever..........work............in a fuckin...........factory?

But I digress.

Other than the point on your head, what is your point?


Jane Sheppard's picture

The only slut here is your momma. I'm not hating on Trump you dumb fuck. I'm hating on the quoted statement that implies Trump worked hard. There is absolutely no evidence he worked hard, because he started with over a million dollars and a huge inheritance of his papa's empire. I'd call that showing up.

BabaLooey's picture


If "my momma" was a slut, then she did more than show up.

There's working hard and working smart.

There's mental work and physical work.

Calling somone a dumb fuck and not recognizing the differences stated above makes you...the ignorant slut.


PrayingMantis's picture


 ... just for kicks, I did an anagram of "Jane Sheppard Snowflake" and this is what I got ...

          A Panhandle's Jerk-of Spew


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Nice, carve a spot for yourself Jane. This is fight club, nobody gives any quarter.

nc551's picture

The difference Shane is that he built an empire out of voluntary actions.  Most of the current 'elite' have been legislated into wealth.  They have taken the non voluntary route of violence.

Rentier88's picture

And what did he turn the the million dollars into?  Billions, yeah that doesn't take hard work. So the guy that got $10,000 to start with and turned it into hundreds of thousands of dollars didn't work hard either....get lost.

aurum4040's picture

Trump worked harder in the last 15 months than you'd ever work in two lifetimes - wake up and grow up, or get out of the fight club

Dancing Disraeli's picture

And yet, professional negro athletes and rappers frequently piss away millions in a matter of a few years and wind up dead broke.  Turning a million into a multi-billion dollar empire is the opposite.  Deal.

ACES FULL's picture

Jane Sheppard, by your premise Chelsea Clinton should be disqualified from holding office in Congress then right, which is what the Clintons are grooming her for so they can maintain some semblance of power and influence.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

He's certainly no Ulysses S. Grant.

Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

Trump took his inheritance and multiplied it manifold.  Do you have any comprehension just how much a single billion is in relation to his original inheritance?  I bet not.  So his son has "an entire floor of Trump tower to himself."  This is a non-sequitur but so what?  Maybe the guy earned it.

If you think some nebulous "decimated country folk" are responsible for Trump's election you first of all are showing your own elitism and second are just plain ignorant of the facts of this recent election.

Never One Roach's picture

Those tolerant Dems need to beat up more people, maybe even blow up a few more offices to show the world how tolerant they are.

TheReplacement's picture

Then instead of voting for any of the people on the ballot you should have voted for me, a regular guy with a job.  But no, you voted for one of them. 

Rentier88's picture

you are lost...best you for you to leave before you get a beat down here. 

zombiefarmer's picture

They didn't vote for trump because they think he is similar to them, they did it to give a fuck you to people like you ands clinton.

neutrino3's picture

Up-voted you gladly, cuz I like when Gal returns back. Most lay like dead meat. Fucking the pillow is not social life.  

poeg's picture

Started with a million and the most important part, connections. Bill gates did the same. Steve Jobs did the same and then milked the open source community like they never imagines anyone would. Your point???

Jane Sheppard's picture

Just because I say things that are uncomfortable for your worldview, doesn't mean I agree with HuffPost or any other flake media outlets. They're all biased. What's missing in your brain is the objectivity to accept information contrary to your worldview. I'm not particularly attached to my opinions. If I see evidence, I revise them. Just because you want to suck that lovable billionaire's cock, doesn't mean he's a flawless angel here to deliver us to salvation.

gmrpeabody's picture

" I'm not particularly attached to my opinions."

You'll see that nobody else is around here..., in ZH.

American Dreams's picture

Had to log in to say ROCK ON JANE YOU SLUT YOU!  Objectivity comes from within, so welcome to fight club and keep swingin - voicies like yours are welcome, needed and appreciated.  No quarter!

Know your enemy



dr kill's picture

My personal vote for Trump is not because I like or hate him or his family or his past or personal life.  Jane , I see you are a feelz - womyn, but I don't give a crap about feelz, I want results.  I want the GOP dead. I want the Democrat party dead. I want the Clinton family dead. ( Figuratively all, of course )  And Trump is the murder weapon I have .  All he need do for me is build a wall.

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The Saint (not verified) Jane Sheppard Nov 11, 2016 6:31 PM

Those Snowflakes threatening Trump's life are going to find out how our prison system works soon.

That should open their eyes a little.


xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) The Saint Nov 12, 2016 2:39 AM

... and their brown eyes too.

TeamDepends's picture

Jane, you must be new here because nobody uses an actual pic of themselves for their avatar. Except that one dude who used a pic of his scrotum. But that was years ago.

Automatic Choke's picture

I used an actual picture of my dog (may he rest in peace, tired old boy....)


Jimmy Jimmereeno's picture

I think your avatar looks like that weepy SJW that was in the video montage yesterday here at ZH; where they were all going through some sort of mental breakdown after Clinton's defeat.

espirit's picture

Actually, I believe jane is the now weekend second shift taking over for...

E. I.




Anybody else see the pattern?

The staff musta been cut.

I keep tellin' ya'll, infiltration is the name of the game.

Algos are monitoring response levels to posts.

No Response is the Best Response, Don't Be Baited.

(or in other words to fuck with them and provide disinfo, upvote and agree)

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) espirit Nov 12, 2016 2:44 AM

Dude, some of us work at 4chan also just for the lulz.

We know the drill.

True Blue's picture

Damn, I thought he was back -you mean he didn't just slap a wig on his sack and change names? Also, does my x-ray count?

God, the schadenfreude this week has been absolutely delicious, hasn't it? The Great Snowflake Meltdown of '16 is epochal.

solidus's picture

Wait, you're NOT supposed to use your actual pic?  Dammit!